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  1. 1. Spring 2009 ESL The Summer 2010 Globe A publication of the ESL Institute University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Awesome Atlanta! Chinese breakfast: dim sum. JM, Annie,Tereza, Yen, Anne, Olga and Gemma. World of Coca-Cola: Edoardo, Poalo, Abdul and Khanghee. The ESL crowd tours CNN. Photo by Gemma Conesa Story by Tereza The trip to Atlanta which took place Hausmanova on the 14th and 15th of July was one of the best experiences of this summer. We had a really good time for many reasons. Firstly, we tasted others not so good, but all the two kinds of delicious food – Chinese food was oily, so after finishing and Italian. For brunch we stopped eating my stomach didn’t feel so at a Chinese restaurant –The Royal well. What was very interesting in Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant China Restaurant--where dim sum this restaurant were the turning for dinner: Mindy, Kevin, Tak, was served. It was my first time to disks on the tables so we could David, Seunghoon, and Tereza. eat this kind of food. We tried a lot of just turn the disk and choose different kinds of dishes, however I All photos above whatever we wanted. provided by Yen Le. don’t remember the exact names. (Go to Page 2) Nevertheless some were very good;
  2. 2. (Awesome Atlanta!, continued from Page 1) So after watching a cartoon movie (about the Coca-Cola We did not only eat the whole time, but also visited Company, of course) we had really a lot of fun with many interesting places like CNN, World of Coca-Cola, tasting the drinks. There were lots of drinks from all Six Flags White Water Park and the shopping malls. I over the world and I liked the most Mango Nestea from liked much more CNN than World of Coca-Cola, Mexico. We also could prepare our own drink by mixing however other students had different opinions. CNN is a everything together (and then with a sad smile, we very big building, where a lot of people work. They are realized how disgusting it was). needed because CNN is the number one network in the The second day we visited Six Flags White Water Park news and it’s very difficult to manage all the incoming where we enjoyed lot of attractions, waves in the pool information to be used for the news programs. We and hot weather. There were a lot of people, so we had visited a studio, where anchors usually speak and to stay in line for a long time. We tried to enjoy the time become familiar with all the process which precedes there as much as possible and because there was little presenting the news. We could also have a picture taken time we didn’t eat anything. Now I know that it wasn’t a there (like Abdul did). Coca-Cola Center seemed to me good idea. After four hours in the water park I felt like one big advertisement. I didn’t understand why extremely exhausted (I’m sure, I was not the only one). they say “think positively”. What is positive about drinking Coke with forty cubes of sugar in it? m Dim sum: JM and Tereza. Anne with JJ, Gina, Olga, Jm, Yen and Hoon. Coke adds life? Tak, JM, Tereza, Hoon and Kevin. Colleagues: Carolyn, Jane, Anne, Suzanne,GW. Maggiano’s: Jinwu, Zhiming, Alejandro, Edoardo, Khanghee, Paolo, and Abdul. I would like to thank Jane Womack for organizing such a nice trip. We really had a lot of fun, took nice pictures, got to know each other better, speak only English and many other things. However one bad thing about it I can find – it was too short – just two days! I’m glad that I could be on the best trip with Olga and Gemma at CNN. such great people. Joy! Tereza and Mindy. Page 2 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  3. 3. Whatever happened to… Friendship Dawn Bailey from Chattanooga is now living in New York with her husband Rich The most beautiful and her daughter Alex. Dawn lives just discovery true friends across the street from Central Park. She make is that they can walks to work at the American Language grow separately Program at Columbia University. She’s without growing Dawn enjoying making new friends and getting apart. to know the city. She misses the “sweet teachers and students” at the UTC ESL Institute and hopes that we’ve had a great cali summer session. Thanks, Dawn—and good luck with your new adventures in New York. fragil Atilla Aksoy from Turkey will begin his junior year at UTC this fall as a student in electrical engineering. Originally from istic Istanbul, he shares a home in Northshore with his wife Cayce and their golden retriever, Mashallah. Atilla still plays Atilla soccer several times a week with friends. How to Make Friends expi by Olga Correa We wish you the best, Atilla! When I came to USA, I had several Jose Ruiz from Ecuador completed three reasons for wanting to know how to ali sessions in the ESL Program at UTC before make friends. I moved to a new country entering a Master’s Program in Electrical and needed to meet new friends. Also, I Engineering at UTC last August. He has needed to practice my English, but it was not an easy task, I was so afraid to docious! maintained a 4.0 grade point average talk to people due to my poor English. while working as a graduate teaching However as the days passed, I began to assistant, and was inducted into the have the courage to talk to people. I Golden Key Honor Society following his began to share different activities and second semester of study. He plans to spend more time around the people. I graduate in May of 2011. Well done, Jose! want to share some tips that have Jose helped me: Yuliya Sukhanova Parrott from 1. Be yourself; be true to yourself. Khazakhastan has completed one 2. Spend more time around Sean semester of a Masters Program at people. Widener University School of Law in 3. Join an organization with Wilmington, Delaware. The program in people who have common which she is enrolled is LLM in Corporate interests. Law and Finance. She is happily married 4. Smile always. to John and lives in Philadelphia, 5. Remember their name. Pennsylvania. She remembers the ESL 6. Be a good listener. Institute “with warm feelings and great 7. Make people feel important, memories.” We wish Yuliya continued and do it sincerely. success in her career. In my times in the USA, I have met some Yuliya special people; they are from different countries and cultures. We continue to share good times together; they are in my heart forever and I appreciate their friendship. Page 3 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  4. 4. Two Views of Culture Shock by Annie and Paolo Annie’s View There are many differences between China and America. First of all, the relations in the family are different. In China, all parents, whether rich or poor, try their best to help the children even if they are adults. They save all the money they can to afford the children’s study and the house for their marriage. In America, most parents raise their children until they are eighteen years old. The children can apply for student loans from banks. During the university years, everyone can work to earn money. In addition, the ways of solving problems are different. In America, written rules presumably apply to everyone and are assumed to produce fair, reasonable procedures and decisions. For example, most people think that lawyers can help them to solve the problems. But in China, if we meet some difficulties with others, we always want to solve the problem by discussing. Most people think the good relationship will be broken up by the legal action. In America, many young couples think that making a contract before they married is a good idea. Otherwise, most Chinese can’t accept it. We think that if we are couples, we should share everything, especially the properties. The third difference is idea of marriage. In China, marriage means not only that you married a man or woman, but also two families married. In other words, you married all the relations of your husband or your wife. Ages, background, even the place of birth are very import for us to think over. For example, in Shanghai we wouldn’t like to marry a person who came from certain province. This is a very popular standard in our city. In America, most people don’t need to take into account too many things, especially the age. If they love each other, it is easy for them to marry. The boy doesn’t feel obligated to pay for the house. No girl feels very worried if she doesn’t marry after thirty years old. Different history, culture and society result in culture shock. Paolo’s View Many people think it is very difficult to be new in a country and to learn new laws and new customs. It is true, but I know very well that when we really want to do something, we can. America is a very beautiful country, so that I could say that I feel as if I were in my own country. But it is not really my own country; the laws are very different. in my country, I am legal to do what I want for my age, but not here. One of the things that that I have found difficult to adapt to is the food. Also, making new friends with average Americans is very difficult. Thank God everything goes well around here, step by step, but I'm trying to be an American because I would like to study here at UTC. In Venezuela, people are very friendly, neighbors often meet and eat together and whatever happens we always look for an upside. Here I can see that people are more cold and reserved, and that even friends are reserved between themselves. Page 4 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  5. 5. Reports from Our Teachers by Tak Noh Erna said: Wanghun is a serious student who wants to learn as much as he can. He always asks a lot of questions! Level 2 Zhiming Li , or Steve as I call him, is such a friendly and Dee’s comments are: happy student. He is very serious about learning English, too! Kanghee’s passion in life is his music. As a member of UTC’s orchestra, he plays both the saxophone Alejandro always makes me laugh. He has a great sense and the bassoon. His dream is to further study of humor! music with Dr. Ahn. He is very quiet and usually tired from practicing late into the night, but his face Jinwu is quiet, but is always ready to do his best in my lights up when he smiles. I hope he achieves his Page 4 dream. class. He’s a great student! Edoardo Pavon is a businessman (in plastics) from Monterrey, Mexico. This semester he has been living with his sister and her family in Dalton, Georgia. In addition to his daily commute – in a car without air conditioning – he is always willing to go the extra mile to help a student who needs a ride. It has been a pleasure getting to know him. Abdul Rahman is a man of enthusiasm with discipline. He knows how to pace himself – just the right amount of food, sleep, shopping, fun, and, of Level 3 Gemma steps in for Erna. course, homework. However, he is always thoughtful and ready to help anyone in need. It is a joy having him in class. Lina, in Level 1, has had the good fortune of having not one—but two—teachers this session. She studied for the first six weeks with Candace. For the last three weeks she has been studying with Margot. Level 1 Page 5 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  6. 6. Reports from Our Teachers, Continued by Tak Noh David said: Tak makes me smile. He is a very devoted student and constantly seeks to improve his English. Tak has taught me a lot about his homeland, Korea. JM is very serious and very efficient. When she laughs, the whole room laughs with her! JJ is careful and thorough. She has worked hard to attain her high level of English. Level 4 Yen is smart and mischievous. She is going to be a very Anne’s comments are: Page 5 successful business woman. Steve(Kim) : Steve always has a smile. Chang is brilliant in so many ways, but English is not his highest priority. However, he knows it well! Mindy : I appreciate Mindy’s good pronunciation so much~! Tereza’s youth is inspiring and invigorating. It is a pleasure to experience her enthusiasm and ambition. Annie : She is such a lovely, bright student. Robin : He is a serious but good humored student. Olga : She is the touch of Latin spice in our class. Seunghoon : Hoon is very smart and kind. Jinhua : He is a nice person. The result is I have to study more seriously than before. Almost every day, now that I am in the U.S., I take Level 5 some classes in the ESL Institute. My teacher, Ms. Anne, is excel-lent, magnificent and energetic. I am learning Grammar, Writing, Listening, and speaking. I like to study MY EXPERIENCE grammar, but it is difficult. For instance: before I used bad forms for my sentences. When I learned it, I said "Okay, I IN LEARNING get it!" by myself. English is not only easy but also fun ENGLISH by Mindy even though the process is often difficult. The reason for this difficulty, when I talk with someone, is that I do know what I am going to say but my tongue may not make the My name is Min-Kyung Park. Also I have a nickname which is right words and I can barely talk. My teacher always gives Mindy. I come from South Korea. I have been here for almost two us assignments that are fairly helpful. I try watching years. I am here to learn English. I would like to introduce my movies without any subtitles and listening to American experiences in learning English. I learned English when I was a singers' songs sometimes. I would like to talk on the little girl. I had experience with how to speak, read, write, and so phone with my friend, too. Maybe I must read some books on. For instance: if I learned how to read words, my teacher asked and write some articles, too. I think these are helpful with me some questions or gave me tests about what I learned and my learning English. remembered. If I could not answer correctly, she gave some I would like to improve a lot in my English. I have punishments. I would have to write a full page of words and studied harder because I would like to go to school and sentences. It was frustrating when I did not get a good grade. I also get a better job. I will finish the ESL course as best I can. had a problem that I only liked it when I did not have to make an Then I am going to go a University and major in nursing. I effort. However, it was fun and interesting to me. I should have would like a plenty of experiences while I am able to studied harder. study English in the U.S. Page 6 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  7. 7. Questions & Answers by Tereza Hausmanova What is your best experience with ESL? Kwangtak Noh Umm… it’s really hard to choose just one experience with the ESL course. As most of you guys know, I spent a long time with this amazing course for my English studying. If I had to choose only one, I would like to say: “My best experiences with ESL are the variety of field trips.” Every semester we have two field trips. Usually we visit around Chattanooga. Sometimes we travelled to some cities farther away. We travelled to other cities such as Knoxville, Memphis, Helena and Atlanta which are far from Chattanooga. They were really nice experiences. I could feel a lot of things about such a big U.S. city’s impression and Yen and Mindy atmosphere in different cities and I had joyful and memorable times with my good friends. How would you describe this summer semester at ESL? Yen, Vietnam In Knoxville I felt Tennessee’s beautiful nature, at We have a lot of fun in summer semester except that the Memphis I felt the jazz groove with special city weather is extremely hot. The parking lot is not crowded scenery, at Helen I enjoyed the European style of the so we can easily find a parking space. Summer is a perfect town and on my last field trip to Atlanta I was time to hang out with friends. We have gone many places, impressed by the modern night view of that city. It and we all had fun. was really a nice experience to travel with my ESL friends. The field trip in summer semester is the best field trip ever for me. We went to Atlanta, visited CNN and World of Coca- Cola. That was awesome. We learned some more good things. And one of the things that was the most fun was we went to Hiwassee for rafting. Everybody loved it. Min-Kyung Park, South Korea This summer semester is absolutely great. We have had a plenty of activities like taking classes with new books, selling ice-cream, meeting new friends and the field trip to Atlanta; visiting CNN, World of Coca-Cola and the Six Flags White Water Park. I like this semester the most of all because I met some Tak and Steve friends who are very grateful as I expected. They make me happier and laughing more even if they leave soon. I wish Steve, South Korea When I first came to America, everything seemed to we would have more time to stay together for longer. I hope we will get good memories of each other by the time me strange therefore I wasn’t confident. When I came to ESL in order to study English, everyone was the ESL program finishes. kind to me. Whenever I need help, they always help me. I could feel that I was becoming one of them. Page 6 Page 7 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  8. 8. Steve, South Korea (Continued) Now we are closer than friends. If someone asks me: “What’s your favorite experience?” I’ll say: “I met them, I let them know me and I became their friend.” This is my best experience. I love ESL. Edoardo and Abdul What are your other plans regarding English? Edoardo, Mexico Well, I’m going to spend more time in the U.S., maybe 45 days after the ESL program for practicing my English with American people. Abdul Alghunaiman, Saudi Arabia After I pass TOEFL, I plan to get a Master’s degree in Chang and JM Business Administration. My goal is to start my own business. After passing TOEFL, I’m going to get a How long have you been here? Are you going to take Master’s degree. another semester at ESL? Changdu Li, China I have been here since September 2009. This is my third semester. Through studying and at ESL I got strength in speaking and listening. But this is my last semester at ESL. I am going to study at UTC for a degree in Computer Science. I will come and join classes if I have time. Anyway, I love my teachers and all my friends in ESL. I hope, we will keep in touch. JM, South Korea It has been about 3 months since I came here. During the 3 months my cooking has been improved and taking ESL classes has improved my English. I’m not sure if I will také another semester or not because I want to spend time Hoon and Robin traveling around the States. I’m considering taking only Do you like USA and their culture? Why yes/no? morning classes in the fall semester. Hoon, South Korea I like the United States. Actually, I don’t know what this country’s culture is, but I can say I like people who I have met since I came here. They wanted and tried to help me as much as they can. They say “Thank you” and “Excuse me”. So I think that is their culture and that is why I like them, their culture and where they live. Robin, South Korea I like this country. I was so impressed about their family culture. Page 8 ● 7Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page
  9. 9. When and How I Started Studying Learning English English by Jinhua Lin by Seung Hoon Lee My name is Seung Hoon Lee. I am a 19 year-old boy who is from South Korea. I came to the U.S. with my family because my father is an exchange professor at UTC. I have been here for 8 months and I have been studying English in the ESL program My name is Jinhua Lin. I am from China. I have been since I came here. I began to learn English when I was in the here for one year. I live with my family. English is third grade in elementary school. Of course, I had seen the important for me, because I am living in the USA. I English alphabet a few times. Most of the students knew what have to learn English. If I don’t, I don’t understand the alphabet (A to Z) was, but I didn’t know at all. So, English what people are talking about. really bored me. I can remember what I first learned “This, That, These, Those.” They were hard to memorize, weren’t When I was thirteen in China, I began to learn they? English. At that time, my teacher David taught me to memorize 40 vocabulary words that were from the In this way, I had started to lose interest in English before I New Concept English. He always let me write one went to an institute for English when I was 10 years old. My composition every week. David came from China. He English teacher who I met at the institute made my interest wasn’t a native speaker of English, but he spoke come back. She taught everything from the first. She taught me English very well. He was a nice teacher who helped how to pronounce and read English. Indeed, the reason why I me to learn English. had not cared about English is because I didn’t know how to read English. After she taught me, my English improved and I thought that reading and pronunciation were my grade did too. From the third grade in elementary school to difficult. David knew that I hated to read, so he gave the end of middle school, I got one hundred points when I went me an interesting book which was named Funny to high school. The grammar was too difficult for me to Stories. The book helped me improve my reading. understand. So, I had not been studying English at all from the time I became a high school student. Nowadays, I insist on memorizing 40 vocabulary words every day, and I usually write in my journal Now, I am in the United States to study English. Actually I about what happened that day to me and what didn’t want to come to the U.S. because I had an anxiety about should I do. Sometimes, I watch cartoons on TV. I meeting and talking with foreigners. I still have a fear about meeting someone who lives in the U.S. but I try to meet people think it can help my listening. and want to make friends. To make friends, I need to study English. I have been studying English in the ESL program at In the future, I will have a plan that can improve my UTC, so my English has improved a lot. I don’t worry about English. First, I will read classic books. When I finish how I should start to talk with Americans anymore, but I feel I them, I will write a summary of each book. Second, I need to study more in order to speak and understand will listen to English music and watch English TV. I immediately. I have so much I want to do here. I want to make think those things can improve my English. Finally, I friends, finish learning English, get a driver’s license, enroll in will go to church on Sunday. I not only will study the university in the U.S. and stay longer. So, I am studying English, but also I can study the Bible. English in order to achieve at least one of them. I know English is hard for me; however, I will study I have a plan for my future. I will go back to Korea in August, hard. I have heard that everyone says practice makes then I will go to my university again to finish my first grade. By perfect. I believe that I can do it. One day, I will the time I go to the university, I will have been studying master the language of English. English to apply for the U.S. army. There are some U.S. army jobs in Korea. Before I apply for the U.S. army, I need to have a test to prove how well I can speak and use English. If I join the army, it will be really great for me. It will give so much advantage to me and help me with whatever I do in the future. I have not decided what I want to be, but I will just try to do Page 9 everything I can do with English. Page 9 ● ●Summer 2010 ● ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 10 Summer 2010 Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● Page 10
  10. 10. Call me! Text me! NAME Cell Phone E-Mail Robin 423-994-8219 Seunghoon Lee 423-802-6997 Mindy 423-309-0324 Annie 423-994-8167 Olga Correa 423-385-6294 Paolo Monico Gyeongyong Kim 423-413-5805 Wanghun Lee 423-802-0690 Zhiming Li 423-653-1381 Alehandro Torres 423-933-6257 Jungmin Hwang 423-463-7428 Tereza Hausmanova 423-255-7724 Yen Le 336-253-5186 Jeongjoo Seo 423-667-3750 Changda Li 860-218-5872 Kwangtak Noh 423-637-2487 Robin 423-994-8219 Seunghoon Lee 423-802-6997 Page 11 Page 10 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  11. 11. World Cup 2010: The largest soccer festival on the planet by Yen Le What is the World Cup? It is the mother of all international soccer competitions and it is Believe it or not? held every four years in a host country with national teams The octopus, Paul, which was a gift to representing 32 countries. The tournament has been played the Germans from the English since he every four years since 1930. This year , the World Cup is held in was 2, predicted the winner of this South Africa , and this summer, we are lucky to watch it together. year’s World Cup , Spain, as well as the winner of all 6 German matches before that. That’s unbelievable… Let‘s get some opinions on the World Cup 2010 from ESLers: Go Portugal! Brazil has a beautiful skill. I think Germany will win. Italy is the best! Congratulations SPAIN! Spain will get the cup. Argentina – I trust Maradona. Page 11 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  12. 12. The ESL GLOBE STAFF for Summer 2010 A Beautiful Memory by Jeongjoo Seo I went on a field trip with my family and the ESL members on July 14th and 15th. It was my first trip in the USA. I had expected it would be interesting before we went to the trip. And on the trip, I could confirm Tak that it was fantastic. On the first day, we left UTC for Atlanta at 8:30. We ate several kinds of dim sum for lunch. They were very delicious. We visited CNN after lunch. There were many people working for CNN. They were producers, cameramen, editors, and handsome anchors. We visited World of Coca-Cola too. We watched the procedure of filling a bottle with coke and we tasted many kinds of coke from around the world. It was a happy and full experience. I was tired, but it was the best day. Yen The next day, we went to the Six Flags White Water Park after we ate breakfast in the hotel where we stayed. We enjoyed the waves with a big tube in a pool. Especially, my daughter loved the park very much. We had a very fun time on the second day, too. I love to go on trips with my family. On this trip, my family and I were very happy, so I am deeply grateful to my teachers for making it possible for us to have a good trip. I won’t ever forget the trip. Seung Hoon How I Learned English by Robin Hello. I am Robin. I am from South Korea. I would like to tell you how Steve I learned English. When I was ten years old, my father taught me to read an English book. He used to talk with a missionary, so he was good at speaking English. There was not a student to read an English book in my age group. I had had a good score in English until middle school. I believed I could learn English very well, but I didn’t study hard. Now, I have been studying English for 25 years, but I know I don’t have a talent about language. I have studied some other languages including German, Japanese, Greek, and Hebrew for five years, but I Olga don’t speak those. I have been in the U.S. for ten months. It is easy for me to read English, but it is difficult for me to listen and speak to English. Even though my wife, who was an English teacher, didn’t like teaching me, my teachers and neighbors have helped me to speak English. As I study harder, I can understand the U.S. better. I think English will give me more chances for the future. I will focus Chang on listening and studying for the TOEFL. I am interested in watching TV dramas just like a “Royal Pains,” so I will watch some dramas to improve my listening skills. I am doing my best. I want to get a good TOEFL score to enter graduate school. After I get a GRE score, I will resister for a counseling degree next year. Page 12 ● Summer 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 1 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●