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Digital Strategy Basics


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Setting up the digital and social media strategy

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Digital Strategy Basics

  1. 1. Digital Strategy! Basics Jimmy Ghazal! Head of Digital | Mercury / Quantum! ! ! @jimmyghazal
  2. 2. Google: ! A Search Engine ! Or a Reputation Inspector?
 © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  3. 3. What Are We ! Posting Online?
 Our timeline says everything about us. Timelines don’t lie. ! Both professionally and personally. ! Are we posting too much? Are we not posting at all? ! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  4. 4. Personal Profiles You are what you post. ! Your “common” friends are your references now. ! Avoid schizophrenic profiles: ! You cannot be a legal risk management consultant on LinkedIn and a drunk ! party-goer on Facebook. ! Define who your are in real life and project it virtually. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  5. 5. Recruitment Through Social Media Recruitment is done more via social networks than on any other platform. ! Complete/update your profile on LinkedIn. Traditional CVs usually get outdated. ! Put your real and proper information / job description. ! Join your official company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. ! Remember that recruiters scan your information, posts and tweets to know more about your personality. Make sure your profile is well maintained. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  6. 6. Discover ! the personality ! of your brand © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  7. 7. Today’s Geppetto Geppetto and today’s online community managers have few things in common: ! A static product they want to bring to life. ! They want it to look good, have a strong character, lots of friends, and most importantly, be liked by all. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  8. 8. I Want You
 Products now talk to us in the first person. ! They engage us in interactive conversations and debates, we quote them, they comment back. We like each other statuses. ! We sometimes fight, but many times they reward us with presents. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  9. 9. We Want to Connect
 When socialising, we tend to look for specific basic qualities that create connections, we try to find those who are: ! Like minded, friendly, amiable, interesting, funny, popular, smart, original, trustworthy, knowledgable.! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  10. 10. No Shades of Grey
 When brands go online they cannot adopt a grey personality: People will not relate to them, they will be dull and unappealing. ! People want to connect and interact.! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  11. 11. Who Am I?
 Crafting a brand's personality is a crucial element of the online experience. ! It determines the brand’s appearance, tone of voice, how it communicates with people and how it reacts to situations, etc.! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  12. 12. Defining a Brand’s Personality
 Lazy! Has potential! Occasionally interactive! Reactive! Takes occasional risks Openness Passive Active Mature! Trustworthy! Predictable! Quality driven! Plays it safe! Old! Boring! Doesn’t take risks! Shouldn’t be online! Conservative © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal Dynamic! Original! Engaging! Proactive! Young! Takes risks
  13. 13. Find Your Voice
 Be original. ! Be creative. ! Be engaging. ! Don’t Lie, don’t be annoying. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  14. 14. Identify Your ! Target Audience
 Digital’s greatest strength is the ability to personalise, ! customise and target specific communication. ! Define your audience and target them specifically.! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  15. 15. Target Specific Platforms
 Find your target audience’s top used platform and use it. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  16. 16. Use Platforms That Best Represent You
 You don’t need to be on every social media platform available. ! Find the platform that best works with your line of communication, reflects your brand and creates the best type of engagement. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  17. 17. Branding Your Page
 Maintain a visual connection across digital, social and traditional channels to execute consistent and impactful branding. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  18. 18. Strategy First
 Brands rush to create a presence online and start talking to audiences. ! Most of the time this is done without planning and strategy. ! Results can sometimes be devastating for the brand. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  19. 19. Community Manager
 Community Manager (CM) is not the sole representative of the brand online. ! The whole business model of the brand should be involved: Marketing, PR, HR, customer care and subject matter experts. ! The (CM) is the moderator and facilitator of the online conversation. ! Special situations require special expertise to intervene. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  20. 20. Represent the Brand Not the Person
 (CM)s often forgets that it is the brand that they actually represent. ! They often represent the company’s manager or they voice their own opinion. ! This results in a brand with a voice that is not its own. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  21. 21. Community Management | Normal Workflow
 Internal Divisions Legal PR Marketing HR Customer Care Brand Representative Community Manager Fans © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal Users Activists Bloggers Comments
  22. 22. Community Management | Crisis Workflow
 Internal Divisions Brand Representative Legal PR Marketing HR Customer Care Community Manager Fans © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal Users Activists Bloggers Comments
  23. 23. Listen and React
 Send © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal Listen Adapt React
  24. 24. Brand Objectives and Success Criteria
 We cannot publish a product online without determining its objectives and its criteria for success. ! What do we want to achieve?! ! How do we measure success? ! Do we want it generate more website visits, increase sales, generate Facebook likes, or comments and interactivity? © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  25. 25. Align Efforts and Communications
 The global strategy of the brand and the digital strategy should be going in the same direction. ! Client, marketing, PR, social media, customer care should be working under same agenda, but on different platforms. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  26. 26. Planning ! your Campaign
 As much as your product is likely to be popular, media creates the spark and awareness that gets it noticed. ! Media channels and plan to be aligned with brand objectives: Audience, channels, medium, segmentation. ! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  27. 27. Mainstream Media! and Digital Media
 Integrating social media with traditional media. ! Using offline channels to build online reach and generate traffic. ! Web analytics to measure channel conversions. ! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  28. 28. Define Media KPIs What is expected from this media campaign? ! How do we determine if it is successful or not? ! Key Performance Indicators need to be established before launching a campaign. ! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  29. 29. Media Types Paid Search ads! Facebook Ads! Sponsored Tweets! Endorsements! Banners High! Engagement Earned © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal Influenced Networks! Media Coverage! Blogger’s Reviews! Likes, Comments and Shares! Word of Mouth! Owned Digital Real Estate! Website, Portals ! and Communities
  30. 30. Amplify your existing! communications strategy Social / ! Word of Mouth Consumer engagement! and participation Digital Media Consumer reach! [Generating Awareness] Traditional ! Media © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  31. 31. Build, ! Engage, Amplify
 © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  32. 32. Viral Success, ! Global Word of Mouth
 © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  33. 33. Power of Analytics
 Gather intelligence! ! Analyse findings and understand the user’s behavioural pattern. ! Recommend activities and determine communication strategy. ! Create customised products and services. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  34. 34. Don’t Over Do it.
 Sometimes all that the brand needs is a simple website. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  35. 35. Don’t Put Your Eggs! In One Basket 
 As much as we are all dependent on Facebook, a Facebook only presence is not recommended for Brands. ! What if Facebook shuts down? ! What if you violate an agreement and get kicked out? ! Create a website that feeds content into Facebook. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  36. 36. Site To Facebook ! Or ViceVersa
 Start giving people reasons to go your site and keep them there. ! Your site is your best asset. ! Don’t remain completely dependent on Facebook. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  37. 37. B2B / B2C
 Try to identify best day and time to share B2B and B2C content: © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  38. 38. Incentives ! On Social Media
 Pros: Reward loyal customers. ! Earn new customers by providing incentives. ! Cons: Users are in it for the gift only. ! In the future, Users won’t interact with your brand without incentive. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  39. 39. Mobile: ! Unveil its potential
 40% of internet users access the web via Mobile. ! Targets customers anytime. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  40. 40. Aggregated vs. Original Content
 It is interesting when you post relevant articles, pictures and videos you found online. ! But as a follower, fan or visitor, I could find this same material on several other sites. Where is the added value here? ! Give me something new, unique, interesting, that I can find only on your page. This will create loyalty and interest in your content. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  41. 41. Writing ! for Online Audiences
 First; a short and appealing title. ! Avoid long paragraphs. A long story can vary between 400 to 800 words. ! Break the story into smaller sections. ! Introduce multimedia items: pictures, videos, graphs, infographics. ! Create social media titles and descriptions. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  42. 42. A Picture is Worth ! a Thousand Likes
 Visualise important posts. ! Take care deciding the pictures you post, they are your best chance of getting your audience’s attention. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  43. 43. Trust The Review
 Make sure your product gets plenty of reviews - good reviews. ! More people now make purchases / online decisions based on the customer reviews they read on blogs and sites. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  44. 44. Influencers
 Why is it important that bloggers and Tweeters talk positively about your brand? ! They have dedicated followers and people they influence. ! They are trusted for their outspoken opinion. ! They keep at it until they get a convincing answer. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  45. 45. Recruit Fans ! not Likes
 Stop and analyse the type of fans you have. ! What can I do to make them more engaged, how can I turn them into brand ambassadors? ! Do I really need all of them? What are they doing on my site or page? ! Do I meet their needs, do they meet my objectives? © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  46. 46. Converting Fans! Into Advocates
 Forget about the highest number of idle fans. ! ! It’s about quality not quantity. ! Personalised targeted content creates more engagement with individuals and communities. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  47. 47. Fan Journey
 Like Fan 1 Engaged User 2 3 Advocate Engaged ! Users Fans Likes © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal Advocate 4
  48. 48. Citizen Journalists
 The mobile has given everyone the ability to become a reporter. ! People now report things immediately via their devices. ! During crisis, war and revolutions, more news is gathered via citizen reports than any other mainstream media. ! They are there, they have a tool, they have witnessed the event. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  49. 49. Brand Reputation
 It takes years to build good online presence. ! It takes few hours to:! ! -Bring everything down. -Take over the first google pages with negative and disruptive comments. -Create negative social hype that cannot be reversed.! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  50. 50. Prevent Disaster
 You cannot prevent people from posting negative comments about you or your brand. ! But, you can surely prevent a small issue from snowballing into something too big to be stopped. ! A single badly managed issue can in days transform into thousands of little out-of-hand crises. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  51. 51. Listen, Analyse! and Reply
 Listen to your audience. ! Analyse what is being said. ! Reply to the important issues.! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  52. 52. To Ignore is Bad! To Delete is Worse
 Don’t run away from an answer. ! When issues arise, it is best to address at once. ! When people write comments, they expect answers. ! It can only get worse if you don’t answer them. ! If you delete a comment, it will show up again on a different platform (and much bigger). © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  53. 53. Press Release ! No More.
 Long gone are the days when you wait until the lawyer and the PR issue a press release in the sunday morning newspaper. ! Today’s reaction time needs to be almost immediate. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  54. 54. 24 hrs
 Is the maximum number of hours you have to reply to an issue. ! The brand’s legal, PR, Marketing and CM teams should be ready 24/7 to support the community manager in order to answer major issues. ! ! © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  55. 55. Don’t Just Answer
 If you are not sure of the right answer, seek advice before replying. ! You cannot undo. ! If you are the brand owner, check with legal first. ! If you are the (CM), check with marketing, legal and customer care. ! (Negative posts, replies - Auto replies, handling and removing posts) © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  56. 56. One for All,! and All for One
 PR, marketing, social, legal, HR and customer care are now interconnected. ! Brand strategy is to be validated by all. ! Communication guidelines are to be aligned by all parties. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  57. 57. Guidelines Books! What to Say & When You can’t send a soldier to battle without ammunition. ! You can’t expect the community manager to be able to respond to all questions without guidance. ! A guideline book must be drafted by all parties in order to secure generic answers for all frequently asked questions. ! Choose your Ambassador / your social representative. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  58. 58. FAQs Do Help
 Create a FAQ section on your site. ! Create ‘how to’ tutorials. ! Highlight recurrent issues and solutions. ! Point out watch-outs to your team. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
  59. 59. Watch-outs
 Speaking the same language doesn’t mean that every one relates to the same message. ! Talk to people in their own dialects and values. ! Understand social, religious, economic, cultural differences
 and values. ! Don’t use words before checking their hidden / double / local meaning.! ! Credit original content owners and publishers. © 2013 | Jimmy Ghazal
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