Investigation into movie trailers


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Investigation into movie trailers

  1. 1. Initial Film Trailer Investigation Lauren Barrett
  2. 2. What is a film trailer? • A film trailer, or a preview, is an advertisement for a new film to be featured within cinemas in the upcoming future. • The term ‘trailer’ originated after they were firstly shown at the end of a feature film in the cinema, but people discovered that consumers left the cinema before the very end of the credits, and so therefore never stayed to view the trailers, but the name for it has always stuck. • With the development of technology, film trailers are also commonly seen on videos and DVDs, plus on mobile devices, apps and on the internet, particularly YouTube.
  3. 3. Continued… • Unlike music videos, there aren’t different classifications for types of movie trailers. Instead they can be categorized into different genres, of which each one has their own stereotypical conventions which makes them easier to be identified. • Genre types include: ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, CRIME & GANGSTER, HISTORICAL, HORROR, MUSICAL, ROMA NTIC, SCIENCE FICTION, TEENAGE, WAR, WESTERN.
  4. 4. Movie Trailer Genres
  5. 5. Conventions Each film genre has it’s own conventions, and it is important for producers to ensure these conventions make the final cut within the film trailer, as it is important to inform viewers of what to expect … but without giving too much away.
  6. 6. Example Genre 1: Action What to expect in an action film trailer? • Fast paced music – quite dramatic • Lots of quick cuts in the editing to fasten the pace. • Usually involves a male (super)hero and a female damsel in distress. Often a sidekick too. • Lots of special effects – fire, explosions, fighting etc.
  7. 7. Man Of Steel Trailer Analysis • Credits and Intertitles: The first intertitle to appear in the trailer are the words ‘Next Summer’. This signals to us that the trailer was released a long time before the film was brought to cinemas, meaning that producers thought this film was going to be highly anticipated. As there is no specific clue as to when it’s actual release date will be, the use of these simple words is likely to get the audience more excited as they will be continuously looking out for more information on the film’s release. Zack Snyder has his own credits page in the trailer – although he hasn’t directed many films, they have all been box office hits and award winners which is why placing his name in the trailer should hopefully get film fanatics excited. The same can be applied for Christopher Nolan who is famous for producing the revamped Batman movies, so those who know of those films will automatically have some recognition with this film. The use of the infamous Superman logo after the final credits showing the title of the film will instantly boost recognition and hype for the film. • Dialogue: The featured dialogue between characters is cleverly chosen…
  8. 8. Man of Steel – Action/Superhero About the trailer:
  9. 9. Example Genre 2: Romance/ Rom Com What to expect in a romance film? • Central male and female characters are usually in separate difficult relationships; looking for true love. • Beautiful and tranquil settings. • Soft, sweet music. • Bright lighting. • Male characters are all handsome, quite muscular, with nice clothes, typical ‘prince charming’ character. • Female characters will stereotypically be blonde, but in more recent years, the blondes are normally portrayed as the ‘dumb blonde villains’. • Central female character will be pretty, intelligent and likely to have been single or in bad relationships for the whole of her life. • The ‘dumb blonde villain’ is not necessarily a ‘villain’, but normally an enemy of the central female character, looking to get between her and the central male character.
  10. 10. LOL – Romance/Rom Com About the trailer:
  11. 11. Example Genre 3: Horror What to expect in a horror film? • Lots of dark colours; both in the lighting, setting and editing • The plot usually revolves around the key theme or death, monsters or ghosts. • Eerie music, screaming and quick-paced violins are all conventional sound effects. • Settings will usually include abandoned mansions and houses, dark forests or graveyards. • Children are often key characters in horror films as they are automatically deemed vulnerable. • Horror films are also usually adapted from traditional horror tales, which makes the films all the more realistic and believable.
  12. 12. Texas Chainsaw – Horror About the trailer: