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What's new in XenDesktop and XenApp


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Citrix continues to innovate our desktop and application virtualization technology to keep pace with customer needs, such as improved printer driver management. Learn how the latest Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp features improve the user experience and administrator flexibility and build upon the latest Microsoft platform capabilities. This session will also discuss cloud automation and management technologies designed to improve the use of private and public clouds for delivering desktops and apps as a service.

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What's new in XenDesktop and XenApp

  1. 1. SUM 227:What’s New in XenDesktop & XenAppCris Lau Yvonne DresserSr. Product Manager Sr. Product Marketing Manager May 7 & 8, 2012
  2. 2. Releases Q1  2012   Q2  2012   XenDesktop  5.6  –     XenDesktop    5.6  Feature  Pack  1     Available    3/12   XenApp  6.5  Feature  Pack  1  –    Available    6/29   •  Includes  XenApp  6.5   •  Personal  vDisk  for  VDI   •  Remote  PC*   •  Microso;  System  Center  2012   •  Universal  PrinEng   integraEon   •  Mobile  App  Access  for  XenDesktop   •  Mobile  App  Access  for  XenApp  hosted   •  OpEmized  Unified  CommunicaEons   shared   •  HDX  3D  Pro  new  deep  compression*   •  CloudGateway  Express  © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute *  XenDesktop  only   2
  3. 3. Personal  VDI  desktops  with  Personal  vDisk    Op;mized  Unified  Communica;ons    HDX  3D  Pro  New  Deep  Compression  New  devices  for  HDX  SoC  ini;a;ve  
  4. 4. Dedicated VDI Image Image Image4
  5. 5. Pooled Desktop Profile Base Image with Apps Profile Base Image with Apps Profile5
  6. 6. Personal vDisk App PvD Profile App PvD Base Image Profile App PvD Profile6
  7. 7. Highly personalized for users Increased user acceptance Reduced infrastructure requirements ~65% savings in storage Pooled desktop management Centralized management for dedicated VDI use cases Uptime and predictability © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute7
  8. 8. XenDesktop optimized unified communications Lowers  Cost   •  Point to point audio and video •  No compromise voice and video quality •  Cisco VXI Unified Communications solution first to support •  Will support Microsoft Lync 2010 in XenDesktop 5.6 FP1© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute 8
  9. 9. HDX RealTime: Complementary approaches• Generic: Media-over-ICA • Optimized: Peer-to-peer• Unmodified softphone • Softphone modified or hooked to ○  Very broad app compatibility J offload media processing to user• Audio-video traffic transported over device ICA ○  Maximum server scalability J• Citrix audio/video codecs, echo • Real-time audio-video traffic cancellation, jitter buffering, etc., to bypasses Citrix server maximize audio-video quality ○  Zero degradation J (no “hairpinning”)
  10. 10.     High  Level Call Flow                 Place Call      3   Receiver Call     Lync Server  4         B Lync User   Lync User A (with HDX Connector)   (with HDX Connector)   SIP Registration    1    1   2   Initialize Media Initialize Media Engine Engine Call Established ICA      5   Signaling  (SIP)   User Device User Device Media  (RTP)   (with HDX Media (with HDX Media Engine) Engine)
  11. 11. Data  Center   VM-­‐User  1   ICA   Uncompromised  user  experience  for   Cisco  CommunicaEons  Manager   VXC  6215   Routes  voice  and  video     Signalling   point-­‐to-­‐point  (no  hairpinning)   Signalling   (SIP)   (SIP)   OpEmized  resources  CUCM   VXI  Cloud   Media  Flow   Bandwidth  reducEon  from   Signalling   Signalling   megabytes  to  kilobytes   (SIP)   (SIP)   Reduced  processing  in  data  center   (high  scalability)   VXC  4000   ICA   Enterprise-­‐grade  voice  and  video   VM-­‐User  2   based  on  Cisco  UC  
  12. 12. Cisco VXI Solution Summary•  VXI collaboration solutions enable integrating rich media, voice, and video collaboration within a virtual desktop•  Cisco VXC Linux-based devices leverage Citrix’s Virtual Channel SDK for inter-process communication to offload media processing and improve user performance while making video and audio calls•  Offloading of audio calls (and video in future) on repurposed Windows PCs increases lifespan of existing assets•  Great news for call center initiatives using VXC thin clients or software appliances
  13. 13. What’s  new  with  HDX  3D  Pro?  Enhancements  in  XenDesktop  5.6  Feature  Pack  1  • CPU-­‐based  implementaEon  of  Deep  Compression  codec   • Doesn’t  consume  GPU  CUDA  cores  so  allows  less  expensive  graphics  cards  to  be  used   • Even  deeper  compression  (up  to  50%  improvement)  and  50-­‐100%  faster  frame  rate  • NVIDIA  VGX™  API     • Direct  frame  buffer  access  à    More  fluid  user  experience    • Support  for  full  screen  apps  (e.g.  games)  
  14. 14. Designer virtual workstationGPU accelerated 3D graphics Fluid experience with full screen 3D apps Empowers global collaboration Conquers massive design data Now! Lower GPU and CPU hardware cost 50% reduction in bandwidth requirements 14
  15. 15. Designer Engineer Virtual Workstation solutionCitrix ready design engineer ecosystem around HDX 3D technologies   ISV   HDX   Systems   SIs   3D   Devices  
  16. 16. HDX Ready System-on-a-Chip All the power of HDX in silicon •  New class of devices for virtual desktops and apps •  Hardware-based HDX optimizations •  Open standards-based program •  Designed to keep up with new innovations Full HD experience at a fraction of the cost •  Reference designs from NComputing and IT •  First devices in market in early 2012 16
  17. 17.   Mobile  App  Access     Universal  Prin;ng   Enterprise  App  Store   Microso`  System  Center    Secure  remote  access  to  office-­‐based  PCs  XenClient  Enterprise  Project  Accelerator  
  18. 18. Mobile App Access – with Making  it  easier  Mobile App Access6.5 Edit box• Native touch-friendly experience Keyboard Pop-up• Auto keyboard pop-up• Device specific selector controls• Additional Mobility controls such as GPS, camera available through the Mobility Pack SDK. Combo Box Picker Pop-up
  19. 19. Making  it  easier  Universal Printing • Virtual desktop printing from any device • Locally attached or network printers • Simple driver management • Significant WAN improvements© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  20. 20. Universal Print Server• Network  print  server  soluEon  providing…   • Ability  to  use  Citrix  universal  prinEng  regardless  of  client  capabiliEes   • Efficient,  open,  and  firewall  friendly  protocols     • OpEmized  print  traffic  flows  (host  à  print  server)  • Removes  need  for  printer  drivers  on  the  XA/XD  hosts!  • Significant  WAN  performance  improvements   • Less  sensiEve  to  latency  than  prinEng  using  SPOOLSS-­‐RPC  protocol  
  21. 21. Universal print server components Windows Print Server XenApp/XenDesktop Farm plus UPServer plus UPClient UP-WS over HTTPS UP-WS SpoolSS-RPC Print Data (XPS/EMF) Compressed CGP/SSL Tunneled via print data TCP TCP ICA ICA© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  22. 22. Self-service app storeSingle sign-onWindows, web & SaaS appsUser self-serviceIntegrated file syncCentralized management© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  23. 23. Unified StorefrontSecure, single-click access to all apps and data on any device Content Controllers Gateway services PC StoreFront™ Mac services Smartphone Tablet Thin Client 23
  24. 24. Provisioning a new hire Setting up an employee app store Self-service access On-the-go Follow-me apps and data SmartAccess Controls Employee status change App and data wipe License management © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute24
  25. 25. Microsoft System Center 2012
  26. 26. Making  it  easier   •  Seamless management for Microso;   pooled/personal desktops System  Center   •  Common console to manage ConfiguraEon   physical and virtual desktops Manager  2012   •  Leverage reporting, monitoring and policy tools© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute 26
  27. 27. XenDesktop  5.6  and  Configura;on  Manager  2012  Seamless  Physical  and  Virtual  Desktop  Management  • New  virtual  desktop  aeributes  • Unique  machine  ID’s  for  shared  image  virtual  desktops  • Update  control  for  shared  image  desktops  
  28. 28. XenApp  and  Configura;on  Manager  2012  Seamless  Physical  and  Virtual  Desktop  Management  
  29. 29. Remote PC: Fast on-ramp to virtual desktops Desktop with29
  30. 30. Remote PCGetting started with desktop virtualization• Instant benefit to end-users• Secure, mobile access to office-based PCs• Auto-provision for thousands of users• Simplified on ramp for desktop virtualization 30
  31. 31. Local desktops with XenClient Enterprise Local Execution Centralized Management Preferences Preferences Data Data11011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101110 SSL 1011 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101 1011 Apps Apps Desktop OS Desktop OS Fast, secure, extensible, client hypervisor Synchronizer 31
  32. 32. Desktop virtualization with CitrixThe proven expertise and practical guidance needed for success Assess Design Deploy   Identify your business and Create a detailed Build, test and rollout a user requirements to architecture design that solution in an effective, deliver the most value allows you to install, timed manner to ensure a quickly through desktop configure and build a solution consistent virtual desktop virtualization that leverages your existing experience for your users infrastructure 32
  33. 33. Releases Q1  2012   Q2  2012   XenDesktop  5.6  –     XenDesktop    5.6  Feature  Pack  1     Available    3/12   XenApp  6.5  Feature  Pack  1  –    Available    6/29   •  Includes  XenApp  6.5   •  Personal  vDisk  for  VDI   •  Remote  PC*   •  Microso;  System  Center  2012   •  Universal  PrinEng   integraEon   •  Mobile  App  Access  for  VDI   •  Mobile  App  Access  for  XenApp  hosted   •  OpEmized  Unified  CommunicaEons   shared   •  HDX  3D  Pro  new  deep  compression*  © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute *  XenDesktop  only   34
  34. 34. Before you leave…• Recommended related breakout sessions: ○  (Attn: Speaker – if applicable – please list session name and number AND date/time and room name of when/where the related session(s) is happening – DELETE THIS TEXT ONCE YOU FILL IN INFORMATION) ○  If there no related sessions, delete this bullet• Conference surveys are available online at starting Thursday, 18 October ○  Provide your feedback and pick up a complimentary gift at the registration desk• Download presentations starting Monday, 29 October, from your My Organiser tool located in your My Account© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute 35
  35. 35. Basic  network  prinEng  scenario   Print  Server   XenApp/XenDesktop   Environment   plus  UPServer   UP-­‐WS  over  HTTP   UP-­‐WS   SpoolSS-­‐RPC   Print  Data  (XPS/EMF)   Compressed  print  data   TCP   ICA