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Gerber Technology Powerpoint


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Gerber Technology Powerpoint

  2. 2. Gerber, One of the greatest softwares used in the fashion world today. Invented In Canada, it is a quick way to finish a garment and have accurate measurements using only the computer. Imagine work being done so quickly and accurately, by just a click of a mouse. This is a supplier of integrated software and hardware automation systems. This software connects design, engineering the cost and manufacturing. It includes data entry and reporting, and also the new improved integration with Accumark which is Gerber’s Pattern design program. Also included within the gerber software is the 3D Pattern Visualization and Textile design.
  3. 3. Gerber Innovations is North America’s only manufacturer of automated cutting and die making hardware. It also expands in Flat bed UV printers. This is the new digitized world in fashion.
  4. 4. What does Gerber do? -It creates Patterns on the computer through Accumark. -It lets you create different pattern and textiles through the computer. -Data entry, which helps you figure out the cost. -Making of the piece and finished final pattern, printed through the UV printer.
  5. 5. 3D pattern Visualization Gerber Program This program within gerber (Accumark Vstitcher) reduces the number of samples you have to create, 2D patterns are viewed in 3D human forms to verify exact drape an fit of the garment. Helps you get the right measurements and see the final product how it would look on a person.
  6. 6. Other products used within Gerber: -AccuScan -Gerber Spreader -Gerber Cutter XL c7000 -Gerber Cutter Z7
  7. 7. Conceptual and Textile design: Tool within Gerber used to broad palette colors, helps visualize different textures and determine the right color for the garment.
  8. 8. Different functions of Gerber: Gerber is used for Apparel and Retail, but that is not the only thing, Gerber is a program used by Aircraft Interiors, furniture, industrial fabrics and the marine. Some costumers of Gerber’s are, Lloyd Flanders (casual furniture),Tiger corporation (tension structures), Red Dot enclosures (golf-carts related products),ILC Dover( Airbags for Rovers landing in outer space).
  9. 9. Gerber is used within companies to exchange data and samples, it’s a quick way to get work done. All the garments can be seen in a 3D version and patterns can be made on the computer, and can be printed/cut. Then after you have finished with gerber you take the cut pieces and sew the garment. There is no easier way than using Gerber. From a sketch Gerber can get you the final product in no time.
  10. 10. Gerber is very helpful to the fashion industry . It is used mostly for the patternmaking of the garment. It is the best and most accurate way for a garment to be made. Gerber has taken fashion to a whole another level, since it was invented till today Gerber is being used in schools, workspaces and many fashion design companies.
  11. 11. It is predicted that Gerber will be used worldwide by many more companies because it is a quick way to get work done. Gerber is the future!
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