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Dental materials RGUHS Q-Bank for UG by PKD


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Dental materials RGUHS Q-Bank for UG by PKD

  1. 1. WROUGHT ALLOYS  *Annealing,stages.  *Use of WA.  *Stanless steel.  *18-8 stanless steel.  *Sensitization.  *Stabilization.  *Nickel-Titanium Alloys
  2. 2. DENTAL IMPLANT MATERIAL *Definition. *Types of implant. *Material use for implant. *Parts of implant. *Factors favoring Osseointegration.
  3. 3. DENTURE RESINS AND POLYMERS *Classification of denture base materials. *Ideal Requirements of dental resins. *use of resins. *Degree of Polymerization. *Spatial struture. *Polymerization,Types. *Cross linking. *Plasticizers. *Heat cure Acrylic resins,composition,steps,curing procedure. *Separating media. *Comparison self & heat cure resins. *Comparison resins & porcelains dentures. *Resin teeth. *Porosity of denture. *Crazing. *Denture cleansers. *Denture Reliners. *Tissue conditioners. *Plasticized acrylic resins.
  4. 4. RIGID IMPRESSION MATERIALS & ELASTIC IMPRESSION MATERIALS & ELASTOMERIC IMPRESSION MATERIAL *Classification of Impression material. *Impression compound in detail. *ZOE impression paste. *NonEugenol impression pastes. *Bite registration pastes. *Types of Elastic impression material. *Reversible Hydroclloids AGAR. *Syneresis & Imbibition. *Lamination Technique. *Wet field Technique. *Irreversible Hydrocolloid ALGINATE. *Note on Impressiom Disinfection. *Types and use of Elastomaric impression material. *Polysulfides. *Condensation&Addition silicon. *Composition of polyether rubber impression material. *Putty *Bite registration Silicones.
  5. 5. MODEL, CAST AND DIE MATERIAL *What is cast,model,die. *Types of Die material. *Ideal requirements of die material. *Die stone. *Electroformed Die. *Die stone investment.
  6. 6. GYPSUM PRODUCTS *Application. *Classification. *Property,composition,use of Type1,Type2,Type3 *Manufacture of GP,Dental stone,Dental plaster. *Setting Reaction. *Theories of Setting. *Manipulation. *Setting time with Factors affecting. *Hygroscopic Expantion. *Differences between Plaster and Dental stone
  7. 7. WAXES IN DENTISTRY *Classification. *Pattern Waxes i)Inlay wax *Manipulation of Inlay wax *Sticky wax. *Impression wax.
  8. 8. DENTAL CASTING INVESTMENTS *Gypsum bonded investments. *Phosphate bonded investment.
  9. 9. CASTING PROCEDURES *Steps in making a cast Restoration in detail. *Quenching. *Pickling. *Casting Defects. *Porosity. *Sprue former. *Ring lining.
  10. 10. DENTAL CASTING ALLOYS *Classification of Dental casting alloys. *Karat. *Composition,function of constituents,properties of GOLD ALLOYS. *Base metal alloys for metal ceramic restoration. *Nickel-Chromium Alloys. *Cobalt –Chromium Alloys. *Comparison of cobalt-cr & Gold type IV.
  11. 11. ABRASION AND POLISHING *Types of Abrasive agent use in dentistry. *Diamond Burs. *Dentifrices. *Denture Cleansers.
  12. 12. BASIC NATURE AND PROPERTIES OF DENTAL MATERIALS *Stress and Strain. *Elastic limit. *Resilience. *Strength. *Fatigue. *Toughness. *Brittleness. *Ductility. *Malleability. *Hardness. *Creep. *Hue,value,chroma. *Metamerism.
  13. 13. TARNISH AND CORROSION *What is Tarnish&Corrosion. *Classification of corrosion. *Galvanic corrosion. *Stress corrosion.
  14. 14. PULP THERAPUTIC AGENTS *Luting. *Pulp capping,types. *Base. * Cavity Liners and Varnish and there function.
  15. 15. DENTAL CEMENTS *Classify the dental cements. *Zinc phosphate cement. *Zinc polycarboxylate cement. *ZOE cement. *Modified ZOE. *GIC. *Metal modified GIC. *Resin modified GIC. *Calcium hydroxide cement. *Resin cements.
  16. 16. DENTAL AMALGAM *Classification of dental amalgam alloys. *Manufacture of Lathe cut alloy & Spherical alloy powder. *Composition of amalgam alloys and functions. *Setting reaction of all stages. *Delayed expansion. *Zinc free alloys. *Creep. *Propeties of set amalgam. *Trituration. *Mulling *Condensation. *pre curv & post curv burnishing. *Advantages and dis advantages of amalgam restoration. *Mercury Toxicity.
  17. 17. DIRECT FILLING GOLD *Application. *Contraindication. *Types. *Gold Foil. *Carbonized or Corrugated Foil. *Cohesive and NonCohesive Gold. *Mat Gold. *Powdered Gold. *Desorbing Orn Degassing. *Compaction.
  18. 18. BONDING AND COMPOSITE RESIN *Generation of dentinal adhesives. *Smear layer & pluge. *Hybrid layer. *Classification of composit resins. *Composition of composite. *Diff b/w chemically & light cure composit. *Traditional Composites. *Microfilled composite. *Hybrid composite. *Properties of composit resins. *Flowable composite resins. *Compomers. *Indication and contraindication of composite restoration. *Pit and Fissure sealants. *Acid etching teq. *Adhesion &Mechanism of adhesion.
  19. 19. DENTAL CERAMICS • *Use&application of ceramic. • *What is dental ceramics? • *Classification of dental ceramic. • *Composition of Ceramics. • *Feldspar. • *What is Core&Veneer. • *Condensation • *Firing prosedure. • *Glazing. • *Porcelain Jacket Crown. • *Castable glass Ceramic(Dicore). • *CAD-CAM ceramics • *Methods of strengthning . • *Repair of ceramic restoration. • *Ceramic posts