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  • Sales Training Presentation

    1. 1. Suit Up! Sales tr
    2. 2. Agenda 1. Product knowledge 2. Sales flow 3. Market research 4. Cold calling 5. Sales meetings 6. Art of selling 7. How to follow up 8. Proposal knowledge 9. training 10. CRM training
    3. 3. WHAT IS MY PRODUCT ?
    4. 4. Introduction to ICX
    5. 5. What is ICX about? BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (BD) Two Components ACCOUNT DELIVERY (AD)
    6. 6. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Aims to develop and implement growth opportunities. Identifies new business opportunities New markets, partnerships with other businesses, new ways of tapping into existing markets Exploits these opportunities 3 overlapping layers of business development Sales, strategic planning, partnership initiation and management
    7. 7. BD and ICX Business to consumer sales Business to business consultative sales “SO WE DO SALES”….Not really
    8. 8. Name of the game: B2B Consultative Sales Consulting platform: HR talent acquisition focused on international talent Selling: AIESEC Product and Services Adding the resulting values to clients MORE ON THIS TO COME!
    9. 9. ACCOUNT DELIVERY Maintaining the relationship with the accounts signed by BD Provide the account with promised services and support Building stronger relationship with existing accounts by upselling AD within ICX: More technical MORE ON THIS TO COME!
    10. 10. ContractContact Follow Up Lead Meeting Sourcing & Matching Logistic & Administrative Receptio n & Support AD OBJECTIVE Deliver the contract demand BD OBJECTIVE Get businesses to sign contract BD AD CONTRACT The ICX Process
    11. 11. ICX and Contact Follow Up Lead Meeting Sourcing & Matching Logistic & Administrative Receptio n & Support BD AD CONTRACT Spitting game Hey shawty, wats yo numbah? Flirting Stage First date Actual relationship
    12. 12. ICX & AIESEC| Exchange Process
    13. 13. ICX & AIESEC| Exchange Process EXCHANGE PROCESS TAKES 2-3 MONTHS
    14. 14. What is my product ?
    15. 15. A Global Internship Programme (GIP) experience is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience. How do we run this programme? We provide an internship in a host organisation, through which a young person contributes to the goals of the organisation, completes a job description requiring special expertise or skills, and receives supervision and evaluation on his or her professional development. What can a young person gain through this programme? With this programme, a young person gains access to AIESEC’s value-based platform, and he or she experiences: A professional development experience A cross-cultural living and working experience GIP participants can have different types of internship experiences as long as their role and supervision clearly contribute to their professional development. What can an organisation gain through this programme? GIP hosts are organisations that support AIESEC’s values and want to enhance their organisation through involving global top talent, improving their processes or growing their organisational goals. With them, we co- create opportunities for young people to work, learn and contribute to the organisation’s goals. How will this be measured on the system? A GIP internship is counted as soon as an EP is realized to a GIP internship, which should be on their first day at work. An individual is counted as a GIP participant as soon as his or her GIP form has been raised. Duration of a GIP experience: 6-78 weeks Global Internship Programme
    16. 16. WHY GIP ICX +ER ?
    17. 17. iGIP means youth interacting with business and learning We partner with young companies that need skilled HR . training our members to be great sellers, packaging productsProvides the members the experience to get in touch with big companies I honestly don't know how to answer this question. It offers a cross-cultural experience with the support that XPP requires, but I really don't know if this is developing leadership or not. Providing organizations with fresh and unique talent. Therefore, driving the economy of the country. How does iGIP+ER develop leadership? Ep's help our TN taker to improve their result and be more competitive
    18. 18. We are the youth leadership provider of the world Really? Yes! Through us, young people can learn how to lead by living international internships that prepare them to solve the greatest needs and issues facing society
    20. 20. SALES FLOW step by step ANALYS ES 1. SEGMENTATION • Evaluation of local market • Recognition of groups • CRM 2. TARGETING • Analyses of groups and local needs • Define focus • Define products
    21. 21. BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step 1. RESEARCH – you need to know... • Size of the company; • Values and mission; • Main partners; • Main activities. AT LEAST!
    22. 22. BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step Where am I going to look for these informations?
    23. 23. BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step
    24. 24. BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step 2. THE APPROACH • Telefone call; • Network events; • Visits; • E-mail
    25. 25. Remember that the objective of the PHONE CALL is to schedule a meeting! BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step
    26. 26. TN taker flow
    27. 27. Finding your prospects Lead Generation & Market Research ICX | Team Member Development
    28. 28. ICX | Lead Generation: Strategy & Research What is lead generation? Creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business’ products or services. Generate Contacts Call Follow Up Meeting BD Process
    29. 29. ICX | Types of Leads Warm Leads vs. Cold Leads
    30. 30. ICX | Targeting Market Segmentation & Targeting 1. IT 2. Engineering 3. Marketing 4. Business administration
    31. 31. To have Global Talents product means to know: Market Segment What industry are you focused on and what are their needs? Company Need What are the specific needs of prospective customers? JD What roles could AIESECers fill to meet those needs? EP Requirements Supply What backgrou nds must EPs have to fulfill those JDs? Where are those EPs in the network?
    32. 32. Product segmentation - Main Industries in Costa Rica Marketing Pharmacy and medical equipment's Service sector Transportation and logistics Food and beverages
    33. 33. Marketing Global Internship Program Sample JD 1: Market Research & Evaluation AIESEC Turkey: • The intern will introduce the company to overseas countries by doing effective marketing studies. • The intern is expected to make foreign market research and find optimum markets to make sell. • The intern will make outsourcing studies and prepare a substructure to work with the foreign companies. • The intern will get in touch with foreign country companies daily and provide information flow. Sample JD 2: Product Planning, Development & Control AIESEC Germany: • Support at professional product introductions in Europe. • Supervision of products in the different stages of the product life cycle. • Quantitative and qualitative market research and competitor analysis. • Drafting of international product- and marketing concepts. • Organisation of events, product demonstrations, customer surveys. • Cooperation in the daily business of the Product management.
    34. 34. Sample JD 3: Retail + Sales Marketing AIESEC Lithuania: • Make a list of retail chains selling “consumer electronics” products • Make a list of wholesale companies selling “consumer electronics” products • For every company make a contact database – a person responsible for the purchases of “brown goods”, email, phone number etc. • Divide retailers and wholesalers by the number of stores, market share, size of the company. • Contact adequate people, present MVS company, preliminary arrange a meeting with the representative of the company Sample JD 4: Customer Relationship Management AIESEC Philippines: • Responsible for End to End Sales Management Process • Increase the Company's profit from the existing base of Current Clients • Responsible for client communications, conflict resolution, and compliance on client deliverables and revenue • Maintain a Weekly Sales Reporting or Revenue Forecast with the CEO • Ensure that all processes and procedures are completed, quality standards are met, and that projects are profitable
    35. 35. IT BPO’s Networking Telecommunications IT solutions Service applications Desktop applications
    36. 36. Telecommu nications Web Services Web Apps Mobile Apps Games User Apps Web Hosting IT Networking Server Apps Desktop Apps
    37. 37. Telecommunications An organization that provides voice or data transmission services. A company that specializes in making carrier-class hardware and software, such as Alcatel Lucent, Nortel Networks etc Telecommu nications
    38. 38. Web App/Services A company that provides software running on the application level of the Internet. [web app] Create applications that run in our web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari etc) [web service] Provide resources to other applications ( search, computations etc) Examples: TCS – Google – Google apps (mail, calendar etc) “Log in with FB account” Web Apps
    39. 39. Web Hosting/Cloud Web hosts are companies that provide space on a physical or virtual server owned or leased for use by clients. Mainly big and some times medium size companies Examples: Amazon – AWS cloud Site5 - Hosting products TCL – hosting of Web Hosting
    40. 40. Embedded Applications A company that focuses on implementation of embedded software. Example: Apps running on a car Apps running in a production line Embedded apps
    41. 41. Mobile Applications A company that is focusing on the creation of apps running on smart phones. Mainly start ups. Examples: Google maps mobile Facebook mobile apps Mobile Apps
    42. 42. Games Games • A company that is developing graphically demanding computer games. Examples: • EA games – FIFA • Nintendo – super mario • Rockstar – GTA San Andreas
    43. 43. Mobile GamesGames • A company that is developing games designed for smart phones • Lower graphic demands Examples: • Rovio – Angry Birds
    44. 44. Friends & Family • Parents • Relatives • Family Friends • Siblings, etc University Relations • AIESEC & University Alumni • Professors • Career Center • Career Fair • Academic Advisors Local Area • Networking Events • Chamber of Commerce/Umbrell a Organization ICX | Warm Leads Warm Leads Sources Use these people/entities to help you get your foot in the door at companies that might be potential leads and opportunities.
    45. 45. ICX | Social Networking Sources Utilize local and national job search directories
    46. 46. Lead generation and Phone
    47. 47. Part 1: Warm contacts
    48. 48. Part 2: Cold contacts
    49. 49. Warm vs cold contacts Cold calling ratio: 7 calls = 1 visit 10 visits = 1 TN Example: re-raising, account management… Cold Calling Unfamiliar with AIESEC First contact Generate leads in sales pipeline
    50. 50. Warm vs cold contact Warm calling ratio: 3 calls = 1 visit 7 visits = 1 TN Warm contacts have a higher rate of success! Warm calling Already familiar with AIESEC Referred to by someone or by another organisation known by the recipient of the call
    51. 51. The purpose of the call Get a physical meeting! Not to: Explain AIESEC Sell your products Ask for sponsorship NEVER SELL THROUGH THE PHONE!!
    52. 52. Dealing with rejection
    53. 53. Difficult Gatekeeper – “boss is too busy” I understand that Mr/Ms … is busy. Could you please tell me when would be a suitable time to speak to him/her? No problem, I will call back tomorrow and meanwhile I will send him an email. Could you please give me his/her email address?
    54. 54. The contact person asks too many questions / asks for email I understand completely. However as the program that I would like to present is very complex, i think it would be better to schedule a meeting. When is Mr/Ms … available so I can have a few minutes to talk with him/her? What I would like to propose is your company’s participation in our program. In order to customize it to your needs, I propose to have a meeting.
    55. 55. Reaction for tough refusal I am sure that our program is absolutely unique! How can you be sure that you do not need our services before even listening to what we have to offer? I completely understand. That is most often the reaction I encounter. However when people listen to the details of our program, they usually change their minds
    56. 56. Correspondent has bad experience with AIESEC Really? Than I think it is even more important to schedule a meeting. Could you please tell me why you had a bad experience with our organization.
    57. 57. We already have our own internship program Wonderful! I think that it might be interesting to make an appointment and see if we can find a plug in with our serviece!
    58. 58. Key Success Factors Remember that you have the right to speak to these people and that you can offer them customized solution!
    59. 59. Factors to succes; Love what you are selling! Be passionate and show this! Be natural and show a genuine interest in people. Prepare the call – know what to say and what your value is to the organization
    60. 60. Tips and tricks Always have a pen and paper with you while calling. Also mark 3 days and times in your agenda that you can propose. Find an enviornment that puts you at ease Assistants are important people Do not leave messages
    61. 61. Stand up while calling, your voice will sound more clear Smile Ask questions where they have to say yes Never give too much information
    62. 62. Part 3: lead generation
    63. 63. Getting Warm Contacts How? Through other members of the LC LinkedIn Alumni Newspapers Etc.
    64. 64. Video
    65. 65. What were the learning points from the video ?
    66. 66. How to do cold calling w
    67. 67. The information is not that important but what more important part is that you have that one idea - Sell your idea Companies don’t want to listen of what you read in a newspaper or magazine this morning.
    68. 68. How to close the deal ?
    69. 69. • Buying question - what is the firm minimum • What is you 800 ? • You need to blew that • How ? Knowing your product • Be aggressive • Learn how to push • Talk to him and ask him questions • If you are drowing and throw you a life jacket would you grab it and the answer is yes • If you don't learn how to close you cannot sell anything. • Somebody who says that there is money problem is lying to you. • A sale is made on every call that you make. • Either you sell the company your product or he sells it to you by saying no - • The only question is whose gonna close you or him
    70. 70. Example
    71. 71. You have to be closing all the time !
    72. 72. Art of selling - v=zCf46yHIzSo
    73. 73. Calling script ? 1. Who are you ? 2. Why are you calling ? 3. What’s in it for me ?
    74. 74. Calling script Hello, How are you ? I hope you are having a good day. may I speak to Mr./Ms. __________? Hello, Mr./Ms. _________, my name is ____________ and I’m calling from AIESEC (LC) on the University of __________ campus. Have I caugh you at a bad time? NO:] Are you familiar with AIESEC? NO:] Well, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organizations with 65 years of experience in developing companies through globally minded leaders. . I know that your company…………………… I am calling because we have developed number of companies by giving them access to a global talent pool of students and graduates through our internship programmes. Could I ask you a few questions to see if there’s any chance we could help your company as well ? I would like the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss what
    75. 75. [Sure, when?] I am available on ___ (day) _____ or ____ (day) _____ next week. Are mornings or afternoons better for you? Great, thanks _(insert name)_ , I look forward to seeing you on _(date/time)_. Have a good day! If ‘NO’: When would be a good time to call you back?
    76. 76. If the contact is unavailable: 􀂃 Don’t leave a message unless you know the contact well. YOU should always phone back. Ask when a good time to call back is. If they ask who is calling, give them your name, etc. but offer to call back as you may be difficult to get a hold of. 􀂃 Assistants are important people. Be sure to treat them with the same respect you would treat the CEO 􀂃 If you leave your name and phone number, take the name of the assistant for future reference. (i.e. “I spoke to Mike, your assistant, who mentioned…”)
    77. 77. Always remember􀂃 Understand the script enough that you don’t need to read it word for word. You should be able to adapt it to the conversation 􀂃 Be concise with the contact. Prepare what you are going to say and possible ways that the call may go. These people are BUSY! 􀂃 Be prepared for any scenario. Some people will reject AIESEC, be able to answer their questions HONESTLY. 􀂃 DO NOT try to sell the program over the phone; try to book the meeting. If they have questions, tell them that a meeting would answer all of this much more clearly and will only take 15-30 mins. 􀂃 Don’t talk too fast! Let the contact ask questions and participate 􀂃 Make sure you have possible dates for meetings, and your daytimer is in front of you 􀂃 Don’t raise your voice or argue. Listen politely and take your time answering
    78. 78. Sales meeting
    79. 79. BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step 1. Present yourserlf (name and role) 2. Be objective and polite 3. Concentre yourself! 4. Write important things
    80. 80. BEFORE SALES SALES FLOW step by step 1. Don’t say that you are “new member” 2. Don’t say internal acronyms 3. Take care with your anxiety
    81. 81. SALES SALES FLOW step by step 1. PREPARING AND PLANNING • Call to the company one day before the meeting in order to confirm it. • Live the meeting, mentally! -Identify the possible needs and doubts; - Make sure you know all the extra informations about legislation, good cases... • Don’t forget to check: sales material, digital presentation and business card .
    82. 82. SALES SALES FLOW step by step Key things for the first meeting! Know-how of the product Dominate the situation Understand client’s context
    83. 83. In the meeting... Be positive and assertive Don’t be late! Arrive 10 minutes earlier SALES SALES FLOW step by step
    84. 84. SALES SALES FLOW step by step ALWAYS Keep calm Eyes contact Listen Observe and interpret Say the essential Understand Call by name
    85. 85. SALES SALES FLOW step by step NEVER Speak something you don’t know Cross your arms Speak too loud Look your clock Say the essential Criticize Disagree
    86. 86. Closing the meeting... SALES SALES FLOW step by step Present the proposal Present the pricing Talk about timeline Talk about documents Negotiate NEVER, I SAID NEVER get out without set next step
    87. 87. Define a clear deadline for answers ABC = ALWAYS BE CLOSING SALES FLOW step by step AFTER SALES
    88. 88. The Meeting! Up-front contracts: 1. Thanks for inviting me in 2. Confirm time • If you run late, ask permission to keep going 3. Agenda (Yours and theirs) 4. Outcome (Yes, No, Next Steps) • Tell them it is OK to say NO 5. Biggest fear (optional) • Get your biggest weakness/concern out of the way right off the bat
    89. 89. Meeting Structure 1. Up-front contract 2. Probe for opportunity • Ask them questions about their business • Find their pain 3. Present the AIESEC solution 4. Let them ask questions • Dialogue is a good thing 5. Make the ask 6. Request an introduction/referral 7. Confirm next steps
    90. 90. Probing Questions The Information Funnel* – Probe Deeper: Can you tell me more…? Could you give me an example? How long have you been dealing with that? What have you tried to fix the situation? Why do you suppose that didn’t work? What has it cost you so far? Are you close to giving up? How do you feel about that? *Source: Sandler Sales Institute Problem Reason Consequence
    91. 91. Tips & Tricks Good questions to ask: Beginning of the Meeting Has your organization taken interns in the past? If so, how was the experience? End of the meeting What timeline would you foresee moving forward? When would be best to follow up with you and how would you like me to follow up?
    92. 92. Asking for Referrals! At the end of every meeting (if it went well or the contact is a supporter of AIESEC) ask: “Do you know of anyone who would be a good fit for the program which I should be in touch with?”
    93. 93. The Win-Win Concept
    94. 94. ALWAYS REMEMBER...
    95. 95. The 4 steps to Differentiation Make sense in context Find the Differentiatin g Idea Communicat e your Difference Have Credentials
    96. 96. Get all the
    97. 97. Choose the right place for the
    98. 98. Be prepared with the proposal.
    99. 99. Be prepared with the proposal.
    100. 100. Know what is your bottom line.
    101. 101. What is your ideal win-win
    102. 102. The Right way • Customer Focus and Concern • Loyalty to the Needs of the Customer • Accepting and Learning from Rejection • Understanding the Value of Selling • Believing in yourself, your products and your services • Keeping Outgoing Personality Under Control • Enthusiasm • Being a Constant Student
    103. 103. In a Nutshell Plan, Prepare & Rehearse Propose BargainAgree Review
    104. 104. Now you do it!
    105. 105.  Group 1: Sell a painting to a blind man  Group 2: Sell a fridge to an eskimo Group 3: Sell meat to a vegetarian
    106. 106. Happy Selling
    107. 107. But before you go forth, remember: Suit up! Greet them well. Give your business card. Sit and behave appropriately BE PROFESSIONAL!
    108. 108. Follow up & Closing The Deal
    109. 109. Session Flow The Follow up After the Meeting Group Activity Closing the Deal…Final Meeting
    110. 110. The Follow Up So…you’ve had your meeting…now what?
    111. 111. The Follow Up What would you do after the meeting? A. Wait until the next meeting (if scheduled). B. Send additional information. C. Send the output of the meeting. D. Both B & C
    112. 112. Correct Answer? The Answer is D!
    113. 113. After the Meeting What are action steps you should take after the meeting? Update the CRM. Write the output of the meeting as soon as possible and send it to the potential client. (Never more than 24 hrs) Include any action steps that were discussed in your output.
    114. 114. Did you promise additional information? If so, always remember to send the info within the agreed upon timing. Examples can include: CV’s Product portfolio Database Statistics Partners working with us Testimonials Etc…
    115. 115. Remember! Always Under Promise and Over-Deliver!
    116. 116. Follow Up Email You’ve just finished your meeting with “Michael” from ADF Technologies (you were introduced by “Dani”), it was a good meeting and the firm is looking for CRM developers. Their main need is in developers that know SaaS, CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Specific focus on Microsoft BI. You promised to send example CV’s The Product Portfolio
    117. 117. Split into groups of two Then breakdown what would be a good follow up email (what does it include?)
    118. 118. So what’s present in a good follow up A Thank You for the meeting/ a soft sentence to begin Well Structured Includes all previously promised information Broken up Paragraphs (paragraphs should be limited to about 3-4 lines)
    119. 119. Dear Jean-Pierre, Dani, It was a pleasure meeting with you both today, and thank you to Dani for introducing me. A brief output from the meeting. Currently your main need is in IT candidates with experience and knowledge of SaaS, CRM, and Business Intelligence solutions, including but not limited to Microsoft Business Intelligence products. The exact specifications of which will be sent later today or early next week by Liese, then I will begin looking into the database and will get back to you with some example profiles in 3 to 4 days of getting the specifications. If there is anything else you might like to add, please don't hesitate to call or email me. I look forward to working together to potentially helping Business&Decision source some talented graduates. Best Regards, Rafael
    120. 120. Closing the Deal…Final Meeting Come prepared to the meeting. Bring a contract with you Be Confident Know the process! You must be able to tell them everything from beginning to end. Set deadlines if the contract isn’t signed there. “Do you think you could tell me by next week Wednesday your manager’s decision?”
    121. 121. Q & A Thank you!!
    122. 122. training
    123. 123. CRM training
    124. 124. Video
    125. 125. Backward planning Re goal Ma goal Ra goal Sales meeting Sales calls
    126. 126. Monthly KPI’s 17th – 23rd February Ra Sales meetings Sales calls 24th – 2nd February Ra Sales meetings Sales calls 3rd – 9th March Ra Sales meetings Sales calls 10th – 16th March Ra Sales meetings Sales calls 17th – 23rd March Ra Sales meetings Sales calls 24th – 30th March Ra Sales meetings Sales calls 7 calls = 1 visit 10 visit = 1 Raised TN
    127. 127. Rewards and Recognition 1. Member/TL/VP with maximum sales meetings till 30 th March will be awarded with some goodies from MC and free dinner in Indian restaurant 2. Member/TL/VP with more than 4 raises will get a an AIESEC India T- shirt or IC Russia T-shirt + free dinner in Indian restaurant.
    128. 128. End video