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MEVIAAPP product and teaser for EGLA COMMUNICATIONS. Business Pitch Teaser Presentation.

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  1. 1. CLOUDTOCABLE EGLA brings Music and Video/TV to consumers in all devices. From mobile terminals to Smart TVs, to chromecasts. We amplify the reach to set top boxes and delivers music and TV content toany cable operator MSO’s . Our cloud-based platform brings cloud and cable TV together, effectively enabling cable content to mobile and cloud content to Cable TV subscribers. Our solutions MEDIAMPLIFY and MEVIA provide unique entertainment and learning experiences for operators, universities, hotels, small businesses, and yachts. MEDIAMPLIFY provides a robust platform in the cloud for TV, Video, and Music content for Cable and Telco operators. MEVIA is the application and consumer product designed for end-users in Smart TVs, Smart Phones, and any other screen. 01 02 03 04 80%On Demand Video $27BVideo Market $5BMusic Market 300MCable TV Subscribers Merging the worlds of Cloud and Cable TV 3K/20K 2016 Q3 10K/30K 2016 Q4 20K/50K 2017 Q2 50K/150K 2017 Q4 Revenues per Quarter Projected Revenues Expected pricing for MEVIAAPP per subscriber $4.99/month OTT. Ad Revenues at 10% of subscription., and up to 20K subs in CABSAT for $3K each $ 36K $ 106K $ 305K $1,105K 751 Park of Commerce Dr. Suite 128, Boca Raton, FL, 33487 | |
  2. 2. Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez CEO and Founder with 10 US Patents. Innovator with experience at Motorola and Microsoft CABLE TV We offer all our content in the cloud also ready for distribution in SD/HD to your cable MSO. Our MEVIAPLUG brings our cloud to your Cable TV system without requiring satellite space. Music and TV for your Cable Operator 01 OTT/MOBILE MEVIA brings your content or our content to your Smart TV, Mobile, Chromecast, PC/Laptop with great video quality. Also, enjoy our music streaming channel offering all in your mobile device with casting capability. 02 PRIVATE CLOUD Our cloud enables your experience to be unique by creating your own users and uploading your own content, business and institutions cna provide all the functionali- ties from MEVIA plus your desired TV, Videos, and Music. 03 MEVIA integrates content from multiple providers including yours with over 1000 TV Channels in SD;/HD and 250+ music streaming channels ready for mobile, Smart TV, and Cable TV. All in oune unique platform PRIVATECLOUD MUSICCONTENT TVCONTENT Billy Kirkpatrick BSCE/MS Florida Atlantic Univerisity Quality Assurance for MEVIA Rafael Reyes Experience at Motorola, Blackberry. BSEE/MS Computer Engineering from FAU. Business Development Maria Riquezes Marketing and Business Development Experience in China, American Unverisity TEAM 2016 2015 2014 2013 MEVIA App launch for latin markets in the US and LATAM Planning 23% 37% 40% R o y a l t i e s , Bandwith, and O p e r a t i n g Expenses Results MEVIA released and patent pending with SKY Brasil, Cable Color Progress Target market for LATAM content and up to 100,000 subscribers by 2017 Target Market 100K