AoC London Members' Bulletin - Issue 112


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AoC London Members' Bulletin - Issue 112

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AoC London Members' Bulletin - Issue 112

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin20 April 2012- Issue 112London Regional WorldSkills Champions meeting on 16 AprilWith memories of the amazing WorldSkills London 2011 event fading into the distance, themain topic of discussion at the recent London WorldSkills Champions meeting, chaired by SueRimmer of South Thames College, was the need to refocus the work of the group to build onthe legacy of a successful event and generate increased participation by London competitors inskills competitions, including future WorldSkills events. This also led to a review of thegroup’s membership. Further information about the revised purpose and membership of thegroup will be circulated shortly to all Principals, Vice Principals (Curriculum & Quality) andMarketing Managers and a brief update included in the next Bulletin.WorldSkills update – WorldSkills UK CompetitionsWorldSkills Leipzig 2013NAS is looking internationally to the road to WorldSkills Leipzig 2013. To create a greatTeam UK requires great training and NAS are looking for Training Managers. If you think yourCollege might be able to help either with the immediate or the ongoing request, please get intouch with Patrick Gormley, Apprenticeships/Skills Competition Development Skills Show – deadline for applications: Have a Go/ShowcasingSome of you may have missed the information sent out previously by NAS about registeringfor the Have a Go and Showcase elements of The Skills Show taking place in November inBirmingham. In recognition of this, the deadline for registration has been extended to 27 April2012. If you would like to find out more about The Skills Show, please Seminars final reminder!The Awards information seminars are a golden opportunity to find out how to put together awinning entry, meet a past winner, hear hints and tips from the Judges and network with like-minded people.If you have not yet booked a place, there is still availability on some of the seminars. You cansee the remaining dates and make a booking here. Deadline for entry is 5pm, 25 May 2012.If you would like to get more information about the seminar, please
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 2012Olympic and Paralympic games updateHCC student Alpha to carry the Olympic Torch for Hackney!On 21 July 2012, the Olympic Torch relay will be carried throughHackney, on the 64th day of its historic journey. The route eventakes it past Hackney Community College’s main campus as ittravels up the A10 (Kingsland Road).One of the torch bearers, 18 year-old student Alpha Kamara will beproudly representing his borough and his college. Inspirationalstudent Alpha, was nominated by his tutor and many other staffacross Hackney Community College. Photo: Hackney Community CollegeDue to a childhood illness, Alpha developed difficulties that have prohibited him from doingthings that are generally taken for granted. Since joining Hackney Community College, he hasshown extraordinary determination and perseverance in developing his skills.Despite his difficulties, he has strived to show that they do not hold him back. He endeavoursto carry out all tasks unsupported and has the intuition to request support when necessary.Alpha is over the moon: “I am very excited about carrying the Olympic torch around Hackney.I am very excited and happy and can’t stop smiling. It will be great fun. I am also lookingforward to watching the Olympics, especially the athletics.”Read more about Alpha’s story.OTHER NEWS AND UPDATES14-19 Spring Update from London CouncilsThe update provides you with information relevant to your area of work brings you news ofup-coming events and reminds you about any activities that are imminent. For moreinformation please visit London Councils website.Calls for proposals – European Integration FundUKBA calls for proposals for the European Integration Fund 2011/2012 are now open. Theclosing date for completed applications is 4.00pm on Wednesday 16 May 2012. For moreinformation please visit UKBA website.Access to HE Diploma ReviewYou are invited to attend one from a series of half-day consultation events as part of a projectreviewing the Access to HE Diploma. Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 2012Please contact Ann-Marie Karadia for more information: Tel: 01452 557118, National Careers ServiceThe National Careers Service was being launched on 5 April. The new service will transformcareers advice in England by making accurate information about learning and work, andprofessional advice, available to everyone. The Service will provide adults and young peoplewith a suite of online services and tools to help them to identify job opportunities, assess theirown skills, determine learning goals and select the training provider that best meets theirneeds. They will also be able to access professional careers advice by web-chat or over thetelephone, to help them make the right choices and acquire the skills they need to flourish inlife and work. Adults over 19 will have access to face-to-face careers advice at a wide range oflocations in the community.Future versions of the Toolkit will be made available here on the Skills Funding AgencyWebsite.The National Careers Service can be accessed via the or by calling 0800 100 900. For more information, you cancontact the National Careers Service marketing and communications team No Free Lunch campaignNo Free Lunch? is AoC’s campaign calling for the Government to extend the provision of freelunches to disadvantaged 16-18 year olds who study at College.You can pledge your support for this campaign by signing the petition at and by following @AoC_Campaigns using thehashtag #nofreelunch when you tweet about this issue.Investors in DiversityInvestors in Diversity are an all-encompassing approach to the effective management ofequality, diversity and inclusion. It enables organisations to take a structured and plannedapproach to embedding equality and diversity at the heart of what they do and provides asimple framework in which to do so. Please contact Caroline Tyler, ifthis service may be of interest to you.Disability Support in Further EducationOver the last 10 years Randstad Student Support has worked with Higher Education Institutesto support their disabled learners. Utilising existing experience of disability support ineducation, they have been developing a new service over the last 2 years in order to furtherenhance the student experience by supporting learners in Further Education institutes. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 2012 They offer solutions for finding ways for colleges to reduce the amount they spend on agency usage and free more time to spend on core activities and developing their service. If you want to get more information – please contact Jonathan Griffiths, Disability Development Manager at Randstad Student Support office by phone 0845 130 4655 or email PYL weekly update Partnership for Young London (PYL) aims to promote and improve youth work and services for young people in London through working in partnership with central and regional government, local authorities, youth organisations in the voluntary and private sectors and young people in the capital. If you would like to sign up for weekly PYL updates please contact Lucy Sandford, Development Manager at PYL by phone 020 7332 3599 or emails News Story of the Fortnight EDDIE IZZARD TALKS POLITICS WITH STUDENTS AT WALTHAM FOREST COLLEGE “Ken Livingstone will cut fares by October or he will resign”, Eddie Izzard tells a packed room of students at Waltham Forest College. “Boris Johnson will always put himself first, whereas a vote for Ken is a vote for London.” The actor and comedian, usually known for his flamboyant stage presence, met Catering, Engineering and Travel and Tourism students at Waltham Forest College in a different capacity today. He is on the campaign trail for London Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone and will spend the next few months speaking to Londoners Photo: Waltham Forest College from all ages, encouraging them to vote for Ken Livingstone in the Mayoral elections in May. “Young people are so far removed from politics, and for them Westminster and politics seems like miles away,” he said. “The only way to get them involved is by exciting them with a vision, and I feel Ken does this well.” The Treasure Island star went on to answer questions on the EMA, which struck a strong chord with students, as over 800 learners at the College were entitled to this benefit in the last Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 2012 academic year. He said Ken Livingstone will bring back the EMA, whereas under Boris Johnson the scheme was scrapped. Another hot topic concerned the London riots and crime and disorder. Engineering student, Mustafa Kurt from Walthamstow said: “As a young person in London, I am worried about crime and disorder, especially after the London riots when everything was just chaos. Eddie says Ken will bring back the police who were struck of by Boris. If he does this, then great, but we will have to wait and see.” Cheaper rail and bus travel was another strong talking point. Eddie Izzard told students the Labour candidate will cut travel expenditure by 5%. Eddie Izzard intends to run for the Mayoral elections himself in eight years’ time.Recent meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Feedback 2 April Meeting with Mark KA Regular catch up meeting Hilton, London First 3 April Meeting with Mary KA Regular catch up meeting Vine-Morris, London Councils 13 April Directors’ Strategy KA Regular monthly meeting Meeting 16 April London Regional KA See headlines Champions Meeting 17 April Principals Policy KA The agenda included: Forum • AoC funding update • Ofsted update • Q&A 20 April Operational Sub- JS Regular meeting group meetingFuture meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Agenda 24 April Meeting with KA Regular catch up meetings Alexandra Worden, Eversheds 24 April Meeting with Jill KA Regular catch up meeting Lowery, Skills Funding Agency and Mike Pettifer, YPLA (provisional date) Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 201225 April Meeting with KA Regular catch up meeting Joanna Gaukroger, LCC26 April AoCLR Regional AoCLR The agenda includes: Committee meeting • Funding Agency updates • LSEO proposal • Governors’ Engagement • Other AoC updates26 April City and Islington JS Awards ceremony College Award Ceremony30 April Safer Learners - JS Agenda to be confirmed Working Group Meeting30 April AoCLR VP C&Q AoCLR The agenda includes: network meeting • AoC Policy update and funding positions for the next year • Worldskills UK – David Smith, Director of WorldSkills Engagement, AOC1 May Strategic Group for KA Agenda to be confirmed Sport Teleconference1 May London Higher KA Agenda to be confirmed meeting3 May Meeting with Cathy KA Regular catch up meeting Walsh3 May Meeting with Rod KA Regular catch up meeting Baker, BarclaysEvents and Dates for the Diary  Skills Provision for unemployed adults: future developments and introduction of Universal Credit, Wednesday 2 May, 10.30am-2.45pm at NIACE Renaissance House, Leicester. For more information please email NIACE Events Team  AoC London Principals’ Forum, Tuesday 8 May, 3.00pm-5.00pm at Hackney Community College. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information.  Alcohol Awareness workshops, Wednesday 9 May, Westminster Kingsway College. For more information please visit AoC Create Events website.  AoC London Marketing Managers’ network meeting, Thursday 10 May, 9.30am-2.00pm at Working Men’s College. Please email Judith Smyth for more information. Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 2012 AoC London Heads of Sport Network meeting, Monday 14 May, 12pm-5pm, Hackney Community College. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. How to be successful in the HE market Conference, Tuesday 15 May, 9.30am-4.20pm, Maple House, Birmingham. For more information please visit AoC Create Events website. 2012 AoC International Conference, Tuesday 15 May, 9.00am-4.30pm at Prospero House, London. For more information please visit the AoC Create Events website. AoC London Business Development Managers’ Network meeting, Wednesday 16 May, 1.30pm-4pm, Venue (tbc). Please email Judith Smyth for more information. Linking London Event: Producing Access Agreements for 2013-14, Wednesday 16 May, 2.00pm-5.00pm, Clore Management Centre, Birkbeck, University of London. For more information please visit the Linking London website. AoC London Clerks’ Network meeting, Friday 18 May, 2.00pm-5.00pm at Westminster Kingsway College, Victoria Centre. Please email Judith Smyth for more information. AoC Equality and Diversity Conference, Wednesday 23 May 2012, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London. For more information please visit the AoC Create Events website. AoC London Heads of Student Services Network meeting, Tuesday 29 May, 10.00am- 1.00pm at AoC Offices, Stedham Place. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. AoC Purchasing Conference and Exhibition, Tuesday 29 - Wednesday 30 May 2012, ICC, Birmingham. For more information please visit the AoC Create Events website. AoC London Finance Directors’ Network meeting, Wednesday 13 June, 9.00am-1.00pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. AoC London HE Coordinators meeting, Wednesday 20 June, 3.00pm-5.00pm at AoC Offices, London. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. BCS/AoC National Sports Conference 2012, Thursday 21 & Friday 22 June at Aston Business School Conference Centre, Birmingham. For more information please visit the AoC Create Events website. AoC London AGM, Regional Forum and Summer Party, Thursday 28 June, PM, Venue Working Men’s College (tbc). Please email Judith Smyth for more information. AoC CIS/MIS Managers’ Network meeting, Friday 29 June, 10.00am-1.00pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please email Evelina Bagusyte for more information. Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 20 April 2012Policy and other documents GLA news Statement from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime Mayor secures more than £100 million to boost house building, jobs and construction across London London 2012 confirms Torchbearers and the street route for London for the Olympic Flame Chelsfield pavilion plans win race to transform Royal Docks and create over 9,000 new jobs If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this bulletin, to request additional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for future issues, please email Evelina Bagusyte. Kate Anderson Judith Smyth Regional Director Executive Manager Evelina Bagusyte Cyheme Bilouta Regional Coordinator Team Administrator (part-time) Page 8 of 8