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PGPX - One Day Theatre - Lessons


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PGPX - One Day Theatre - Lessons

  1. 1. Theatre Group presents…… Sach kahaan hai
  2. 2. A quick recap….
  3. 3. it all started with an idea….
  4. 4. of finding the truth amidst the hype
  5. 5. of fabricated news stories
  6. 6. of false credit takers…..
  7. 7. an idea…. to find the “Lost Voice of Truth”
  8. 8. What did we learn?
  9. 9. On Being in Uncomfortable situation…..• Shred Inhibitions- “You can do it “• Adapt Yourself – “ Be a part of the environment”• Build on the system – “We can add to it”• Own the result- “I am responsible for success/failure equally” Its not a COSY world..Make it comfortable
  10. 10. Mentoring, Support, Caring and Feedback Instructor mentored the group superbly  Guided in script generation but did not hand hold  Gladly passed on the leadership to anyone who came up with relevant ideas  Provided a practical example of how mentoring should be done We provided Support to each other during the “practice” sessions and the actual play through “Yes / And” mechanism  The idea of joy through win-win communicated powerfully  Learnt how value can be created
  11. 11. Mentoring, Support, Caring and Feedback (Cont...) We offered live support and feedback to each other  A hesitant (and meritorious) suggestion was lapped up and the proposer was encouraged to implement  Ability to recognize a good idea and giving the proposer due credit generated more ideas, unleashing a virtuous up-cycle  Participants received support and feedback with open minds, thus, resulting in a further leg-up on fresh constructive feedback
  12. 12. Mentoring, Support, Caring and Feedback (Cont...) Instructor created a congenial environment for learning and discovering ourselves  The efforts of the participants were recognized which helped them gain confidence and inspired them to achieve greater results  An inclusive environment was created which was respectful, supportive and equalizing  Participants got an opportunity to know and learn from each other resulting in synergy within the team.
  13. 13. Ambiguity and Chaos - Learning1) Tension and Low Confidence - the inhibitors2) Realization - No One KNOWS the solution.3) Hence – The Solution Has to be “CREATED”.4) The TEAM builds the solution – bit by bit.5) Self Organization of Teams – very critical6) Mentoring the team – Dictating won’t work.7) Team Confidence grows geometrically – Tap it
  14. 14. Leading in Ambiguity and Chaos1) Diffusing the Tension – Getting Hands On2) Encourage Team Ideas – Guide them3) Patience – Collaboration can be chaotic4) Collaboration leads to slow but consensual solutions.5) Facilitate – Be the remover of roadblocks.6) Celebrate – Small Wins…Often!!
  15. 15. Being in a group and facilitating a group involved in an unknown task?Being in group provided comfort / re-assurance in light of unknown taskBeing in group helped overcome inhibitions together as opposed toindividually overcoming resistance to changeThe task was undefined but I kept the group motivation high byencouraging the members of the group and thereby maintaining themoraleThe exercise provided us the confidence of leading teams in uncertain andambiguous environmentThis exercise brought out that leaders need to create an enabling environment andalign individual and organisation objectives in order to create goal incongruenceand drive synergies
  16. 16. Systemic understanding of the group and underlying interdependence :• Building Understanding and Interdependence is a step by step process. For e.g. Theatre group started with small set of acts. Initially it was set of two followed by three, four and five persons from the group. This helped in developing team dynamics.• Understanding improves as members spend more and more time with each other. For e.g. As the members started getting comfortable with the team, performance of the team started getting better.• Theatre is all about making the co-performer look better. This was great advice in improving not only the performances but also cultivating team spirit.• As team members are completely interdependent on each other for success of the task, good understanding is must for a team to succeed.Lewin: ‘it is not similarity or dissimilarity of individualsthat constitutes a group, but interdependence of fate’
  17. 17. Application of Learning - Exercising Leadership in the FutureA leader needs to be cognizant of the following : • Group members’ outcomes often depend not only on their own actions, but also on the actions of others in the group. • One member’s feelings, experiences and actions can come to be influenced in whole or in part by others. • Commitment to the pursuit of common goals is vital to the effectiveness of the group. • Group experience and interdependence teaches group skill, attitudes, orientations and ideas, all of which can be enhanced by the intervention of skilled leaders and facilitators.
  18. 18. What does it Take - To act on what you believe in and what you value• Fearlessness- “Attention on the moment - not the result“ –The power of being yourself and natural• Courage – “My enthusiasm and passion will carry me through”• Letting it go – “It will be alright – attitude”• Purity - “I have a wholesome goal, my spontaneity will respond to it”• When in Ambiguity – Let collective wisdom prevail and find the direction• Good will – “Complement others- to make them look better”• Believe in power of improvisation Leap of Faith .. Divine purpose .. Joy of action
  19. 19. Some stolen verse ….
  20. 20. Leadershipby Hal KrauseLeadership knows no age,nor is it limited by rank.It is its presence or absence...from nations’ capitals to neighbourhood playgrounds.You can see it in a young athlete’s quick feet...You can hear it in a grandfather’s slow story.Leadership can be an hour of triumph...Or a moment of prayer.It is saying “yes” to the right kind of responsibility,And saying “no” to the wrong kind of temptation.Leadership does not gloat in victory,Nor can it ever be vanquished.For it is an elegance of conductWhich transcends either.
  21. 21. Thank You!