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Mediated communication


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Mediated communication

  1. 1. Computer-Mediated Communication: How my life has been transformed through the use of Computer-Mediated Communication.
  2. 2. Did they get my page? I hope they call me back soon! BEEP
  3. 3. The pager is the first telecommunication device Iremember thinking was the coolest thing because I didnt have to call my best friends house phone, I could just beep her and she would call me back! This avoided the possibility of me calling her house only to find out she wasnt there.
  4. 4. Early 2000s: My Nokia Motorola My first cell phone I rarely used it except for emergencies. That could have been due to the fact that anything extra you wanted to do, cost more. For instance, I remember I had the option of downloading popular songs in midi format, for a price.
  5. 5. Having a cell phone meant I could bereached easier in case of somebodyneeding to get a hold of me. This made itmore convenient to have for communication.In reality though, I dont think I was veryhard to get a hold of in the first place. I wasusually with my best friend who had thepager and if my mom needed to get a holdof me she would just beep her and then Iwould call her back.This method worked fine while it lasted. Ithink it probably symbolized a sense ofbeing able to keep up with the rest of theworld. I felt a sense of importance becauseat some moment in time someone will needto contact me.
  6. 6. Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging America Online: Im not quite sure how I stumbled across the use of chat rooms one day, but I remember being instantly addicted to being able to talk to anyone about our common interests. As a teenager, it was an outlet where I could feel that I could say anything that was on my mind because these people didnt really know me. The more people started to become obnoxious in chat rooms the more it started to grow old really fast. I stopped going to them as much because I remember not wanting to waste time reading nonsense. ICQ was the first instant messenger I used. It is interesting to note that back then if you wanted to talk to your friends and saw they were online, usually this was the only way that was possible because unless they had two lines, the phone line was already used by being on the internet!
  7. 7. My first email address was through yahoo and I didnt use itvery much. It was basically just started because I needed one to sign up for different websites. The first “networking” site I was a part of was called Kiwibox, it was an online teen “hangout”, I liked it because you could get points for doing different things around the site and then you could “cash”them in for prizes. This made a kind of goal to work towards ifyou wanted to get a certain prize you needed to go to the site regularly to be able to get the points. This caused the site to become a kind of addiction to see how many points I was able to attain.
  8. 8. “Keeping up with Joneses”When I moved to Denver in 2004 I got a Motorola Razrwhich at the time was the new “cool” phone. I had thatphone for 5 years! At the time I was more interested inowning better musical equipment then trying to get thelatest computer or cell phone. So I became a bit “outof the loop” with new technology for a few years.
  9. 9. Instant Messaging through cell phones:My brother who is 7 years younger than me was text messaging on his phone one day, he had a plan that allowed it and I will never forget thinking “Why would you want to text message through your phone when you can just call them?” My plan at the time didnt include text messaging so even though the phone was capable of it, it was a while before I caught on to why it became so popular.
  10. 10. The easier the better...Once cell phone providers started offeringbetter plans with regards to text messaging, Irealized that text messaging was an awesomeway to say what I needed to say in a shortamount of time while not having to use anyminutes! This made it a logical step forward inbeing able to communicate efficiently.
  11. 11. Social Networking: A friend of mine told me about a website called Myspace, Ithought it was interesting because you could create your own little “site” with info about yourself and pictures. You would also be able to connect with all your friends (once you sentthem the email to sign up!) It wasnt long before I realized youwere able to find independent bands and artists. Through the site you were able to have a connection to the band or listen to new music easier than if you went to their website. This was a huge factor in getting me personally to become more involved with the the site.
  12. 12. Myspace vs. Facebook When Facebook first came out I didnt think there was any point in getting it, it seemed like I was going to be doing the same things just on a different site. It wasnt until I realized that it was a lot easier to use that I made the permanent switch. Myspace was becoming difficult to get around and they kept changing the interface. With Facebook you didnt have to do as much work to update your status or read what other people were saying. The site also made sharing each others information easily attainable. I realized that being able to know what my friends were up to all the time resulted in me wanting to stay informed more than I thought I already was. This was making me feel not so out of the loop, when before if something was going on that I didnt know about I tended to feel left out.
  13. 13. Tweet Tweet...Twitter is another site that I didnt understand at first. I dont tweet as muchas I just think its fun to read what other people are saying about hashtagsthat I find interesting. I started mainly just wanting to keep up with celebrities.It has turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Thisseems to be a running theme with me, if I dont think its going to be veryinteresting, sooner or later I will think that it is awesome! You can stayinformed with events that interest you and are able to interact with eventsgoing on. In a way you are able to be a part of an idea, contest, or livebroadcast that ten years ago we would just be watching on TV. We also cansee the people we are talking to because of their picture, in this sense itmakes the communication more palpable.
  14. 14. In conclusion:The way technology is changing will always influence theway we communicate. I think we want to be able to interactwith people and things that interest us in as convenient away as possible. Through the use of text messaging,email, and social networking sites, I feel like I am able tostay in touch with friends, family, and media events like Ihavent been able in the past. It is interesting to think abouthow fast we are changing and what new technology willbring to the way we communicate ten years from now!