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The ESL Globe is the newsletter of the ESL Institute at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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Summer Esl Globe Dvi Final Draft2

  1. 1. The ESL The Summer 2009 Globe A publication of the ESL Institute University of Tennessee at Chattanooga ELVIS SIGHTED Inside this issue: BY ESLers Touring Icon’s Graceland On July 29th the ESL Jane's dream, Page 2. students took a grand tour of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee where everything— everything— is about Elvis. Jongsik's Australia, Page 7. What?!!! You never heard of Elvis? Here is a little information about him: Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 Presley had a versatile voice – August 16, 1977) middle name and unusually wide success in (sometimes spelled Aron) was an many genres, including rock American singer, songwriter, and roll, gospel, blues, country, instrumentalist, and actor. A cultural ballads and pop. To date, he is What accent? Page 3. icon, he is commonly known simply the only entertainer that has as Elvis and is also sometimes been inducted into four music referred to as The King of Rock 'n' halls of fame. In his career, he Roll or The King. Presley began his set records for concert career in 1953 as one of the first attendance, television ratings performers of rockabilly, an up and recordings sales. He is one tempo fusion of country and rhythm of the best-selling and most and blues with a strong back beat. His influential artists in the history novel versions of existing songs, mixing "black" and "white" sounds, of music, selling over one billion Doe's gadgets and gizmos, Page 6. made him popular. records.
  2. 2. A Dream Come True: The ESL International House by Jose Ruiz The ESL Institute has been helping hundreds of people to learn English as a second language since 1995. Many of them have returned to their countries and a few of them have started studying at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Others have started studying in different universities around the USA, and still others continue to study English to continue their lives in the USA. We asked our wonderful director Jane Womack more about the history of the ESL Institute and she gave us a lot of useful information about it. Why and how did you start the ESL Institute? . I started the ESL institute because I felt like there was a need for ESL on this campus. In the summer of 1994, I went to the University of Jane Womack founded the ESL Institute. Texas in Arlington to get an ESL endorsement and while I was there I saw this program on their campus and I had an opportunity to talk to the teachers, observe some classes, and meet the director. “I feel a real sense of a family with our students and I hope it always stays that way.” We have heard about a new International House at The Director advised me to come back to UTC UTC. Please, tell me about this. and start a similar program. So when I came Several years ago the university approved a plan to back to UTC, I talked to the Provost and my start an International House on campus and along department head and they were very eager for the way we’ve hit some bumps and snags and it me to start the program and they gave me their hasn’t materialized but just this spring. I want it to blessings and they said “Start the program!” happen immediately, because, with the house The very next summer, in 1995, I started the we’re going to move the ESL program into the program. I had one other teacher and together house and we’ll have a permanent home. We’ll she and I taught all the classes—everything. It have classes there. Won’t that be nice? was a lot of work, but it was very rewarding, It will be used for more than just classes. It will be very exciting and I just knew that it was going to used for parties and lectures and a place for grow and be a wonderful program. And it is! students just to hang out. It’s not just for the Are you pleased with the growth of the ESL international students—it’s for American students to Institute? come by after classes in the afternoon and just talk, I am very pleased. I would like for [the program] just meet some students from other countries. to grow and be even bigger and I still think that What do you hope for the future of the ESL Institute at will happen. We’ve had over 400 students go UTC? through the program, and I feel very blessed to Well I hope it continues to be as wonderful as it is. have met all 400 students. Students bring their And I hope it brings a lot of joy to the students and country to us and we learn so much from you, to be a family. I feel a real sense of a family with our from the students. students and I hope it always stays that way, even after I retire. Page 2 Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  3. 3. What’s in an accent? by Beth Neely Did you know that no matter where you’re from or what language you speak, you have an accent? What is an accent? Webster’s Dictionary (2001) defines an accent as “A stress of voice on a particular syllable in pronouncing a word” (p. 7). Everyone has some kind of accent. Sometimes it’s hard to adjust to our accent in another language. How do you feel about your accent? Here’s what some of the students in our ESL program told me about their accents: Benny, China ~ Benny says that his accent is weird, interesting, and funny all at the same time, yet he feels that he is well understood and would not change his accent. He likes (and even prefers) the American accent, for to him it comes across as relaxed and easy (as opposed to the British accent). Jose, Ecuador ~ He has a bit of a negative attitude toward his accent because he feels that it sometimes keeps him from expressing his thoughts and being understood. He is aware of pronunciation issues that he has and knows that he will have the same accent his whole life but would like to improve it through practice, correcting his mistakes, and through vocal exercises. Jose is going to try his best to maintain “proper English pronunciation.” Blake, Korea ~ He thinks his accent is “bad” or “weird.” He thinks his accent sounds strange because of the difference in the Korean language (which has little intonation) and the English language (which has much intonation). He tries to sound like a North American and likes the southern accent. Calixsto, Nicaragua ~ He likes his accent and wouldn’t change it. Beth, U.S. ~ As an assignment for a class I took recently, I surveyed middle school teachers from an urban (city) school and a rural (countryside) school about their accents (they all spoke English as a first language). The urban teachers were more likely to say that they had a “standard” English accent and the rural teachers were more likely to say that they had a “non-standard” English accent and didn’t like their accent much. The map below shows where people in the U.S. have different accents, but even in these big areas there are differing accents ( Do people from rural and urban areas in other countries have differing accents? Ingredients: 4 cups water; 1 cup Do You Know What Tom Yum Goong Is ? shrimp; 5 mushrooms 1-2 limes; 1 lemon by Kevin Panichsathaporn grass; 3 kaffir lime leaves; 2 tablespoon fish sauce; 5 sprigs cilantro; 3 chili peppers  Bring the chicken stock to a boil, add the lemongrass, galangal, kaffirlime Have you ever heard “Tom Yum Goong?” Tom Yum Goong , is a very famous leaves and mushrooms and boil for soup in Thailand. It’s a soup that everybody in Thailand knows and likes. Youapproximately three minutes.  Add chilli paste, chillies, tomatoes can also call Hot and Sour Soup. It’s very healthy soup that I have often eaten. In Thailand, you can choose what kind of meats you want to put in this soup, and prawns and simmer on low heat. though usually it is prepared with shrimp.  Then season with fish sauce and lime Tom Yum Goong is made by Thai and Laos People. It’s very easy to make. The juice to your liking. Sprinkle coriander on top and serve with basic soup is made of fresh ingredients such as lemon grass, lime leaves, fish sauce, slices of ginger and crushed of fresh chili peppers and mushrooms. If steamed rice. you want to have it a little bit sweet, you can add coconut milk. After you have mixed everything together in the hot soup, it’s ready to serve on the table. Yummy soup!!!Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 3
  4. 4. Whatever happened to… Phillip’s favorite: Some Grace Sarinya Supasalingkarn has just completed her first year in UTC’s prestigious MBA Program. All signs are that Grace will succeed in business. She body recently tried to exchange a dead goldfish for a live one at Walmart. Oscar & Maria are now studying at Richland College in Dallas, Texas. They save attended a luncheon at Anne Rittenberry’s house on July 1st to say farewell to all their UTC ESL friends. We wish them all the best in their lives. Dayanne Kadosh from Uruguay and me! Tania Cabrales from Colombia still stay in touch on Facebook. Dayanne has started a catering business with sushi as a specialty. Tania is a newlywed and is, we hope, thoroughly enjoying marital bliss. Miseon Kim has returned home to South Korea where she hopes to study nursing. She really misses Chattanooga and she is keeping up with many of her friends online. Miseon is enjoying spending time with her family and with old friends. She sends greetings to her ESL friends and, especially, to her favorite teachers, Dee and Anne. It is very nice building with a contemporary feel, and was crowded My First American Concert with lots of people. by Charles Jeong The ASO’s repertoires were great, and included Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio Italian, I had been playing the French horn with a Prokofiev’s Piano concerto No.3 and professional orchestra in Korea for 3 years. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7. By the time I came here, I had been The sound was awesome. and the conducting with an amateur orchestra at a conductor, Nicola Luisotti, who is Italian, university for 2 years. was superb. His conducting in the Music is one of the important parts in my life. Capriccio Italian was impressive. I felt Especially I had my heart set on seeing a honored to see such concert. major concert like the New York After the concert, I had no choice but to Philharmonic orchestra. stand up and applaud the first music I Eventually I went to the Woodruff Arts listened to since I came to the U.S.A. It Center where the Atlanta Symphony was amazing and I won’t ever forget Orchestra had a concert. hearing this music. Page 4 Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  5. 5. Anne’s Treasures On July 1, 2009 all the ESL students visited Ann’s house after morning classes. Article & Photos by Jongsik Lee She lives on Signal Mountain and has a beautiful house with a peaceful back yard. Ann is so interesting. First of all, she has a sense of humor and likes to make a joke, so it’s very easy for anybody to get along with her well. Visiting her house, we realized that she is not only mischievous, but also has a good hobby: collecting antiques. Many of her things were heirlooms. She has a lot of treasures that she inherited from her parents and grandparents. When I walked into her house, I was pretty surprised with all those things. Her house looked very neat and arranged well like a small museum. There were several big portraits of her family members in frames and Dee, Jane, & Anne some accessories going around the walls. When I sat on a rocking chair in We went to Anne’s house to the living room, I felt a connection to celebrate 4th of July, her mind and how much she has put Independence Day in the into her collections. Actually, even United States. We had a lot of though it must be hard work to clean food from different countries the dust off the heirlooms, she must and cultures--food like jabchae, love having them. Everybody knows peach pie, tom-ka-gai, choco that we are always interested in this kind of person like Ann who is into collecting something precious. Second, she browny, sushi, many fruits, and likes animals like dogs. This fact tells us she has a lot of affection to give. When salad. Especially, the tomkagai she sees a dog which she has never seen before, she generously gives the dog was A+ number one in my water. Nobody can say how lovely she opinion. That was a good is. For lunch time, we had various foods chance to know about different from Korea, Thailand, China, and the cultures according to their food. USA. After that, we had a pretty good And also that social gathering time in the front yard of her house. We provided us a good time to get sat around on the soft and cushiony along with each other deeply grass. It was like a picnic with family. and more closely. Especially, We talked about everything whenever international students need this we wanted. I bet that it must be the kind of place to improve their best day of the week. And now I really appreciate her because she made me feel English. After lunch, we sat on peaceful and she showed me her precious heirlooms. chairs in the back yard and talked a lot about Independence Day, July 4th. We could hear that the day means a lot to Americans. They love the day and spend their time with family setting off fireworks at night to celebrate freedom from England. — Jongsik Lee Anne’s treasures are arrayed about her lovely home. Above you can see family portraits and, to the right, displayed on the wall, an antique music box that her father brought from Europe early in the last century. Page 5 Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  6. 6. A Cup o’ Tea with the Boys On their best behaviour: Blake, Jose, Kevin, Khang, Phillip, Tak, and Jongsik with Jane and David. The English Rose Authentic British Tearoom & Shop which Level 5 students visited on Thursday, July 23rd is located on Market Street. It’s a very gorgeous place Etiquette has to do with good manners. 1On their best behaviour: that we’d love to recommend to everyone. This tearoom is so traditional and beautiful. The place is It's not so much our own good decorated with roses and tea paraphernalia in a British style. manners, but making other people feel The seven men in Level 5 felt privileged to have tea there and to receive a lesson in etiquette. We visited The English Rose Authentic British Tearoom & Shop comfortable by the way we behave. with our teacher and with the ESL Director, Jane Womack. We met Angela Becksvoort, who is the owner of this place. She was so attractive in and magnetic in her personality. We listened to her talk about general etiquette. Most of the things that made us feel so impressed was the afternoon tea, a Victorian tea with an assortment of sandwiches, cheeses and biscuits. Scones were served with Devon cream, jam and lemon curd, along with various English biscuits. Then, we had a wonderful lunch. English porcelain, British groceries, tea paraphernalia and candies fill the front parlor with other various specialty imports from England. Queen Anne furniture and tables topped with exquisite tablecloths and roses set the dining room. Tea and roses. Page 66 Page Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  7. 7. GETTING TO KNOW THE LAND DOWN UNDER Article & Photographs by Jongsik Lee Have you ever been to Australia? This country has not only a lot of famous places, but also claims a variety of animals. When I went to Australia on my last vacation, I saw some While I was traveling around Sydney, I felt like the differences between USA and Australia. First, all Australian people never hurry up and they always enjoy their moments even though they are in directions for cars were totally opposite, like the driver seat and the way to drive. I mean, some trouble. They seem to know how to get relaxed and feel peaceful. I never saw any dirty Australian people have the steering wheel on the right side of cars. Second, I found out that looks on their faces while I was in Australia. They Australia doesn’t issue a dollar bill, or even a two always try to look on the bright side of everything. dollar bill. The lowest currency denomination is a Sometimes they might look too easy-going and five dollar bill. So when you want to buy relaxed. In other words, they might be lazy. something in a store, you had better consider the Surprisingly some people never work on weekends and also if you need to travel on weekends you change you get back. If you do not, you might have to carry a lot of coins in your pocket. Third, might have to hurry up, because public the Australian accent is quite different from the transportation in Australia rarely works in the American or even the British accents. In addition, afternoons on weekends. That situation looks when they speak, you will feel like that the sound unusual for big cities like Sydney. However, I think came from their stomachs, not throats. So you Australian people deserve good rest, because might not be able to understand what they are they always put their best in everything that they saying easily. do all week long. During their spare time, if there are any parties or some entertainment to enjoy, they never miss them. That means they exactly know how to have fun and when to concentrate Page 4 on their duties. Therefore I think most Australian people are the most passionate people who I have ever met. If you want to burn out your passion and learn how to enjoy life or get relaxed and peaceful, go right now to Australia without hesitating! Page 7 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 7
  8. 8. Gadgets & Gizmos by Phillip Choi Doe Hyun, who started to study in the ESL Institute this semester, has a lot of gadgets and gizmos. He has a cell phone, a translator, a PDA, a photo viewer, a photo printer, a film scanner, a blue tooth, a memory card Doe’s gadgets and gizmos allow him to pursue a reader, a laptop, a PS2 (Play Station 2), a PSP (Play favorite hobby, photography. Station Portable), and a fantastic camera. He has a lot of gadgets and gizmos which are hard for ordinary people to get because they are expensive. He is an excellentgizmos professional photographer. Doe’s gadgets and and a allow him to pursue a favorite hobby, photography. He has taken pictures for five years. Of course, He said, “My favorite is absolutely my Nikon camera. I taking pictures is one of his hobbies, but he used to have all these devices because of the Nikon camera.” do that as a part time job in Korea. He said, “I started to take pictures as my hobby, but it was so interesting that I fell into the world of photography. Then, one of my friends who saw my pictures asked me to taking his wedding ceremony photos. That was my first part time job using my camera.” Gadget- An often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. Doe Hyun’s gadgets & gizmos. Gizmo- A mechanical Doe Hyun has a Bachelor’s Degree in computer device or part whose science and a Master’s Degree in industrial name is forgotten or engineering. When he studied his major, he used unknown; a gadget. all kinds of electronic devices naturally. The most interesting thing in his character is he doesn’t mind being the first person who uses a brand new product. He is an early adopter. “When I recognize that a brand new gizmo has come out, I can’t wait to buy it,” he said, “even though I sometimes spend a lot of money because of this kind of impatience, I’m happy to get a new device.” Page 8 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  9. 9. After ESL Class: Learn Online by Jose Ruiz Once the ESL program has finished, we shouldn‟t stop our learning English. The Internet could be a good option to continue learning English. You can google the words ESL or EFL and you will have a lot of links to learn English, but let us recommend some interesting websites which could be helpful to you to learn English and also to have some tools. This website is perfect for beginning ESL students. You will find some vocabulary and basic grammar links. has 13 languages to choose for translation and one of the most important things is you can hear the pronunciation, watch an image related to a word, and read a correct spelling. Do you like to listen to and watch video musicals, TV advertisements, or movie trailers? If your answer is “yes”, you will really enjoy this website. It has a feature in which you can listen to, watch, and read the script of a video. is a website with different options to learn English, such as: Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, Grammar, Quizzes, and Proverbs. has many options as has, but something interesting is that you have some exercises for the TOEFL test. If you are thinking about taking the TOEFL test, this website could help you a lot. Who said we shouldn't listen to children's stories while we are learning English? When you start learning a new language, listening to children's stories could be a good idea to begin on our way in a new language. gives you an opportunity to watch, listen to, and read a story. has many options to learn English. You could learn the different sounds in vowels and consonants. is an efficient online translator recommended for any ESL student level. It has an option to read text that you want to translate. is a tool that allows non-native English speakers to analyze the correlation between the pronunciation and spelling of English words. WikSpeak is a highly recommended tool for anyone from the beginner to the advanced non-native English speaker. is a social network based on Skype. You need to register in it and you will be able to learn English while you meet new people. Page 9 Spring 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  10. 10. Guys & Dolls Greetings by Khang Nguyen Around the World The handshake. The kiss. On Thursday, July 9, the ESL students were invited to Candace Long’s house to have dinner together. For the second time this summer we got to have dinner together. The first time was at Anne Rittenberry’s house a week before. We had great fun both times! We arrived at Candace’s house at 5:30, which is a perfect time to have dinner. We prepared food which we had brought with us. After having a superb supper, we helped clean up and then got ready to go to see an extraordinary musical play, Guys & Dolls. This musical was written by Frank Loesser and has been playing for years and years on Broadway. Broadway is a Thai greetings. very famous place for shows and plays in New York. We got to see Guys & Dolls because of Anne and her involvement in the Signal Mountain Playhouse. Anne is our well- known Level Four ESL teacher and she was involved in this production and thought it would be a very good experience for the students to go and see the play. Thank you, Anne! The special thing about the event was that the play took place in an outdoor theatre. Though it was kind of hot, nobody seemed to mind. The performances were excellent, and everybody gave his or her attention to the play. Afterwards, we The bow. had a chance to talk to the cast members. They were very friendly, funny, and absolutely beautiful. We took a picture together. We talked, listened, laughed—and of course learned—which is the purpose for us having such activities. All the activities the teachers plan for us are meant to help us learn, experience, and better understand America’s language and culture. Above all, we students like the chance to hang out together outside of school; get to know each other better; and have unforgettable moments that we all can look back on when we Ancient Tibetan greeting. are not together anymore. Page 10 Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  11. 11. ESL Voices: My Experience in ESL By Olga Lucia Correa This summer, we started new classes in the ESL program. This course was very interesting. The teachers were Dee, Dawn, and Eileen. Dee was the grammar teacher, Dawn was the vocabulary teacher, Eileen was the writing teacher. I went to classes from Monday to Friday. I was happy because I learned a lot. Dee was a wonderful teacher. She always was taking This of the students. All courses ESL care Summer in this summer were important for me. My purpose Doe Hyun By was to learn more and more because it is very necessary for my professional development. I remember when I was in orientation for this summer semester I was surprised that there were so many Korean students. I didn‟t want to speak in Korean, but I had to speak Korean in my living Thank you, teachers, for giving me theI opportunity speak in English, but it know that easy. environment. have tried to to lean English and is not good people. Every Wednesday, I joined the dinner party which is very helpful to speak in English, but I think that‟s not enough. Next In the U.S. This Summer wish to be in a program which would give me a semester, I by Tong Meesungnoen speak with native English speakers. chance to I have been here for four months. First, I lived with my sister in Murfreesboro for two months, than I came to live with my mother in Chattanooga. I don‟t feel homesick because my family has lived here and I would like to join communities or hobby clubs. I‟m looking my mother cooks Thai food for me every day. I usually come to class every day to study English but when I go back home, I speak Thai with dancers who can dance „swing‟ with for any photographers or my mother because she can‟t speak English very well. me. If I find someone who enjoys a hobby with me, my I have some American friends but they are busy. I try to speak English will get better. with them when I have time. It was difficult to speak with American people because I don‟t know a lot of vocabulary. Now I‟m studying English at ESL in Chattanooga. I have many friends in ESL. They are very friendly and helpful. They are from different country. Most of the students are from Korea. Sometimes, I study Korean language with them. All of the teachers at ESL are very helpful and kind. They have many activities in class and after class. They have a party every week. I came to the party sometimes. I enjoyed them. My teacher explains every question to me. I think, ESL makes my English better than it was two months ago. I was surprised I met a Thai student, Kevin. He was very kind and helpful. He gave his English books to me. I hope he will pass the next month and succeed in his goal. I hope to take a TOEFL next time. Page 11 Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  12. 12. The ESL Globe Staff More ESL Voices Studying ESL by Calixto Jose Covnavaca Diaz I started to study in ESL program because I need to speak, write, and understand English well, before I take the USMLE test to be a professionl hee in United States. I was in four different classes; grammar class, vocabulary class, listening class, and writing class. The grammar class helped me to catch a lot of knowledge about English structure and expression. The vocabulary class was perfect because the book was a good instrument for combining new words and figures. The writing class was the most exquisite class because it was a combining of grammar listening, and writing. I think that it was the most important class for discovering my weaknesses. Philip Choi – Editor in Chief The listening class was perfect, but the book was a Jongsik Lee – Assistant Editor little different in comparison with the grammar and Kevin Panichsathaporn – Copy Editor vocabulary books. I think that this class needed to give more time to the students. I appreciate teachers for Khang Nguyen – Graphic Editor giving us their efforts, love, knowledge, and respect for our culture. Benny Yu– Reporter Martha Marrufo – Student Advisor Jose Ruiz– Student Advisor Beth Neely – Volunteer Advisor David Van Ingram – Editorial Advisor Hello~ Every ESL Friend!!! I thought about a topic for my second article for the ESL Globe and I have chosen it as „My life here.‟ It has been almost six months since I came to this lovely city, Chattanooga. During this time, I had many valuable experiences, studying English and meeting many friends. Most of my time here, I have used for English studying. I came here for studying English like you, and I was satisfied with my ESL Institute and my great teachers. I have learned many English skills that I didn‟t know before from them after I came to the USA and I hope to get more and more. Page 12 Summer 2009 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● On every Wednesday, I go to the First Friends dinner party which is offered by Dee Lapahuska for our chance to meet with native students. There, I meet many friends from USA and other countries. It was a very helpful time to speak with them who have diverse cultural backgrounds for practicing my English and understanding another culture. I really like that time but I'm very sad because I won't go there