Spring 2010 Esl Globe Final Draft2


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The spring edition of the newsletter of the ESL Institute at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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Spring 2010 Esl Globe Final Draft2

  1. 1. The ESL The Spring 2010 Globe A publication of the ESL Institute University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Gatlinburg ESLers Dine, Shop, and Play in Alpine Town The restaurant. Story by Kwangtok Noh Tomoyo and Heather. The day for the ESL field trip came. The weather was really nice for 1Tomoyo and Heather. travel. Our destination was Gatlinburg which is set among the Great Smoky Mountains. It is one of the good attractive places of Tennessee. In the town, you can enjoy many amusements, peaceful views and a tram to the top of one of the peaks of the Smoky Mountains. If you take the tram, you can get to the top of the mountain and enjoy ice skating, skiing and the alpine slide. Oh, you can see the wild black bears. On the first evening we had a great dinner. I went sightseeing Kevin downtown with some friends. I saw many places which were very beautiful. I took some pictures and hung out with good friends. On the second day, I went ice skating on the mountain at Ober Gatlinburg. Some students went hiking. I took a tram with teacher David, Chang, Chuck and Seung-hoon. We had a good time there. It was really fun. Kevin I recommend you visit this city. I will do. It was a very short time to enjoy everything Gatlinburg has to offer. You will love hiking with beautiful nature during the spring; you will like the colorful trees during the fall, and you will enjoy winter sports during the winter. You will Post prandial Amelia. love this city. It will remain with me for a long time as a dear memory.
  2. 2. Student Stories Simply Walking “Children should not learn by everything from adults. They Tomoyo Tanaka should learn and think through playing or talking with other children.” After I came here, I realized that my daughters have no chance to walk! Whenever we go out, we always have to use our car. Kids go to school by school bus. In Japan, public elementary school students go to school by walking without their parents. We make small groups with the neighborhood children. My daughter’s group consisted of 10 kids. Senior students, 5th and 6th graders, have to take care of the younger students, 1st and2nd graders. Younger students can learn from senior students how to walk and how to pay attention to cars or how to avoid strangers. Our group takes 10 minutes to go to school. Some groups have to walk for 30 minutes.I think this is a good way for kids to follow. Children should not learn everything from adults. They should learn and think through playing or talking with other children. These days, crime involving children is increasing too in Japan. Sometimes we have to watch them carefully on their way home and children cannot go back to school alone. I hope our good way of having children walk to school can continue in Japan. Spring season is coming soon. I am planning for my daughters to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Chattanooga. The Land of Opportunity by Rafael Romagna In the United States there are people from all around the world. You can meet people from everywhere: South Korea, China, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Italy and many other countries. These people are here to study, to work or both. Maybe some of them are looking for “The American Dream”, where anybody can achieve a better, richer and happier life because in their home countries they were not able to get it. I think The United States is the land of opportunity, a place where if you work hard you will reach your dreams, your goals. Rafael Another attribute of American culture is equality. Everybody has the same rights, same treatment and same judgment. Nobody is different of others, black people, white people or foreign people, they are equal. The last characteristic of American culture that I would like to call attention to is national loyalty. In spite of the American society being multi-cultural and multi- ethnic, it still has a spirit of patriotism. Every American loves and devotes himself to his country. I have seen so many American flags in front of houses, public buildings like churches, schools and banks. And it was not a special day as Independence Day or Veterans Day, it was just one more typical American Day. Page 2 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  3. 3. Excuse Me and Thank You by Yen Le American culture is very different from the culture in my country, Vietnam . I felt so weird the first time I came to the US, but now I have adapted to it, and I think it is really cool. First of all, I like the way Americans treat each other. They say “excuse me"and " thank you" a lot. People say them even to people who are Yen Le younger than they are. It's very polite. Vietnamese people don't do like that. There is always a big distance between adults and children. And I think it's not fair for children. Second, I like it when I can return something that I bought but I don't “American like later. The sales people are still very nice and help you a lot. They don't culture is very make you feel embarrassed or bad. Opposite to my country, sales people different from are not really happy when you return things, and they try to persuade you the culture in buy those things back. It's so annoying, and I don't like it. Finally, American men are so gentle. They do everything for ladies first, my country, and I'm a lady, so I appreciate it. They open and hold the door for you Vietnam .” even though the weather is too hot or too cold. Besides that, they let you go first in the elevator... Everything they do for ladies is so nice. In conclusion, I love American culture so much, and I really enjoy living here. My Adventures with English by Jeongjoo Seo My name is Jeongjoo Seo. I'm from South Korea and am a student in ESL at UTC. When I was a middle school student, I started to learn English from the alphabet. Wow! It was 30 years ago. When I was a high school student, I studied the grammar. And while I was going to University and Graduate school, I had to read papers written in English. Now, I'm studying English again. Why? Because I want to make myself understood in English very well. In Korea, I was an instructor. I taught computer science at several Universities for 17 years. There were international students from China and Japan. I wish I could have given an English lecture to my students. Jeongjoo Seo But is this possible? I don't know exactly. English is hard. However I'm trying to study English today. And I deeply appreciate my teachers encouraging me to study English and welcoming my family Page 3 ●● Spring 2010 Volume 1, 1, Issue ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/ Page 3 Fall 2009 ● ● Volume Issue 3 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  4. 4. EUL: English as a Universal Language by Cigdem Deveci Turhan I want to learn English because English is a kind of universal language. If I speak English, I will be able to travel around the world without any communication challenges. I can meet with new people and learn different cultures. I can introduce my country and culture to anybody. Americans like to socialize and meet new people. They want to talk with international people. They're curious about new cultures. That is what I like about American culture. I also like practical life in America. Everything is designed to make life easier. For example, drive thru. You don't even have to get out of your car when you want to buy something or do something. Frozen and ready to microwave meals. With those kinds of things people are saving their time. But if you don't control it, you can end up with a lazy life! Because Americans don't walk a lot. They like to do stuff from where they sit. Also people are respectful to the others' ideas. Americans don't judge people with where they come from, what their religion is or what they wear. “You will have a beautiful memory.” Come to Korea! by Esther Yon Ju Kim Come to KOREA! You can make a beautiful memory! There are two hundred countries taking part in the world Olympic game. Korea is one of them. More and more foreigners have been coming to see the beauty of Korea. Korea is a small country with a long history. Let me introduce some of the most popular places in Korea. Gyeong-Ju, the capital of the Shillar Dynasty, has many historic remains. Some of them are in Bulguksa, Chumsungdea, Seokgularm Grotto and the Gyeong-Ju museum. If you live in Seoul, it will take about 2 hours by train to go to Gyeong-Ju. Jeju Island, the largest island which is located in the southern part of Korea, is also one of the most attractive places. There you can see the Sun rise peak, designated as a world treasure by UNESCO. In addition to these famous and attractive places, you will be very happy with the kindness, friendliness and hospitality Koreans will show to you. Come to Korea and you will know that it is a good choice and you will have a beautiful memory. Page 4 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  5. 5. Somewhere in time… Friendship by Guess who Seung Hoon Lee these dedicated teachers are! Why does “Friendship” use a suffix ship? Because Friendship is similar to a ship. What is the purpose of a ship? The purpose of a ship is carrying goods and passengers to somewhere. The bigger the ship, the more things it can load. Friendship is much the same as the friendship between two people becomes bigger, they can have more memories. The larger the ship, the stronger it becomes. So it can go farther and get through the high waves, storms. However, creating a large ship is very difficult. It needs a long time and much effort, but it isn’t going to be made easily. If it is made easily and quickly, the bottom of the ship might have a hole and the ship will sink slowly. The cargo will sink also. Maybe things can be salvaged, but they are going to have been out of order when they are salvaged. Everyone wants to have a lot of friends. But they have to realize that a real friend is better than many friends. ? Friends having fun on Spring Break in New York City: Mindy, Kim, Tak, and Emalee. Page 5 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  6. 6. What I Like about American Culture by Robin Lee Have you ever thought about happiness? I think happiness comes from family, and American culture consists of family. We have to pick up our children from school. After most people finish their work, they get home in spite of drinking or meeting some people. Parties and festivals are also connected with family. Sometimes parents have to go to their children's school. I have gone to school for a Thanksgiving Day party, a grandparent's day party, and a teddy bear's tea party. There are so many festivals which families participate in. These days were fun because I spent time with my son. Besides, we have many occasions to be together as a family. Sometimes I am invited to some house for a party with my family. Americans enjoy music with families in concert. Also, wherever we travel by car in America, I feel there are convenient systems which are many motels, restaurants and rest stops for family travelers. Family is at the center of American culture, and I like this idea. Anna Quindlen, an American writer said, "I can't think of anything to write about except families." Don’t Worry; Be Happy by Seung-Hoon I don`t have any specific goals yet but I know what I should do for my life or in the future. That`s why I am here to study English. It is going to give me many opportunities and make me have confidence. I could go other places to learn English because I have a lot of time to experience something which would make me get ready. I think that I`ve not decided on my dream, which is not late. I still have more time to think about what I would like to do. Now, I have many things that I want to do and I am interested in everything that I can do. It is a period of my life to make sure what I most want to do. Indeed, I don`t want to be serious even though it is my business. I think there are some opportune moments. When you are eight years old, you go to elementary school and when you are a high school student, you would probably work a part-time job and have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I am sure you did. That`s why I don`t worry about my future. But we should wrestle to a goal at the present time. It is important for us to struggle because we can focus on our goal through a struggle. If you struggle with all your energy, someday you will be able to realize that you are satisfied. My short-term goal is improvement of my English. So I don`t want to think about what I should do in the future, now. I am just busy to listen to what my teacher is saying. Page 6 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  7. 7. Why I Want to Learn English by Charles Jeong For me, the reason why I want to learn English is that I would like to speak English fluently. I plan to study orchestra conducting for a master's degree in the U.S.A. Especially, a conductor in an orchestra has to be able to communicate among players very well to make good music, which makes a deep impression on the audience. For example, The conductors and students who are studying orchestra conducting have to know lots of information such as western musical history, orchestration, theory of musical form, and so forth, and popularize knowledge with understandable words or expression to players. Consequently, I must be able to understand these things in English to conduct and communicate. Furthermore, the most important thing for conducting is effective communication skills in English for use in a musical environment. Even though conductors and students have gotten a lot of information, they would not make the good music that they want if they are not fluent in English. In order to speak English with effective communication skills, first, I have to learn English to be fluent in English as well as to build extensive knowledge about music. My inability to speak English made me very sad one time when I had a great opportunity. When I was in high school, one of the most famous conductors in the world visited my country to conduct the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. I wanted to meet him to ask something and learn conducting. But, I couldn't say anything because I wasn't fluent in English. I did nothing but just laugh. If I had been speaking in English very well, I would have asked the conductor many questions that I had and made a good relationship. These reasons are the reason why I want to learn English. ♫♪♫ Music is My Life ♫♪♫ by Esther Yon Ju Kim I always dream about having a successful life through music. Music is my life. As a musician, I want to compose songs for children of the world. That has been my dream since I was a young girl. I don`t know why my dram hasn`t changed, but I think that God has given me a special talent. It was planed that the music was part of my life. I want to tell you about music. In my opinion, music is a beautiful international language. Even people from different countries understand what the music is trying to express. For example, if I don`t know another language, I can still understand its music. It speaks the same language of the world. Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Ludwig Van Beethoven said. Sometimes music frustrates me. For instance, modern music is very difficult to understand. To be specific, it has bizarre notes and its ending is hard to predict unlike classical music. My dream involves every genre of music, but not too much in modern classical music. In the future, I really want to bring hope and happiness to people who feel sad or depressed. If I am successful, I may not be able to help financially but I can help heal broken hearts through music by putting a bright melody in people. This is my goal and dream for in my life. Page 7 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  8. 8. Call me! Text me! NAME Cell Phone E-Mail Andrew Skrypkar 423-993-4757 askrypkar@gmail.com Chang (Changda Li) 860-218-5872 licd2oo9@hotmail.com Chuck (Boqi Ye) 423-883-5782 up0110@hotmail.com Yen Le 336-253-5186 Mashimuro1984@yahoo.com David (Quyue Wen) 423-883-7163 qyw5613@163.com Esther (Yon Ju Kim) 404-915-8863 gsjloveyj@hotmail.com Emalee (Yungjung Lee) 423-827-5186 jungormoon@naver.com Jeongjoo Seo 423-667-3750 jjseo@cuvic.cnu.ac Tomoyo Tana Ka 423-883-4037 Tomoyo-ta@hotmail.co.jp Kanghee Kim 423-802-5135 bassoonkh@yahoo.com Kevin Warinthon Panichsathaporn 804-536-3990 kevin.phu12i@gmail.com Maggie Corzo 423-402-6337 maggie_corzo@hotmail.com Rafael Romagna ♣ ROMAGNA@fortuno.com.br Daiana Barth ♣ DAIA-BT@ibest.com.br Charles Jeong 423-902-2460 Charles@benice.kr Seung Hoon Lee 423-802-6997 shlee223@gmail.com Tak (Kwangtak Noh) 423-637-2487 nkt1028@hotmail.com Wanghun Lee 423-802-0690 whunlee@gmail.com Page 1110 Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/ Page Page 89 ● Fall 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/ Page ●
  9. 9. A Bowling Party! by David Qu On Monday, February 15th 2010, we ESL students and teachers of UTC went to “Holiday Bowl” to hold a bowling party. The party began at 1:30 p.m. and lasted two hours. Some of us brought family members adding more fun to the party. Yen Le brought her husband who was very good at bowling. Tomoyo also brought her two pretty little girls who were too little to carry heavy bowling balls but they did enjoy the bowling game very much. During the party, we were provided with delicious cupcakes. Don`t forget this day was not only a bowling party day but also Teacher David`s birthday! Congratulations to David! After two games and a lot of fun, Charles got the highest score--176. He was not very modest because he said if he had had a little more practice playing bowling in the last several months he would have got a higher score today. At 3:30 we left Holiday Bowl. I really wanted to have two more games but I had a lot of homework to do for the next day’s class. What a fun day it was! If I have a chance, I will go there with my friends and have fun with them again. l Rafael shows good form. Yen Le rolls. Kim plans his next move. Tips for bowling: Choose proper weight balls: If you choose a ball to bowl three games in a row, and you are a novice, by the third game your ball may start to feel a bit heavy. This is a proper weight ball for you. Notice your steps: A consistent first step usually equals a consistent approach in bowling. The 4-step approach is the most suitable for amateur bowlers, which needs a lot of practice. Roll not Throw: A ball that is thrown down the lane will slide, whereas a ball that is rolled will only roll down the lane and give better results. Bend Your Knees: As you release the ball, bend your knees as far as you possibly (and comfortably!) can. This puts you lower to the floor and can help control the ball. Watch Your Wrist: Many new bowlers make the mistake of turning their wrists, and their balls turn toward the gutter. Instead, try to keep your wrist as straight as possible. After Spares: If you have a spare, you will get 10 points plus the next ball. Therefore, the next ball after a spare is very important. Try to knock down as many as possible. Concentrate and put into place your best bowling skills on these attempts. Page 9 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  10. 10. The Forest is for Me by Wanghun Lee I wish to live outside of the city because I have lived in a messy city for a long time. South Korea is a very small country. Many cities are crowded with people. Sometimes I felt confused and uncomfortable. However, when I had a trip to the mountains or valleys, it made me calm. Actually, I don’t want to have an active life. So, I decided to learn about forestry for my major degree. At first, forestry was a very interesting study for me. Also it has a lot of ways to get a job, and it is just one of the parts of a nature class. When I go back to Korea, I will have one year left to finish my degree. Valentine’s Day by Tomoyo Tanaka In my country, Valentine’s Day is a big event for girls (women). A girl (woman) can confess her love with chocolates for the special person. Some girls make chocolates for him. We also have a WHITE DAY. That day is for boys (men). They have to reply her love, “Yes or No or just Thank You with white sweets, marshmallow, white chocolates etc. White Day is March 14 th. In the United States, Valentine’s Day is not just for ladies! We can give candies without gender. Kids exchange candies or cards or their treasure and they have a party in their class. Some girls go to the dance party with her daddy. It might be wonderful!! A pair of lovers and married couples go to the party or a restaurants or movies. Or they celebrate in their home. Most gentlemen (boys) give presents like a jewel or a bunch of flowers or something else she likes. This (from men to women) is different from my country. The season in February is very cold outside. So Valentine’s Day is a good day for our hearts to warm up! And a good day for boosting the economy! My People My People by Daiana Barth by Ehklas I love my people. They’re very special. My people is tempered. I love my people. They’re funny. My people is genial. I love my people. They’re sweet, they have passion. My people take my advice. When I see the sky, see the stars and then Remember my people—they shine like stars, The eyes of my people. Page 10 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  11. 11. ESL Spring 2010 In Pictures EES Page 11 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  12. 12. THE ESL GLOBE STAFF FOR Maggie`s Peruvian SPRING 2010 Feast By Maggie Corzo I enjoy cooking Peruvian food for my family and friends. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to prepare Peruvian dishes. Many Americans think Peruvian food is similar to Mexican food but it`s very different and diverse. Peruvian dishes consist of rice, vegetables, chicken, meats, onions, corn, tomatoes, and numerous varieties of potatoes. E d i t o r i n Ch i e f : Peanuts and peppers are also part of many dishes. Maggie with her delicious dishes. K w a n g ta k No h Fruit grown in Peru`s tropical climate is very Peruvian fried rice, Peru`s most popular cheese sauce, Peruvian rotisserie chicken, beef and delicious. Some of potatoes wish spicy dishes potatoes stir-fried, soups and salads. Many people from different countries come to Peru are ceviche, and enjoy Peruvian food because the soups and meals are so delicious. Peru is also known for its wonderful deserts. A Peruvian cocktail known as Pisco sour is very popular and is the national drink of Peru. In the photographs in this article I have prepared 3 popular Peruvian dishes. The 1st dish is As s i s ta n t E d i to r : Papa a la Huancaina, which is potatoes covered in spicy cheese sauce. I used white David Qu potatoes covered in spicy cheese sauce with lettuce leaves, black olives and hard-boiled eggs. This dish is typically served cold. The 2nd dish I prepared is Peruvian fried rice (Arroz Chaufa). I used wheat gluten instead of chicken or pork. I also used soy sauce, vegetables, scallions, ginger, red peppers, rice and eggs. Then I sauteed it in hot oil and fried it with Peruvian spices. The 3rd dish I prepared is Tallarines Verdes, which is Basil and Spinach Spaghetti. This consists of spaghetti with a rich sauce made from spinach, basil, onions, milk, garlic and olive oil. This is one of my son`s favorite meals. After taking the pictures my family and I enjoyed my Peruvian feast. Co p y E d i to r : Tomoyo Tanaka Thanks E d i t o r i a l Ad v i s o r : Many thank yous are in order: thanks to everyone for their contributions to David Van Ingram the ESL Globe. Special thanks to Doe Hyun and Yen Le for photographs. Steven Beaty, Katelyn Eaton, and Ashton Slater, as well as Jane Womack's students, Jay Arnold, James Meyer, and Paul Robinson are to be thanked for volunteering many hours of their time. Thank you, Amelia Harris for your help in the Level 5 class. Page 12 Special thanks for UHON student, Heather Weir for her many contributions. Page 12 ● Spring 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/