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AoC London Member's Bulletin - Issue 106


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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AoC London Member's Bulletin - Issue 106

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin6 January 2012 Issue 106Feedback from Principals’ meeting with Munira Mirza, 12 December 2011A small group of London Principals met with Munira Mirza, the Mayoral Advisor on Cultureand Youth on 12 December 2011. It was a positive meeting and the GLA were much morereceptive to FE’s needs.FE Guide: The GLA agreed to make a decision on the proposed “FE Guide” by the early part of2012. At the meeting they accepted that it was difficult to make relevant comparisons anddidn’t want to duplicate efforts. They appeared to want to work with Colleges on a suitablecompromise. AoC London Region will keep you updated on developments.London Enterprise Panel update: There was a presentation on the forthcoming LEP. IanAshman, on behalf of all Colleges, welcomed the invitation for Colleges to be part of a skillsand employment sub-group of the Panel should such a group be decided upon by the fullPanel. See below for a copy of a letter received by Ian from Harvey McGrath, Co-Chair, LEPAdvisory Panel.Youth Unemployment Patterns: A number of actions followed this update including the GLAto set up a working group with London Councils and College representatives to focus on IAG.The Mayor’s role in pre-16 education: Munira Mirza gave an overview of the Mayor’s role inpre-16 education. This included the Mayor’s Education Inquiry. (Note: Laraine Smith,Principal of Uxbridge College, was appointed to be a member of the Inquiry Panel – see itembelow).The meeting also discussed Higher Education in FE, International Recruitment in FE and theLondon Colleges Manifesto. Full minutes were taken by the GLA officer and will be circulatedshortly.AoC London Principals’ Forum – 12 JanuaryThe next AoC London Principals’ Forum is due to take place on Thursday 12 January, 3pm-5pmat Hackney Community College.A copy of the full agenda can be accessed here: Please note that you willbe required to sign in with your AoC username and password to view the paper.Register for the event here.
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 2012New Year Honours 2012Martin Doel, AoC Chief Executive, said: "Congratulations to all the College staff and governors,past and present, who have been honoured today. Their presence in the New Year Honours listis a tribute to their positive and lasting impact on further education and, in turn, Collegescontribution to the social and economic welfare of the UK."OBERichard Wedlake Chambers, formerly Principal, Lambeth CollegeMBEMichael Bonsier, Chair, Coulsdon Sixth Form CollegeMalcolm Ross Parkinson, Chair, Capel Manor CollegeCarole Stott, Chair, City Literary InstituteLondon Mayor’s Education InquiryAs mentioned above, Laraine Smith has been appointed to be a member of the Mayor’sEducation Inquiry, chaired by Dr Tony Sewell. The Inquiry will examine key challenges foreducation in London and develop recommendations for practical action with key partnersincluding the boroughs, schools, policy-makers and others.Further information about the scope of the Inquiry and membership of the Panel can be foundat the following links: Anderson is meeting Caroline Boswell of the Panel’s secretariat with Mary Vine-Morris,London Councils (who are supporting the Inquiry), on Monday 9 January to agree the best wayof consulting Colleges on the work of the Inquiry. She will also discuss feedback mechanismswith Laraine to keep members briefed on the progress of the Inquiry.London Colleges’ Role in the London Enterprise PanelAs mentioned above in the item about the meeting with Munira Mirza, it seems FE will beinvited to be part of a LEP employment and skills sub-group if the Panel agrees. Please seeattached the response to Ian Ashman, Principal, Hackney Community College, from HarveyMcGrath.London Region Post 14 network strategy group meeting: feedback fromJacqui Mace, Principal, Stanmore College, who attended the meetingThis was held on 8 November following a very successful conference on a “Vision for London”for young people. There were some very good, high profile speakers, interesting workshopsand just the kind of debate that we, as leaders of London’s Colleges, should be getting involvedin.At the strategy meeting they discussed the declining membership of the network – perhaps notsurprising in these straitened times but something we wish to reverse nonetheless. Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 2012This is London’s premier 14+ network and it provides the opportunity to participate indiscussion with schools, academies, local authorities, HE, researchers and politicians as well asother Colleges. We urge you all to join. If you are not sure whether your College is already amember, please email Barbara Gougoulis at and she will let you know!At the strategy meeting they discussed the idea of an internal recalibration of the network tomake it even more relevant to the changing needs of the post 14 world and we also reviewedthe programme for the year which ranges from full day conferences to open lectures andresearch seminars. We discussed the idea of a London College hosting a conference whichwould be co-designed with College staff. The College representatives on the group asked formore provision for professional development in teaching and learning using the considerableresources of the Institute and the meeting ended with an update on the Centre for Post-14Research and Innovation which is led by Ann Hodgson and Ken Spours. The Centre isworking with IfL around CPD, on the idea of 14+ Progression and Transaction Boards and onthree pieces of specific research.WorldSkills UK 2012Get Involved In WorldSkills UK CompetitionsFrom January 2012 entries for the next round of national competitions are openWhy not try WorldSkill’s Pre-competition activities before you get started? From fun Have a Goactivities in your area to Running your Own competitions, there’s bound to be something tointerest you and help prepare future competitors.Skills competitions are a great way to boost professional skills and get them noticed soremember to check the WorldSkills UK pages regularly to keep up to date with competitionnews and events in your area and across the UK. The deadline for entry is end of March 2012.WorldSkills/London Region Champions GroupWe are pleased to announce that Sue Rimmer, Principal, South Thames College, has agreed totake over from Vicki Fagg as London Regional Champion for WorldSkills. Sue has been AreaChampion for the last 3 years and is a total enthusiast for the WorldSkills event and associatedactivities. A meeting of the London Region Champions Group is being arranged and feedbackfrom the meeting will be shared with you in due course.National Apprenticeship Week 2012The Week will celebrate and showcase the talent and skills of apprentices, across England fromMonday 6 to Friday 10 February. The information below comes from NAS.THE HUBWe have created a ‘Hub’ of resources on our website that can be used to help you support theWeek. It can be accessed here.ACTIVITY FORMIf you are planning any activities for the Week, please complete our Activity Form and return itto Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 2012NAS will use this information to populate the events calendar on andpossibly use it in PR with the local or national media. Click here to download the activity form.There are a number of ways you can lend your support. As well as organising an event, youmight also want to consider supporting the following national and social media activities:WE’RE WITH APPRENTICESHIPS BECAUSE…We are collating material (quotes, case studies and video footage) from Apprenticeshipemployers and apprentices to explain why they are “with Apprenticeships” – describing thebenefits and value that Apprenticeships have brought to the business/individual. These will beshowcased on our website and other Apprenticeship channels. Please add your materials toour template form and email to HALL OF FAMEDid your Managing Director or Chief Executive start their career as an apprentice? Or do youknow an award winning former apprentice whose career has gone on to flourish? Or even acelebrity who started out as an apprentice? If so, they could be ideal candidates for our onlineHall of Fame, which will showcase the rise and accomplishments of England’s most successfulapprentices.Please supply a biography and photo from the individual you would like to nominate for theHall of Fame that tells their career progression story. Please add your biography to ourtemplate form and e-mail to ALL TWEETERS AND FACEBOOK USERSPlease follow us on Twitter @apprenticeships or join our fan page on, to keep up to date with the latest Apprenticeship Weeknews and activities. If you promote any activities on Twitter, please make sure you include thehash tag #NAW2012 so that we can pick it up and re-tweet as much as possible.CONTACT DETAILSIf you have any further queries about National Apprenticeship Week you can contact adivisional NAS lead. Contact details can be found here.Work Programme updateAoC London is approached regularly by organisations seeking to be put in touch with theCollege network in London. We use our discretion in deciding how to respond to them. Wewere approached towards the end of last year by Andrew Hooper of Training Associates(Surrey) about forming links with Colleges to deliver the Work Programme. His message isincluded here in case you would find the services of his organisation helpful. It does not meanthat we are recommending them and we will provide information about other suchorganisations in future if they contact us and if you indicate that you would find this helpful.It’s now six months since the Work Programme became operational and the ‘Prime’ contractorshave been experiencing higher than expected demand across both London and the South East.A significant proportion of clients being referred to the Work Programme are needing trainingto help them get back to work, some of which is generic employability and some morevocationally specific. The Primes are working with a number of training organisations to helpmeet these training needs but one organisation they have favoured in particular is TrainingAssociates (Surrey). Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 2012 Training Associates is a private provider that has specialised in working with unemployed people since its establishment in 2003 and has grown to become Ufi’s fifth largest delivery partner in the country. The company has established links with all the Primes operating in London and the South East and is now seen as the partner of choice for the delivery of employability skills training to Work Programme clients by many of the Primes. Provision has grown to some 400 learners a month across the London region – a figure that could easily double in the coming months. Training Associates is seeking to establish partnerships with Colleges a) to fund the provision and b) to ensure that in all areas of the region it is possible to refer clients to more specific vocational training once their basic employability skills training has been provided by Training Associates. If you would like to know more about how the programme could help to meet College objectives and support unemployed people in your catchment area, please contact Andrew Hooper in the first instance: or 0741468 7385. The National Career Guidance Show – 7 & 8 March 2012 Free to visit, The National Career Guidance Show gives visitors: Popular and relevant seminars all CPD certified by the Institute of Career Guidance Over 70 organisations offering the latest careers resources and information from a range of industries A chance to network and share best practice with colleagues from across the UK Book now at: www.nationalcareerguidanceshow.comStudent Success Stories of the Fortnight HRH The Countess of Wessex Opens New IT & Media Block at Uxbridge College Uxbridge College’s new £5m IT & Media Block was officially opened by HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO on December 13. Her Royal Highness declared the block open by using a clapper board – a reference to the function of the new facility – at the entrance. After the official opening, Her Royal Highness toured the facility in Park Road including visiting classrooms and studios where she met students and saw their work. During the event The Countess also met representatives from the College and other guests including The Mayor of Hillingdon Councillor Mary O’Connor and student governor Terry Howard. Guests at the opening included officials from Hillingdon Council, business and community representatives, and college staff and Governors. Photo credit: Uxbridge College Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 2012Recent meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Feedback 12 Dec Principals meeting JS Agenda included discussion on: with Munira Mirza, GLA Youth Unemployment Patterns London Colleges manifesto Higher Education in FE International Recruitment & FE London Enterprise Panel Update 13 Dec Meeting with Mark KA Regular catch up meeting Hilton, London First 15 Dec Meeting with Sue KA Regular catch up meeting Betts, Linking London 15 Dec Meeting with Mary KA Regular catch up meeting Vine-Morris, London Councils 5 Jan Meeting with Joy KA AoC/GLA meeting to discuss ESOL Mercer, Ian Ashman, Hackney Community College and James Lee, GLA Future meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Agenda 6 Jan AoC and London & KA Agenda includes: Partners meeting A brief overview of London Colleges’ international work, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College: London’s (and UK’s) largest FE recruiter of international students, 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, and London and Partners’ role in promoting London institutions to international students 9 Jan Meeting with KA Further discussions on the Mayors Education Caroline Boswell, Inquiry GLA and Mary Vine- Morris, London Councils 10 Jan Meeting with Abi KA Discussions on Worldskills presentation Lammas, LSIS 12 Jan AoC London AoCLR Agenda includes: Principals Forum YPLA briefing, Mike Pettifer Key messages from SFA provider briefing, Richard Bell Access HE, Graeme Atherton Stephen Evan’s report Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 201213 Jan Directors Strategy KA, JS Regular meeting Meeting19 Jan Strategic decision KA Agenda to be confirmed making forum - transitions to adulthood19 Jan Marketing Committee JS, RB Agenda to be confirmed MeetingEvents and Dates for the Diary  Linking London event: Improving Student Retention and Success - Wednesday 25th January 2012, 2 - 5pm. Events are free to members of Linking London. For information on how to join the network, or if you are unsure if your institution is in the network, please email  PYL Positive for Youth seminar 26 January 2012, 1.45pm to 4.30pm, at Mary Sumner House, Westminster. The booking form and agenda can be found here: youth  AoC London Clerks’ network meeting: Friday 3 February, 2pm-5pm, AoC Offices, Stedham Place. Please contact Judith Smyth for more information about this meeting:  National Apprenticeships Week: Monday 6 February – Friday 10 February, London. There is a ‘hub’ of information which can be accessed here.  AoC London Heads of Student Services network meeting: Tuesday 7 February, 10am- 1pm, AoC Offices, Stedham Place. For more information please contact Rebecca Breen:  AoC London International meeting: Tuesday 21 February, 3-5pm, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. For more information please contact Rebecca Breen:  AoC Shared Services conference: Wednesday 22 February, Maple House, Birmingham. More information is available here: Shared Services AoC Conference  AoC London Head of Sport network meeting: Thursday 23 February, 2.30-5pm, AoC Offices, Stedham Place. For more information please contact Rebecca Breen:  AoC Governance Summit 2012: 29 February 2012 in central London. Places will have to be limited to three per College for the Principal, Chair, and Clerk, and the event will be free to attend. For more information and to book your places, please visit  AoC London Finance Directors’ network meeting: Tuesday 6 March, 9am-1pm, Venue tbc. For more information please contact Rebecca Breen: Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 6 January 2012  The National Careers Guidance Show South, 7 & 8 March 2012 Wembley Stadium, London. The National Career Guidance Show gives career guidance professionals working with both young people and adults a chance to network, learn and meet like- minded colleagues; gain valuable insights and CPD at expert seminars.  AoC London Regional Forum: Tuesday 13 March, 4-6pm, Venue tbc. For more information please contact Rebecca Breen: and other documents GLA news Olympic Park debt deal could mean revision of legacy plans, Assembly hears Mayor looks ahead to 2012 Mayor unveils strategy to deliver thousands of new homes and jobs for London Mayor calls on London businesses to help drive down youth unemployment in the capital If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this bulletin, to request additional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for future issues, please email Rebecca Breen. Kate Anderson Judith Smyth Regional Director Executive Manager Rebecca Breen Cyheme Bilouta Regional Coordinator Team Administrator (part-time) Page 8 of 8