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New ADHD Medication Rules


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ADHD Medication Rules Need Attention: How to Fix Failed Treatment - With ADHD Neuroscience Evidence Changes Thinking. ADHD Medication Rules spells out the details for the public to help correct and manage the multiple problems with their doctors.

Understandable, useful and practical.

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  • i really think that the meds should only be prescribed by a psychiatrist who specializes in adhd, and i also think talk therapy along w/meds is imperative.

    i cringe when i hear a gp has diagnosed adhd and prescribed meds. when you think about it, it's like an ortho guy doin open heart surgery.
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  • Ann, I would recommend a trip over to YouTube at my channel there as it contains over 50 videos on many levels regarding dosage, duration of meds and how to get started carefully.

    Thanks for asking hope these help!
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  • I noticed your post are 2013, are there any updates for July, 2014?
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  • Start with this one to ask yourself why do we have so much denial in the face of all this obvious consternation with ADHD meds?
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New ADHD Medication Rules

  1. 1. {
  2. 2. Why New ADHD Medication Rules?Because no rules exist. Think about it.
  3. 3. The Public Refuses MedicalTreatment for ADHD ForGood Reasons
  4. 4. The public is unhappy because“Hyperactive andInattentive” Don’t Begin ToAddress ADHD Problems
  5. 5. The public is unhappy becauseControlled Meds Aren’tControlled – But Random
  6. 6. The public is unhappy becauseNo Dosage Rules ExistThat Make Any Sense
  7. 7. The public is unhappy becauseSuperficial LabelsDon’t Cover HumanComplexity
  8. 8. The public is unhappy becauseWhat To Expect: NoInstructions, Fuzzy Targets,Random Outcomes
  9. 9. The public is unhappy becauseCookie Cutter DosageStrategies Don’tCustomize Treatments
  10. 10. The public is unhappy becauseWithout Scientific DataCustomized DosingRemains Impossible
  11. 11. The public is unhappy becauseMedications ProveRemarkably Unpredictable:From Suicide To Psychosis
  12. 12. The public is unhappy becauseTrust Of Medical OutcomesWith Psych Meds InGeneral: SignificantlyDeteriorated
  13. 13. The public is unhappy becauseObvious EmotionalProblems: Too FrequentlyOverlooked
  14. 14. The public is unhappy becauseMedications Too OftenPuzzle Everyone Involved
  15. 15. The public is unhappy becauseWithout Precision TheStandard Of CareBecomes Substance Abuse
  16. 16. The public is unhappy becauseTheir Smart, Trusted DocHas No Idea What To Do
  17. 17. The public is unhappy becauseThey Know They Suffer, YetWant Informed MedicalTreatment
  18. 18. The public is unhappy becauseToo Often They BlameThemselves For TreatmentFailures
  19. 19. Many Docs ShareSimilar ADHD MedConcerns
  20. 20. Docs are unhappy becauseDiagnosis By AppearancesIs Simply Not Scientific
  21. 21. Docs are unhappy becauseMedication ImprecisionHas Become The StandardOf Care
  22. 22. Docs are unhappy becauseThey Recognize ADHD,Have Some Success, ButTreatment’s Too Often AGamble
  23. 23. Docs are unhappy becauseThey Don’t Want ToFacilitate Addictions
  24. 24. Docs are unhappy becauseThey Know Psych LabelsDon’t Cover AssociatedPersonal Issues
  25. 25. Docs are unhappy becauseThey Have No InstructionsOn How To Monitor TheseControlled Meds
  26. 26. Docs are unhappy becauseMany Still Believe PsychProblems Are Based OnWill, And ADHD Has NoBiologic Basis
  27. 27. Docs are unhappy becauseMany DistrustNeuroscience Evidence AsUnproven
  28. 28. Docs are unhappy becauseEven Adult PsychiatristsOften Don’t UnderstandADHD
  29. 29. Docs are unhappy becauseThey Fear Litigation WithControlled SubstancesPeriod
  30. 30. Docs are unhappy becauseThey Worry About DrugInteractions That RemainOff Their Knowledge Base
  31. 31. Docs are unhappy becauseMany Know They Don’tHave Adequate OfficeProtocols In Place ForControlled Substances
  32. 32. Both Doc & Public Concerns: - Inarguably Legitimate and WidespreadIt’s Time To ConsiderAvailable Science-BasedOptions
  33. 33. Such As:- Data Based Evidence- Precise Treatment Strategies- Predictable, MeasuredADHD Med Protocols
  34. 34. Every One These Issues IsCovered In UnderstandableDetail – Written For The PublicHere:
  35. 35. Online Bookstores: Bookstores:Jan ‘13Signed: www.drcharlesparker.comDetails: