Brand Extensions: Beyond Risk & Benefit


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Presented on Science Communication Forum at Ma Chung University

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Brand Extensions: Beyond Risk & Benefit

  1. 1. BRAND EXTENSIONS: Beyond Risk & Benefit Presented on Science Communication Forum at Li Zhen Dao
  2. 2. About Me The young ​ protégé, Marketer & Business Scholar
  3. 3. BRAND EXTENSION What is Brand Extensions? Brand is a misunderstood term Most companies confuse between high name awareness and patent registration with the real benefits of loyalty and advocacy that come from a strong brand ©2009
  4. 4. BRAND EXTENSION What is Brand Extensions? Traditional people mindset about brand…… A nice visualization? A good marketing communication? A logo? ©2009
  5. 5. BRAND EXTENSION What is Brand Extensions? Traditional people mindset about brand…… A brand is not just distinguishing name and/or symbol intended to identify a product or producer but also something about CHARACTER ©2009
  6. 6. BRAND EXTENSION What is Brand Extensions? What is Brand Extensions? Brand extension is using the leverage of a well known brand name in one category to launch a new product in a different category ©2009
  7. 7. BRAND EXTENSION Brand extension component should be? What is Brand Extensions? It is a new product It should use a well known brand The brand should have leverage with customers of the new category ©2009
  8. 8. BRAND EXTENSION Type of Brand Extensions? 1. 2. 3. Similar product in a different form from the original parent product. Distinctive flavor/ingredient/component in the new item Benefit/attribute/feature owned. Type Of Brand Extensions 4. 5. 6. 7. Expertise Companion products Vertical extensions Designer image/status ©2009
  9. 9. BRAND EXTENSION Benefit Risk & Benefit 1. Brand extensions can be successful if the position of the parent brand is strong enough in the consumer’s perception 2. Enable a company to enter new categories at significantly lower cost 3. Create a positive synergistic effect with the efficiencies of umbrella branding and advertising 4. Reinforce the consumers’ perceptions of the parent brand name 5. Bring news to existing brands when there is otherwise nothing new to say about them ©2009
  10. 10. BRAND EXTENSION Risk Risk & Benefit 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. the high cost of requisite require different promotional costs confuse consumers if the slim difference There can be real damage to the parent brand, if a brand extension is so off target or lacks fit and or leverage Lost of valuable quality ©2009
  11. 11. BRAND EXTENSION So, How about Ma Chung Brand? 1. is necessary use Ma Chung matter?(Mac or ”M”) in some of product or service line(event/activities/community) 2. How the role of PR/marketer in communicating the parent brand and individual brand? case ©2009
  12. 12. BRAND EXTENSION ©2009
  13. 13. BRAND EXTENSION ©2009
  14. 14. BRAND EXTENSION Universitas Ma Chung Technopreneur Brainstorm NH N N HN Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments Ma Chung Research center for photosynthetic Ma Chung Open Source Ma Chung Technopreneur Days AND MORE
  15. 15. BRAND EXTENSION What is Brand Extensions? Alternative suggestion Type Of Brand Extensions Risk & Benefit 1. Starting gradually 2. Build the appropriate consumer perceptions of parent brand and case its extensions 3. Assessing the presence of brand extensions on parent brand 4. Continue to build both of parent brand and brand extension) 5. Build one gate campaign management system (if consider using Ma Chung parent brand) ©2009