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  • I like the picture. Just did not want our front page to look dull. Try making it nicer?
  • Greg is one of AIESEC UCL-SOAS’s exchange participants who did an educational traineeship in China where he taught for 3 months in Shanghai
  • Greg is one of AIESEC UCL-SOAS’s exchange participants who did an educational traineeship in China where he taught for 3 months in Shanghai
  • Simon suggests that we don’t need to point this out coz if student travel suffers less than they don’t need to give them cheap tickets?
  • I suggest we change the two colours to be slightly more extreme as they look very similar (Tammy)
  • Alumni Social Presentation

    1. 1. @ UCL-SOAS<br />External Relations Introduction <br />@ Alumni Social<br />
    2. 2. The External Relations Team -Committed towards building quality exchanges through sustainable relationships. <br />Relatively Small, Amazingly Agile. <br />
    3. 3. We would like to share our recent success with you.<br />Our achievements in 2009 and 2010<br />1) Best Local Committee in the United Kingdom<br />2) Excellence in Outgoing Exchange Award<br />3) National Exchange Catalyst Award by PWC4) Excellence in Business Development Award<br />
    4. 4. AIESEC UCL-SOAS generated a record breaking number of exchanges in the United Kingdom in 2009 and 2010.<br />AIESEC UCL-SOAS’s Contribution<br />Greg’s traineeship in China <br />Image: Greg at the school he taught for 3 months in Shanghai<br />Chart: AIESEC Global Exchange Performance and AIESEC UCL-SOAS Exchange Performance<br /><ul><li>AIESEC UCL-SOAS is following the lead of AIESEC International’s record breaking number of exchanges in recent years
    5. 5. UCL-SOAS holds the largest number of exchanges ever recorded in the UK, a total of 85 raises, while AIESEC International has more than doubled their exchange numbers since 2006</li></ul>Source:<br />
    6. 6. AIESEC UCL-SOAS generated a record breaking number of exchanges in the United Kingdom in 2009 and 2010.<br />Leading the UK forward & utilising London as a stronghold for exchange<br />Chart: AIESEC UCL-SOAS Contibution in the UK<br />Chart: AIESEC London’s Exchange Performances<br />Widening gap between London LCs<br /><ul><li>Amongst 24 local committees (LC) in the United Kingdom, UCL-SOAS produced 15% of total exchanges in the UK, over4 times the average
    7. 7. We are also leveraging on our strong network and influence in Central London, where we see strong exchange performances compared to other London LCs
    8. 8. In 2011, we are planning for another record break year. We aim to produce 1 out of every 4 exchange participants from the UK and 6 times than any other London LC</li></ul>8%<br />5%<br />Source:<br />
    9. 9. Student Travel accounts for 20% of all international travellers and is a very versatile travel market.<br />Student travel suffers less from the 2009 recession<br />Chart: Change in student and world travel in year 2009 compared to 2008<br />Chart: Estimated decline in 2009 <br />StudentTravel <br />WorldTravel <br /><ul><li>Student travel is less volatile compared to world travel and has recovered from the recession at a faster rate than before.
    10. 10. There is a changing trend whereby students have a growing interest in travelling to Eastern destinations. </li></ul>Source: WYSE Travel Confederation Youth Travel Monitor; World Tourism Organization 2009 Tourism Results <br />
    11. 11. An opportunity lies ahead of us. The emergence of the Eastern economies has created much interest in the Gen-Y.<br />There is a shifting demand in student travel from Western to the Eastern destinations<br />Chart: Destinations visited by travelling students in years 2002 & 2007 <br />Chart: Change in demand of destinations from 2008 - 2009<br />No. of student travelers have more than doubled!<br />Source: WYSE Travel Confederation Youth Travel Monitor; New Horizons II <br />
    12. 12. Our large network in London defines our strength in exchange.<br />Our members and exchange participants come from these universities in Greater London<br />Image: Google Map of Greater London<br />Source:, University websites<br />London Southbank<br />24 478 students<br />Imperial College<br />13 410 students<br />UCL,21 620 students<br />Greenwich<br />24 916 students<br />SOAS4 525 students<br />European Business School<br />900 students<br />Birkbeck<br />19 020 students<br />LSE8 810 students<br />King’s College<br />21 230 students<br />Central St. Martins 4 626 students<br />Brunel<br />14 876 students<br />Westminster<br />24 710 students<br />
    13. 13. The ER Triple Core Strategies for 2010-2011 – University Relationships.<br />Strong relationships and links with the following organisations are essential<br />University of London Union (ULU)<br />ULU provides us access to students from other University of London colleges. We truly value our strong relationship with ULU and look to sustain that for years to come.<br />Brunel, King’s College London & Hertfordshire University<br /><ul><li>Expanding the awareness and brand of AIESEC to other local universities can is a key focus that UCL-SOAS hopes to achieve. </li></ul>University College London Union (UCLU) & SOAS Student Union<br /><ul><li>Working alongside our local student unions is a priority for us. Through them, we are able to develop relationships with other societies and networks.</li></li></ul><li>The ER Triple Core Strategies for 2010-2011 – Events. <br />Continuation of successful events and organization our first alumni social<br />Marketing Strategy Conference<br />This year, the MSC has attracted over 70 students from across 6 different universities, with Accenture and IE Business School being our corporate partners<br />Alumni Social<br /><ul><li>Reintegrating alumnus in our core activities is a crucial step towards sustainability of our LC. We seek to acquire the knowledge and experience these alumnus have to offer and build on them.</li></ul>Leadership Tournament<br /><ul><li>UCL-SOAS organized a very successful LT heat for London last year, and we intend to do so this year. We have been proactively looking for partnerships in this event.</li></li></ul><li>The ER Triple Core Strategies for 2010-2011 – Exchange Partnerships.<br />Making Exchange more cost efficient & accessible to more students<br />Exchange Scholarships<br />We believe exchange should be made available to less financially able students. Exchange scholarships are our way of impacting our local community.<br />Centralisation of Visa and Travel Bookings <br /><ul><li>Realisation rates can be significantly improved when visas and travel bookings are made more efficient. Centralising these processes to a single agent could be cost efficient as well.</li></li></ul><li>We are a young, aspiring ER team which requiresthe fundamentals to succeed.<br />Key Issues for the External Relations team this year<br />1) Corporate and NGO network<br />2) Training and knowledge transfer<br />3) External guidance and support on products4) Communication & collaboration between ER and other functional teams.<br />
    14. 14. To succeed, we need your support, guidance and experience.<br />Success if to be measured <br />not so much by the position that one has reached in life <br />as by the obstacles <br />which he has overcome while trying to succeed.<br />Booker T. Washington.<br />Thank you!<br />From,<br />the Red Army! <br />