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Droidcon 2013 connected services burrel_ford

  1. 1. Duncan BurrellConnected Services and Solutions OrganisationDroidcon 10th April 2013
  2. 2. 22Objectives• Developing for the automotive environment andFords strategy for industry wide standards• Appropriate and safe in vehicle Apps/experiences• Consumer insights• Using the AppLink SDK and example developmenttimelines• Working with Ford
  3. 3. Demand growth for mobiledevices and applications3Mobile devices and applications are globally ubiquitous and highly integratedinto our customers’ lives.Source: KPCB InternetTrendsstudy; CNET.com;http://tinyurl.com/cftu8pq, Localeze/15 Mile study local search usageMobileusage isgrowingMobile internet traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic and hasgrown 2.2x in last 1.5 yearsNearly as many mobile devices (5.3B) as people on the planet(6.8B)>4.3 million visits to Ford NA’s mobile site in Q2 2012MobileapplicationshaveexplodedAndroid and iOS customers have downloaded over 50 billionmobile apps109 million US smartphone users used an app in the last 30daysApps are more than games; apps for news, navigation,productivity, and business have greater long-term value
  4. 4. iPhone 1Jun 200744Challenges for the Auto Industry:Pace of the Auto Industry vs. Consumer Electronics4 Ford ConfidentialLaunched Aug 2008Fiesta Gen6 Fiesta Gen6 MCALaunched Aug 20124yrsIn Service / Market Beyond 2020In Service / Market Beyond 2025Fiesta ??Beyond 2030In Development TodayiPhone 4Jun 2010iPhone 3GJun 2008iPhone 3GSJun 2009iPhone 4SOct 2011iPhone 5Sept 2012Upgrade Annually 3-4yrsMajorLaunchBi-Yearly 6-8yrsInProduction1-2yrs 3-5yrsIn Service 2-4yrs 10-15yrs
  5. 5. SoftwareVoice RecognitionApplicationsContent (Maps, Music, etc.)55Challenges for the Auto Industry:Brought In vs. Built In5 Ford ConfidentialBuilt InBroughtInHardwarePhysical User Interface (Screens,Controls etc.)ProcessingVehicle InterfacesCellular Engine / Data ConnectionEtc.Vehicle manufacturers will need to develop flexibleplatforms to manage complexity and different customerand market needsInfluencing FactorsLegislationNetwork Coverage and DataCostsVehicle Segment / CustomerProfileMarket / Region
  6. 6. 66Challenges for the Auto Industry:Open vs. Closed6 Ford Confidential• Control• Quality• Safety• ConsumerExperience• Scale• Cost• Innovation• Consumer ChoiceAutomotive Manufacturerswill need to combine bothOpen and Closed Solutionsto provide the best possibleexperience for the consumer
  7. 7. 77In-Car Connected ServicesConsumer Preferences7 Ford Confidential
  8. 8. 88Developing Apps for the Vehicle8 Ford Confidential• Ensure the User Interface is simple• Leave the driver always in control• Tasks should not require time critical actions• Limit the number of steps to complete a task• Quick Action Menus / Shortcut Commands• Maintain a logic of operationRemember – Less is More
  9. 9. 99Ford SYNC PlatformVOICE-ACTIVATEDHands on the wheel | Eyes on the road
  10. 10. 1010SYNC as a Global Platform14 Million SYNC-equipped VehiclesProjected Globally by 20153.5 Million SYNC-equipped VehiclesProjected in Europe by 2015SYNC is a Global Platform launched in:North America, Europe, & APA regionsOver 4 Million SYNC-equipped Vehicles Currently onthe RoadSYNC supports 19 languages globally inc. Mandarin
  11. 11. What is SYNC AppLink?112 - Access & control apps through SYNCvoice commands and vehicle buttons1 - App audiothrough vehiclesound system 3 - App content shownon vehicle display4 - Apps can accessvehicle data likeGPS, odo, etc.AppLinkAppLinkAppLinkAppLink isisisis softwaresoftwaresoftwaresoftware on the vehicle and on the smartphone application
  12. 12. 1212AppLink Demo
  13. 13. AppLink Developer Program13Access Developer Tools OnlyAvailable to Registered MembersEasy SiteNavigation & UsefulResources
  14. 14. 1414AppLink –Developer ProgramStep by Step Guidance forEvery Level of In-VehicleIntegrationAccess Industry-ExclusiveDevelopment and TestingToolsInformation &Support Right atYour Fingertips
  15. 15. 1515Ford App CatalogueThe Ford App Catalog is a CuratedDiscovery Tool Allowing Ford Owners toQuickly and Easily Browse AppLinkEnabled Apps Without the Clutter of theOther 700,000 Apps in Digital StoresClearing the Hurdle of App Discovery
  16. 16. 1616Ford App CatalogueFamiliar User ExperienceHome PageIncludingFeatured AppsVehicle-specificCategoriesComprehensiveApp ListingsVoice CommandsContent Pages…Until Download!Navigation
  17. 17. 1717AppLink as an Open StandardAppLink Source Code contributed to GENIVI AllianceCode will be known as “SmartPhoneLink”Release under the established BSD open-source licenseAgreements with Luxsoft and Telenav to contribute to“SmartPhoneLink”
  18. 18. Established AppLink Partners18TuneIn Twitter Napster Glympse Weather News NewsStitcher Aha Radio Slacker Amazon SportsRadioSpotifyRoximity Allergy Alert Kaliki