introduction concept causes types of analysis problems in processing types of e-commerce meaning scope nature definitions advertising (a) concept and objectives of measures to control recruitment and selection: nature and characteristics corporate governance values chi-square test hypothesis testing processing operations processing & analysis of data cyber laws encryption e-locking firewall security issues of e-commerce hypothesis testing-chi-square processing & analysis of data- start-ups fema exim policy monetary and fiscal policy development of business; role of government in regulati economic growth effects libelization industrial policy 1991 industrial policy 1948 on page seo off page seo importance of seo seo economic system fundamentals uses of ecommerce e commerce internet basic requirements of e-commer needs and advantages e-commerce execution design diseconomies of scale economies of scale short run and long run average empirical estimates of product laws of production and analysi cobb dougals theory cobb douy production function legal provisions payments terms implications to intern busines code and common laws nature and complexities ba for competitive advantage importance process terminologies trompenaar's attitudinal hofstede's dimentions of culture culture and behaviour variables of cultures levels of culture factors that promoted cross cultural context globalization media scheduling media strategy reach and frequency media plan ad agencies agencies advertisement decision making elasticity of supply elasticity of demand supply supply analysis demand analysis demand introduction to imc cash flow in economy principles agency theory parties to corpor need for corporate governance preparing false financial stat lack of transparency finance-tax evasion application in marketing ethical practices in business discipline and employees’ grie incentives major elements of compensation compensation management participative management major motivation theory motivation at work separation (g) promotion-degree (f) 360 degree performance (e) limitation benefits (c) criteria performance appraisal concept and people’s response power tactics; coalitions ; sources and classification organization power detail syudy stages types effect defination issues that arise for mangers ethical organisation ethical activities managing ethics ethical codes beliefs and standards norms source of recruitment hrm purpose and process ; determinants; contributing conceptual foundation of organ . marketing strategies modern digital consumer digital marketing practices locus of control machiavellianism personality traits personality ethics norms /ethics and ccg becg unit 1 hrm objective/role/responsblit value attitude perception
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