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Marketing Mix- Swarovski


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Marketing Mix- Swarovski

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION  Daniel Swarovski was born in Bohemia in 1862. Daniel’s father owned a small factory cutting crystal.  1892 Daniel registered a patent on a machine, which for the very 1st time made it possible to cut crystal to perfection. It was fast & clearly more precise than manual labor & exhausting common work used at that time.  In 1895 Daniel founded company based on this machine in Wattens located in Austrian Alps far away from their competitors around Bohemia and safe from imitation there were excellent trade routes to fashion centers , especially Paris, where crystal jewellery were in demand.  They sold incredibly well at fashion houses as well as to many jewellers . The only reason Swarovski concentrated initially on the production of jewellery stones and beads, later other products were added.  Since Swarovski developed into an international entity with numerous subsidiaries and is currently in the process of reorganizing its North American activities, as well as preparing to increase its presence on the Internet. In addition, Swarovski is also adding their own retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.
  2. 2.  The Swarovski Group even have their own television channel called Swarovski Sparkles TV Swarovski Crystal Palace is dedicated to specialized designs and furniture that can be custom made, or one of kind pieces have attracted a lot of media attention.  It’s not difficult to understand why these crystals are used by the rich and famous in the most spectacular shows and costumes as well as the most unique designs and collector’s items. World-renowned Swarovski crystal “products of precision” in many different forms, sizes and shapes, attention to detail, in an effort to best cut, clarity, and brilliance of crystal products. Swarovski attribute their success of the “relentless pursuit of perfection” in their production process.  OBJECTIVE To convey the message of Swarovski’s To focus on Changing Perception . unique quality products to the target audience. To focus on Awareness & Engagement  VISION “To create a Diamond for everyone “
  3. 3. Marketing & Customer Multi-faceted is a word that constantly related to Swarovski, not only to the properties of their cut crystal but also to the diversity of their business. Thanks to their facets, Swarovski’s target consumer is “virtually every female” from 17 to 71 in terms either of buying or gift receiving, by bringing considered and diverse offering to such a broad range of people. Even though each cohort group (tweens, generations X,Y and Baby Boomers) has its own needs and values, Swarovski meets most of them. Swarovski Jewellery bases most of its market on women of age 25 and above by creating bridal, business, classical and sophisticated collections. It also includes men accessories such as bracelets and watches, and of course children over 6 years old. “Our plan is to have less points-of-sale worldwide, but higher quality points-of-sale,” Robert Buchbauer, head of Swarovski’s consumer good business, said at New York. “This is the only way to really control our image.
  4. 4.  A crystal is a solid material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules , are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal Structure that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. PRODUCT  The human body and the magnetic energy with rich, sometimes problems arise not because of the energy imbalance, as long as the increase or promote the power that the body’s energy back to normal, will be able to grasp the key to health.  For example: • Yellow crystals: The main side wealth, the combination of the strongest energy windfall, corresponding to the sun gear, helps the stomach, liver and digestive system. • White crystal: Pure and transparent, Kennedy really unwavering, fierce drive can be evil, strengthen the body magnetic field, and for self-cultivation, the raising of gas to purify the surrounding negative energy. • Rose Quartz : Also known as Crystal Lotus (love crystal), can be developed and help the pursuit of love, the heart chakra, improve interpersonal relations and many friends, develop contacts, so a good mood.
  6. 6. PRICE Price is the sum of the value of the consumer used products or services (Kotler. P & G Armstrong. Grams, 2010). There are several factors in setting prices. The company should refer to their business target market. For example, the company’s target market of consumer’s monthly income is less than 16357 INR, consumers may not buy expensive crystal jewelry, any one of the crystal has its own value of the goods, so consumers will buy jewelry in crystal many angles to think about its value and utility scale. Crystal purity and design styles are determined by its market value. Under the high market value, Swarovski also launched a suit. For example: necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Suite of products available to consumers can easily mix later in life. Swarovski also offers activities in all major holidays, to allow more through promotions like the crystal with the lowest price consumers can buy their products desirable. Price Range for Swarovski products starts from Rs 500 – Rs 50,000 ,High end exclusive on request.
  7. 7. DISTRIBUTION  In the text Principle of marketing by Kotler & Armstrong, Place is where company activities that make the product available to target consumer. Location of the business is a very important when launching a business.  Swarovski selection in the large department store for sales. First, because of the large shopping centres have a strong consumer groups. Second, the choice of shopping malls as more consumers can better ensures product quality. The third point, usually in large shopping mall consumers will notice the unique crystal products.  Established offices in some of the world’s fashion centres — London, Paris, Wattens, New York, Milan, New Delhi, Sao Paolo and Dubai.
  8. 8. LOCATION # OF OUTLETS New Delhi 5 Gurgaon 1 Nodia 1 Ludhiana 1 Lucknow 1 Kolkata 3 Hyderabad 2 Cochin 1 Chennai 3 Chandigarh 1 Bangalore 3 Pune 1 Mumbai 4 Presence In INDIA & WORLD WIDE WORLDWIDE Mono brand Distribution with 1,120 Point of Purchase 720 Swarovski Boutique 400 Partner Boutique
  9. 9. PROMOTION  Promotion is the activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it (Kotler. P & Armstrong. G,2010).  For example: In China, every product sold in a Pink Hope, Swarovski will also donate RMB50 (525 INR) to the “China Social Work Association of breast cancer prevention special fund.” Add up, bit by bit into the river, every purchase of Pink Hope Series customers will automatically participate in the donor’s charitable activities in breast cancer patients; patients with breast cancer gave the poor a source of strength.  A fifth-generation Swarovski — she is the daughter of the company’s current CEO, Helmut Swarovski -Nadja Swarovski saw the potential of affixing the company name to something much more valuable than miniature crystal dolls.  Nadja Swarovski looked to the company’s underside, the history most consumers did not know about. She created a new public-relations strategy.  Swarovski called upon some of the fashion names the company had already been doing business with for years, as well as some new names, and made them offers they could not refuse. Designers would be supplied with free crystal to be integrated into their work as they saw fit. All the designers had to do was say that these crystals were Swarovski crystals, and say it often.
  10. 10. THANK YOU !