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Spring 2011 ESL Globe


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The ESL Globe is the newsletter of the English as a Second Language Institute at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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Spring 2011 ESL Globe

  1. 1. A publication ofThe ESL Globe the ESL institute University of Tennessee at Spring 2011 Chattanooga We are learning and having fun! Learning English in the morning. Learning English in the afternoon. Fun times in the classroom. Fun times in the ESL lounge. Valentines and shamrocks. Chinese New Year and Chinese food! Birthdays and birthday cakes! Bowling, travelling, and learning. Riding in a great big bus to the heart of Tennessee. More food at lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s. Learning about the distillery process at Lynchburg. Kites and scavenger hunts in the park. Meeting the Soddy-Daisy High School students. Making friends. Greetings and farewells. The graduation luncheon. More food! More farewells. Learning and having fun. Let’s do it all again please! In this NewsletterJack Daniel Trip Miss Mary Bobo’s Bowling Trip Korean Students Chinese New Year Comments Stories Fun Page Call Me Text Me Birthdays Pictures Puzzles
  2. 2. ActivitiesTrip to Lynchburg: Jack Daniel’s Gentlemen with Jack.At Jack Daniel’s Distillery. By Azeez | We are always learning new andinteresting things. We had the chance to visit Jack Daniel’sdistillery and to learn about the special process of makingJack Daniel’s whiskey. The weather was cold and wet butthe tour was fun--starting with a short video explaining JackDaniel’s history, and ending with the packing and shipping.In our first stop we got to see the wood they made charcoalfrom. Two inch by two inch sticks of sugar maple are burneddown in ricks in order to obtain just the right quality ofcharcoal for filtering each drop of Jack Daniel’s TennesseeWhiskey. We learned about milling and mashing,fermenting and distilling, mellowing and barrelling. Our Learning Jack’s history.tour guide, Angie, kept us moving along the tourist trailwith many a giggle. A rick of sugar maple. Sugar maple charcoal. Jack’s Jewels. Comments Steve Although it was a one-day trip, I still enjoyed it. The distillery and the tour guide showed us the process of making whiskey. For me, the whiskey taste ice cream gave me a deep impression. It was a wonderful experience. Azeez It was an interesting trip. The smell was strange and With our tour guide, Angie. Sam, Jack, and Majid. interesting. I enjoyed the story behind Jack Daniel’s. The whole trip was planned well. “The weather was cold and wet but the Basil Alfouzan It’s a good new experience. tour was fun.”--Azeez Page 2 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  3. 3. ActivitiesLynchburg: Lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s With our host. Chillin’ in the gift shop. Caety. At table. Jumping for joy. More jumping. More joy.At Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House Resturant. By Robin Lee | We enjoyed the great food (with a Creative cluster. Fun dining. Climbing the stairs.side of history) at Miss Mary Bobos Boarding House thRestaurant. This Tennessee landmark is now in its 100 Commentsyear of operation. This extraordinary restaurant features Carolyn Randle The food at Miss Mary Bobo’s was delicious old-timedown-home cooking just like Mr. Jack Daniel enjoyed a southern food.century ago. The boarding house began as a traveller’s inn Anne Rittenberry I especially liked the feast at Miss Mary Bobo’s 1867. Each party is accompanied to lunch by a host whois from the area. While we served ourselves fried chicken,breaded okra, turnip greens, coleslaw, saucy apples and Basil Alfouzan It’s a good new experience.cornbread muffins, our host entertained us with stories ofthe cast of characters who spring from the history of the Candace Long Our lunch at Miss Bobo’s Boarding house was delicious. Iboarding house and the nearby Jack Daniel’s Distillery. really liked the fried okra and sweet tea. Caety Carter Fun! I really enjoyed spending the time with everyone for theToday the proprietor at Miss Mary’s is Jack Daniel’s great- full day. The food was very cultural. I would go again!grandniece, Lynne Tolley. Monday through Saturday, sheprepares the noontime meals at Miss Marys. Lynne says, Jane Womack Although I had been there three times before, I had a wonderful time.“As Jack Daniels great-grandniece, I guess you could say itsin my blood to carry on the family tradition.” Miss Mary Steve For me, the whiskey taste ice cream gave me a deep impression. ItBobo ran her boarding house until her death in 1983, one was a wonderful experience.month shy of her 102nd birthday. Miss Mary Bobo’s Azeez The food was excellent. I would go back for the fried chicken.Boarding House Restaurant still stands today, welcomingvisitors for home-cooked midday meals.Aside from being known far and wide for her hospitality,Miss Mary is also the oldest woman ever to appear on thepages of Playboy Magazine. In an ad for Jack Daniel’s, ofcourse! The Boarding House itself is something to behold.After going through extensive renovations in 2006, it hasbeen updated to provide more conveniences and to offermore room for seating. But Miss Marys maintains itsoriginal charm, and visitors can enjoy the Southern-stylemeals that have been made famous here and may includegenerous helpings of country ham, chicken with pastry,fried okra, blackberry cobbler, and other specialties. In one of the elegant sitting rooms of Miss Mary Bobo’s Boaring House. Page 3 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  4. 4. ActivitiesBowling Party Having a ball.Put your right foot in. Lina swings. Azeez rolls. By Viviana | On February 11th, the ESL students gottogether and enjoyed a wonderful day of bowling.Everyone was invited to meet at the bowling alley in Hixsonat 1:30 pm. I got there on time. When I arrived, we only hadfive students and the entire group of our teachers werethere. Soon, more students arrived and then we split intotwo groups. It was a big game because there were tworounds. The group members in the first round were Charles,Samuel, and Viviana; and the second group members in thefirst round were Lina, Aziz, and teacher David. In the firstround, the winners were teacher David and Charles. In attendance.The first group members in the second round were Lina,Aziz, Charles, and Samuel; the second group members inthe second were teacher David and Viviana. Finally, in thesecond round, the winners were teacher David and Aziz. Itwas worth mentioning that Teacher David got very goodscores and he was the best player in ESL, and Charles andAziz also played very well. However, I liked to see Charlesplay bowling because he looked like a professional when heplayed. After two hours, we finished the game. We had fun Samuel shoots. Viviana fires away.and it was a great experience.Thank you ESL. With Charles. Page 4 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  5. 5. EventsKorean Students Vising Chattanooga Having fun. Learning English. Stories Yera Living and studying at UTC for 5 weeks has been very memorable for me. I learned here a lot of good lessons, good things and my EnglishYera and InSuk. skills are improving through the ESL program. All the teachers are very friendly and cheerful. My teachers always make it easy for me to remember the lessons. And it’s nice to get along with students from other countries. I can say that I have learned and experienced a lot in By Azeez | During this semester, we got to meet a just 5 weeks. If I were given the chance to study here again, I’dgroup of nice Korean students. They were all friendly and appreciate it very much. I recommend this school for everyone, if theysociable. I met some of them and decided to write about want to know English better. I’ll never forget what I’ve done here.their experience since they are part of this semester. They Tuesung My name is Tuesung from Chattanooga’s Sister City Gangneung,all came from Korea as part of a Sister Cities program. Some South Korea. I really appreciate that sister city Chattanooga and UTCof them are in their senior year and some are in their junior gave me a great opportunity to study English and learn more aboutyear in college. I asked them about what they had learned, American culture.the activities they did during their short program, how theyliked Chattanooga, ESL at UTC, and about their future plans It was a very short program but I learned from a lot of culturaland here is what they answered. experiences and gained confidence in speaking English. I think that if this program were more than one month, we can learn English more, and we don’t have to make a busy schedule. Yera I learned useful expressions, grammar and culture during my stay here. I like Chattanooga because of the fresh ESL class was very good. We had wonderful teachers who take care of us air, kind people and good weather. We went to Rock City and the Tennessee Aquarium. I met good teachers and they all the time. They were always trying to understand our broken English are very kind. My future plan is to finish my university very kindly and look for what we really need. Without teachers, I would degree. never have got my English skills. Thank you so much Nancy and Alex. After this program, I am going to teach at the elementary school. I’ll Hywon Jeon I learned grammar and conversation. teach them just like my teachers. I’ll never forget their kindness and Chattanooga is similar to my city. People of Chattanooga are love. When I go back to my university, I will study hard my major and very kind. So, I don’t feel strange. I visited the aquarium, remember my sister city Chattanooga. Thank you! Rock City, Challenger Center, CNN, and the Coca-cola Insuk I’m Insuk Eom from South Korea. Now let me tell you about my life Museum. My future plan is to finish my university studies. at UTC. If I describe my life at UTC in one idea, it must be beautiful M.S. I learned English. I think Chattanooga is a beautiful memory. When I arrived here and attended the class, I was nervous and city. Its citizens are very kind. I went to Rock City. It was a excited. This was my first American visit and in that time I was thinking good place. Everyone is good and nice here. My future plan that I will experience many new things and new culture. is to finish university and my major is English. Most of all I think that I’m a very lucky girl because I met very good Tuesung I learned English and had a wonderful cultural teachers: Eileen and Tom. They are so kind and have very warm hearts. experience. Chattanooga looks very much like my city. It is They treated me like their child. I can feel their warm concern. And there very peaceful and people are very kind. I went to Rock City are many students of another ESL program. So I met many foreign for our field trip. It was really great. I really like it. I met Mr. friends from other countries. I have had conversations with them in Temple who is a very kind person. I met him on the bus. He was trying to find a lot of information about Chattanooga English. It is also beneficial to my English study. I can’t forget the for us and he helped us get to the Asian Restaurant and memory that I enjoy talking with them. They are good friends. Later, I market and what we really needed. I am going back to want to return to study here if I get a good chance. I will miss UTC. Korea and I will study hard. Page 5 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  6. 6. EventsChinese New Year Steve caters a Chinese New Year party. “I wish you the best of everything in the Year of the Rabbit.”--Steve By Steve | Chinese New Year, often called ChineseLunar New Year, is the most important of the traditionalChinese holidays. It is an all East and South-East-Asiacelebration. In China it is known as Spring Festival, thetranslation of the Chinese name is Chun Jie. It marks the endof the winter season. This festival begins on the first day ofthe first month in the lunar calendar and ends with theLantern Festival.Chinese New Years Eve, a day on which Chinese families gettogether for their annual reunion dinner, is known as Chu Xi(it means the last day of the year in Chinese Lunar Calendar) All the best for the new year.or "Eve of the Passing Year." In China, regional customs andtraditions of the celebration of the Chinese New Year arevaried. People will pour out their money to buy presents,decorations, materials, food, and clothing. It is also thetradition that every family thoroughly cleans their house.People believe that it will sweep away any misfortune andmake way for good luck to come in. Windows and doors willbe decorated with red paper cut-outs and couplets withsome popular themes of happiness, wealth, and longevity.On the Eve of Chinese New Year, dinner is a feast withfamilies. Food will include such things as pork, duck, chicken,nian gao (Chinese food-- it’s like a pastry) and dumplings.The families will end the night with firecrackers andfireworks. Early the next morning, Chinese New Year’s Day,children will greet their parents by wishing them a healthyand happy new year, and receive money in red paperenvelopes. The Chinese New Year tradition is to forget allgrudges and sincerely wish peace and happiness foreveryone. Everybody loves Chinese food.Although I didn’t celebrate Chinese New Year with my familyI brought some Chinese food and shared with everyone. AndI was really happy that everyone liked the food. However, itwasn’t the orthodox feast and we didn’t have a long timetogether. I believe we have a pleasant memory in our lives.Finally, I wish you the best of everything in the ear of theRabbit. Page 6 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  7. 7. StoriesConducting AuditionCharles In auditions, there were nine applicants for conducting studies, including me. Strangely, I was relieved to hear that the music department was going to choose only one person for studying By Charles | Right now, I am tempted to go out of orchestral conducting. There was fierce competition in auditions. Thethis motel to change where I am staying. One of the lamps intense struggle and competition just made me feel comfortable. I wasin my room is not working, and another one is too dark. As just thinking that I would enjoy conducting with the CSU symphonywell, there is a bad smell over the length and breadth of the orchestra when it was my turn to in my motel; nevertheless, I am so happy. I don’tknow what to say. I am speechless. I don’t need to care At the platform for the conductor in the performance hall, Iabout bad conditions in here and complain to the desk in looked at the orchestral players with a smile, and before starting, I justthe motel that I am staying in. I would just like to keep my made eye contact with almost every player, even professors whomood and I don’t want to be distracted by anyone. I am watched me closely to evaluate my conducting. Then I gave them thegoing to talk about my conducting trip for final auditions in preparatory beat to get ready to start playing music, and then I justLong Beach, California. started the first beat for my conducting. We agreed in tone as if we had been practicing a lot together for quite a while. They just followed me One day in the first week of February, I got an with whatever I wanted to conduct; as well, my music score was just aemail from Dr. Johannes, the Director of Orchestral Studies decoration for my conducting. I didn’t need to see the score; I just feltin California State University at Long Beach. He invited me th my musical instinct. Consequently, I felt a smile crept over not only myto come for final auditions on the 8 of March for face but also their faces. After conducting, I was so happy andorchestral conducting. Actually, I had eagerly been looking impressed by the music that we made together; moreover, theforward to his invitation for an audition because the musicians unprecedentedly cheered with loud applause; further, duringinvitation –- I can get a ticket to auditions only if I pass the a break time, they also raised thumbs up to me whenever I met thefirst pre-screening audition and the second live audition -- orchestral players. Maybe, other applicants felt jealous of me.was the result of my audition made for the first time when Icame to the U.S.A. to study orchestral conducting for a After all of the auditions, the professor, Dr. Johannes, as soonmaster’s degree. When I was invited to the second live as he came to my room for interview, he asked me whether or not I gotaudition in CSULB in 2010, I conducted Beethoven’s first the TOEFL score that is required; then he kept going to tell me that mysymphony without being embarrassed to show my conducting was strong, and professors for evaluation and orchestralconducting skills; also, I really liked the school and the players were very clear that they chose me as the winner for the finalprofessor. Thus, I was really so happy when I got his audition. Furthermore, he said, he would choose me for his student, if Iinvitation for final auditions. Even though I didn’t have submitted a high enough TOEFL score as soon as possible, but if not, heenough time to prepare the audition music, Beethoven’s had “no choice but to choose the second best applicant.” Even though Ithird symphony, Eroica, I had been working very hard to get was a little bit embarrassed that I haven’t yet gotten the TOEFL score, Ipermission for the next step in the audition process. was so delighted. Especially, I was so glad that I got confidence becauseEspecially, this music is one of the longest symphonies, and I was the best conductor among nine applicants. I will literally do myit lasts about 50 minutes; as well, I had to study Music best to get the required TOEFL score even if I don’t get it to be acceptedTheory and Sight-reading tests to do the audition. I had no th to the school; my next TOEFL test is supposed to be the 4 of May;choice but to study conducting and the others whenever I th unfortunately, the due date to submit a score is by 15 of April. Inhad time before auditions. On today’s morning, the addition, an ITP TOEFL score for UTC cannot be accepted to the school.audition day, when I got out of bed, I was a little nervous Although I have one barrier that I will overcome sooner or later, I wasand excited about the auditions. I just meditated and greatly encouraged by my conducting; I really had a great time with theimagined my conducting that I was supposed to do instead CSULB orchestra for auditions. I will never forget my conducting trip forof practicing conducting. auditions in California. Page 7 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  8. 8. EventsBirthdays Page 8 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  9. 9. Break TimeFun PageGrammar and Jokes Answer quickly...joke (noun): something said to make somebody laugh; a What animal can jump higher than a house?trick played on somebody for funto joke (verb): to make jokes; to be not seriousPhrases: to tell a joke; to tell someone a funny story;to be no joke; to be a difficult or serious matter;to be beyond a joke; to be worryingOther Words: jokey (adjective); jokily, (adverb); jokiness(noun); joking, jokingly (adverb)An English teacher wrote these words on the whiteboard:"woman without her man is nothing". The teacher thenasked the students to punctuate the words correctly. A house cant jump! Solve the puzzle 1 2 3 Across: 1 ---- Is my brother 2 ---- It isn’t 4 5 4 I ---- to school yesterday 6 can you -----a PicherThe men wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing." 6 7 9 the cat is ----- the houseThe women wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing." 10 I have ---- apple 11 pleas come at fist ---- you can 9 12 ---- Is a good bookThis is a story about four people named Everybody, Down:Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important 1 ----- A dog when I was young 10 11 2 I want a ------ camerajob to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody 3 pleas come ---- Mondaywould do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did 4 I ---- at home yesterdayit. Somebody got angry about that, because it was 12 5 the number----- comes after nineEverybodys job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do 7 can you ---- as fast as your dog? 9 ---- This your book?it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldnt do it. It 10 I ---- a good studentended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody 11 I got up ------ seven o’clockdid what Anybody could have done. Page 9 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  10. 10. StoriesMy Visit to Walden Pond“Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed and in suchdesperate enterprises? If a man does not keep pace with hiscompanions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.Let him step to the music which he hears, however, measured or far “I went to theaway. It is not important that he should mature as soon as an appletree or an oak. Shall he turn his spring into summer?” woods ---Henry David Thoreau because I wished to live deliberately, By Q.Kim | I had a chance to visit the famous WaldenPond in Concord, Massachusetts, beloved place of the great to front onlyAmerican Transcendentalist and Naturalist, Henry David the essentialThoreau. One hundred and fifty years ago, Thoreau left thecomfort of civilized society and decided to live a simple and facts of life,self-sufficient life by entering the woods at Walden Pond. and see if I After two years of living in the woods alone, he could notsummarized his life in a book called Walden. This book wasrevised eight times before the final work was published. I learn what ithave had the chance to read Walden twice. The reason for had to teach,the attraction was not only because he influenced people and not, whenlike Gandhi, Tolstoy and Martin Luther King Jr, with histhoughts and philosophy, but also because many of his I came to die,thoughts were in agreement with what I have been discover that Ithinking. By walking the trails he walked I wanted to hear had not lived.”the drum beat that he was hearing.The night after returning home from Walden Pond, I could Henry Davidnot resist writing my thoughts about the Walden Thoreauexperience in my diary. The feelings could not beadequately described in words. There was certainly afeeling like the moment when lost departed lovers meet. But my feeling was much more joyful and full of wonder. Iwas happy-- no! Much more than that, I was in absolutebliss. Then I understood, I was in heaven. Page 10 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  11. 11. FriendsCall Me, Text Me Abdulaziz Alrasheed Robin Lee Majid Monif (423) 580-7110 (423) 994-8219 (731) 332-2408 Charles Jeong Julian Kevin Park (423) 902-2460 (423) 903-0677 (267) 250-2938 Toby Rayan Samuel (731) 335-0108 (248) 720-8566 Kalke Jessica Dana Kestel Sahar Al Gorges (423) 468-4081 (423) 653-1154 (423) 596-7253 Abdulrahman Alghunaiman Basil Alfouzan Chloe Park (Ki Ran Park) 202-701-8007 423-987-2567 678-231-1861 Michelle Steve (Zhiming Li) Q.Kim (423) 847-7861 (423) 653-1381 (423) 994-8141 Laura Hisham Al Dosary Viviana Carvajal (423) 903-0677 (202) 615-2340 (423) 645-8685 Page 11 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●
  12. 12. ESL Globe Staff Newsletter Staff Azeez Steve Lina Q.Kim Robin Viviana David ThanksMany thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of the ESL Globe for Spring 2011—and especially the ESL GlobeStaff: Azeez, Lina, Q, Robin, Steve, and Viviana. Specifically, thank you to Abdulaziz Alrasheed for taking a leadership role andediting the newsletter. Thanks to Lina for her many contributions to the newsletter—especially her exceptional photography;others who must be thanked for their photography include Viviana, Toby, and Abdulaziz. And thanks to Q for hisprofessional designer’s mark on this publication.--David Page 12 ● Spring 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ●