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Summer 2011 esl newsletterfinal5


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The ESL Globe is the newsletter of UTC's ESL Institute.

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Summer 2011 esl newsletterfinal5

  1. 1. A publication ofThe ESL Globe the ESL institute University of Tennessee at Summer 2011 Chattanooga Summer fun while learning English! In the heat of June, July, and August, the summer session has flown by. And now we’re at that place again—an end for some; yet for so many of us, a new beginning. We had such a number of activities over the summer that we couldn’t include them all in this 12-page newsletter. Two of the most fun—involving food—go unfeatured here for lack of space: the surprise visit to Bea’s Restaurant (Let’s do that again!) and the International Pot Luck Luncheon. We’re keeping on hand all of the recipes you submitted for a future edition of the ESL Globe. For now, Farewell! Stay in touch! Maybe we’ll see you in September. In this Newsletter Dollywood Fall Creek Falls Riverbend Beauty & the Beast New House Call Me, Text Me
  2. 2. ActivitiesDollywood TripWelcome sign. By Kwan | On July 25, 2011, a hot summer day, theESL students had a great trip to Dollywood together.Dollywood is an amusement park located in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee. We met at Lansing Court at 7.00 a.m. We were Preparing for fun.heading to Cleveland in order to have a quick breakfast, andthen we left for Dollywood. At noon we arrived and took anice photo together. After that everyone had a lot of funwith the rides such as Thunderhead, Mystery Mine,Tennessee Tornado, Village Carousel, and so on. Somewatched the bird show at Wings of America Theatre. Wehad a southern food lunch. Before we left there, we had alot enjoyment shopping. There are more than 40 shoppinglocations that offer everything from specialty apparel andhome furnishings to handmade crafts and foods.Dollywood is owned by country singer Dolly Parton. Thepark is organized into ten themed areas such as RivertownJunction, Timber Canyon, and Craftsmen’s Valley, reflectingthe historical eras and culture of east Tennessee.Attractions include the Smoky Mountain River Rampage On the porch, Kwan, Amy, Pelin and Katja rest on the porch of the Parton homestead.whitewater rafting ride, the Thunderhead roller coaster –one of the best and most-thrilling wooden coasters, and theTennessee Tornado roller coaster, which is this writer’sfavorite ride. We had a great time and a lot of fun atDollywood. Thanks for a nice field trip : ). Chills and thrills. The loop. Wings of America Theater. American Bald Eagle. “We had a great time and a lot of fun atCharles leads the way. Dollywood.”--Kwan Page 2 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  3. 3. ActivitiesDollywood By Pelin | I liked the atmosphere of Dollywood. I rodetwo rollercoasters. I was very afraid but I liked them. I sawan American Eagle show. The birds are very big. I liked theshow and learned a lot about eagles. The two trainers Haitham—ready to roll. Eyes wide open. Merry-go-round.really like their job. I ate very delicious food in the chickenrestaurant. I want to go again because it was so much fun. By Kevin | I enjoyed the Dollywood trip because itwas the first time for me to go there. Especially, I sawtraditional stuff that somebody made. Its like Coach, Leaning on the law.leather, and so on. And I enjoyed the musical show thatwas American traditional music. Also, I rode the roller New friends. Snuggles.coaster. Actually, I wanted to try other roller coasters thatwere longer than the one I rode, but I couldnt do thatbecause the Tennessee storm was coming, so next time, Iwill ride the other roller coasters. By Patrick | I have never seen a place such asDollywood. The reason why is that even though we haveseveral similar places in my country, we dont haveanything that combines with nature. So when I sawDollywood, it was exciting because I have an interest inarchitecture and my major is also the same thing. So it wasa good field trip and I studied about my major throughDollywood. By Rayan | If you have great teachers and a perfectmanager, Im sure you will enjoy experiences with them. Iliked the country food, the people, and the musical show I Round and round.saw at Dollywood. I have never enjoyed myself so muchsince I came to the United States. Thank you is not enoughfor my great teachers. We spent a good time in Dollywood. By Shane | When I arrived at Dollywood, the first feeling of mine was very strange: Does Dolly Parton know that she was very famous even in Korea? Dolly was a very famous singer in Korea. A By Husam | I ate in the Dollywood restaurant called long time ago, when I was a young student, I could listen to herAunt Granny’s. The buffet was very good. The fish sticks country songs on the radio or TV. The song, 9 to 5, was a verywere my favorite thing. I rode three roller coasters. I liked famous song in Korea. Today, young people in Korea dont knowthe Tennesee Tornado and the Mystery Mine the best. I who Dolly Parton is anymore, but people over 40 know well who shesaw a show about birds. We have eagles in Saudi Arabia is. Its strange that most Americans dont seem to know that theirthat hunt rabbits with the hunters. I liked everything about songs and cultures have had an influence on the people of the world.Dollywood. I really wondered if Dolly knows that fact. The main theme of my field trip to Dollywood involved these questions. By Julian | I really enjoyed the last field trip to Dollywood because it consisted of many attractions. I liked especially the extreme attractions, the places, the people, the food, the weather. I enjoyed also buying at the outlets in Pigeon Forge. That trip was an undeniable opportunity to share good times with our director, teachers, and classmates. Page 3 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  4. 4. ActivitiesFall Creek Falls On the trail with Jane.Fall Creek Falls—an amazing waterfall right in the heart of Tennessee. By Azeez | On the 30th of June 2011 during the ESLSummer Course, we went to Fall Creek Falls. This state park Tiger Swallowtail. a paradise spread across the eastern top of Tennessee’sCumberland Plateau.At 9:00 am we met at Wal-Mart for a quick breakfast. Theweather was hot but everyone was looking forward to thetrip. We all made a caravan to our destination. At noon wearrived and gathered to eat our lunch at the Fall Creek FallsLodge. From there, everyone found an activity to do. Theactivities included swimming, fishing, hiking, horse riding,bicycling, and golfing. Some students went walking, somewanted to go to see the waterfalls. Everyone had a goodtime. Rayan and Abdulmajeed working out.The park is huge. It is more than 20,000 acres and full ofwaterfalls, streams, cascades and hardwood trees. It is verybeautiful and one of the most scenic parks in the UnitedStates. At 256 feet, Fall Creek Falls is the highest waterfallin the eastern United States. The scenery was beautiful andamazing. Live animals are protected in the park, as well asthe birds, trees, and rivers.I went with a group of friends hiking. We stopped to see A friend on the trail.the waterfall from the top then started our hike goingdown. It was a nice hike especially when we reached thewater and swam in it. I went to take a picture under thewaterfall to show how big it is. We then hiked back upwhich was harder but we rested every little while.After hiking Katja and I had an adventure going back toChattanooga. The trip took us more than two hours insteadof one but it was worth it. We stopped by some shops onthe way back that are not on the other route and thescenery especially was beautiful because it went throughmountains. Rock bottom. Page 4 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  5. 5. ActivitiesBeauty & the Beast at the Signal Mountain Playhouse You’re all invited… Thank you, Anne, for your generosity.The cast of Beauty & the Beast. Scenes from Beauty & the Beast. By Katja | On Thursday, 7th of July, we went to theSignal Mountain Playhouse to see the dress rehearsal ofDisneys Beauty and the Beast. Thank you, Anne, forinviting the ESL students and staff. Who doesnt know thewonderful fairy tale about the young beautiful Belle andthe Beast, a prince who was turned into a hideous beast bya witch? The only way the curse can be broken is by findingtrue love.We saw and listened to a wonderful version from Beautyand the Beast in the woods, surrounded by trees, lightning Lumiere lightens the moment.bugs and the sound of nature. The show was great. Theactors performed marvelously, the costumes were verynice, the orchestra was wonderful. You could see, that itdbeen a lot of work, effort and devotion for this theatre toget the show off the ground.There was one important question: Could the Beast find histrue love, despite his ugliness, before the enchanted roselost its last petal? Yes, of course. Hey guys, its a fairy taleand good always wins out. However, the story was veryexciting and the actors understood how to captivate theaudience. At the end, the entire castle has been redeemedfrom the curse, Belle and the Prince married and lived Sitting pretty at the Signal Mountain Play House.happily ever after. ESL students in the crowd. Page 5 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  6. 6. EventsRiverbend Stars in the sand.The fun starts here. Roving reporters at Riverbend. By Azeez | None of us had ever been to the RiverbendMusic Festival before, so we had to check it out and reporton it for the ESL newsletter. Katja, from Germany, Kwan fromThailand, and I, from Saudi Arabia, ventured out on a hotJune evening to hear the music. The place was full of peopleand there were many stages with many kinds of musicplaying. On this night, we mostly heard the strains ofcountry music and bluegrass as we walked along the river,but eventually we got to hear the headliner, Brian McKnight, John Lathim and his band.whose music was soulful and urban.Some of the other headliners on other nights were HueyLewis and the News, the Beach Boys, Alan Jackson, and KelliePickler.It was fun to experience the major music festival in ouradopted city, Chattanooga. Alan Jackson. Kellie Pickler.The Beach Boys. Page 6 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  7. 7. StoriesFather’s Day Cheese & Chocolate By Pelin Sengun I like chocolate. Every day I eat chocolate. When I was a child, my father put cheese under my chocolate. I never eat cheese. He thought I would not taste the cheese—but I did!Now I make my own chocolate. When I learned how to make it, I learned a lot of information about chocolate. If you use cocoa butter, your chocolate is good. If you use vegetable butter, your chocolate is bad. Chocolate is healthy for us, especially for our hearts. If you eat chocolate, you can feel happy. There are many chocolate brands in the world, but Belgian and Swiss chocolates are the best. Maybe someday, I will have my own brand of chocolate. Then when you eat chocolate, you will remember me…Robin and his son, Tom. Moe & the Snake By Robin | Americans usually observe Father’s Dayevery year. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The By Muhannedfirst observance of Father’s Day actually took place in One year ago I went on a trip to the desert with my friends. After weFairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908. It was organized by got there, each one had a job to do. The chef started cooking theMrs. Grace Golden Clayton, who wanted to celebrate the dinner, another friend collected the firewood, another made thelives of 210 fathers who had been lost in the Monongah campfire and brewed the tea. After we finished all these things andMining disaster several months earlier in Virginia. before the dinner was finished, my friends played cards. I took a nap I used to give my father some gifts and thank him on for one hour. In my sleep I felt the movement of something from myParents’ Day. As most people respect their father, I respect chest to my hand. I woke up and I saw a snake in front of my facemy father, too. He contributed all his life to caring for other opening its mouth to me. Then I told my friends, “Guys, I see a snake.”people. He spent his whole life helping the poor and the They laughed. I told them again, “Guys, it’s really true. I see a snake.”hungry. When I was young, he looked really great like he One of my friends looked to my face and he saw the snake. Then theycould do anything. jumped to kill it; I didn’t move. I stayed and watched my friends. How Even though he passed away nine years ago, his love is in would they kill the snake? One was throwing boots at it. Another beatmy mind. He loved and encouraged me. He used to tell me, it with a cooking spoon. Another one tried to step on it. Another one“I will send you to the USA.” This is why I am here now. My tried to take a picture. Me, I went back to sleep.father’s dream comes true.Frankly speaking, I am an undutiful son. One day, he calledme up. “My son, Come back home. I miss you.” I replied,“Father, I am busy now, so I am going to come next week.”After two days, he died. George Herbert said, “One father is more than a hundredschool masters.” As my father did it, I often play baseballand swim with my son. Because I spend so much timestudying now that my son complains these days. Will myson respect me after I die as I still respect my father? Moe tells the tale.Family fun. Page 7 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  8. 8. EventsChattanooga Market & Fun in Town Fresh produce. Hoola hoops.Market sign. Dazzling colors. Something for everyone. By Kwan | The Chattanooga Market is located in theopen-air First Tennessee Pavilion. Local fresh produce Fun in Townis delivered straight from the farmer. An abundance offresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers can be found atthe market, along with breads, cakes, ice cream,hamburgers, popcorn, and more. You will find the farmer By Katja |who grows the fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers and the Ideas:baker who bakes the cookies and cakes. Sports & Outdoor: Riverwalk (Jogging, Biking, Skating)At the same time, you’ll find jewelry, paintings on canvas, Hiking (Rainbow lake, Racoon Mountain, Lookout Mountain)art yarns, wood carved toys and furniture, hand-dyed and Chattanooga Lookoutswoven textiles, custom clothing for children and women, Swimming (Chickamauga Lake, Harrison Bay State Park)handmade-bags, homemade candles, soaps and beauty Touristy things:products, potteries, sculptures made from recycled Rock City,materials, and so on. You can meet the artist who creates Ruby Falls,the work displayed, and you’ll buy directly from him or her Incline Railwayat the Chattanooga Market. They’ll chat with you about Tennessee Aquarium,their craft and educate you on the pieces you buy. Chattanooga Ducks Speed boat tourAll of the artists are ready to talk about what they are Mystery Tour about Ghosts in Chattanoogaoffering. You can ask questions about your purchases from Double Deckerthe person who grew it, processed it, or created it. For the Art:kids, you’ll find a free rock-climbing wall from Urban Rocks Hunter MuseumGym and LEGO building competitions. There is a ‘tactile Art”Hopping”area’ full of toys to keep young and old entertained. Music & Bars:Every Sunday, the Chattanooga Market offers live music Hair of the Dogand entertainment. You can relax and eat food from local Terminal Brewhouserestaurateurs. Local food vendors offer pizza, burgers, Electric Cowboysalads, BBQ, sandwiches, tacos, ice creams, and more, Nightfallmore, more. (Riverbend) Movies (Rave, Majestic, Regal) Contacts/ groups for new people in Chattanooga: Newbies in Chattanooga Outdoor Chattanooga More ideas and infos: Current (Friday Paper) Chattanooga times Free Press The PulseKwan at the market. Page 8 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  9. 9. StoryNew House and other exciting gatherings.” That sounds wonderful. Thank you, Jane. Hu Prevost, the Director of International Programs, doesn’t know either, when exactly the ESL and his department are going to move into the new house. He spoke about many positive aspects that will be achieved by having the International Program and the ESL Institute in one house. For example he pointed out that it will give the ESL students the possibility to be more involved in campus life and the university itself. Though Hu has never visited the ESL Institute in the building that Anne Rittenberry calls “the dungeon”, he’s aware of the importance of moving and he’s looking forward to it, too. We all have the hope to move soon. Joe Wilferth: The Future of EnglishThis just might be the new home of the ESL Program. (and ESL) at UTC By Katja|At the corner of Oak and Douglas Streetsthere is the new house for the ESL Institute and InternationalPrograms. Our Director, Jane Womack, told me that she hadbeen working on the International House project for abouteight years and that she had been told that the move would Joe Wilferth sttake place before the fall semester. She hopes that itll As of August 1 , Joe Wilferth became head of the English Departmentbecome true. at UTC. Fortunately for the ESL Program, we belong to him. In a recent discussion with the ESL staff, Joe promised to be an advocateIt is almost the end of July and nobody knows, yet, when the for the English as a Second Language Program as part of his othermove actually will take place. At least for the ESL Program it responsibilities in this new role. Joe spoke of his learning experiencesis very important to move because the Metropolitan Building abroad and showed an extraordinary appreciation for internationalis in very bad condition. Jane complained, “It’s a basement students on campus.with no windows! And also it’s in poor condition with aterrible smell. Most of all, I worry about the unhealthy On his web page, Joe says: In 2002, I joined the faculty inconditions for our students and faculty.” Indeed, there is the Department of English (in Holt Hall) where I teach undergraduatecause for concern when you take a look around. You don’t courses in rhetoric and professional writing.have to look closely to see that there is mold everywhere, Likewise, I teach graduate seminars in ancient rhetoric, modernand several rooms can’t be used at all. Neither does the ESL rhetorical theory, rhetorical analysis, visual rhetoric, andhave a designated kitchen nor a water fountain. However, proposal/prospectus writing.the mold is the worst. It’s urgent to move. Teachers andstudents are looking forward to move out as fast as possible. In doing so, Ive always maintained a playful interest in a variety of instructional technologies--i.e., computer technologies which mayJane Womack talked about the positive aspects that come assist students in mastering course content.with a move into the new house. She said, “The new housewill give all international students, including the ESL Institute, “The most important thing I should mention here is that I value mosta better presence on campus, something international my students and the learning that takes place within and without thestudents have needed for a very long time. The classrooms walls of the university. Teaching is my passion; its what I truly enjoy.are large with windows. And there is a basement, which willcontain a kitchen and a place for students to eat and visit. We wish you all the best, Dr. Wilferth, as you take on this new mantleThe biggest change”, she continued,”is that we’re going to of leadership.lengthen the ESL program from 10 to 12 weeks, which meansthat we will spend more time in the house. Between sessionswe can have programs, meetings, parties, 12-week ESL Classes Beginning in January 2012, ESL classes will run for twelve weeks instead of ten weeks. With the increase in class time, there will be a parallel increase in fees. Fees will increase to $2,400 per session. Here are the session dates for 2012: January 16 through April 13 May 14 through August 3 August 27 through November 20 Page 9 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  10. 10. HobbiesArresting Yarn wild yarn just hanging around? It needs to be arrested," she said. She thinks that hand-spun yarn in general is beautiful and art yarn has even more excitement in it. It is full of character and beautiful just by itself. Its a lot of fun to spin it but also she likes to do something with it. She didnt want to knit clothes with it because she was worried that the interesting texture of the yarn would disappear in the knitted piece. Sometimes she sees beautiful hand-spun art yarn that lost its wonderful texture in a hat or a scarf. This is the main reason why she had the idea to arrange her artistic yarns in Katja frames that she built on her own. To see Katja’s art work, check out her blog and online store atKatja spinning. or visit her at the Chattanooga Sunday Market. By Kwan | This summer Ive got to know a nicefriend named Katja Bruells. As we both are foreign studentsat the ESL Institute, we often hang out together andbecame friends in a short time. After spending time withher, I found her to be a very interesting person. She is aneasy-going type of person with an interesting hobby--Arresting Yarn. Examples of Katja’sHer passion for yarn started when she was child. Her artwork.grandmother taught her how to knit and crochet. Duringher studies at the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany,she picked up knitting again. After a while she found herselfsurrounded by wonderful socks, hats, sweaters, cardigans,lace shawls and mittens. About three years ago, she started HOBBIESto spin her own yarn and she loves it. She learned the What is a hobby? It is what you can and like to do when you have freebasics of spinning yarn from a hand dyer and friend in time. We choose a hobby according to our personality and tastes.Germany, who had a spinning wheel in the middle of herliving room, and Katja was curious how it worked. Her When we have a hobby our life becomes more interesting. Manyfriend explained to her how to spin and gave her a hand people are interested in music, some collecting coins, some readingspindle and some spinning fibers to take home. She was books, some taking photographs, and so on... Let’s see!!! What do ourfascinated from the first yard she had spun. Although she friends like to do in their leisure time??can easily buy yarn from a shop, she likes to knit with herown hand-spun wool. Kevin: “My hobbies are singing, swimming, playing basketball, and sleeping -_-”.About one year ago she and her husband moved from Chloe: “I usually watch American movies or TV shows when I have extraGermany to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Both really like this time. I think they help me to improve my English skills and I like playingarea, but the summer here is quite long and its too hot to some sports with my husband.”wear a sheep wool sweater. This is the reason she stopped Julian Cardona: “My hobbies are reading, searching on the Internet,knitting clothes. However, it doesnt mean that she riding my bicycle, and traveling.”completely stopped knitting. On the contrary, it was a great Shane: “My hobby is horseback riding when I was a little boy. I saw theopportunity for her to come up with new creative ideas. wonderful scene of horse policeman on the street. Since that time, IFiber dyeing, art yarn spinning, and frame building for have had a dream of horses. But I haven’t tried to do that. AfterArresting Yarn is the new pastime for her. Art yarn spinning summer semester, I will try to mount horseback.”contains different spinning techniques that she learned Hobbies are a way to relax. Coming home from school and enjoyingfrom the DVD "Sit and Spin" that she got as a present from your favorite pastime helps to take your mind off of the stresses of thea friend. It takes a while to get the feeling for spinning day of studying. Hobbies also help you unwind before bed so you cantextured yarn and every time she spins she tries to improve get a better nights sleep. What are your hobbies?her skills.Katja got the idea of “arresting” her yarns because of theunique look of fancy hand-spun yarn. "Who wants to have Page 10 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  11. 11. FriendsCall Me, Text Me Mohannad Haitham Aldughiem Majid Monif (615) 556-3579 (731) 332-2408 Charles Jeong Julian Kevin Park (423) 902-2460 (423) 710-5267 (267) 250-2938 Husam Alkushiban Rayan Samuel Pahmer (865) 253-8412 (731) 335-0108 (248) 720-8566 Bhavin Patel Pelin Sengun Shane (423) 704-7362 (423) 704-7362 (423) 280-3846 Patrick Abdulaziz Chloe Park (Ki Ran Park) (423)260-3359 (423) 903-2030 (678) 231-1861 Robin Lee Steve (Zhiming Li) Katja (423) 994-8219 (423) 653-1381 (423) 994-8141 Kwan (423) 987-5898 Page 11 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  12. 12. ESL Globe Staff Newsletter Staff Azeez Katja Kwan David ThanksThank you to all who contributed to the creation of the Summer Edition of the ESL Globe. Great thanks to the newsletterstaff who worked so hard to create this little history of our ten weeks together in the summer of 2011. Special thanks toAzeez for taking a leading role and getting the job done. Thanks to Katja for her energy and creativity. Thanks to Kwan for hergeneral support and hard work. Thanks to each and every student who contributed a story or photo, including Kevin,Haitham, and Chloe. If you don’t see enough of yourself in the newsletter—submit stories and photos! Thank you, teachers,for shepherding the students and reminding them to submit work. Finally, thank you, Jane, for creating and nurturing the ESLProgram, which this newsletter means to serve. Page 12 ● Summer 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 3 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●