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Strategic UX - Rapid experience strategy techniques to help businesses succeed (1st ever intensive UX conference in India)

Many companies, in their haste to be first to market, forget the value of good early, strategic design thinking when creating a product or service. This results in mediocrity, and ultimately leads to an unloved brand experience where consumers become fickle and disloyal. Now, whether leading a design team, sitting on the board of directors or starting up a company, UX practitioners have made their way back up the value chain and have been re-empowered to make decisions that really can change the world.

My talk talk centers on the fact strategic design is critical to the success of the business and pulls together his insights and leanings to help set those brave enough to take on this responsibility in the right direction. I also talk about how to straddle the cross roads and actively connect that emotional relationship between the business and design.

Strategic UX - Rapid experience strategy techniques to help businesses succeed (1st ever intensive UX conference in India)

  1. STRATEGIC UXRapid experience strategy techniques to help businesses succeed @ultraman
  2. Design defines my lifeEewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  3. SKY+ EPG ANYTIME SKY GOMOBILE WEB Sky lets me do some cool stuff Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  4. Trends Trends customer customer Trends Stakeholder customer customer Trends Stakeholder Stakeholder Trends TrendsTrends Stakeholder Stakeholder customer Stakeholder Stakeholder customer customer customer Trends Stakeholder Trends Trends Trends Trends I am a futurist Attract what make sense, cut out the bull Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  5. 1. WHY DO WE NEED A UX STRATEGY? 5. BUILD RIGHT THINGS • Who will survive? • Plan • Tactical is not good enough • Brand, Marketing & Advertising • Good design defines history • The A-Team • Use good design to improve business • Clarify the vision • What is a UX Strategy? • Design principles • Wireframes2. UNCOVER PROBLEMS & OPPORTUNITIES • Design guidelines • Story Map • Problems • Build, measure and learn • Opportunities • Innovate 6. GET MORE TO DO MORE • Gain respect • Build up enough momentum • 10 commandments3. DEFINE THE VALUE PROPOSITION 7. LEARN, MEASURE & IMPROVE • Golden Circles • Elevator pitch and Statement • Facilitate Change • Value Map • Evangelise the strategy • Business Model Canvas • Keep improving • Don’t be afraid to get fired4. UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE • Don’t stop believing • Interviews, focus groups, empathy maps and personas • Customer Journey Map 8. Q&A • Early usability testing Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  6. Why do we need a UX strategy? “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker5 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  7. These companies no longer exist These companies, no one can live withoutfor now any way :-) Who will survive? Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  8. too busy (tip: innovation is key to survival) over analysis not connected (too far) Innovation less risky process, process, political Tactical processquick results comfortable Optimise and fix short sighted old tech Tactical is not good enough Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  9. 1886 1903 1937 1943Ford Model T Wright brothers 302 Biro first car first flight first phone first non drip pen 1957 1975 1996 2007 Helvetica Xerox star Motorola Startac iPhoneFirst unobtrusive typeface First GUI first mobile phone First true ‘Smart’ phone iPod, internet, phone Good design defines history Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  10. An index of design aware companies outperformed the FTSE All share by over 200% in both bull and bear markets over a 13 year period - Design CouncilUse good design to improve business Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  11. What is a UX strategy?“An experience strategy is that collection of activitiesthat an organisation chooses to undertake to deliver aseries of interactions which, when taken together,constitute a product or service offering that issuperior in a meaningful, hard to replicate way; that isunique, distinct & distinguishable from that availablefrom a competitor.”- Steve Batty, VP IxDA Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  12. Hopes, Fears, RAIDs User behaviours Value map (incl. Competitors) and needs Business purpose and needs join a bunch of activities to create great stuff to survive* Interactions and journeys Validate Prioritise Business model Elevator pitch Build team Experience design 101 - my workshop plug :-)*improve or differentiate against Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  13. Uncover problems & opportunities “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘Faster Horses’.” - Henry Ford10 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  14. Omniture, TeaLeaf, Radian 6, customer surveys, interviews consistently lowSky Voice of the Customer report March 2012 Problems Customer insight Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
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pportunities Match competitor analysis & trends to problems Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  16. Multiply: makecasing that are Edible casing Lower social tariff: Subtract the SMS, twitter, facebook recyclable only earpiece Environment friendly biodegradable casing Haptic alerts to indicate levels of Problem interest or danger Ease of finding info Trend Point & Know use back screen to quickly Channel file or sort items Smart phone Project who you are and what you know to others Divide the Flip the phone over to view in-depthscreen to the information Project presentations Add projection and movies back to the camera Innovate Subtract, multiply, divide and add (unify) Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  17. Founder Futurist CXO Business owner (brakes) Strategy / Planning Marketing (accelerator) Producer Customer insight Director of design UX DesignCreative Director Graphic Design Development Operations UX Lead Design team lead Sales Customer Service Customer Training Strategy consultant Nerd Brand HR New business guy Designer Finance Gain respect Understand, do a good job, evangelise... all the time! Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  18. Define the value proposition “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” - John F. Kennedy15 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  19. 41%-5(I-&9)-&40-%&6"9>8%-02=&>,"$-2=& 41/5(I-&6"$2%$%<?&6,<<-$4-&%,-&2%%82&a8"&%:<-%2&$(&+`2 $(&%,#$)#$4&(#b-0-$%<?&%"&9)-&?"80&*"0<(&& :-Q-0&><6-6*.5(+,-?&0-&*-<<&(-2#4$-(&$(&2#9><-&%"&82- 6*.5(MH-0?%,#$4&*-&60-%-&#2&:-81/8<<?& (-2#4$-(=&2#9><-&%"&82-&c&82-/8<&%"&?"8I$%&%"&:8?&"$-S 41%-5(I-&;82%&,>>-$&%"&9)-&40-%& 6"9>8%-02=&>,"$-2=&%:<-%2&$(&%H2 Y0-&?"8&#$%-0-2%-(S Golden Circles Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  20. • Why? Write a sentence that describes your purpose.• How? Match your purpose with design principles.• What? Sell them products and services they will fall in love with. Golden Circles Create a purpose. Think from the inside out Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  21. For people who need information onthe move, the Apple iPhone is aSmartPhone that lets you access youremail and internet , unlike the PalmTreo , the Apple iPhone removes thefixed keyboard to give you 40% moreroom to email and browse the internet“Reinventing the phone”7,),)8,+41/5(I-&6"$2%$%<?&6,<<-$4-&%,-&2%%82&a8"&$(&%,#$)#$4&(#b-0-$%<?&%"&9)-&?"80&*"0<(&&:-Q-0&><6-6*.5(MH-0?%,#$4&*-&60-%-&#2&:-81/8<<?&(-2#4$-(=&2#9><-&%"&82-&c&82-/8<&%"&?"841%-5(I-&;82%&,>>-$&%"&9)-&40-%&6"9>8%-02=&>,"$-2=&%:<-%2&$(&%H2 Elevator Pitch & Statement Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  22. • Focus on main customer behaviour & need• Highlight an important benefit• Describe how you are different or better than a main competitor (USP) Elevator Pitch & Statement Sum it up and make it memorable Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  23. ^90% Y#9&%"&:-&,-0-d0(&%"&82- M2?&%"&82- P"%&2"&290% Value Map Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  24. Better or Different. Funny! Shocking !!!Accepted Not Funny. • Conduct market research and competitor analysis (e.g. SWOT). • Select 2 important features and map your brand against competitors. • Decide to improve or differentiate. Value Map Show them how to gain competitive advantage and win Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  25. Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  26. • Match (relationship, channels) value proposition to customer needs• Identify key people, activities and partners• Balancing cost and ROI Business model canvas Tell your business model story one sticky note at a time Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  27. Understand the customer experience “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. ” - Steve Jobs25 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  28. How I start my day I need a ‘lift’ in the sets the scene for mornings to ‘kick- the rest it start’ my day I feel a haptic I want to see contentvibration from my that matches what I smart phone need (mood) I feel much happier I want to click on after watching these videos and watch videos them all in one go Fear about 24/7 Increase happiness monitoring More trust Guessing what I feel OK sharing it socially Empathy map (very simplified) Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  29. • Street interviews and focus groups to get early insight• Brainstorming using empathy maps• Creating personas that add real value Empathy maps: Interviews, groups, empathy maps and personas Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  30. Customer journey map customer journeys (high level)Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  31. Start TrendsMonetise Consume User needs / KPIs Belong Find Learn Customer journey skeleton Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  32. Start A mobile mood (Ease of finding info, Point & Know) monitoring and I want to point my Smart phone at something and find out if it content discovery Flawsome is interesting or not to me. service Point & Know Monetise Consume (More for less, Flawseome) (Ease of finding info, Seocnd I only want to pay for the Screen) things I watch so I can save I want relevant content played money and know I only pay for back to me on any device, what I use . Ease of finding based on my mood so that I can feel better and have my Relevance desires met and be better informed. more for less Empathy Control Second screenBelong (Empathy, Idle More for less FindSourcing) (Control, Relevance)I want to connect with I want to fine tune mypeople and brands who feel mood and emotions so Ithe same way I do so I can can find content morefind interesting content and naturally asking forhelp each other feel better feedback and giving manualabout content they can watch. control to users to define mood for planning purposes (hot date, family occasion) Social Idle sourcingEase of Finding *****Relevance ***** Learn (Relevance) I want to be able to monitor my moods so I can see what has influenced myEmpathy ***** emotional well being over time. I want to be able to teach the TV through myControl *** reactions and be taught by TV how to better my emotional health.More for less ***** Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  33. • Use customer needs from personas to outline a holistic, end to end journey.• Note which interactions and trends impact user needs and KPIs most.• Prepare to story map nextEmpathy maps: Customer journey map Join the dots Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  34. • HTML prototype• Recruit 200 online participants• 3 remote RITE sessions over 1 week• Instant results + quick analysis• 10% of normal lab costs, good enough to build! Early usability testing navigation example Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  35. • Sketch main screen layouts and interactions first before prototype.• Quickly test HTML prototype using guerilla and remote desktop research.• Report results & recommendations fast.• Leave time to implement changes. Early usability testing lo-fi prototype & concepts Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  36. Build theright things“If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.”- Albert Einstein35 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  37. • Outline skills needed in the team (roles & responsibilities)• Write and ‘estimate’ user stories• Draft road map for budget approval• Expect change based on user validation and velocity Plan Roles & responsibilities. Objectives. Cost Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  38. TV Mobile webBillboards Direct marketing Other? • Incorporate ALL marketing strategy plan and timings • Let them know what you need too (web links to purchase, help etc) • Apply a consistent tone of voice and brand messaging Empathy maps: Brand, marketing & advertising Timing, joining the dots, brand tone Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  39. • Be very choosy. Ask for volunteers. Empower excellence!• Get people to clarify and define roles and responsibilities.• When to work in ‘pairs’ and co-locate if needed (Agile, Lean) The A-Team A performing cross functional team Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  40. Remember technology! • “Hopes and Fears” (success and failure) • Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies. Answer unknowns! • Features against spend, ROI, KPIs metEmpathy maps: Clarify the vision List, prioritise and challenge everything! Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  41. innovative = early adoption (new prospects) useful = can’t live without it (stickiness) aesthetic = love it (customer satisfaction) understandable = easy to use (complaints) unobtrusive = expressive (personalisation) honest = trust (cross sell) long lasting = timeless (less updating) thorough = all they need (pref. over competitor) environmentally friendly = fits lifestyle (use all the time) as little design as possible = uncluttered (speed)606 Universal Shelving System, 1960, by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ Design principles Practical matched to KPIs Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  42. • Page component layout• User flows• Interaction models Wireframes Simple and testable (match to stories) Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  43. components • Document lightly • High level rules, design rational, flows • Page templates, components, css stylesheets and ux pattern library Design guidelines fonts, colours, coded layout Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  44. Story MapExcel ok, Link to relevant design support assets Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  45. • Group user stories under epics (remember customer journeys?)• Prioritise on KPI impact, cost and dependencies (MoSCoW).• ‘Thin slice’ to ensure holistic joined up journey for Release 1 Story Map Lean, Agile. Minimum Viable Beautiful Product Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  46. Tracking improvements to product selling pages Split tests saw Wk4 joiners get all changes all at once. Retention was best: - simplified search box - sign in moved to front of experience - 3 products instead of nine - introduction of Live Chat Build, measure, learn Split test and Cohort analysis Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  47. • Keep it lean and prepare to fail fast• Track data and split test (cohort analysis)• Learn from the results to make improvements• Keep doing this! Build, measure, learn Continuously! Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  48. How to get more to do more “There are three responses to a piece of design– yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser45 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  49. Cool tech, clever partnerships understand explore prototype Release* Research Teach Build Analyse Think Measure Uncover Prioritise Learn*Good enough prototype, roadmap, recommendations Awesome team Build enough momentum Get ready for Phase 2? Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  50. Tactical 1. Elevator pitch 6. Technology 2. The problem 7. The competition 3. The opportunity 8. Marketing plan 4. Your solution (R1/demo) 9. The team 5. Business model 10. Next Money / Milestones The 10 commandments Thank you Dave McClure @500startups Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  51. Learn, measure, & improve“The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates50 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  52. • Get UX strategy in to business and delivery processes• Be part of the RACI (rules of engagement)• Set up a design authority Facilitate the change Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  53. Design Authority - Headed up by Creative Director or Experience Director• Best practice design expertise and advice• Usability testing research• Design quality assurance to ensure fit for purposeResponsibilities:• Shared responsibility (all designers)• Owns Information Architecture• Maintain central resource (toolkit, UX pattern library, code, usability test reports etc.)• Create framework of methods for teams to deliver UCD activities• Be ‘good design’ evangelists and spread the word (create advocates)• Creates criteria for acceptance for design requests Facilitate the change Create a design authority Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  54. • Give expert talks• Facilitate creative workshops• Mentor teams Evangelise the strategy Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  55. Innovation Innovation Tactical Projects Tactical projects Optimisation and fixes Optimisation and fixes*Innovation needs to be practical Keep improving Balance* of work for people and business Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  56. The Association for Managers of Innovation studied why corporate innovation champions struggle to survive.! The study looked at what actions and behaviours put these managers at risk in their efforts to evangelise.! Of the 15 innovation champions in the study, 10 left their organisations and became consultants, 4 joined smaller or start-up companies, and 1 retired. None returned to a Fortune 500 company.! Most of the consultants* have as their clients Fortune 500 companies and, in some cases, their former employers.*consultant is not a ‘dirty’ word any more! Don’t be afraid to get ‘fired’ Innovation subversives don’t all fit Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  57. customer customer customer customer customer customer customer• Start small fires that make a difference in a big way. OK to fail.• Persevere past early stage adoption till it becomes second nature.• Pivot when it starts feeling out of date and make it more relevant. Don’t stop believing Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav
  58. Testimonials* “Ideas look great and are really well thought out. I love the way Agile principles are referenced throughout. Powerful and insightful.” - Jonathan Rassmussen, The Agile Samurai “I can’t see why anybody wouldn’t find all these ingredients useful. Some real gems here.” - Julien Fourgeaud, New product wizard, Rovio “Eewei is always scribbling ideas on what ever he can get his hands on including napkins, beer mats and even his hand! It is about time these concepts saw the light of day. Awesome, awesome, awesome.” - Darius Kumana, Principal, ThoughtWorks UK 25% discount code: PragProgEeweiChen101 Valid after August 3 2012 Thanks50 Eewei Chen / @ultraman / / #UXUtSav