The Rugby Expo 2


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Practical Steps for Rugby Organisations, Sponsors and Suppliers to Leverage Online Social Interaction

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The Rugby Expo 2

  1. 1. Practical Steps for RugbyOrganisations, Sponsors and Suppliersto Leverage Online Social Interaction By Colm Hannon Founder of eSocialMedia
  2. 2. Is an enterprise social media consultancy based in LondonWe advise and train companies to achieve real business value from having online interactions with clients and talent
  3. 3. The Bar Analogy
  4. 4. How we add value…
  5. 5. What is a social media strategy?
  6. 6. Define quantifiable objectives that can be helped by digital marketingExamples: Increase ticket sales by 9,000 or £225k in 2013 Fill 10 more corporate hospitality boxes in 2013 worth £15,000 Sell 3,000 more jerseys worth £150k in 2013 Attract 10 more sponsors worth £250k in 2013
  7. 7. ID the resources you have available V
  8. 8. Understand your target audiences Demographics? Fans/CEOs/Marketing Directors? What are they most interested in? What content would they like? What are their stories? How and when do they use online and mobile? What calls to action would they follow? How do they want to engage with you?
  9. 9. Your audience can help to build and improve your organisation if you let themLink:
  10. 10. Listen to what your audience is sayingOther tabsdisplay relevantvideos, conversations and Googlecompetitor newsmentions summary RSS News feeds Conversations on forums Conversations on blogs
  11. 11. Super Bowl Social Media Command CentreLink:
  12. 12. Will there be a command centre for:
  13. 13. Create one of these:
  14. 14. Content Questions What do CXO’s and Marketing Directors care about and talk about? Are you set up to facilitate these interactions online? What do the fans want to see? Do you currently have this targeted content on your site?
  15. 15. You have a secret weapon….
  16. 16. Your Players and Support Staff
  17. 17. Create an online interaction policy for staff and players  Create a policy and educate your staff and players on the benefits, risks and opportunities of interacting online effectively.  Create online learning materials they can refer to.  Remember to use the carrot over the stick and show them what is in it for them.
  18. 18. Infrastructure
  19. 19. Market reaction to Eversheds
  20. 20. Blog:Website 8:1
  21. 21. The UFC is training fighters on social media use CEO leads by exampleRugby MUST train it’s players to interact online and to a plan that benefits both them and the club or union
  22. 22. Calls to action and advertising should be balanced alongside content
  23. 23. Social Media Manager  Listens online for opportunities  Co-ordinates the planning, creation and publishing of content  Facilitates interactions online between the target audience and your staff
  24. 24. Potential Online Communities Fans Sponsors Your internal community Suppliers Community Governing bodies
  25. 25. Mobile Apps or Mobile Sites? Don’t build a mobile app before you have defined your objectives and are clear on why you want one, what you want it to do and where the content will come from. However mobile enabled sites are now a necessity
  26. 26. Huggity – Fan Tagging at Scotland v New Zealand
  27. 27. To Recap Define your business objectives that digital communications could help to achieve. Understand your audience related to your objectives and listen online Create a content strategy, content plan and online tone of voice that is targeted at your audiences and linked to your objectives Have an online interaction policy and train your staff to create content & interact online in the right way Share content in the right places in the right way Have balanced calls to action relating to your business objectives
  28. 28. How we could help your organisation Objective setting and resource ID Content strategy and content planning Social media policy and training Build social media online infrastructure Train staff on content creation and online interaction Social media support and management
  29. 29. ContactColm HannonManaging +44 7704 921 651Twitter @ColmHannonSkype: Colm.HannonLinkedin: