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Introduction to Social Media


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70 minute session introducing social media to the URC Church West Midlands Synod.

Published in: Spiritual
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Introduction to Social Media

  1. 1. Introduction to Social Media for URC West Midlands Synod Dr Bex Lewis Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University Director, Digital Fingerprint Tweet @drbexl 120/06/17
  2. 2. Tweet @drbexl 220/06/17
  3. 3. The Digital Environment 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 3
  4. 4. Let’s “tweet” each other…
  5. 5. Tweet @drbexl 5 20/06/17 Image source: Stockfresh
  6. 6. Tweet @drbexl 6 20/06/17 /technology-making-us-anti-social.jpg
  7. 7. Tweet @drbexl 7 20/06/17 3/antisocial.jpg
  8. 8. 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 8
  9. 9. 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 9
  10. 10. Tweet @drbexl 10 20/06/17 networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/
  11. 11. Tweet @drbexl 11 20/06/17 media-use-attitudes-2017/
  12. 12. Tweet @drbexl 12 The-Night-Watch-The-real-story-behind-the-kids-on-phones-photo.html 20/06/17
  13. 13. Tweet @drbexl 13 20/06/17 youth-social-media-election-ge2017/ “Young people want to know that they are being listened to, that their voices count, and that they are not being patronised.”
  14. 14. Tweet @drbexl 14 20/06/17 teenagers-mental-health-churchtimes/
  15. 15. Tweet @drbexl 15 H/T @God_Loves_Women 20/06/17
  16. 16. “Bringing the young in…?” • “Jake told the executive that he never goes directly to a brand like this man’s newspaper or even to blogs he likes. ... he reads a lot of news – far more than I did at his age. But he goes to that news only via the links from Digg, friends’ blogs, and Twitter. He travels all around the internet that is edited by his peers because he trusts them and knows they share his interests. The web of trust is built at eye-level, peer-to- peer.” (Jarvis, p.86, my emphasis) @drbexl
  17. 17. Tweet @drbexl 1720/06/17
  18. 18. 13/05/17 oads/imported/uploads/2015/01/cycle_0.jpg Tweet @drbexl 18
  19. 19. Humans Tell Stories “When we met the women, we realised how this was actually real. This wasn’t reading research on paper any more, they had real stories so we wanted to give them the space they deserved. It was never a box ticking exercise, we just wanted women who embodied the spirit of the campaign. And that’s who’s in it.” 13/05/17 Tweet @drbexl 19
  20. 20. What makes people share? • Social Currency: We share things that make us look good • Triggers: Things need to be in our consciousness to want to share them “Different locations contain different triggers. Churches are filled with religious imagery, which might remind people of church doctrine…. And once these thoughts are triggered, they might change behaviour.” • Emotion: We want to share the things we care about (exciting is more shared than sad) • Public: If something is public, and on show, it's visible to others and enters their consciousness • Practical Value: People like to share useful bits of information that we think will help people • Stories: Humans tell stories - and useful information can be embedded in what seems like idle chatter! 20/06/17 Berger, J. (2014) Contagious, p.74 Tweet @drbexl 20
  21. 21. Digital Content 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 21
  22. 22. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute 20/06/17 marketing/ Bex Lewis @drbexl 22
  23. 23. Anything that you post on social media (article links, pictures, videos – everything) is essentially a part of your content… Like any other content, your social media posts absolutely need to be of high quality and provide value to your audience. Jeff Bullas, 2016 "Content is anything that adds value to the reader's life. It can add value by making them smarter, making them laugh, making them do their job better, rush to their child to share the video, make a contribution to a charity.” Avinash Kaushik @avinash 20/06/17 Bex Lewis @drbexl 23
  24. 24. Choosing Words 20/06/17 ; Identifying-the-Right-Keywords.aspx#sm.0001wwt07qkc3ew7sb81obzcj2yku Tweet @drbexl 24
  25. 25. 20/06/17 persona.png?t=1496421430424&width=674&name=church-persona.png Tweet @drbexl 25
  26. 26. Tweet @drbexl 26 20/06/17
  27. 27. Content that drives Engagement 1. Write for your readers, write as you 2. Inspire emotion rather than reason 3. Write in story/narrative form 4. Make content open ended – listen to audience, experiment interactivity 5. Offer real-time content 6. Give informational content 7. Visual, visual, visual! 20/06/17 content-that-drive-most-engagement/ Tweet @drbexl 27
  28. 28. Legal Image Sources 20/056/17 legal-images-dmmp1617-dsmmcm1617-bigag16/ Tweet @drbexl 28
  29. 29. Real Time Response Don’t overthink. Running through committees, endless drafts and approval processes to get a response out there can cause far more damage than good. As long as you have taken the time to assess the situation and can take a rational, respectful tone in your response, even an awkward response is OK to start with, and buys you time to continue to respond to the problem. 20/06/17 s-communications-for-the-social-media-age/ Tweet @drbexl 29
  30. 30. Modern Look Websites 20/06/17, e.g. via Tweet @drbexl 30
  31. 31. 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 31
  32. 32. 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 32 Agree ‘a voice’
  33. 33. Who does digital media? 20/06/17 Check out: and @chsocm Tweet @drbexl 33
  34. 34. Principles of Good Engagement • Be interesting • Be encouraging • Be active • Be helpful • Be authentic • Represent your organisation well 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 34
  35. 35. Know when to… 13/05/17 Image sources: Stockfresh Tweet @drbexl 35
  36. 36. Q&A 20/06/17 Tweet @drbexl 36 HTTP://BIT.LY/URC_WM_SYNOD