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Social Media Marketing Handbook


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Charm your audience, benefit from the domino effect to build & maintain reputation, stamp your brand as thought leader and reap SMO benefits & conversion.

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Social Media Marketing Handbook

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA Quenching Your Brand's Marketing Thirst
  2. 2. Once, a crow was very thirsty. The crow searched for water every- where. At last he saw a pot of water but could not reach down the water at its bottom. He thought of a plan. He dropped pebbles in to the pot, water level rose up. The crow drank the water and flew away happily. Social Media Optimization There is a lot of buzz around Social Media as a marketing channel for businesses. Social Media includes, Blogs/Microblogs/RSS Videos – YouTube, Vimeo etc Personal Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc Photos – Flickr, Picasa etc Bookmarking – digg, faves, etc Articles/PR/News Each platform is different and adds certain flavour to your social media recipe. To cook the recipe right, you need to add the right mix of platforms in the right quantity and at right time. Adding all the platforms to your strategy without any thought would be frustrating for the customers and is bound to backfire.
  3. 3. To succeed in any initiative, you need to get the attention of the stake- holders first. Codelattice with its expertise can help to generate viral publicity for your business by using the right mix of platforms at the right time with the right concept. Our SMO services encompasses We use postings, games, trivia, contests, campaigns, gifting, utility, fan club and a wide spectrum of tools and ways to entice, engage and involve your audience, there by bringing people to your brand and add traffic to your website. Knowing your social media platforms to maximize influence – Finding your audience hang outs and which platforms are more effective Finding your target group and ways of enticing them to your brand – Finding out what entices your audience and how best to create a buzz about your brand Build your reputation as a reliable, qualified brand – Creative, quality and engaging content to build your reputation Engage your audience and get them to share & participate – Giving compelling reasons for your audience to participate and share Make your brand a notable authority in your field – Responsible social behaviour with quality content makes way for notability Harness originality & creativity to make your brand a thought leader – Bringing valuable and insightful thoughts & create value for your audience Improve technical aspects to increase optimization – Adding Share buttons, Social Icon, Images, Subscription options, etc
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing After spending your time, effort and money in cooking a delectable recipe, what is the fun if you do not enjoy the taste? After generating viral publicity, what is the use if you do not harness the buzz and sell your products/services? Social Media Marketing is the art and science of converting the buzz/visitors to a prospect/customer through cam- paigns. A campaign is a series of creative operations in an organized and effective way intended to aid conversion through social media. Codelattice’s campaigns are backed up by strong research on your audience, their age group, their tastes and preferences keeping in mind your business, your social media goal, your budget, your competitors and their social media strategy. We use contests with goodies that your audience covet to possess, apps that are easy to get addicted to, games that guarantee your audience attention, gifting that gains lasting relationships & lots of other enticing ways that assure conversion. In short, your brand mesmerizes your audience and brings in more business. Our Social Media expertise can create the domino effect to drive audience to your brand; build & maintain reputation; create the stamp of thought leadership, SEO benefits & ultimately conversion.
  5. 5. Codelattice is a global digital agency with 200+resources, 20+ alliances and footprints in 8 countries. We help enterprises Build, Establish and Accelerate their business in the ever changing digital world through our e-commerce, Mobility, Search Engine Market- ing, Social Media Marketing, AdEngineering™, Web and End-to-End Digital Marketing Solutions. Codelattice caters many leading brands and advertising agencies driven by the global delivery model augmented by Offshore Development centres in India and Client Servicing Pockets in other countries.Our Growth Platforms - Operational Leadership, Collaboration, Research & Development and Customized solutions are approached with a flexible and innovative outlook ‘To Make You Digitally Immortal™. Website: Email: Phone: +91 8089005558 24/7 Support - Skype ID: codelattice | |