Advertising Media Selection


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How to select the best practice of advertising channel. You can choose start from your business

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Advertising Media Selection

  1. 1. OVERVIEW Developing an advertising campaign within the framework of an integrated marketing communication program is a vital function that high-quality advertising agencies provide. So, we need to consider the nature of ads media selection that include: –The media strategy –Media planning process –Ad objective –Media choices based benefit –Media selection in b2b and international setting Powered by:
  2. 2. Media Strategy Media strategy is process of analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and promotions campaign The overall IMC program has to make effective media strategy in order to achieve goal of the firm to communicate their message. Powered by:
  3. 3. Media Planning No two plans alike, usually includes: 1. Marketing Analysis (careful consideration of target market) 2. Advertising Analysis (fundamental Advertising Strategy and Budget) 3. Media Strategy (Media to be used and creative decisions) 4. Media Scheduling (What ads when and where) 5. Justification and summary (Metrics of success) Powered by:
  4. 4. Media Planning The important thing to develop media plan are: 1. 2. 3. Focus on consumer behavior Create plans that reflect the consumer’s purchasing process Influence the consumer in the marketplace Powered by:
  5. 5. Media Planning Role There are 2 media planning role: 1. Media Planner – formulates program of when and where to place ads. 2. Media Buyer – buy space and negotiate rates, times and schedules. Powered by:
  6. 6. Media Planner Media planner provide extremely valuable function and are in high demand Media planner usually conducts market research to help match the product with market and media. Media planner is gathering fact about various media such as: - newspaper, magazine circulation rates. Powered by:
  7. 7. Media Buyer Media buyers will work together with media planner, ad creative, & account executive to ensure the effectiveness of ad campaign. Because media buyers have a great deal of knowledge about rates and schedules. Powered by:
  8. 8. Media Buyer Media buyers usually emphasize in the differences of ad are often related to: 1. Quality media choice 2. Creativity 3. Financial stewardship 4. Agency track record 5. Computer system 6. Relationship-agency & medium’s sales representative Powered by:
  9. 9. Advertising Objective Several concepts are used in media objective including: 1. Reach – (depth) number of target reached with the medium 2. Frequency – (repetitive hits) # of times target exposed to same ad within a specified time frame 3. GRP (Gross Rating Points) – impact or intensity of media plan… vehicle’s rating X frequency=GRP 4. Effective Rating Points (ERP) 5. Cost –CPM (cost per thousand) cost to reach 1000 of the target audience/vehicle –CRP (cost per rating point) = cost per media buy/Vehicle’s rating –Weighted CPM = ad cost x 100 / actual audience reached Powered by:
  10. 10. Advertising Objective 6. 7. Continuity – exposure pattern or schedule used in the ad campaign –Continuous –Pulsating –Discontinuous Impressions - number of gross impressions = # of exposures to entire audience Powered by:
  11. 11. Advertising Objective Another objective of ad campaign are: 1. Trial - mendorong pelanggan untuk melakukan pembelian awal sebuah produk baru 2. Brand Switching - merebut konsumen yang awalnya memakai produk pesaing menjadi menggunakan produk perusahaan 3. Switchback - mengambil kembali minat dan keinginan konsumen yang telah berpindah ke produk pesaing Powered by:
  12. 12. Achieving Advertising Objective 1. 2. 3. Effective Frequency and Effective Reach Number of times target must see ad and % of target that must be exposed in order to reach Objectives. Allows for variation and strives for optimal frequency/mix. Three exposure theory vs. Recency Theory Intrusion value vs. most recent in mind (1 may be enough for that target member if it need already top of mind) Powered by:
  13. 13. Media Selection There many choices of ad media: 1. TV 2. Radio 3. Outdoor 4. Internet 5. Magazines 6. Newspapers 7. Direct Mail 8. Alternative Media Powered by:
  14. 14. Percentage Indicating 1 Word-of-mouth 63% 2 Sampling 45% 3 In-store 32% 4 Mass Media (TV,Radio,Newspapers,Magazine,Outdoor) 27% 5 Sponsorship 23% 6 Alternative media- Viral, guerrilla 18% 7 Public Relation 15% 8 Online 10% 9 Direct mail Television 7% Powered by:
  15. 15. Television ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES High reach Greater clutter High frequency potential Low recall due to clutter Low cost per contact Channel surfing during commercial High intrusion value Short amount of copy Quality creative opportunities High cost per ad Segmentation possibilities through cable outlets Powered by:
  16. 16. Disadvantage • Short exposure time • Low attention • Few chances to reach national audiences • Information overload Radio Advantage • Recall promoted • Narrower target market • Ad music • High segmentation potential • Flexibility in making news ad • Able to modify ads with local condition • Mobile Powered by:
  17. 17. Radio Advantage Disadvantage • Recall promoted • Short exposure time • Narrower target market • Low attention • Ad music • Few chances to reach national audiences • High segmentation potential • Information overload • Flexibility in making news ad • Able to modify ads with local condition • Mobile Powered by:
  18. 18. Outdoor Ad Advantage 1. Able to select key geographic areas 2. Accessible for local ad 3. Low cost per impression 4. Broad reach 5. High frequency on major commuter routes 6. Large and spectacular Disadvantage 1. Short exposure time 2. Brief message 3. Little segmentation possible 4. Cluttered travel routes Powered by:
  19. 19. Internet Disadvantage • Difficult procedure to place ads Advantage and buy time • Creative possibilities • Only the computer owner • Short lead time • Simplicity of segmentation • Short life span • Hard to retain interest of surfers • High audience interest • Easier to measure the response Powered by:
  20. 20. Magazine and Newspaper Magazine have always second choice for advertisers because it has high level of segmentation available Advantage Disadvantage 1. High flexibility 1. Short life span 2. High credibility 2. Internet competition with classified ads 3. Strong audience interest 3. Poor buying procedure 4. Coupons and special response feature Powered by:
  21. 21. Direct Mail The major advantage of direct mail is that it normally lands in the hand of person who open email. The primary disadvantages of direct mail include cost, clutter, and nuisance factor Thus, direct mail well known local or national firm seeking a more immediate response, usually in business to business Powered by:
  22. 22. Alternative Media Some form of additional advertising are: 1. Leaflets, brochures 2. Ads on carry bags from stores 3. Ads on T-shirt 4. Ads on movie trailers 5. Small sign in mall 6. Self run text or ads in some place 7. Yellow pages 8. In – house advertising magazines 9. etc Powered by:
  23. 23. Media Mix Media mix are intend to selecting the proper blend of media for advertisements. The increased impact of using two or more media is called media multiplier effect – which means the combined impact of using two or more media. Powered by:
  24. 24. Media Selection In Business to Business Markets Market scale •Local •Regional •National •global Market characteristics •Demographic •Geographic •Psychographic •Geodemographic •Media habits Media choices Message content •TV •Radio •Outdoor •Newspaper •Internet •Magazine •Direct mail •other Powered by:
  25. 25. Media Selection In International Markets In international setting, it is important to understand the media habits of consumer as well as their daily lifestyles The aim of selection are: 1. Improve media effectiveness by matching a firm’s ads to the time of day the audience will be most receptive 2. Select the correct medium In general, the firm must carefully attend to cultural to make sure the buying process does not offend in any given region Powered by:
  26. 26. THANK YOU Powered by:
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