Rabia Nawas assignment 8


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Rabia Nawas assignment 8

  1. 1. Storyboard helps in learning:A storyboard is a plan for teaching and learning activities. It can be acombination of outlines and visual sketches that map out the contents orsequence of ideas.I think Storyboard is a tool to facilitate the creative-thinking process andcan be likened to taking your thoughts and the thoughts of others andspreading them.You can think of a storyboard as a visual outline of your instruction. Astoryboard helps a teacher to plan for instruction because teacher or alearner draws out in detail all the elements. It also helps all of us tocommunicate with others about our ideas.Importance of a storyboard:Visual mapping of our concept gets students attention and interest thus,making our teaching effective.Also pupil’s takes interest in making images and related to their activities.I took two themes one was multiple intelligence and entrepreneurship inschool.These things students had done previously but I ask them that can youdraw all activities which we done earlier? “They excitedly said yes ofcourse.”So after a short briefing with them I told them how they could drawpictures, which they have in their minds. They also discussed things witheach other.They make pictures and describe one by one. They also paint them.They also share their experiences with each other through out when Istarted teaching to them in different ways.Here are some digital pictures of that activity. Also storyboard attachedin another file.
  2. 2. "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and Iunderstand."When the students sit in-group and did group workHow storyboard is effective: • Storyboard is very effective in learning process because students enjoys it a lot. • When they make pictures and paint them they communicate with one another and also with teacher.
  3. 3. • It helps them to develop there communication skills and art skills. • And also enhances there memory.Below these are two very intelligent and active students in my class theyboth were very excited in the whole course. They were very curious tolearn different things or study in new and interesting way. Afrasiab Kinza
  4. 4. Own learning from the unit (social, personal andprofessional)I learned a lot from this course socially, personally and professionally.By profession I learned how to teach effectively and interestingly tothe young ones.Personally I am feeling great because I also learned new things newtechniques to teach in a different and exciting ways. I also learn thathow ICT is important in learning and how to use ICT in learningprocess.Professionally this whole teacher training course draws impact on meas well as my colleague teachers. It really changed our mindsets andbring ideas and how can we help each other in teaching.Socially it impacts a lot because I introduced the new ways oflearning the students are very happy that we learn through games anddo different with formal studying. The parents of student reallyappreciating me happy to my teaching. These all things tells me thatthis unit helped me a lot.
  5. 5. StoryboardComing out from the school Enjoying in the van Way to city
  6. 6. We saw big buildings Visit to hospital Shops of different things
  7. 7. Storyboard Visit of city school enjoying in park its like fields