ODHE National Meeting Day 2, February 2013


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Specific discussions on developing an ODHE blog.

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  • So, how are we going to make this interesting, and get people to return to it?
  • Remembering that you’ve been sent this information on practicalities … should be user-friendly – your job to let me know if something needs further explanation…
  • Can train up the main holder… remember we said everyone can contribute – but needs someone to hold the strings, and others to contribute as promised…
  • Useful for multi-author blogs… no need to write at the bottom of each post (what does this look like – screen)
  • What do each of these mean? Limits and possibilities …
  • Easy wins as a post … series of simple questions set up – be good to maybe have one a month – will take a while to get through…
  • Note here also the bolded sections to make it easy to read… easy to feedback ideas you’ve had from the sessions – needs to be full blog posts…
  • You must have texts that you regularly read – the same as you’d mention them to each other – also an easy win – though would recommend do more than the back cover as I’ve done here – but could just combine with a sentence or 2 as to why it’s particularly useful.
  • This is where we can really add value I think… explain processes that you use – generally – or – if permissable – specifics…
  • But also thinking wider options such as OD models, etc… share the resources that you use and find useful – especially good to share even simple posts on what/why apps you use!
  • If you’re really interested – check out …
  • Questions?
  • ODHE National Meeting Day 2, February 2013

    1. 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.ODHE WebsiteAction PlanDr Bex Lewis, Digital FingerprintURL: http://www.slideshare.net/drbexl/odhe-national-meeting-day-2-february-2013February 2013, for: http://odhegroup.wordpress.com
    2. 2. http://odhegroup.wordpress.com
    3. 3. http://www.slideshare.net/drbexl/blogging-with-wordpress-for-odhe-jan-13
    4. 4. Who is going to beresponsible? http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1066204
    5. 5. Add a Bio
    6. 6. ContributionTimetable http://www.rgbstock.com/download/fishmonk/miaHgsm.jpg
    7. 7. COPYRIGHTReally important to be aware of…!!
    8. 8. http://iStockPhoto.comFlickr Creative Commons:http://www.flickr.com/creativecommonshttp://www.sxc.huhttp://rgbstock.comIMAGE SOURCES(E.G.)…
    9. 9. Creative Commons
    10. 10. What Content Works?
    11. 11. • “See what we‟ve been up to”• Thoughts & Reflections• Reviews (Books, films, websites, etc)• Challenging ideas for debate• Interviews (Text, Audio, Video)• „Best Of‟ Content• „How-to‟ Posts• 10 things you can…• Guest Posts
    12. 12. http://www.slideshare.net/rohitbhargava/the-25-basic-styles-of-blogging-and-when-to-use-each-one
    13. 13. • 300-800 Words• Internal Headings/Bolded Sentences• At least 1 image• 1 idea per post, around KEYWORDS• Headline = assume reader won‟t read article• Careful „twists‟ on words, don‟t mislead• Clarify if it‟s a personal opinion• Spelling/GrammarWhat does a blogpost look like?
    14. 14. Keep People Reading
    15. 15. • Pull vs Push content• Interesting content• Regular schedule (set posts in advance)• Take comments seriously• Social media – especially Twitter• Comment on others blogs• Offer thought leadership• Post URL on printed materials.How do you get people to(continue) read(ing) your blog?
    16. 16. ODHE Categories & Tags
    17. 17. Meet aMember https://odhegroup.wordpress.com/201 2/10/09/meet-a-member-name/
    18. 18. NationalMeetings https://odhegroup.wordpress.com/201 2/10/13/reflections-on-odhe-national- meeting/
    19. 19. • One thing you enjoyed• One thing that made you think• One thing that youll definitely follow up• One thing that would have improved your experience• Any other commentsFeedback on National Event?
    20. 20. RecommendedText https://odhegroup.wordpress.com/201 1/06/20/organization-development-by- cheung-judge-holbeche/
    21. 21. Case Studyhttps://odhegroup.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/case-study/
    22. 22. Resourcehttps://odhegroup.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/app-review-national-rail/
    23. 23. • Is OD serendipitous?• OD in practice – what is it/in • Corridor Interventions (grab HE – different perspectives. audio conversations?) Everyone have a go at • How much can you plan for OD? ‘elevator pitch’… • 10 Tips for• OD in 140 characters // • engaging your staff comment on other definitions • dealing difficult situations• Coaching & Mentoring (series) • challenges for performance • Questions management • Challenges • How to collaborate in a • Difficult situations encountered competitive world/when does • Case Study: St Andrew’s collaboration become• Respond to previous posts competition? from a different perspective • OD Interventions/Strategy• Positive gossip… • Luddite … challenges to use• O.Dear… (humour) tech in our roles • Book: Liggy Web: HappinessBlog Post Ideas…
    24. 24. http://bigbible.org.uk/tag/31daystabb/
    25. 25. Bex.Lewis@Durham.ac.uk Available for consultancy (after June!) http://digital- fingerprint.co.uk/category /projects/@drbexl @digitalfprint @bigbible