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#PremDac18: Introduction to Digital Marketing with Bex Lewis


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A 45-50 minute session at giving people a sense of what digital marketing is, so they can get involved.

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#PremDac18: Introduction to Digital Marketing with Bex Lewis

  1. 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing Dr Bex Lewis :: @drbexl Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University ; Director: Digital Fingerprint; Author: Raising Children in a Digital Age (2014)
  2. 2. "Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.” Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice (2015) What is digital marketing? @drbexl @davechaffey
  3. 3. https://vimeo. com/2774192 14 :: https://www.a eativity/check- out-all-30- grand-prix- winners-from- cannes-lions- 2018 @drbexl
  4. 4. • What digital marketing campaigns come to mind for you? • What do you think made you remember them? Discuss @drbexl
  5. 5. @drbexl
  6. 6. Purchasers? Sign Ups? Design? Return On Investment? Enjoyment? Awareness? Remembered? Brand Known? Media Coverage? Number of Views? Engagements? Best? @drbexl
  7. 7. • Purpose of the campaign • Understanding of audience • Key Performance Indicators? • Call to Action? Fit. For. Purpose @drbexl
  8. 8. “The first important decision you must make is to pinpoint an audience: who are you writing for? Quite simply, the audience is in the driver's seat. By and large, what the audience wants is what you should be giving them. You have to listen to your audiences to find and select the right narratives, language, and visual and graphic devices that will capture their attention.” Who is your audience? @drbexl
  9. 9. @drbexl https://www.of earch-and- data/multi- sector- research/cmr/c mr-2018
  10. 10. • What do you know about your (desired) ‘audience’? • Personalities? Lifestyles? Values? Fears? Pain Points? Discuss @drbexl
  11. 11. @drbexl http://www.thisg http://www.dan irlcan-interview/
  12. 12. “When we met the women, we realised how this was actually real. This wasn’t reading research on paper any more, they had real stories so we wanted to give them the space they deserved. It was never a box ticking exercise, we just wanted women who embodied the spirit of the campaign. And that’s who’s in it.” Humans Tell Stories @drbexl
  13. 13. @drbexl
  14. 14. • Web: • Twitter: @ThisGirlCanUK #thisgirlcan • Facebook: • YouTube: • Mobile App: Further discussions: (Social) Campaign Aspects @drbexl
  15. 15. Many body types & sports are shown – easy to identify - Positive not negative message (do, not don’t) - Catchy hashtag exploits modern social media - Use of humour (pokes fun at so much sexualised sport) - Inclusive & empowering rather than competitive, get moving, have some fun, enjoy friends – NOT fitspiration - Nielsen survey – social media used more by women for connection, creativity & entertainment Positives and Negatives? @drbexl Men are excluded (though have seen #thisboycan #thismancan) - Refers to ‘girls’ rather than women - thos some use #thiswomancan - Some grumbles ‘about sex’ and objectification - Ignores the older generation – partic 50+ - who are not represented *later campaigns illustrated this
  16. 16. • 25 million+ total campaign views ; 250,000+ interactions. • 302,000 Facebook and 77,000 Twitter followers • #ThisGirlCan trended #No3 TV advert launch night • Bespoke algorithm tweets users • ACTIVEMapX: Classes advertised increased 39%, whilst user searches exceeded 5,000+ daily • Digital library of shareable assets, utilised by over 4,000 partners and sporting organisations in the UK. Success Factors @drbexl
  17. 17. @drbexl “Older women said they had strong connections to the campaign beforehand, but they spoke about the fear of being a beginner. At 46, you’re maybe a little bit less inclined to start something new, so that’s what we’re directly tackling. We want to normalise the beginner and highlight that exercise is not just about the physical benefits but also about personal development.” •30 Jan: ‘Out of Home’ and digital •24 Feb: New TV Ad #ThisGirlCan 2017
  18. 18. @drbexl
  19. 19. @drbexl
  20. 20. @drbexl
  21. 21. • Social Currency: We share things that make us look good • Triggers: Things need to be in our consciousness to want to share them “Different locations contain different triggers. Churches are filled with religious imagery, which might remind people of church doctrine…. And once these thoughts are triggered, they might change behaviour.” • Emotion: We want to share the things we care about (exciting is more shared than sad) • Public: If something is public, and on show, it's visible to others and enters their consciousness • Practical Value: People like to share useful bits of information that we think will help people • Stories: Humans tell stories - and useful information can be embedded in what seems like idle chatter! What makes people share? @drbexl
  22. 22. @drbexl
  23. 23. • Need to have a purpose  Plan • Need to understand your audience • Digital mixes with other forms of media • Get inspiration from other campaigns • Seek ways to measure ROI • There’s no magic bullet: it takes work! So what have we learnt? @drbexl
  24. 24. • What campaign might you attempt? • Purpose of campaign • Planned audience/£ • Measures of success? Discuss @drbexl
  25. 25. Recommended Texts @drbexl
  26. 26. Thank you for your participation @drbexl Connect further: