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Matchinguu droidcon presentation


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Matchinguu droidcon presentation

  1. 1. LOCATION BASED SOLUTIONS IN THE ANDROID REALMThere are many ways to Rome, some may look quite surprising Jürgen Fey . CTO matchinguu
  2. 2. AGENDA •  Matchinguu  backgrounder   •  Loca2on  Provider  Technologies  for  Android  devices   •  Use  cases    
  3. 3. SOME INFO ABOUT US WE ARE THE EXPERT FOR ”LOCATION BASED SOLUTIONS” WITH THE CLEAR FOCUS ON MOBILE. matchinguu  is  a  startup  based  in  Munich,   Germany  (headcount:  9+).  We  started  in  2013   with  a  clear  target:   matchinguu  is  providing  a  comprehensive  API  for   Android  and  iOS  as  well  as  the  needed  backend   services  and  hardware  infrastructure  to  allow   businesses  to  integrate  even  complex  LBS   scenarios  fast.     Yes,  we  also  built  complete,  custom  apps.                        
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES ANDROID API Easy  to  integrate  API  for   various  loca2on   providers.  Event  system.   Power  management.       iOS API Easy  to  integrate  API  for   various  loca2on   providers.  Event  system.   Power  management.      BACKEND SaaS Customer  dashboard  to   control  loca2ons  and   events.  Heatmaps,  Process   automa2on,  repor2ng  and   more…       HARDWARE Local  hotspot,  business   intelligence,  Beacons,   Backend  adapters  and   more  .    
  5. 5. LOCATION PROVIDERS ON MOBILE PLATFORMS CELL-ID WLAN GPS FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER GEOHASH SENSORS GEOFENCES BEACONS IOT NFC Many  op(ons   The  mobile  plaSorm  (Android)   provides  a  wide  range  of  LBS   op2ons.       Combine  and/or  use  wisely   While  one  might  be  tempted  to   use  the  best  providers  at  any  given   2me  just  to  be  save  the  user  will   not  tolerate  the  resul2ng  power   drain.  
  6. 6. CELL-ID If  the  mobile  device  is  connected  to  a  network  cell  (through  the  modem  part)   the  „Cell-­‐ID“  provides  a  clear  loca2on  fingerprint   •  The  network  base  sta2ons  (Base  Transceiver  Sta2on,  Cell)  are  sta2c   loca2on  reference  points   •  The  loca2ons  are  known  to  the  providers,  Google  and  other  service   providers   •  Triangula2on  allows  one  to  guess  a  loca2on  with  smaller  error  burden   Accuracy:  From  <  100m  to  >  20  km     Public  Cell-­‐ID  databases      OpenCellID  (h_p://    unwiredlabs  Loca2onAPI    (h_p://    
  7. 7. CELL-ID Use  TelephonyManager  to  retrieve  current     •  CellID   •  MNC  (Mobile  Network  Code)   •  MCC  (Mobile  Country  Code)   •  LAC  (Loca2on  Area  Code)     Use  PhoneStateListener  and  onCellInfoChanged  callback  to  retrieve  new  Cell-­‐ID   info  (device  must  be  awake!  wakelock)     Power  Factor:  very  low,  for  constant  background  updates  higher     Android  Reference:     h_p://    
  8. 8. CELL-ID Example     TelephonyManager tManager = (TelephonyManager)getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE); GsmCellLocation cellLocation = (GsmCellLocation)tManager.getCellLocation(); String networkOperator = tManager.getNetworkOperator(); String mcc = networkOperator.substring(0, 3); String mnc = networkOperator.substring(3); int cid = cellLocation.getCid(); int lac = cellLocation.getLac();
  9. 9. CELL-ID Nice  Android  appS:     •  OpenSignal   •  Cell  WIDGET  
  10. 10. CELL-ID Sidenote:   By  using  an  IMSI  catcher  (you  might  Google  for  that  one...)  an  en2ty  other   than  the  official  provider  may  „provide“  you  with  an  alterna2ve  Cell,  which   takes  over  the  task  of  network  connec2vity.       IMSI  catcher  detec2on:     h_p://forum.xda-­‐    
  11. 11. WLAN The  WLAN  signal  is  a  perfect  reference  for  quite  accurate  loca2on  info.   How  does  Google  get  this  valuable  info?    It´s  YOU!     Add  the  following  ingredients  to  the  sweet  cake:   •  Android  Device   •  GPS  and  other  Loca2on  Providers   •  Network  connec2on   No  need  to  use  Maps  etc  –  they  do  it  anyways  (occasionally,  anonymously)   BTW:  Apple,  Microsok  et  al  are  working  the  same  way   Public  Database:  h_p://  
  12. 12. WLAN Each  WLAN  Access  Point  can  be  defined  by     •  SSID  (Service  Set  Iden2fier)   •  MAC  Address  (unique  network  hardware  address)   By  merging  the  info  about  an  SSID  and  all  other  Loca2on  Providers  (when  available)  it  is   possible  to  build  up  a  Loca2on  Database  using  just  SSIDs.     This  is  what  is  happening  –  each  SSID  can/may  be  used  for  Loca2on  info       Known  SSIDs  can  be  used  for  inhouse  apps  (Custom  WLAN  Proximity)         Power  Factor:  high  when  always  on,  „manageable“  for  proximity  use  case   Android  Tutorial:  h_p://      
  13. 13. GEOHASH GeoHashing  is  using  a  specially  prepared  text  info  for  high  accurary  loca2on.   A  single  GeoHash  string  provides  info  for  a  two  coordinate  loca2on   Depending  on  the  string  length  the  accuracy  increases   8  characters:    38/19m   12  characters:  4/2  cm             h_p://­‐dimensions-­‐of-­‐geohash-­‐par22ons-­‐at-­‐the-­‐equator/  
  14. 14. GEOHASH
  15. 15. GEOHASH
  16. 16. GEOHASH Example:  h_p://      (Gleisdreieck  Berlin)   Some  databases  support  GeoHashing  (MongoDB,  SOLR  etc.)     Matchinguu  uses  the  GeoHash  info  as  part  of  the  SSID  for  customer  APs       SSID:  „magic_u33d8m58g_zH232J_powered  by  matchinguu“     Anyone  interested  to  provide  an  open  source  repo  for  such  kind  of  locSSID?  (lets   talk)     Nice  demo:  h_p://      
  17. 17. GPS The  „bread-­‐and-­‐bu_er“  Loca2on  provider.     Dedicated  GPS  hardware   Accuracy  for  public  uses  cases:  down  to  3m   Update  rate:  down  to  1s   TTFF  (Time  To  First  Fix):  may  take  loooong    needs  to  „see“  at  least  3  satellites  –  the  more  the  be_er    usually  in  less  than  a  minute,  but  s2ll  ...   Power  Factor:  very  high    (80..150  mA)     Android  Example:   h_p://­‐GPS-­‐Loca2on-­‐Ploqng-­‐Android-­‐ Applica2on        
  18. 18. GPS For  GPS  and  any  other  loca2on  providers:   Use  BroadcastReceiver  or  Service  with  LocaEonListener  to  set  up  true   background  processing.   BroadcastReceiver:  Android  adds  your  receiver  during  boot  2me  (if  listed  in   Manifest).  Quite  nice  for  apps  working  in  background.     Alterna2ve:  Register  during  run2me  and  send  an  PendingIndent  .  This  is   be_er  when  you  need  to  cope  with  states.     Service:  Generally  a  bit  heavier  but  s2ll  also  ok.  
  19. 19. GPS Unofficial  features:   <uses-permission android:name=„android.permission.ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRACOMMANDS“ />  
  20. 20. GPS When  used  wisely,  GPS  is  a  top  notch  provider  for  accurate  loca2on   informa2on  –  use  it  wisely  and  only  when  needed  and  you  are  save.   Do  not  use  it  as  the  sole  source,  if  possible.   Always  keep  the  power  consump2on  in  mind.   GPS  must  be  turned  on  –  in  case  you  need  to  ask  the  user  to  ac2vate.  
  21. 21. SENSORS Sensors  are  playing  an  increasingly  important  role  when  dealing  with  loca2on-­‐aware  solu2ons.     They  may  be  used  to  help  „guessing“  movements,  hence  a  new  loca2on  –  or  just  to  reduce  power   consump2on.     There  are  three  general  sensor  groups  supported  by  Android:   •  Mo2on  sensors   •  Accelerometer   •  Gravity   •  Gyroscope/Rota2onal  Vector   •  Environmental  sensors   •  Temperatur   •  Light/Sound   •  Air  Pressure/Humidity   •  Posi2on  sensors   •  Orienta2on   •  Magnetometer  
  22. 22. SENSORS The  number  of  available  sensors,  their  capabili2es  and  accuracy  does  vary!   There  is  no  thing  as  a  generic  sensor  in  each  category.   There  might  be  mul2ple  sensors  per  category  –  with  different  behavior.   Lots  of  supliers  for  the  same  sensor  category.   Some  sensors  are  sokware  only  –  they  are  modelling  the  reality  by  using   other  sensors  (accelera2on  etc.).                Source:  EE  Times  
  23. 23. SENSORS Access  to  the  set  of  available  sensors  is  provided  by  the  SensorFramework.   The  sensor  support  started  to  be  quite  complete  from  API  9  (Android  2.3).       SensorEventListener:   •   onAccurayChanged   •   onSensorChanged    SensorEvent  provides  the  new  set  of  data  (sensor  specific)      
  24. 24. SENSORS Sensors  are  also  used  to  detect/infer  user  behavior:   Significant  Mo2on  Sensor  (SensorManager):  „A  significant  mo1on  is  a  mo1on   that  might  lead  to  a  change  in  the  user's  loca1on;  for  example  walking,  biking,   or  si@ng  in  a  moving  car.“     mSensorManager = (SensorManager) getSystemService(Context.SENSOR_SERVICE); mSensor = mSensorManager.getDefaultSensor(Sensor.TYPE_SIGNIFICANT_MOTION); mTriggerEventListener = new TriggerEventListener() { @Override public void onTrigger(TriggerEvent event) { // Do work } }; mSensorManager.requestTriggerSensor(mTriggerEventListener, mSensor);
  25. 25. SENSORS Google  Play  –  2013:  new  AcEvity  RecogniEon  feature  to  provide  a  best  guess   of  the  current  user  ac2vity.  Based  on  sensor  input.   •  ON_FOOT   •  IN_VEHICLE   •  ON_BYCICLE   •  STILL   •  TILTING   •  New:  Running,  Walking   Generates  results  with  a  probability.   Low  power  implementa2on  –  may  be  used  instead  of  „homegrown“  solu2ons   based  on  raw  sensor  data.      
  26. 26. ANDROID LOCATION MANAGER Loca2on  Manager  used  to  be  the  central  instance  to  receive  Loca2on  info   •  GPS   •  Cell-­‐ID   •  WLAN   •  Support  from  API  1   •  No  Play  Store  lib  needed   •  App  needs  to  ask  explicitly   •  Some  calc  voodoo  needed      
  27. 27. ADDING SOME SENSOR INFO By  adding  addi2onal  help  from  the  sensors  one  might  be  able  to  be_er  guess   or  actually  know  the  current  loca2on  
  28. 28. HOMEBREW LOCATION SOLUTION By  using  all  of  the  shown  loca2on  provider  sources  it  is  possible  to  get  a  quite   op2mized  loca2on  informa2on.   Lots  of  needed  support  code   Op2mizing  the  bets  prac2ce  parameters  done  by  app  developer    Parameters  might  be  different  on  other  hardware      It  is  important  to  check  for  availability  of  each  provider  first    Essen2al  to  cope  with  ongoing  status  changes  (offline/online,  on/off)     For  most  devices  there  is  an  alterna2ve:  Fused  Loca2on  Provider  
  29. 29. FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER The  Fused  LocaEon  Provider  merges  the  available  sources  into  one  single   source:   •  GPS   •  Cell-­‐ID   •  WLAN   •  Sensors   •  Part  of  the  Google  Play  package   •  Not  available  on  all  devices!   •  If  there  is  a  Play  Store  app,  there  is  the  Play  package   •  Cumbersome  process  to  add  into  a  rooted  device.....  
  31. 31. FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER locRequest  =  Loca2onRequest.create()    .setPriority  (Loca2onRequest.BALANCED_POWER_ACCURACY)      .setInterval(10000)                                                            //  10s      .setExpira2onDura2on  (120000)              //  stop  aker  2  min  from  NOW    .setSmallestDisplacement  (25)  //  25m  min.  movement  for  update      .setNumUpdates  (5)    //  stop  aker  3  updates     mLoca2onClient.requestLoca2onUpdates  (locRequest,  this)      
  32. 32. FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER Loca2onClient  needs  to  implement     •  GooglePlayServicesClient.ConnecEonCallbacks   •  GooglePlayServices.onConnecEonFailedListener   •  LocaEonListner     Callbacks:   •  onConnected   •  onDisconnected   •  onConnecEonFailed   •  onLocaEonChanged  
  33. 33. FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER Priority  op2ons  and  power  drain  impact  (Source:  Google,  Galaxy  Nexus):   Priority   Interval   Drain  (%  per  h)   Accuracy   HIGH_ACCURACY   5s   7.25%   ~10m   BALANCED_POWER   20s   0.6%   ~40m   NO_POWER   N/A   small   ~Cell  related  
  34. 34. FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER I  am  here!  No,  i  moved  a  bit.  Now  i  am  here.  Wait,  i  am  there.    
  35. 35. FUSED LOCATION PROVIDER Always  check  the  accuracy  value  of  ANY  result  before  any  further  ac2on.  Even   if  you  get  a  7  digit  value  you  may  s2ll  be  off  quite  a  bit.    
  36. 36. GEOFENCES A  GeoFence  is  just  a  radial  area,  defined  by  the  loca2on  center  and  the   radius.  As  a  result  we  get  a  virtual  radial  fence.    
  37. 37. GEOFENCES – OLD STYLE Homebrew  version  -­‐  How  one  had  to  do  it  before(based  on   Loca2onManager):     Intent intent = new Intent(PROX_ALERT_INTENT); PendingIntent proximityIntent = PendingIntent.getBroadcast(this, intentnum, intent, 0); locationManager.addProximityAlert( latitude, longitude, POINT_RADIUS, PROX_ALERT_EXPIRATION, proximityIntent) ....
  38. 38. GEOFENCES – OLD STYLE While  the  old  style  might  look  good  it  had  one  major  drawback:     It  is  using  way  to  much  ba_ery  power.   Reason:  No  control  over  loca2on  request  update  parameters  like  update   frequency  or  provider!   The  default  implementa2on  result  in  constant  queries  and  your  ba_ery  will   be  cozy  and  warm  –  and  soon  empty.   Solu2on:    Implement  your  own  GeoFence  checker  using  onLocaEonChanged   and  some  math  (it‘s  just  points  and  circles)  and  issue  an  Intent  yourself  with   LocaEonManager.KEY_PROXIMITY_ENTERING  etc.    
  39. 39. GEOFENCES Now  Google  Play  Services  provide  a  new  GeoFence  feature.  Just  some  easy  steps:   Define  the  central  loca2on  of  the  GeoFence.   Then  add  the  trigger  event  you  like:   •    entering   •    leaving   •    both   Add  a  lifespan  (up  to  6  days)   Limit  of  100  concurrently  ac2ve  GeoFences  on  Android     Aker  ac2va2on  the  GeoFence  trigger  will  be  able  to  start  your  app  (running  in  background)  to  do   whatever  you  like.   No  need  to  watch  loca2on  updates  yourself   Power  footprint  op2mized.    Google:  1/3  of  addProximityAlert()      
  40. 40. BEACONS Everyone  talks  about  iBeacons™  these  days  as  THE  indoor  loca2on  enabler.   Apple  ™  trademarked  the  term.  Lets  talk  about  Beacons  then...     Basic  technology:      Bluetooth  Low  Energy  (BLE)        Bluetooth  Smart  NOT  compa2ble  with  „normal“  BT      Bluetooth  Smart  Ready  (dual  mode)      GATT  (Generic  A_ribute  Profile)      send  short  a_ributes/data  packets  with  specific  UUID    Two  connec2on  roles      Central      Peripheral    Two  communica2on  roles      Server      Client  
  41. 41. BEACONS A  central  role  BLE  device  is  able  to  scan  for  other  devices   A  peripheral  device  sends  out  „adver2sements“     A  Server  send  out  data  –  a  client  receives  it    Blood  pressure  device  is  a  peripheral  and  a  server    Android  device  is  the  central  device  and  the  data  client  
  42. 42. BEACONS
  43. 43. BEACONS TI  SensorTag    -­‐iBeacon  support  with  license      
  44. 44. BEACONS
  45. 45. BEACONS
  46. 46. IBEACONS To  use  BLE  for  indoor  purposes,  loca2on  etc  in  iBeacon  mode:   Device  needs  to  be  in  adver2se  mode  to  periodically  sending  out  data    20ms  ..  10s     Data:  47  byte  packages  including  (in  PDU  data  part  –  32  byte)    UUID    unique  ID  (hopefully)    Major    group  ID    Minor    individual  ID    TX  power  level     Apple  requires  hardware  vendors  to  be  a  licensee:   h_p://    
  47. 47. IBEACONS Source:     h_p://­‐technologies/ibeacons-­‐how-­‐do-­‐they-­‐technically-­‐work/  
  48. 48. BEACONS Indoor  loca2on:   To  measure  the  distance  between  the  smartphone  and  an  adver2sing  beacon   we  use  the  received  signal  strength  indica2on  (RSSI)     The  TX  value  is  the  signal  strength  1m  away  –  used  as  the  reference.   To  get  the  posi2on  we  need  2+  beacons  and  triangula2on.     Nice  star2ng  point  for  android  devs:   h_ps://­‐ibeacon-­‐service    
  49. 49. BEACONS Support  on  Android  device  just  about  to  start.  Only  a  few  devices  have  it!   OS  minimum:  iOS  5+,  Windows  Phone  8+,  Android  4.3+,  BB  10     Check  for  it:   <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH"/> <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN“/> <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.bluetooth_le" android:required=“false"/> PackageManager pm = ctx.getPackageManager(); boolean hasBLE = pm.hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_BLUETOOTH_LE); uses-­‐feature  false?    !  app  will  install  on  all  devices.  Use  the  PM  at  run2me  to   access  the  feature  anyways  
  50. 50. DEMO
  51. 51. IOT The  Internet  of  Things  is  –  at  least  for  the  mobile  device  -­‐  just  a  wild  bunch  of   „somewhat  ac2ve  tech“,  which  may  be  able  to  communicate.     Is  it?   IoT  device  may  communicate  with  the  smartphone  too!   They  just  need  to  sit  on  common  communica2on  protocols.      BLE,  NFC,  WLAN,  Radio...   Since  one  may  know  the  loca2on  of  an  IoT  device  in  the  scanned  area  you  will   get  one  more  loca2on  provider.      
  52. 52. IOT BLE  enabled  Arduino  devices   (Cortado  etc.)         WLAN  enabled  Arduino  devices   (Sparc  Core)    
  53. 53. NFC Even  NFC  could  be  used  for  loca2on  purposes    The  NFC  tag  may  hold  loca2on  data  (GeoHash  etc)    user  needs  to  be  very  close  to  the  tag  
  54. 54. USE CASES 1.)  User  walks  by  a  store  and  receives  an  mighty  coupon   10000  mile  view:   •  Loca2on  info  for  store   •  App  checking  the  loca2on  info   •  App  asking  the  server  what  to  do/or  just  knowing  (eventAPI)  what  to  do   •  App  showing  the  coupon   •  User  trades  coupon  for  goods   •  Coupon  is  tracked  to  user/transac2on  and  may  pay  the  app  developer        
  55. 55. USE CASES Example  of  a  simple  mguAPI  Event     •  API  wakes  up  and  ini2ates  an  Ac2vity  view   •  Further  ac2on  are  subject  of  customiza2on  
  56. 56. USE CASES 2.)  „The  big  drawing“  enabler   •  You  want  that  one  visitor  in  the  stadium  gets  the  big  price  (like  shoo2ng  at   the  goal  during  half  2me)   •  User  enters  the  GeoFenced  stadium   •  App  verifies  that  the  loca2on  is  „inside“   •  App  sends  a  token  to  the  server  aker  user  interac2on   •  Server  chooses  one  token  and  sends  back  the  winning  no2fica2on  to  the   winner  with  loca2on  based  instruc2ons  where  to  meet  the  contact   person.   •  Winner  is  able  to  meet  the  contact,  gets  on  the  field  ...  
  57. 57. USE CASES 3.)  Find  your  dog   •  Dog  is  wearing  a  small  GPS/GPRS  tag  sending  out  loca2on  info  when   outside  a  GeoFence  (not  an  Android  app)   •  App  receives  the  alarm  data  SMS  with  the  loca2on   •  App  leads  the  user  to  the  dogs  loca2on  by  using  maps  etc.    
  58. 58. MATCHINGUU SERVICES matchinguu  provides  a  comprehensive  API  library  for  indoor  and  outdoor  loca2on   •  all  possible  loca2on  providers   •  power  management   •  POI  management  via  internal  rules,  biz  logic  and  backend     matchinguu  also  provides  the  eventAPI   •  what  to  do  when  an  event  actually  occurs?     •  Manage  and  market  events   matchinguu  provides  the  backend  too   •  Support  high  numbers  of  POIs,  beacons,  customers,  partners   •  Dashboard  access  for  our  partners  
  59. 59. MATCHINGUU SERVICES Indoor  loca2on    Heatmap  display  via  dashboard  
  60. 60. MATCHINGUU SERVICES Dashboard    10000  mile  view  onto  major  data  clusters  
  61. 61. MATCHINGUU SERVICES Dashboard   •  Gain  access  to  current  stats   •  Op2mize   •  React   •  Steer  
  62. 62. MATCHINGUU SERVICES Coming  June  2014  
  63. 63. ANDROID REFERENCES Fused  Loca2on:   h_p://     Sensors:   h_p://   h_ps://­‐us/ar2cles/developing-­‐sensor-­‐applica2ons-­‐on-­‐intel-­‐atom-­‐ processor-­‐based-­‐android-­‐phones-­‐and-­‐tablets     Android  Source  Repo  Xref:   h_p://     Book:  (when  you  are  allowed  to  take  just  one  single  book)   Android  Programming  –  Pushing  the  Limits  (Erik  Hellman)  -­‐  Wiley