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Spring 2009


YOONJI LEE’S SUCCESS STORY                                                         by Anne Rittenberry

Whatever happened to… Jongsik’s favorite word:
                              Peiman Sadrabadi is now living in

AQUARIUM                                                                TRIP
                                         by O...
Exchange Students from South Korea
   Page 4

                                                  by Sooyong An

Wes Moore
                                    and the
                                  Lady Mocs
Wes Moore, continued.
                                                           “My People Are…”

I Like            I like to study English, but I am
                      not good at English. I need to
My Mentors
                                         I am Min Kyung Park from South Korea. I like Chatt...
ESL Voices:
                                                                        “ I like…”
My Country
                                                   by Jose ...
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The ESL Globe


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The ESL Globe is completed and ready for distribution. It should make a nice little souvenir of the last ten weeks for ESL students and staff.

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The ESL Globe

  1. 1. Spring 2009 ESL The Spring 2009 Globe A publication of the ESL Institute University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Festival of Nations Thrills ESL Crowd at Dollywood Guess who? It rhymes with “Tenny & Bara.” Photo by Kevin. The crowd warms to Dollywood on arrival. Photo by Kevin. Incredible acrobats! Photo by Jongsik Lee. And hidden away in the Celebrity On Thursday, April 2nd, ESL students Theatre was a trove of the world’s enjoyed a field trip to Dollywood for The River Rampage. Who got wet? most amazing acrobats. Bathed in the spectacular Festival of Nations. It Photo by Maria Anato. orchid and cobalt lighting with was a gorgeous spring day and flashes of white and gold, the Dollywood was decked out beauty and athletic mastery of the beautifully with spring flowers and Imaginé troupe was revealed in a the colors and flavors of many 3 o’clock show in the darkened nations. auditorium. The haunting pipe music of the The students enjoyed the park’s Andes filled the air on Show Street Students hatch a plan to have fun. rides as well, including the Blazing where flashy Mariachi Band Photo by Miseon Kim. Fury, the River Rampage, and the members chatted with the park’s heart-stopping Thunderhead guests. Shops and kiosks offered roller coaster. artifacts from the faraway lands of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. I
  2. 2. YOONJI LEE’S SUCCESS STORY by Anne Rittenberry A native South Korean, petite During her time as an ESL and and perky Yoonji Lee began our UTC student, Yoonji was a first ESL program in Level 3 several violinist in the University years ago and now has achieved Symphony, a math tutor, and a her goal of working as a research biology and chemistry lab assistant at the Department of assistant. In order to manage all Pediatrics and Division of these activities in addition to her Medical Genetics at prestigious classes, she had to use her time Duke University in Durham, NC. wisely each day. Her marvelous success makes all Planning to remain at Duke for of us in the English as a Second two years, Yoonji is uncertain Language Institute proud. about her future after that. She knows that she will go on to a Yoonji in the lab. The mice tremble. combined Masters/PhD program but hasn’t decided whether to continue in research or to go into pharmacy. The research lab is a Yoonji’s success inspires our teachers to continue to put energy and love lonely place with grueling hours, into their teaching and inspires our students to persevere with their and since Yoonji is a “people lessons each day and to remain positive. person,” pharmacy might be At Duke, Yoonji is part of a scientific study that is examining the causes of more appealing. mental health disorders including autism. Her professor gives her We asked this remarkable young assignments, and then she is on her own, isolating DNA and looking for scientist if she had any tips to mutations, doing solitary work in a lab. Twice a week, she works with pass along to current ESL laboratory mice, a job she doesn’t love but recognizes as the path to students, and she mentioned a scientific proof. few that helped her. To sharpen English skills, Yoonji advises My Life in students to get involved at the Some people come to a foreign University with native English Chattanooga country with a high ambition speakers. Join organizations on that everything will be OK. I by Heecheol Jeong came to the USA with that idea. campus and also make friends with international students who Will I be able to succeed in it? I do not speak your language. have been here for two months Additionally, Yoonji credits the and I have had many experiences General Education classes, such since I came here. I made foreign as history and philosophy that friends, I had a cold for one month, I played the French Horn she took as a UTC undergraduate with the UTC orchestra. All these with improving her English very experiences helped me to grow much. up and to be a better person. I Congratulations to Yoonji Lee am so happy because I have a and the best of futures to this fixed purpose which is to be a outstanding young woman! great orchestra conductor. Photo by Jose Ruiz. Page 22 Page Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  3. 3. Whatever happened to… Jongsik’s favorite word: Peiman Sadrabadi is now living in Super- Orlando, Florida. He is a materials engineer at Siemens. The new position is perfect for him, as Siemens is a German cali- based company. Peiman lived for many cali years in Erlangen, Germany where he studied and worked as a research Peiman fragil- assistant. After living only one year as a green card holder in USA, his new job fragil combines his experience in Germany with his achievement in UTC’s ESL istic- Institute. istic Martha Marrufo is now studying in UTC’s expi- prestigious MBA Program. Instead of grammar and vocabulary, she is now studying topics like Finance and Business expi ali- Management. Martha Fashion diva Mane Gueye is at UTC taking pre-nursing courses like chemistry, docious! ali math, and theatre. Whoa! Theatre? Way to go, Mane! You were always a star. Sean Yoon continues to advance his docious! career as a teacher in South Korea. He, his wife (also a teacher), and their two Izumi, Mane, and Martha daughters have readjusted to the busy lifestyle in South Korea, working hard and studying hard. They are happiest about getting back to Korean food. They really missed their Korean cuisine during their two-year stay in USA. Sean The American Dream? by Maggie Corzo American people and their culture are much different than my Peruvian culture. At first, I did not understand a lot of things about America, but being married to an American and also gaining a better understanding of the English language, I see Americans and America in a new light. I appreciate many things about this great country, but in many ways I feel that even though America is the richest and most powerful country in the world, many Americans have lost their way. They have become poor in many ways. I feel that American families have grown apart and they don’t show the love and warmth to each other like in my country. My husband tells me that many Americans have lost their way. They want more and more, never Caption describing picture or graphic. being satisfied with what they have. They are always thirsting for more. Many are suffering with the downfall in the economy. But just maybe they will wake up and discover that their true wealth and riches have always been right in front of their eyes, being each other. Just maybe they will go back to what made this country great, their true values and morals. Just maybe we can live together in peace and harmony and love again. I will be an American citizen soon and this is my hope and dream for all of us. Page 3 Page 3 Page Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  4. 4. AQUARIUM TRIP by Oscar Crespo & Maria Hernandez Oscar & Maria Turtle or tortoise? Preparing to observe underwater worlds. Photo by Jongsik Lee. We had the opportunity to learn The Aquarium Trip was a big experience for Crocodile or alligator? by interactive activities like all the ESL students because we could spend feeding rays, touching sturgeon, time with each other and also share with the and catching butterflies. exchange students from South Korea. Also we could see a lot of wonderful kinds of fauna It was a fun day out followed from the oceans, rivers and other bodies of by a fabulous lunch. water. A Luncheon of Fine Fare at 212 Market Street Vertebrate or invertebrate? After visiting the aquarium, the ESL students had lunch at 212 Market Street. It is a chic place to eat with a fine menu featuring nouvelle cuisine. Jane Womack arranged for a delicious buffet of chicken or prime rib with creamed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and salad. The desserts were scrumptious Observers: Kevin, Minkyung, too—a selection of creamy, light, Tess & Charles puffy pastries. It was fine fare after a day at the aquarium. Aquarium photos (above) by Jongsik Lee. Fun all around. Photo by Oscar Crespo. Page 4 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  5. 5. Exchange Students from South Korea Page 4 by Sooyong An At the Tennessee Aquarium. Special events for the students from Gangneung: VISITS •Coca Cola Company, Figure 1 Visiting students from Gangneung. Aquarium, Zoo, Lost Sea, How Did They Come to Chattanooga? and CNN in Atlanta. •Panama City, Florida for On January 13, 2009, thirteen is one special project that is to Scuba diving, shopping, Korean students came to select thirteen students from and relaxation. Chattanooga to study English, as Gangneung and invite them to •Teachers’ house, Rock exchange students. These Chattanooga to exchange culture City in Chattanooga. students are from Gangneung , and life style. acity in Korea. Gangneung is a INVITES sister city with Chattanooga. •Dinner party with Sister From January to February there City friends. •UTC Orchestra •Lunch with UTC ESL They Experienced Many Things in America student. •Farewell dinner at Asia They experienced many opportunity to socialize and get to Buffet Restaurant. differences between Korea and know the ESL students. We took •Visits to private homes. America such as, life style, food, many pictures together and and leisure time activities. A few discussed about cultures of of them have visited America different countries. Even though before, but they did not get the they are in Korea now, we can same experience. They were keep in touch with them on the invited to many places around Internet. We will never forget Chattanooga so they could see and them. experience many things. One example of a place they visited was the Aquarium. They had the Sooyong An: Balloon sculptor. Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 5
  6. 6. Wes Moore and the Lady Mocs by Phillip Choi I had a small project which I had to do during a whole semester. It consisted of six steps; choose a topic in which you are interested, justify your topic, meet an expert on this topic, interview the expert, transcribe the interview, and invite the expert to the class to speak. When I heard the Coach Wes Moore visits ESL Level 5 students. project from David, who is the teacher in my class, it sounded very complicated. Even though I Fortunately, I got approval very easily. Mr. Wes agreed with his purpose that is improving our Moore consented to my interview suggestion by English skills in many-sided ways, I was email. To make questions, however, was not as concerned if I could do it or not. easy as I had thought it. I had to spend one whole night-time to confirm a couple of questions and to practice for my interview. “You should find a job you love. Do something that you love doing every day. If you’re unhappy five days a week and trying to get to the weekend for your two days of happiness, that’s not a Phillip focuses on his project. good deal.” I chose as my topic the UTC Lady Mocs, which is -- Coach Wes Moore the women’s basketball team of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, because I like all kinds of sports, especially basketball. The UTC Lady Mocs are very famous and one of the best teams I had emailed a list of questions to him before I in the Southern Conference. After I chose the interviewed because I would like to give him some topic, I tried to search for information. time to prepare for answering. The interview day came to me, and I went to Wes Moore’s office, room I realized that the coach of UTC Lady Mocs, who is 400 in McKenzie Arena, on time. When I saw him, I Wes Moore, had been leading the team for 8 was surprised. He wasn’t tall as much as I had years. Moreover, since he came to coach the UTC thought. I had thought he was very tall and big Lady Mocs, the team has maintained an excellent because he had been a basketball player before. record. I focused on him and determined to However, he was as tall as I am. interview him. Page 6 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● (Continued on Page 7)
  7. 7. Wes Moore, continued. “My People Are…” by Nihan Gurer Nihan reports on how students see their compatriots. He was so kind and had a smiling face. I introduced Benny: ”Chinese people are honest, friendly, myself briefly, and we started to interview. All of a family-oriented, loving, hard- working and sudden, I got so nervous that I forgot everything I had responsible.” prepared. It was embarrassing. He gave me Olga and Natalia: “Colombians are happy, consideration, thankfully, then I could continue friendly, hardworking, and hospitable.” interviewing. I asked him several questions: When Jose: ”People in Ecuador are friendly, did you start to play basketball? How was your life hardworking, helpful, and happy.” when you were a player? What do you do the rest of Claudile: ”We French love our beautiful the season? language.” Gyeongyong, Minkyung, SungSu, Heecheol, What is the most difficult thing as a coach? And when Miseon, Kwangtak, Sooyong, Phillip, Jongsik: was the best moment in your life? It took one hour ”Koreans work hard and take responsibility; and I recorded everything he said. We had a very we are shy, independent and respectful.” interesting time with each other. We made an Maggie: ”Peruvian people are friendly, appointment for when he could come to my class. happy, hard-working, honest and helpful.” Tatiana: ”Russians are strong, emphatic, After a few weeks, on March 26th, Mr. Wes Moore forceful, hardworking, smart, lighthearted, came to my class to speak about his life and UTC Lady hospitable, and inventive.” Mocs. David, Jane, students, and I could share a Kevin: ”Thai people are very respectful, shy, memory of his life and have a discussion with each friendly, and always smiling.” other. It was fun. Everybody liked him and he liked Nihan: ” Turks are favorable, impatient, us. He gave us amusement, enjoyment, and a good smiling, and hospitable.” lesson. I remember one thing that impressed me in Thali: ”We Uruguayans are friendly, his speech; “Do something that you love. You should hardworking, easygoing, and helpful.” Maria, Oscar, Sabrina: ”Venezuelans are find a job you love.” He was working at his favorite friendly, hardworking, strong, smiling, and job, which is coaching basketball. “If you’re unhappy love to party.” five days a week and trying to get to the weekend for Khang: ” Vietnamese are kind, simple, and your two days of happiness, that’s not a good deal.” independent.” I am sure that this project is not only good for me, but also every student. I could check my entire English skills: writing, listening, and speaking. Sometimes I was confused, and sometimes I got depressed. However, I have done my project, I am proud of myself. I really appreciate David who gave me a chance to improve my English skills and encouraged me when I expressed doubt. Also, I thank Mr. Wes Moore for his participation. This project is the best assignment I have ever done before. Page 7 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  8. 8. I Like I like to study English, but I am not good at English. I need to English study, study, study. So I hope by Kim everyone will say to me, “You speak English very well!” So I go to ESL school. There people are kind to me. They are To My ESL Friends my friends, sometimes they are by Kwangtak Noh my teachers. So I always thank them. I go to enjoy the ESL Hello ESL Friends. This is Kwangtak Noh and I come school. from South Korea. It’s an honor to write my article for Poem the ESL newsletter. I came here to study English like by MiSeon Kim you. I have been majoring in English Literature and language in Korea. Morning is present Start smile I needed to read some novels and textbooks, which were written by native English people; so my major required Family is present high level English ability. When I was a freshman, I Say I love you couldn’t feel it because I just listened to the liberal arts and an optional subject. But after my army service, I felt Friend is present much difficulty from the major subject and from other Say thank you students who had studied in a country using English. So I decided to come here. Miseon Figure 2 Lover is present Brings me rest Actually, on the first day, I worried so much about everything because I feel some difficulty when I meet Figure 3 Nature is present someone for the first time. In addition to this personal Enjoy the nature problem, the language is another problem. Despite my anxiety, I have made many good friends and enjoy my Life is present life in this city. I like this city, the ESL class, my teachers Enjoy your life and friends. Maybe I will study about one year. Everything is present During a given period of time for me, I will keep going We are happy people with every effort toward my goal and will accomplish it. I hope you guys will succeed too. Thank you. Bogota by Natalia Bogota is the capital of Colombia. There are great restaurants, events, businesses, places and history. The city of Bogota has a great many tourist places with a combination of colonial buildings and skyscrapers. Some of the places are as follows: La Candelaria Zone, La Plaza De Toros, La Santamaria ( Bullring Santamaria), Bolivar Square, churches, museums, art galleries, Rosa Zone, Planetario, Botanical Garden, and shopping centers. Bogota is just one of the beautiful cities that are in Colombia because Colombia has a lot of variety of climates, plants, cultures, music and food. . Page 8 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  9. 9. My Mentors by I am Min Kyung Park from South Korea. I like Chattanooga in the USA. Min Kyung I have been studying at this school for two semesters. I have been here for almost seven months. I have gotten a lovely family: uncle, aunt, my cousin Kim, as well as teachers and friends. So I have gotten mentors who are excellent, kind, and awesome. They always make me laugh, give hugs, and give advice and teach me. My English has improved better than last semester. When I had problems, they helped me a lot. I do not miss my family and friends because I have many people around me. I think they are giving me support and knowledge. These are just little things, but I thank them so much for everything. I love them, my Mentors. I hope they have the good luck always. Baseball Game by Sung Su Park Where to Go in Cartagena I watched the baseball game on TV by Olga yesterday night. Japan vs. Korea. Cartagena de Indias has many interesting places which all year long In this game, two countries showed are visited by international, national and local tourists, due to its good play, especially Iwakuma’s historic, architectural, cultural aesthetic and recreational There are many places to go in Cartagena de pitching was amazing. Also, the importance. Some of the most visited places are: La Catedral, Korean relief pitcher Jeong’s fast Indias, Places where you will find history, Church of Santo Domingo, Gold Museum, Castle of San Felipe de recreation, rest, culture, pleasure and more. A ball made many Japanese hitters Barajas, Aquarium San Martin, and the Rosario Islands. great varieety of places are waiting ofr the visitor frustrated. Anyway, Japan won due willing to spend an agreeable and unforgettable to Ichiro. However, the Korean In Cartagena de Indias there is a very interesting confluence of time. players did the best play. I am really cultures happening for more than 500 years, starting with the proud of these two countries. I think natives, Spaniards, Africans, and Arabs. All this framed in one of the that these two countries did such a most beautiful cities in the Carribbean, where the visitor is great thing. attended as he/she deserves, with the happy and uncomplicated style of the people of Cartagena. Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 9
  10. 10. ESL Voices: “ I like…” by Jose Ruiz, Nihan Gurer & Tara Kerr Living in Chattanooga by Tatiana I have been living in Chattanooga since October of 2008. Originally I am from Moscow in Russia. Moscow is a very big city; the population is about 20 million people. Moscow has a huge metro system and good public transportation, so you could get everywhere without driving in your own car. Also, Moscow has a lot of museums, theaters, cinemas, parks, historical places, cafes, and restaurants. So at first look, Chattanooga was a really tiny city and still seems very small to me. But Chattanooga has some outdoor attractions that we do not have in Moscow like white water rafting, many nice-looking back roads where you can ride on a bike, and beautiful mountains. Also, there are a lot of historical and touristy places near here like Gatlinburg, Savannah (Georgia), and Biltmore (North Carolina). So Chattanooga has just a different kind of beauty than Moscow. Page 10 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  11. 11. My Country Ecuador by Jose Ruiz Ecuador is a small country located in South America. The Oriente region is a poor region although The borders are: north with Colombia, south and east there is a lot of oil in there. The access roads with Peru, and west with the Pacific Ocean. The official are so bad and sometimes are difficult to money is the US dollar and the official language is travel on these roads. Tourists love to see Castilian, which was the only language spoken at the native people who still live in this area and beginning of Spain, but this name was changed to the huge quantity of nature that they can find Spanish which has brought discrepancies between here. people who study the language. Nature Four Regions The reason there is a lot of nature in this area The predominant religion is Catholicism. Most people is because it is part of the Amazonas. The in Ecuador are friendly and especially with the main characteristic of this region is the tourists, but there are some people who steal. weather which is very variable, typical Ecuador has the privilege of having four regions: Costa, Amazonas weather. The last region is Sierra, Oriente, and Galápagos Islands. The Costa Galapagos Island, a heritage of humanity. region has weather with an average temperature of Galapagos is one of most famous tourist 77°F all year. places in the world because of its special kinds of animals. Beaches There are a lot of beaches in this region and tourist places. Galapagos The second important city, Guayaquil, is located in this Sometimes people know and talk about region. The Sierra region has weather with an average Galapagos, but they do not know that it is part temperature of 53°F whole year. In this region there are of Ecuador. This region has a problem with three volcanoes and one of them is actually active, the overpopulation and the Ecuadorian Tungurahua volcano. government is trying to bring back these people to the continent because the overpopulation threatens the ecosystem in this region. Ecuador is a perfect place to visit and enjoy a lot of diversity. Snow In highest places of this region you can find snow. The most important tourist places in this region are the mountains, which are part of the Andes chain. People from the Sierra region are more polite than people from the Costa region. The capital, Quito, and the second most important city, Cuenca, are located in this region. Page 11 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  12. 12. More ESL Voices: “I like…” by Jose Ruiz, Nihan Gurer & Tara Kerr The ESL Globe Staff Oscar Crespo Editor-in-Chief Jose Ruiz Copy Editor Maria Hernandez Graphics Editor Nihan Gurer Star Reporter Sooyong An Chief Reporter David Van Ingram Editorial Advisor Tara Kerr Student Advisor DEDICATION: This very humble edition of the ESL Globe is dedicated to the Director of the ESL Institute, Jane Womack, who makes all things ESL, great and small, happen. Thank you Jane! Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 12