Presentación1proyecto final


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Presentación1proyecto final

  1. 1. Universidad Juárez del estado de Durango Escuela de Lenguas.Licenciatura en docencia de lengua inglesa. Final project. Arts Education. Teacher: Ana Virginia Garduño Álvarez Tostado
  2. 2. ObjectiveWith the visit to the Middle and theobservations that the team had seen thatstudents do not learn from the way theyexpected and they do not have a material thatenables them to improve their day to daylearning is why we so to improve this will makea calendar that not only allows us to teach thebasics of a calendar but something equally tothis material so it can be changed easily andnot have to spend so much to create somethingsimple but useful improve the class.
  3. 3. Materials• To make this calendar is needed:• Cardboard• Felt• Crayons• Images related to the month being viewed• Fomi• eggshell• Rubber
  4. 4. Instructions1.-Print images and names used in the material2.-Color and decorate the material
  5. 5. 3.-Cut out pictures and letters4.-Cutthe numbers with fomi andput Velcro
  6. 6. •5.-Assemble all the material so that it is calendar
  7. 7. Competencies:With this calendar will generate in students the sake of learning the months of the year holidays the numbers relating to that month and the seasons. The teacher pronounced each day for students to date and found that the students record n the board with the help of photo calendar.
  8. 8. PERSONAL REFLECTIONWe think that this material is very importantand necessary for the education of adolescentsbecause we want to teach in a dynamic andeasy way, the colors, numbers, and days of theweek, seasons, and months of the year. That iswhy we decided to do very striking to attractattention of the student.