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Sharon Wyman's Media Memior

  1. 1. I have so many Auntsthat it is hard to count. I have 3aunts on my mothers side and 5aunts on my dads side. But then itgoes further. My Grandparentssiblings count too. So added tothat I have about 16 aunts. There are many of thembut I still love them all equally. Imay not see them all as much asothers but they will always havemy love. I think that the aunt thatmeans the most to me is my AuntSharon. I have actually nevermeet her but I have the mostrespect for her she had twodifferent types of cancer and shedied of heart problems. I have feltso honored to be named after her.My grandma tells me story aboutall of the amazing things she did My aunts in front of a church.and it makes me proud to havebeen named after her.
  2. 2. Being 13 years old I have obviously had 13 birthdays . Each and every birthday was filled with joy and laughter and most importantly family. Every year the entire family gathers to my grandparents house. There are streamers, balloons and a sign that says “ Happy Birthday “. We have pizza for dinner and open presents and eat cake after the whole family sits and enjoys sometime together. I always have an amazing day on myMy cousin Talia and my Uncle John birthday. I love being with family and having them around me. I love how close my family. Just knowing that everyone is enjoying themselves is what makes my birthday worth wild.
  3. 3. Christmas is my family’s favorite holiday. We have many traditions around Christmas time. On the first day of December we always put our tree up. Throughout the week the lights and decorations are put on.My little brother Christian in My family has many decorations.front of the Christmas tree Snowmen are all around the house. Ornaments over flowing the tree. Cookies being made. Even towels with snowflakes on them. My mom goes all out for Christmas. My Aunt Lori with her daycare kids , visiting Santa
  4. 4. This is the sign for my dance studio. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. Dancing is something I love to do. There is not a day in the week that I wouldn’t be caught going over a routine or doing any kind of dance steps. The types of dance I do are ballet, pointe, modern, hip-hop and tap. My favorites are modern and tap. Modern is one of my favorite types of dance to do and watch because the storyline doesn’t come across very clearly. So it leaves me guessing. Tap is also one of my favorites because I do very well in tap, it is probably the thing I am best at. But all in all I love dance because everything comes at the audience like a story and knowing that I am part of it is amazing.
  5. 5. My education is a verybig thing in my life. Both of myparents are very smart and wereA+ students. So I do always feelthat I need to live up to that. I doenjoy going to school. I find it asa time to escape from myobnoxious family and see myfriends. But, don’t let my lastsentence foul you I love going toschool and learning and realizinghow much I know and learn. It isamazing to me how much a brainretains in one sitting. We learn somuch and I think most studentstake it for granite. All the things inschool relate to our lives insomeway.
  6. 6. When I was little other then dancing I had loved to fly kites. I still to this day love flying kites. In fact every summer I go to my grandmother’s house for two or three weeks. One tradition that we have is flying kites in the back yard. Now that I have so many little cousinsMy little cousin Phillip flying a kite. on my father’s side of the family they join in as well. It is so much fun just watching the littler ones run around the yard pulling the kite behind them.
  7. 7. Most people say that they hatespending time with their grandparents, it isjust so boring and there is nothing to do andthere grandparents sit there and do nothingall day. But I don’t in anyways feel like that.My favorite grandparent is my GrandmaRhonda. She is my mother’s mom. Shebuys me everything I want and is alwayssuper nice and sweet as can be. MyGrandma has been through some prettyrough time. Five days before Christmas in2011, she had been in a terrible caraccident. She broke 3 bones in her face, 2bones in her right leg, broke her right arm, My Grandma Rhonda.dislocated her left elbow and punctured anerve in her right hand. To this day she isstill trying to regain strength in her arm fourtimes everyday. She has only driven 3 or 4times in the past year.
  8. 8. When I was in fifth grade my familytook a trip to Hawaii. We were going to visitmy Uncle Jim, Aunt Sarah and my twocousins, Anna and Eva. They lived out inHawaii because my uncle is in the Navy. Butthey now live in Korea and will soon bemoving to Naples, Italy. I knew that having achance to go to Hawaii was already soamazing but I was very excited to see mycousins. Although they were at school mostof the time, except for the days they stayedhome to be with us. We had done manythings on our visit. We had gone to thePolynesian Culture Center, Armory Museum,and many others that I don’t remember thename of. We went to many beaches as well, (left to right) My little brother Christian, mytwo of which were actually featured in my grandma Rhonda, my grandpa Jon, mymovies. But I think that the best time we little cousin Eva and my Aunt Sarahspent in the ocean was when we went out tothe sandbar. My cousins had taken the dayoff from school. I remember seeing jellyfish,all kinds of fish and what I thought was thecoolest, a sea cucumber. But we had tomake sure that the crabs didn’t come out ofthe crab holes and pinch us. Being in Hawaiiwas so much fun and I would love to go backin time so I could cherish that time with myfamily once again. The waterfall at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
  9. 9. Being a dancer manypeople think that when I brakesomething it is caused from dance.But that isn’t always the case, I maybe graceful on the stage but off Iam as clumsy as could be. I broketwo bone s while I was in the fourthgrade, my ankle and my thumb. Ibroke my ankle from slipping on ice.It was the day of my aunts babyshower and I was rushing to getinto the house and slipped and fellon the ice into the snow. Thenabout a week after I got my cast of Iwas riding my bike and I slipped inthe sand. I landed on only mythumb and my knee. It took meabout ten minutes to get upbecause of all the pain in my leg,There was blood running down myleg and my thumb was completelyswollen. I think that after breakingthese bones I had learned a lotabout how clumsy I was andhonestly still am.
  10. 10. When I was about 7 years old I had moved to Leominster from Holyoke. I had movedabout five minutes away for JA, in walking distances. I was enrolled there for 4 years, second-fifth grade. I loved every teacher I had there. I was very shy as a child so moving place to placewasn’t so easy for me. Throughout the first half of second grade I was usually sitting away fromeveryone else, they didn’t even exist. But I think as time went on and I became more acquiredto the my new surrounding I had came more and more out of my “shell’’ . Thanks to theteachers and the friends I made I am now a smarter and more confident person.
  11. 11. There are so many things tosay about my mom that it would takedays, so I am just going to tell you theinformation that I think is the mostimportant. My mom is 31 years old. Shewas born on December 8, 981. She hadlived all over the world because mygrandfather was in the Navy. She hadplayed the clarinet for 9 years and had achild her Junior year of High School. Sheattended Mount Holyoke University at theage of 19 and started to raise her child.Although she had to drop out of school totake care of her child. She then became awaitress at the 99 in Holyoke. In the year2006 in the month of January she had My mom and I at her cousins wedding.her second child. Later in the months theentire family had moved to Leominster.She then worked at the same chainrestaurant but instead of Holyoke it was inFitchburg. Her and her two children nowlive in a condo in North Leominster. Bothchildren are at school every weekday andshe attends work every day but Thursday.
  12. 12. My favorite band is thenewest pop teen sensation, OneDirection. I could listen to them all dayeveryday for the rest of my life. I knowall od there songs by heart. Theremiddle names. There favorite colors.And what I would say the mostimportant there personal life. I have somany things of One Direction that youwill probably think that I am crazy. Ihave a One Direction calendar, about30 or 40 poster, a blanket, 2 DVD’s anda teddy bear that has hearts that attachwith Velcro.
  13. 13. I have two siblings. Abrother and a sister. My brother is6 years old and turns 7 at the endof January. My sister is 10 anturns 11 in the middle ofFebruary. Christian attendsJohnny Appleseed ElementarySchool. He loves Power Rangers,watches SpongeBob and loves toplay with Legos. My brother and Iare very close to each other. Welive with my mom so we see eachother everyday. Charlotte doesnot live my me as my brotherdoes she lives with her mom inFall River, Massachusetts. She Christian at Universal Studios.has a younger brother and twoolder brother. One that is my ageand another a few years olderthen me. But even though wedon’t live together and I have todeal with Christian everyday I stilllove them both very much.
  14. 14. Summer is my all time favorite season: being out of school , hanging out with friends, going to the beach, going swimming and my favorite thing to do, tubing. Every weekend all year round me and my little brother go to my grandparents house and I love it so much, but my favorite time to go is during the summer. Every single weekend as soon as I get there we all change into our bathing suits and go for a ride on my grandfathers boat. Occasionally jumping out into the middleMy mom and her friend tubing of the lake. But then after the ride the fun happens. We strap up the tube, I get my life jacket on and set off. Hitting the every single wave. Skimming over the water, it is an amazing yet some what terrifying ride. The thing most people are scared of is falling off, I know I was. But then you fall off for your first time and you realize that it is the best part about tubing. You get the feeling of anxiety as you slowly fall off, but once you fly backwards it all goes away. My friend Melissa and me tubing
  15. 15. I may not go on as manyvacations as some people that Iknow, but I think that just makes meappreciate it more. We always go onvacations with my mom’s parents andthey always pay for it, which doesmake me feel bad sometimesbecause of the cost but they don’tseem to mind. With them we havegone to Walt Disney World threetime, Hawaii twice, I have been toAtlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville,Florida. Each of those visit were so Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World.amazing and I was able to spend somuch time with my grandparents. Mygrandparents are actually planninganother vacation to spend a couple ofweeks down south, so we can visithis siblings and also visit and dosome of the things my grandfatherdid as a child. I can’t wait.
  16. 16. The Wyman House in Burlington, Massachusetts isa big part of my families history. The house has actually beenfunded by the government and now considered a historicallandmark in the state of Massachusetts. My grandfather isactually the president of the Wyman House Association. Everysummer in early in the month of September, the entireassociation gets together for a meeting about the house,improvements that have been made and improvements thatneed to be made. The meeting usually lasts two to three hoursand then the house is opened up to the public. We havetraditional games from the 1800’s. People dress up in costumes.Quests are given tours of the home. Over this past summer, we gave many different The picture from the annualtours. On some of the tours my grandfather wasn’t able to come meeting from this past summer.because of work, so I had to take his place, with the help of theother members of the association. I had to set up the tables forthe games, help put up ramp for the handicapped. Although Ihad help it was mostly me that did all the work. I was the mainperson to get information from, the main tour guide and thescariest the one I had control of everything. So thank goodnessnothing went wrong. Having been able to know where my familycame from and how they lived and what they did is an amazingthing for me to know, if it wasn’t for everything they did Iprobably wouldn’t have nearly everything that I have now. A picture of the landscape of the Wyman House.
  17. 17. I am always terrified to go to the doctors, I hate the thought of somethingbeing wrong with me. Although I especially hate going to the doctors when I need x-raysbecause I know that something is wrong. I have had x-rays done many times in my life. Iwas born with a heart murmur that soon went away, but they do keep checking to makesure it doesn’t come back because it did seem to just disappear. It is terrifying to me tothink that I could walk into that dark room thinking that there is something wrong and thenI could possibly leave that room knowing that something is wrong I have also have had x-rays when I broke my thumb and my ankle. I rememberthe pain, as they try to move the injured part of you in all different directions trying to getevery single angle they need. I have had an x-ray recently on both of my ankles becauseI do have ankle problems, I have had ankle problems since I was about 6 years old andbeing a dancer it does sometimes make it much harder for me. I am usually wearingeither an ankle brace on both ankles of an ace bandage on both ankles. I think that I amhonestly very lucky that I can do all I do with my ankles. X-rays of the right thumb. X-ray of an fractured ankle
  18. 18. Newport is one of myfavorite places to go. I was born inNewport and raised until I wasabout one and a half years old.We had lived on the Naval Basebecause my grandpa was in thenavy. I don’t remember any of itbut the stories are pretty good.Since I was born every summerwe take a day so go to Newport.The number one thing I lookforward to every year is the Fudgewe get, we get it from the samestore every year. We usually alsoget some kind of sweatshirt orshirt to remember our day wehad.
  19. 19. Zoo I have been to many zoos in my lifetime of thirteen years, so many that I won’teven name them, but I will name my favorite. My favorite zoo is in Providence, RhodeIsland. It is the Roger William Park Zoo. I have been their numerous times and each timeI go, I get a new memory. Each memory was another time with my family. In fact one ofthe times I went I was with my dad, my grandma, my little cousin Julie and one of mybest friends, Kaitlyn Stemler. As we were walking towards the exit a bee flew into mydad’s pocket. Kaitlyn is allergic to bees so we knew that we had to get away, but wecouldn’t go to far because we were with a group. But then the bee started to follow. Mydad told us to run, so of course we did. As we began to slow down my dad ran up to us.My dad was sadly been stung afterwards on the back of his ankle, which did give himmuch pain. But he thought that at least it was him and not Kaitlyn that got stung by thebee.
  20. 20. This is the kind of phone I have. My phone is like my child. I have it all the time. By my side all day everyday.A woke up with the sound of my alarm and usually fall asleep texting. During schoolmy phone is always in my pocket, off I might add. Although because there is a ghostin my phone it turns on and off by itself all the time, usually by the end of first periodits back on again. In fact sometimes when I’m trying to send a text message myphone will just shut off with no warning. Making me have to wait at the least 5minutes. It is very frustrating. But even though I don’t have an fancy kind of smartphone I do cherish my phone.
  21. 21. I think that everyone deserves to laugh. Laughing gets you through any kind of situation. Whether its awkward, funny, depressing, or just really anything. Everyone has a different kind of laugh. I always love to hear different people laughing. It could be deep, it could be high, it could be fake. ManyA comedy group from Australia that I watchon Youtube. people, especially my friends, say that when I laugh I sound like a little baby, but I don’t really think so. I mean I am 13 years old I hope I don’t sound like a baby.
  22. 22. I am scared of many things but one of my top ten isroller skating. I hate the feeling of falling over. Even though youcan always get right back up and try again that is a hard thing forme to do. When I was 8 years old we went to Roll-On-America. Iended up falling and sprained my ankle. I was on crutches forabout a week and had to wear a splint for a few more weeks,because of this injury I have never worn roller skates again and Idon’t really plan on it.The place where I sprained my ankle, Roll-On America.
  23. 23. Throughout life Ibelieve that there is nopossible way that one personon this entire earth could nothave a single friend. Whetheryour are the biggest bully orthe quietest person in school.You know you have someonethere for you. My friends arealways there for me when Ineed them. I will always havea shoulder to cry on. I wouldn’tin any way say I am “popular”or “nerdy”. I think that my Some of my friends that I dance with.friends and I are somewherein the middle. I think that theonly word that can describethe friends I have is weird. Ihonestly love all of my friendsfrom now till forever.
  24. 24. My youth was very confusingfor me as a child. We had moved arounda lot . I would go back and forth mygrandparents house. I never knew whatwe were going to do, what our plans forthe days were. We really just winged it,pretty much everything we did was atrandom. I would be with my mom oneday and my grandma the next.Sometimes my Uncle J would watch me.There were times when I actually hadgone to work with my mom, I would sit in Plains Elementary School, this isthe back and talk with her co-workers. I the school I attended inmean my childhood was always very kindergarten.amazing but, oh so confusing as well. Selser Elementary School, this is the school I attended in first grade.
  25. 25. “Under the Pillow” is anexpression I like to use. I would not inany way say I use it everyday though.The way I interpret this quote is itmeans that the things that you keep toyourself are fully classified just for youand you always. I think that everyonehas something that they keep “Underthe Pillow’. Whether it is unhappinessor feelings about someone, it is alwayssomething.
  26. 26. My least favorite thing in life is whenpeople quit. Especially when you have to work in agroup for a project and say one of the students inyour group aren’t participating and decide to walkaway and talk to someone in the other group. Orwhen you are part of a team and you stick it out forhalf of the year and then quit right before acompetition or a game. Leaving the rest of the teamout cold. I never understand why people do this. Ifyou make a commitment you should keep it.