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  • Over 1,000,000 downloads of XenServer
  • Customer types and usage150,000 unique companies of all sizesStrongest in NA and EMEA¼ Desktop; ½ Server; ¼ Cloud (public & private) On average 2,500 employees150 servers<30% virtual today; expect to get to >60%95% are satisfied or very satisfied and recommend the product to peers90% plan to expand their footprint in next year1/3rd plan to move to a premium edition
  • XenServer in 2012 InfoTech ‘Champions’ quadrant, and Gartner 2012 MQ ‘leaders quadrant’.It’s clear from the analysts report that XenServer is, and always has been, the Open Source Server Virtualization Leader. Citrix’s strategy for XenServer is to retain and strengthen this position, expanding XenServer’s footprint and functionality as a platform for server virtualization, desktop virtualization, networking and cloud.Key strengths that the analysts picked out:XenServer offers rich product capabilities for relatively low costVision of becoming “open” alternative for virtualization through to cloud computingCompatibility of XenServer with XenDesktop and other Citrix productsCitrix offers mature functionality for managing XenServerXenServer now has over 100,000 unique customers, and is still showing strong growth.
  • XenServer is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. It can be installed and running in 10 minutes with only 4 megabytes of storage. It’s unique management architecture and console eliminates single points of failure so you can centrally manage hundreds of virtual servers.The free version of XenServer comes with enterprise class features including centralized management, disk snapshotting, and live virtual machine migration which enables organizations to manage their environment easily and intelligently while optimizing resources with zero-downtime to users. The premium editions of XenServer are conveniently priced per server and contain enhanced management and automation features such as high availability, dynamic memory control, workload balancing and distributed virtual network switch.Much simpler – "10 minutes to Xen"Far fewer "VMware Patch Tuesday" headachesDesigned to run on virtually any x86 hardwareOptimized for XenDesktop (e.g. IntelliCache)Equally matched to VMware in "green field" opportunities
  • XenServer is designed to address the virtualization needs of three critical markets.Within the Enterprise Data Center, XenServer solves the traditional server virtualization objectives of server consolidation, hardware independence while providing a high performance platform with a very straight forward management model.Since XenServer is a Citrix product, it only stands to reason that it can draw upon the vast experience Citrix has in optimizing the desktop experience and provide optimizations specific to desktop workloads.Lastly, with the emergence of mainstream cloud infrastructures, XenServer can draw upon the heritage of Amazon Web Services and Rackspace to provide a highly optimized platform for cloud deployments of any scale.
  • More and more organizations are choosing to host different workloads on different hypervisors enabling them not only better overall performance of their environment by also better utilizing their budget. Over 40% of companies in a recent Info-Tech study said they were using 2 or more server virtualization vendors within their datacenter, with almost half of these using Citrix and VMware together. The major challenge of this model is day to day management tasks, such as live migration, that you ideally want to complete through one management console. Currently both Citrix and Microsoft can manage each others VMs as well as VMware. VMware is beginning to offer management of Microsoft VMs.
  • Give examples of challenges – in most environments, there is little visibilityDifferent layers have different challengesMust look at all layers and find what is the root cause of the service problem?Network? VMware? AD? SQL? Storage? Profile Server?
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  • Citrix XenServer Success

    1. 1. Citrix XenServerSuccessAssuring Peak Performanceof Critical BusinessApplicationsPresenters:Mike Bursell (Citrix)Bala Vaidhinathan (eG Innovations)
    2. 2. Introduction to XenServerMike BursellSenior Product
    3. 3. XenServer CustomersServer Virtualization CloudDesktopServer Virtualization Desktop Cloud
    4. 4. What is XenServer?• Free XenServer impact– >50% of Fortune 500 run XenServer• Proven with leading vendors’ technology– Trusted by demanding organizations to run themost mission critical apps• Optimized to run XenDesktop deployments• Used by the largest clouds• Validated by market thought leaders
    5. 5. 1,000,000+ Downloads
    6. 6. 150,000+ UniqueOrganizations
    7. 7. XenServer Pedigree• XenServer is based on the Xen hypervisor– Mature: over 10 years old– Recently became a Linux Foundation Collaboration Project• The Xen ProjectTM Powers the largest clouds in production• The Xen ProjectTM is the leading open source virtualization platformthat is powering some of the largest clouds in production today. Xenpowers Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Public Cloud and manyhosting services.
    8. 8. Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization InfrastructureSource: Gartner (June 2012)Vendor Landscape Report: Server VirtualizationSource: InfoTech (2012)XenServer is OSS Server Virtualization Leader
    9. 9. XenServer:The Best Platform for CloudPlatform and XenDesktop• CloudPlatform: over86% of all customersusing XS or XS andanother hypervisor.• XenDesktop: XS thehypervisor of choicefor over 50% ofdeployments.XenServer71%VMware5%KVM3%XenServer/Vmware/KVM4%XenServer/KVM3%XenServer/VMware11% KVM/Vmware3%
    10. 10. Why Customers Virtualize with XenServer?• 10 minutes to Xen• Installs with only 4 megabytes of storage• No single points of failure• Centrally manage hundreds of virtual servers• Enterprise-class features such as live migration,disk snap shots, high availability, dynamicmemory control• Enables you to optimize resources with zero-downtime to users• Industry-leading server virtualization, free!• Extends your server consolidation savings intocapital equipment, space, power and coolingcostsAffordable3Performance2Ease of Use1
    11. 11. Different Workloads, Different Markets• Workloads– Cloud• Traditional• Cloud workload– Server virtualization– Desktops (VDI)• Markets– Small/medium businesses– Large enterprises– Cloud
    12. 12. XenServer Meets All Virtualization NeedsEnterpriseData Center•High performance, resilient virtualizationplatform•Simple deployment and management model•Host based licensing to control CAPEXDesktopVirtualization•Optimized for high performance desktopworkloads•Storage optimizations to control VDI CAPEXCloudInfrastructure•Platform for IaaS and Cloud Service Providers•Powers the NetScaler SDX platform•Fully supports Software Defined Networking
    13. 13. Hypervisor Tools• Tools from Citrix– XenCenter• Management tool• Some diagnostics and monitoring– APIs• Broad set of APIs• Very expressive• Absolutely not for everyone!
    14. 14. Different Workloads, Different Profiles• Your workload’s profile will vary:– Application type– Time of day– Failures– Bottlenecks• Affected hardware resources include:– CPU– Memory– Storage– Network
    15. 15. Scale Matters• Characteristics vary between:– A single host– A pool of hosts– Multiple singleton hosts– Multiple pools• The bottlenecks change• The trouble-shooting changes• The failure modes change
    16. 16. Environment Matters• Is all your hardware the same?– Network cards– Storage arrays– CPUs– Memory– Local disks• Are you sure?• Is this even a good idea?VMVMVMVMVM
    17. 17. Not Just The HardwareHeterogeneous Virtualization PlatformsSource: Info-Tech Research Group; N = 711% 3%7%31%58%How many server virtualizationvendors are you using?5 4 3 2 141%32%9%9%4% 5%What pair of vendorsare you using?VMware/CitrixVMware/MicrosoftVMware/OracleMicrosoft/OracleOracle/Red HatMicrosoft/Red HatMany organizations leverage a combination ofVMware, for advanced management of criticalworkloads and apps, and Citrix or Microsoft forcost savings in non-critical systems.The Benefits
    18. 18. Who Sees Which Layer?• User – application• DB & strorage admin - database/storage• System admin – hypervisor/virtualisation• Networking admin– networking• Hardware admin – server010000200000:00:000:01:450:03:300:05:150:07:000:08:450:10:300:12:150:14:000:15:450:17:300:19:150:21:000:22:450:24:300:26:150:28:000:29:450:31:300:33:150:35:000:36:450:38:300:40:150:42:000:43:450:45:30NFSOpsNFS Ops (Non-IC)NFS Read Ops NFS Write Ops
    19. 19. Poll: Which IT Components Can You See?• Desktop Layer• Application Layer• Hypervisor/virtualization Layer• Storage/Database Layer• Server/Networking Layer
    20. 20. You Need Cross-Layer Visibility• The entire stack– Application– Virtual Machine Operating System– Hypervisor platform– Networking– Storage– Hypervisor hardware• Complex interactions between layers
    21. 21. Typical PerformanceManagement Challenges• User experience issues• Lack of visibility across silos• Complex and/or slow issue identification• Proactive problem solving• Chasing issues that originate in other ITdomains
    22. 22. Network Web onHyper-VActive DirectorySQLXenApp onXenServerZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientSANSwitchFinding The Root Cause ofThese Challenges is Critical
    23. 23. XenServer Provides the Platform• But your infrastructure is more than thehypervisor– …different users– …different workloads– …different hardware– …different layers• Your infrastructure is complex, and so are thechallenges
    24. 24. Poll: What Are Your Biggest PerformanceManagement Challenges?• User experience issues• Lack of visibility across silos• Complex and/or slow issue identification• Proactive problem solving• Chasing issues that originate in other IT domains
    25. 25. Bala VaidhinathanCTOeG InnovationsBala@eginnovations.comAssuring Peak Performance of CriticalBusiness Applications
    26. 26. Myth #1 “Virtualization MakesPerformance Management Easier”• Scope for performance management remains the same• 10 servers, 30 guests => 300 virtual machines to monitor• Higher complexity because of resource sharing across VMs• Guests share CPU, memory, disk, network resources• A single malfunctioning application in a guest can impactperformance of all other VMsPhysical Virtual
    27. 27. Myth #2 “Resource Reservation EnsuresThat VMs Don’t Interfere With Each Other”Streaming MediaAppSlow DatabaseQueriesDisk ReadsExcessive disk reads by the one VM slows down application within another VMSharedresourcesbecomebottlenecks:• Network• Storage• Compute• Apps• Desktop
    28. 28. Myth #3 “Virtualization Is Just Another SiloThat Can Be Managed Independently FromOther Tiers”FIREWALL WEB SERVERUSERAPP SERVER DB SERVERA problem in one tier can affect all the other tiers.Is it the network, database, app server, or virtualization tier?“Myapplicationis slow!”
    29. 29. Myth #4 “Virtualization Platforms Already Include AllTools and Metrics Needed for PerformanceManagement”End UserLANAdminFirewalladminServer adminVirtualizationadminDomainadminERP Admin Sys admin ApplicationAdminThe serveris workingOKNo othercomplaintsAll lightsAre greenWe don’tsee anythingwrongDatabaseAdmin“Myapplication isslow!”VMs are lightlyloadedEverythingIs OKNot ourproblemLooksfine Not mineeitherTalk tothe otherguysIT ServiceManager
    30. 30. Myth #5 “The Hypervisor View of VirtualMachines is Sufficient to Manage VMs”• The Outside view shows the portion of physicalresources used by each VM (CPU, disk, memory)• Provided by the virtualization hypervisor• Useful for capacity planning and identifying certain VMissues• Does NOT show why a VM is consuming resourcesResourcesofthePhysicalMachine0100%VM1 15%VM2 25%VM3 20%VM432%0100%ResourcesofthePhysicalMachineVM115%60% 10%VM225%10%45%5%30%VM320%25% 60%VM432%12%20%40%Apps inside a VM• The Inside view shows the portion of resources allocated toa VM that are used by each application and each user of theVM• Provided by the guest OS (for Windows: WMI)• Useful for user load balancing, identifying guest OSissues, misbehaving applications, and unauthorized useractivities• Does show why a VM is consuming resources, acceleratesfix
    31. 31. Myth #6 “VDI Performance Management Canbe Done Using Tools that Support Virtual Servers”Citrix XenServerMicrosoft Hyper-VVirtualizationDesktopBrokers andSupportSystemsVDIA performance managementfor VDI is extremely unique asyou need a solution thatcombines multiple differentperformance managementmethodologies
    32. 32. Myth #7 “Scaling is Linear…MoreHardware Means More Performance”It is critical to understand the overall performance at alllevels and identify the bottlenecks
    33. 33. What does this lead to?• High business cost of downtime• Slow applications impact productivity• Poor user experienceUser Frustration& Low Productivity• Wasted resources on manual,complex, lengthy diagnosis• Requires too many experts & too many toolsRisingIT SupportCost & Complexity• Throwing costly hardware at problems• Oversized & inefficient environmentRisingInfrastructure Cost• Delayed deployment & rollout• Performance issues & fire drills• Failed projects & initiativesProject delays, costoverruns, missedobjectives
    34. 34. How Does eG Innovations Help?
    35. 35. Network Web onXenServerActive DirectorySQLZDC onVMware ESXLicense ServerProfile ServerEnterpriseAppsvCenterOracleClientSANSwitchComplete visibility – every layer, every tier!“Myapplication isslow!”XenApp onVMware ESXHow Does eG Enterprise Help?
    36. 36. AutomatedDiagnosisUserExperienceManagementRight-Sizing& CapacityPlanningPre-emptiveAlertingTotalPerformanceVisibilityEnd UserExperienceStorageConnectionBrokersProfile ServersNetworkApplicationsVirtualizationInfrastructure& App PerformanceServicePerformanceOnlineBankingAccountingTradingPatientrecords. . .eG EnterpriseThe eG Innovations Approach
    37. 37. Live Solution Tour
    38. 38. eG Innovations Unique Capabilities• Complete 360o Cross-Domain Performance VisibilityGet total performance visibility of all components and howthey impact user experience acrossdesktop, application, virtualization, network, storage, server, etc.• Automatic Root-Cause DiagnosisAutomate and accelerate the discovery, diagnosis andresolution of performance issues in complex environments – soyour highly skilled staff can be more productive.• Pre-Emptive Problem Detection & AlertingPre-emptively monitor, detect and resolve performance issues– before users are affected. Prevent downtime, ensureexceptional performance and user satisfaction.• Capacity & Performance AnalyticsRight-size your virtualized IT infrastructure, maximize resourceutilization and reduce hardware/software cost.
    39. 39. eG Innovations Multi-Platform SupportVirtualization PlatformsOperating systemsVDI TechnologiesApplication TechnologiesvSphereHyper—VLPARsSolaris Zonesand LDOMsXenServerXenDesktop View
    41. 41. The ROI of eG Innovations• Reduce downtime• Increase application availability• Boost user experienceBoostUser Satisfaction& Productivity• Simplify, automate & acceleratediagnosis & troubleshooting• Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEXReduceIT SupportCost & Complexity• Increase hardware utilization• Leverage investment in software• Right-size & optimize environmentReduceInfrastructure Cost &Avoid Cost Overruns• Accelerate deployments & rollout• Reduce risk, deliver successful projects& peace of mindDeliver Projectson Time, on Budget,on Target
    42. 42. &
    43. 43. Visit eG InnovationsBooth 417Become aCitrixPerformanceHeroVisiteG InnovationsBooth 417
    44. 44. Free Trial OfferFREE 30-day TrialeG on Tap Monitoring ServiceContact eG Innovations to Sign Upegontap@eginnovations.com 526 6700