Starbucks Digital Strategy NMDL


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Digital Media Strategy for Starbucks

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Starbucks Digital Strategy NMDL

  1. 1. STARBUCKSD i g i t a l   M e d i a   C a m p a i g n   2 0 1 3   Emily Bratcher
  2. 2. q THE TARGET AUDIENCE rGeneration Y: (1970’s-2000’s) - Tech-savvy & social media based - Smart phone obsessed - Nicknamed “Generation C” for “connected” because of emphasis of social media in their daily lives. also consists of those who…        - Income: middle to upper class - Health Conscious - Environmentally Friendly - Value Quality
  3. 3. The BIG Idea!e "eme # [ consumer engagement - Starbucks is the top coffee shop chain in the United States - Brand awareness has already been achieved The new goals: •  Engaging the consumer by adding appealing content and contests. •  Increasing earned media. •  Reaching target audience on multiple digital platforms. Integrating positive customer service in daily lives. •  Consistency between all media outlets.
  4. 4. Tools y Tactics1st Step Create relevant, branded content that has a strong presence in 2nd Step search engines. Reach target audience by pushing and promoting3rd Step Starbuck’s content. Make the content engaging and grab the attention and interest of the 4th Step audience. Capture sales by making the purchasing of5th Step products quick and Post purchase. easy. Satisfying consumers so they engage in positive word of mouth.
  5. 5. c STRATEGYAll parts of the digital strategy 9Social Media: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Youtubeshould promote COHESION AND A Mobile:CO NS IST E NT BRA ND IMAGE of the Mobile Websiteq uality and experience that Functional Apps Various PlatformsS TA R BU C K S o f fe r s . Multiple Medias y QR Codes Internet: Search/keywordEach medium should CAPTURE THE Banner adsCONSUMER’S ATTENTION with appealing SEOaesthetics and relevant content Google Adwordsin an easy to use platform. Blogs 9 Website
  6. 6. Social Media Strategyq q Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube. LinkedIn. Instagram. Google+. FourSquare. Contests Harmony Content -Brand Involvement. -Brand image for all sites -Visually appealing. -Word-of-Mouth. should be the same. -Up to date.-Huge audience on social -Links to other social -Variety of media media sites. media/websites. (photos/videos). -Shares and Likes. -Complimentary content -Easy to share with -Increase in fans and without excess overlap. other social media sites. followers. -Don’t over-brand social -Engagement with media pages. products/services. -Worthy/interesting-Appropriate for type of posts and media. social media.
  7. 7. Internet y Mobile STRATEGYMobile App Website Adwords Sharing Stars★ and Blog… Keywords Earn stars for The website has Starbucks, Coffee, Tazo, purchasing food and information, links, and Tea, Coffee House, Blended beverages from also feeds from all social Coffee, Frappuccino, Starbucks when you use media sites and the blog. Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, your app. One for you, Easy place to purchase Espresso. and one for a friend Starbucks merchandise. Beverage Name: that you can share via The blog is for up-t0-date Pumpkin Spice Latte Facebook. Once you earn news on everything Misspellings: 10 stars, you get a free Starbucks. Starbuck, Cofee, Coffe beverage!
  8. 8. % % Performance KEY IndicatorsGoal: Increase brand involvement and engagementPerformance Indicators: - Increase in fans and followers. - New visitors to social media Radian 6 will be used to pages, websites, and blog. monitor success. - Video views. - Media/content sharing. - Time on websites and pages. - Increase in likes, comments, tweets, mentions, and referrals.
  9. 9. 9 9 Budget Digital Media 2013Total Ad spending in 2012 Agency Rates $88,128,626 $250/hr x 50 hrs/week $12,500/ year 7% spent on digital advertising Ad Words $6,169,003 Total Clicks~500, Total Impressions~50,000, Average Ad Position~1.4 Total cost~$1,500/ day Advertising budget 2013 $547,500/ year Increase by 8% $95,178,916 Increase digital media by 9% $8,566,102
  10. 10. STARBUCKS Digital Media SummaryGoal: To increase consumer involvement and engagement.Strategy: Contests on social media sites, appealing content on all digital mediums, “Sharing Stars” mobile rewards program, and harmony among all social media sites.Success Measures: Likes, follows, visits, and overall increase in engagement on social media sites, website, blog, and mobile apps.