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Jane Quigley


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Jane Quigley

  1. 1.  Know and be an active part in the social landscape Move forward when aligned with prioritized business objectives Strategy before everything else. All tactics will come once the overall strategy is in place Integrate social into company values and culture. High-performance execution Measure, analyze, optimize
  2. 2.  4
  3. 3. Big PictureRemember: You are a Marketer. Not just a Social Media Marketer.
  4. 4. Solution Architecture and Social Media Activation Ongoing Advisory Community/Hub ActivationStrategy Social Presence Advocate/Community Activation Conversation Integration Strategic Planning
  5. 5. A baseline quantitative and qualitative assessment of brand, competitive and category mentions and presences in the social mediasphere.
  6. 6. Conduct Interviews•Internal stakeholders Assess Social Media Readiness •Determine internal needs, interests, requirements and limitations, social media proficiency.Reconcile POV’s•Identify common threads among various stakeholders•Draw insights
  7. 7. PAID MEDIA Print, TV, Radio & Out • of Home Physical • Events • In-Store Experiences • Retail Shopping • Word-of-Mouth SOCIAL Digital Virtual NON MEDIAOWNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA• Websites & Microsites • Social Networks• Online Display • Photo/Video Sharing• Search • Blogosphere• Email Marketing • Influencer Engagement• Branded Content • Microblogging• Branded Community • Cons Generated Content • Mobile Apps • Virtual Worlds
  8. 8. Strategic Framework Long Term Near Term Vision Action PlanDevelopment of strategic plan document that represents key insights, a 12-monthstrategic vision/positioning, a strategic framework for the tactical plan, and a high levelroadmap that can be turned into a near-term plan.
  9. 9. All tactics should be aligned with overall business strategy andgoals - You can have the a crazy, sexy program idea – it meansnothing if it doesn’t service business objectives
  10. 10. Beware the Secret Language of Clients Hidden agendas – always ask, “How is this program going to be really judged in the C-Suite after we make these goals? What are they looking for that are missing here?” There’s always an answer that points to a huge red flag.
  11. 11.  Regulated Industry #1 – Surprisingly Social Insurance Company • Had it’s own SM division • Culturally, mostly “in” • Very successful national ad campaign • Had run a number of programs with limited success • Other divisions, influential to overall budget, not seeing strategic direction, any ROI or accountability • A lot of differing opinions on objects, goals, direction, etc. which no one really communicated to each other.
  12. 12. Of course your fans are going to buy your products $%^ percent more than non-fans. They already have!
  13. 13. Too many marketers are focused on engagement as an outcome – that’s justtable stakes.
  14. 14. Next level is driving your fans to action – polls, links, advertising
  15. 15.  Proctor and Gamble Coca-Cola McDonalds
  16. 16. Driving an individual’s action is good – what we really want is hot GROUP action.Driving your customers to create customers - they buy, then tell their friends tobuy (and so on, and so on…)
  17. 17. Beware the Blah, Blah, Blah We’ve all heard the crap about “if you build a Facebook Page, you build an army of fans who will advocate for you for free!!” How’s that working for you?
  18. 18. Beware the You Talkin’ To Me? The right Advocates are priceless. And it’s a job. Anytime you ask someone to use their time for you, it’s worth compensation. You get paid for your work, so should they.
  19. 19.  Empower Your Fans: – Give them the tools to advocate for you – badges, banners, avatars – Use polls, caption contests and small scale promotions to find the True Fans among your followers – Highlight a Fan monthly on social presence Empower Your Employees – Create a program for employees to contribute in a powerful way, with content, updates, posts, etc. – Highlight an artist monthly with their favorite tips and products – Updates as part of the Content Calendar so that no duplicate content, etc. posts within that month
  20. 20.  Panasonic’s Living in HD Community: – Initially created for LIHD families, then pushed to public – Created a Content and Promotional strategy that extended offline – 450 during initial public month (April), was at 10,000 by June – Social Momentum – Community Kate – Content – Welcome Experience, Highlight Active Members – Promotions – 30x30 – Events – SXSW – Advocacy – LiHD Insiders
  21. 21. Case Study: Panasonic Living in HDCES Influencer “In-Reach” Diggnation Lives in HD“Organic” Content Creation LiHD “Insider”
  22. 22.  Ways to Connect: – Twitter: jquig99 – Facebook/janequigley or /strategyjq –