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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Energy Conversions and Transfers
  2. 2. Pendulum pull back Transfers energy to change position POTENTIAL ENERGY x FORCE DISTANCE = WORK
  3. 3. Releasing the Pendulum block Energy transfer – does WORK Height PE so PE converted to KE PE KE position motion speed KE What kind of energy at the top? Due to ?? What happens to height as it is released? What happens to PE? What happens to speed as it drops? What happens to KE? What kind of energy does it have at the bottom?
  4. 4. The pendulum has a mass of 0.80 kg. Calculate the PE at the top. Calculate the KE at the bottom.
  5. 6. PE __________ KE converted KE __________ to building transferred
  6. 8. How does the unpacked snow do work on the skier? Did you use these terms: force, distance, energy transfer ?
  7. 10. Write the equation for GPE? Calculate the mass of the skier. Use the PE at the top.
  8. 11. GPE = KE = mgh ½ mv 2
  9. 12. How does the ball acquire KE when it is tossed in the air? What happens to the KE as the ball moves up in the air? Did you use the terms: KE, PE, converted, height, speed Did you use the terms: Energy transfer, work, force, distance