Part one ycta pac 2010


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Part one ycta pac 2010

  1. 1. YCTA PAC Activities – Prior to Fall 2009We have participated in CTA/NEA phone your legislators.In a unique local event, we initiated a petition for public education campaign. WE gather signature s ofmore than 500 members and others. YCTA President delivered the petitions to the State Capitol to ourlocal representatives in the Assembly and Senate as well as the governor. We were urging that our elctedofficials to minimize the cuts to education.President participation in President’s Lobby Day 2009 and 2010We joined with other locals a rally for public education on Day of the Teacher in May, 2009.We have been involved in two prior elections. Our first major effort was in 2006, we worked tosupported four candidates without a PAC we secured CTA ABC funding for our candidates and workedfor the candidates with some limited participation by the unit. We established our PAC in October atCTA Region at Leadership Conference. It was a late start but we had been collecting money in ourSchool Board Election Fund. Two of the four we supported won. One of them was our formerbargaining chair, which turned out not to be a good thing. In 2008, we managed to unseat a veryunfriendly incumbent (He even wrote a negative letter to the editor about us in this election). The resultof this election should have left us with four friendly board members out of seven. Unfortunately, ourformer bargaining chair was frequently the swing vote on the wrong side. Our membership participationcontinued to increase. Just before the 2008, we had a new PAC chair. While Susan Savage was veryhelpful, our PAC Chair will tell you she did not know what she was doing. She had just gotteninvolved, she attended the Emerging Leaders at CTA Region 2 Leadership in October just before theelection. Since that election she has attended the Political Academy at Region 2 Headquarters in theSpring of 2009. She was ready to attack this latest election and she did so with a plan and the completesupport of the YCTA Exec Bd.2010 school board election- Some background.Our district is characterized by a very fiscally conservative board and chieffinancial officer as well as an autocratic, hostile superintendent. Thesuperintendent appears very knowledgeable on educational issues and presentsthese matters as the expert and characterizes the classroom teachers as simplythe technicians that must be constantly monitored and trained to followprotocols. She controls the information going to the board.Our first effort in the election of school board members was the election of2006. We elected two candidates we believed to be teacher-friendly –including the former YCTA bargaining chair. In the later years of his term itbecame apparent that he was not only not teacher-friendly but very supportiveof the superintendent. In the election of 2008, two teacher-friendly candidateswere once again elected. If our former bargaining chair were still supportiveof teachers, we would have gained the prized majority instead we had acontentious split board.
  2. 2. In the 2009/2010 school year, three board members have made it clearthe climate at YCUSD needed to change. They brought attention to thedecline in morale as well as the failure of district administration to involveclassroom educators in decisions. One of these board members insisted thatall administrators be trained regarding the impacts of hostile workenvironments. The superintendent appears to condone if not encourage thisclimate of fear. Board members have been working to address the “tone,culture and climate”. However, the sharply divided board could reach littleconsensus or affect much action. An outrageous case of fear and intimidationat one school site was completely bungled in the superintendent’sinvestigation (or perhaps intentionally mishandled). We knew we needed afourth to remove our superintendent and that became our unstated mission inthe election of 2010 – a school board that would hold our superintendentaccountable or remove her.We had previously elected teacher-friendly pro-classroom board members,however the board was split 4:3 on many issues of great importance to ourmembership. Unfortunately the swing vote was frequently our formerbargaining chair, who we had helped to elect in 2006. The other large districtacross the river has outpaced our district in compensation for teachers in thelast few years as well as the basic respect accorded educational professionalsworking directly with students. We knew we needed to accomplish twothings: elect a school board that would shift the power balance and build thecapacity of a unit. Both goals were related to building a stronger local withmore involvement. 2009/2010 School year. Dinners with School District Board Members: Building a Relationship between our Members and our School Board to increase communication and engage in open dialog September 2009 Kick-Off BBQ for YCTA membership hosted by YCTA ExecutiveBoard and YCUSD School Board Members. More than 100 members attended with theirfamilies. Six school board members attended and even worked side by side with Exec Bdmembers to barbeque. The event was an opportunity to connect YCTA teachers and othereducators with the school board members. The superintendent and Asst Sup for HR were bothmiffed and expressed their displeasure that we had not invited the entire district especiallyadministration. They viewed it as our exclusive efforts to court board members. This was aYCTA meets the School Board event – not intended for all and the discomfort of our
  3. 3. superintendent was a natural and intended consequence. She prefers to be the only conduit forinformation to the board. Opening the lines of communication and building relationshipsbetween our membership and the board was our primary goal and her presence would not haveallowed us to accomplish that. Four dinners occurred during the year catered by local restaurants. The first twentyYCTA members to respond were invited to purchase their dinner and join YCTA for a dinnerwith two board members. The events were a relaxed opportunity for board members to hearboth the positive and the not so positive from our membership. The board members hearddirectly from our members concerns ranging from excessive bubbling of assessments, rigidpacing guides, the challenges of teaching without a prep). Spring and Summer 2010 - Candidates Recruited to Run for the Board YCTA Exec Bd meets to assess unit and plan We actively recruited two candidates to run for office (Ken Berri and Teresa Ball). PACChair, Krista Smith met with potential candidates to answer questions and encourage them toserve. In the future, we will also encourage them to pay the more $600 to file the candidatestatement with the promise that we will help pay the cost if he/she becomes the YCTArecommended candidate. This year we had a not unpopular incumbent (our former bargainingchair) running against a candidate we recruited. The small difference in the outcome may havebeen influenced by the fact that our candidate did not have a paid statement in the sample ballot,while the incumbent did. He had previously won by a margin of 69% to 30% and in thiselection the margin was 52% to 47%. Our problem was paying for the statement prior to thepool of candidates being identified and any endorsement process undertaken. We will need tosolve this problem in the future. During the summer, the YCTA Exec Bd met multiple times to plan for both theupcoming election campaign and to assess the current strength of our unit to develop plans tobuild a stronger local. Three initial priorities were identified: Site rep recruitment and training,increased membership participation in the selection of medical benefits plans (training sitebenefits advisors) and the upcoming school board election. We were completely committed tothese tasks in the early fall. August 2010 – Selecting Candidates to Support The filing deadline was in early August. All candidates were invited to complete aninformation sheet and come for interviews. Each candidate was not only mailed the invitationbut also personal contact was made by YCTA PAC Chair, Krista Smith. All members wereinvited to participate in the interview and recommendation process. Fliers and emails were sent inviting our members to the interviews. Our superintendentcautioned us about this email and we assured her that we would not use the names of anycandidates on District email nor in mailboxes. The battle had begn. This careful wordedreassurance we believed established our position and yet later she would go after one of our ownwho played within these rules without warning.
  4. 4. From: Nancy AabergSent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:08 AMTo: Dina Luetgens; Krista SmithCc: Tom WaltersSubject: RE: School Board Candidates/Rep CouncilMany thanks! Nancy H. Aaberg, SuperintendentYuba City Unified School District750 Palora AvenueYuba City, CA 959911530 822 7600 This opening exchange with the Superintendent. You will note later that she is NOT consistent.From: Dina Luetgens She will attempt to prohibit us in anyway she can. SheSent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 8:01 AM seeks legal counsel as to what can we get away with.To: Nancy Aaberg; Krista SmithCc: Tom WaltersSubject: RE: School Board Candidates/Rep CouncilWe will keep our endorsement and support for specific candidates off the District email.Dina LuetgensYCTA PresidentFrom: Nancy AabergSent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 10:24 PMTo: Krista SmithCc: Dina Luetgens; Tom WaltersSubject: FW: School Board Candidates/Rep CouncilHello All. Just to keep consistent with our practice/policy about political news and District email--please usealternate emails for any communcation related to the election and/or related campaigns/support. Thanks. NancyFrom: Krista SmithSent: Wed 8/18/2010 9:42 PMTo: Dina Luetgens; Barry Teachers; RB Teachers; Gray Teachers; YCHS Teachers; DO Psychologists; DO LiteracyCoaches; TB Teachers;; King Teachers; Bridge Teachers; AK Teachers; BV Teachers; ParkTeachers; RV Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; West Walton Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; CG Teachers; DOCounselors; DO Nurses; Lincoln TeachersSubject: School Board Candidates/Rep CouncilHello all, I hope your school year is off to a positive start! Please dont forget to elect Rep Councilmembers from your site. Each site may have one representative for every 10 teachers.YCTA has plans to utilize our reps more so we can accomplish more. Please attend our firstRep Council meeting on August 30th to find out whats in store.
  5. 5. As you may know, this is a School Board election year, and weve got eight candidatesrunning for four positions. YCTA will be interviewing the candidates next week. If you areinterested in sitting in on the interviews, please let me know and well be happy to makeroom for you. The interviews are currently being scheduled for Wednesday, August 25th,and Thursday, August 26th, from 4:00 p.m. to about 8:00 p.m. We will share our candidatesupport decisions at our Rep Council meeting the following Monday. I look forward to working with more of you this year as I continue Dinners with BoardMembers, participate in site visitations, and begin election activities. Please feel free tocontact me if you have any questions or are interested in helping with any activities. Iappreciate it!Krista SmithYCTA Political Action and Organization Sample candidate info sheet and notes from interviews
  6. 6. Four candidates emerged as candidates we couldenthusiastically support. This was different – we wereexcited about the balance these four candidates couldbring to our board. We made this our election campaigntheme. The four candidates were presented (Flyer shownto here) to the Rep Council for their approval on August30, 2010. Rep Council voted overwhelming to approvethese candidates. Our timeline was greatly improved inthis campaign from our last. We were able to completeinterviews and secure Rep Council approval – notpossible in the last election until after we had alreadymoved forward.
  7. 7. SEPTEMBER 2010 – GETTING OUT THE MESSAGE • Site Reps bring the message to their members • District Administration makes various attempts to silence our message • YCTA Leadership and CTA visit sites • BBQ to Meet the Candidates SITE REPS BRING THE MESSAGE TO THEIR SITES DESPITE RESTRICTIONS. Flyers with the names and salient quotes from the interviews were distributed to our membershipby our reps as well as opportunity to get involved sheets.. These flyers were hand delivered using amembership roster for each site. At YCTA our district has precluded us fromusing the mailboxes or district email to communicateany information about the election. In the 2006election, YCUSD threatened YCTA leadership with jailor prison time if we used district mail boxes todistribute any information endorsing candidates. At thetime, CTA choose to pursue legal action in the SanLeandro case rather than the YC case, given thepolitically conservative climate in Sutter County. CTAlegal has since advised us to follow these restrictionsand not risk it in our climate. Thus all membership communication could notbe done in any of our normal channels for reachingmembership. We would need to use alternate modes ofcommunication – quite a challenge. But the personalcontact made the distribution more difficult as made itmore effective. We had been allowed to return the PAC deduction forms by intradistrict mail but the District even forbade this practice.
  8. 8. A DOUBLE TEAMING REPSONSE TO DISTIRCT ATTEMPTS TO SHUT US DOWN. Two Football games at our two high schools AND we were there. Football is a community event in our small town and ourcross-town rival high schools are big draws on a Friday night(Sept. 17, 2010). So after one the district administration attemptsto shut us down again. We put YCTA members at both schoolson the same Friday night (homecoming at one of the schools).We wore signs on our bodies and passed out fliers to ourcommunity. We chatted with people entering the game to getour message out. In addition to getting the message to ourcommunity members we wanted our superintendent to know wewere there in numbers that we would not be deterred. We pulledoff this impromptu event as an immediate response to her actions. We clearly identified ourselves asteachers, since our community respects educators especially as individuals. DISTRICT ATTEMPTS TO STOP YCTA/CTA SITE VISITS Members of the YCTA From: Tom WaltersExec Bd and Bargaining Team Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 2:55 PMmade the commitment to use To: cmcguigan@cta.orgrelease days to each visit two Cc: Dina Luetgens; Nancy Aaberg; DO Principalssites. Our goal was to increase Subject: Yuba City Unified School District Site Visitsthe visibility of YCTA leadershipto our membership, to make Ms. McGuiganleadership more accessible and The short notice given to the District makes it unfeasible for the District to fully evaluate,responsive, to allow leadership to and our sites to prepare for, your proposed visits from members of YCTA and CTA on thegain first-hand knowledge about schedule you have provided.the climate and workingconditions at each site and to If approved by the District, our principals will require time to notify teachers that there arebring forth our message about potential visitors to their classrooms. Based upon the need for such preparation the Districtthe election both locally and would anticipate that visits, if approved, would not commence prior to September 20, 2010.state-wide. We coupled ourvisits with CTA canvass cards With regard to your proposal that school staffrooms be made available to YCTA and CTA for meetings with employees during school hours, this request is being evaluated as well.campaign. We were committed The District has no objection to YCTA representatives meeting with employees duringto this one-on-one and small non-duty time. However, to the extent that such meetings are to occur utilizing Districtgroup meeting method of resources during school hours, such use must limited to matters related to wages, hours andcommunication. conditions of employment. At this point any requests for release time for YCTA We coordinated the visits representatives will be handled on a case by case basis. The District is not at this time approving blanket release from classrooms to teachers in connection with your request.with site reps and admin. Thefull-day visits included meet and The proposal to grant CTA the use of staffrooms during school hours is being evaluated asgreet before school with treats, well and you will be notified of the District’s determination shortly.classroom visitations,participation in lunch discussions Tom Waltersduring every lunch period, and aclosing meeting at the end of the Assistant Superintendentday. Multiple contacts weremade with the teachers at the Human Resourcessites both before and after the Yuba City Unified School Districtvisitations.
  9. 9. Our District office administration attempted to shut down our efforts to meet with ourmembers at their sites. On Thursday Sept. 9, in a joint YCTA Exec Bd and YCUSD Cabinetmeeting, that included the superintendent, we informed the District of our plans – including allof the details of the political purposes to discuss both local and statewide elections and gatherthe CTA canvass cards. The Superintendent expressed her concerns regarding the politicaldiscussions. We assured her that these discussions would be strictly limited to duty free time i.e.the 30 minute duty free lunch. We fully believe she had acquiesced to our plan to visit ourmembers. She directed us to work with the Assistant Sup for HR to proceed with our plans. On Friday after being fully informed of all the details including the emails sent to siteadministration with all the details, he simply asked us to be flexible regarding dates with theadministrators. We put the plan in motion and were fully ready for the first set of three visits tobegin on Wed. Sept. 15. At 2:55 PM the day before (Tues Sept 14), the Asst Sup emailed ourCTA PCS Cathy McGuigan to prohibit the visits scheduled for the next day. They wereattempting to push us to postpone our visits until after the election. We were adamant in ourdemand to meet with our membership at their workplace. Fortunately for us that evening, was aYCUSD board meeting and we were able to make contact with several board members prior tothe meeting and make public statements that evening. And that began the media blitz thatblasted our District administration. Most of the blogs in the paper were in our favor. Our upfront and full disclosure again left us on the high road. We had been given the goahead and planned accordingly without full disclosure. We were playing the game within thevery restrictive rules of the District and we were still getting our message out. Instead of beingdiscouraged from action we spurred on with greater fervor. The superintendent resorted to liesin the paper to justify her actions. We maintained the high road. The superintendent underestimated our determination. She believed that we would foldup and put off our site visits, but we instead fought back and won. WE completed all of our sitevisits except for one before our September 30 deadline. The only remaining site was that of theprincipal engaged in a potentially very embarrassing PERB case brought forth by YCTAregarding the falsification of attendance documents. The principal threatened the site rep with areassignment after she refused to falsify attendance documents. This principal was delaying thevisit by our bargaining chair, but that was well with our expectations. We were quite happy tocontinue to make her uncomfortable. And this case will be significant later in the story.
  10. 10. Front page above the fold!!! Notice the name of our candidate in the headline on the second page of the article. We got free publicity for our four candidates within this article.Front page above the fold!!! AGAIN!!!!And our follow-up letter to the editor gets our four candidates names in print AGAIN!!
  11. 11. We fought it out and CTA legal backed us up. YCUSD Board meetings are recorded andincluded on the YCUSD website, so we knew any public statements at the board meeting would getpress attention. And we used this to our advantage. The Superintendent sparred with YCTA Presidenton the record, even going so far as to call CTA an outside agency. Following the board meeting thatevening, YCTA President, Dina Luetgens, met with the superintendent and Ass’t Sup for HR at 10PMand gained permission for at least the site visits to proceed the next morning and agreed to forego thepolitical portion for the next morning until legal counsel could resolve. CTA staff responded thatmorning by accompanying all three YCTA leaders to the three sites. That morning they got word fromCTA Legal Counsel, Priscilla Winslow that they could proceed with the political portion and they didjust that.
  12. 12. Needless to say the superintendent was angry. At that point they once again attempted to stopthe visits. The superintendent even resorted to misrepresentation of the facts to the press. She lied andwe managed to call her out IN PRINT. Legal threats and letters were exchanged, but we were able toproceed with the remaining visits. We simply did the political portion at the end of the duty day at thesite. We might have proceeded with further legal action, but instead we chose to use the moral highground – in difficult financial times the district should be spending money on students and programsrather than legal costs. Just made us look even better. Our CTA attorney cites legal codes and theirs not much… We are so impressed to be represented by CTA. We made sure to respond to all the District’s misrepresentations in their news release. Fortunately we have cultivated our local media. They came to us to respond and provided the District press release so we could respond point for point. We used this as yet another organizing opportunity to galvanize our members and ourcommunity. The District administration’s high-handed attempts to keep us from our members wereviewed as yet more evidence for their practice of fear, intimidation and harassment. And we simplyvowed to be more clever and determined
  13. 13. SITE VISITS INCREASE VISIBILITY OF YCTA and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Our site visits were an overwhelming success as members of exec bd and bargainingteams were able to fully interact with our members at their sites. They watched them in actionin their classrooms and interacted with before and after school as well as at lunch. Listeningand making one-on-one contact during these site visits was our third action in a Fall Campaignto build a stronger local with two primary goals: recruiting membership to work on the electionand building local power. The leaders made contacts during their visits to share the recommended candidates andencourage members to get involved in the campaign. They brought fliers with candidate info,forms for PAC contributions, and commitment cards to help with the campaign. In addition to building our capacity, we also delivered our political message for the localelection and state-wide elections. The full-day visits were very successful and we will engage inthe same in the spring to continue to build relationships and to bring our message regardingnegotiations.A sample email to site principal from YCTA President. Every principal received a personal email. From: Dina Luetgens Sent: Friday, September 10, 2010 4:15 PM To: Louise McKray Cc: Steve Jennings Subject: YCTA visits Bridge Louise, YCTA leadership will be visiting every site this September. It is our goal to watch and listen to get a sense of the operation at all the sites in the District, as well as gather and share some information with our membership during their lunches and a brief after-school meeting. We will start the day with morning treats in the staff room. We hope that staff will come in to welcome the YCTA visitor. Introductions and treats to start the day will be followed by observations in the classroom. We are hoping that our YCTA leadership may observe instruction at grade levels far removed from their own level of familiarity to better represent our diverse unit. Joining all members for lunch in the staff room will allow our YCTA leadership to listen to our members. Being present in the staff room for all lunch periods will allow our YCTA leadership to be accessible to all our members at a convenient time and place. At the end of the day a ten minute meeting will be held to close the visit. We will share some information and listen to the concerns and interests of the members at the site. We appreciate your cooperation in this important investment by our YCTA leadership in better representing our diverse bargaining unit by increasing visibility and access between leadership and membership. Steve Jennings, YCHS teacher on the YCTA Bargaining Team, will be visiting Bridge on Tues (9/21). Alicia will be coordinating rooms that Steve can visit. This is a great opportunity for us to improve communication. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do or should know. Thank you, Dina
  14. 14. A sample email to the site rep from YCTA President to set up visit.From: Dina LuetgensSent: Friday, September 10, 2010 3:20 PMTo: Schorre Philyaw; Alicia Gonzalez; Lupe Rose; Steve JenningsSubject: Visiting Bridge StreetSchorre, Lupe, and Alicia,Steve Jennings, YCHS teacher on the YCTA Bargaining Team, will be visiting Bridge Street to watch and listen. YCTAleadership is visiting every site in September. We would like to reach out to our members at our sites during the school day.We want to get a sense of operations at all sites. He will be there all day Tuesday (9/21).Could you please ask for volunteers to allow him to watch their classes? We want Bridge Street teachers to feel betterconnected and represented. I know you have looks to share. Please show Steve what happens at Bridge Street. I appreciateyour help to make this visit to your site an effective way for us to reach out to our members. See the details of the visitbelow. You may contact Steve directly by email.Thank you, DinaOverview of the visit.YCTA leadership will be visiting every site this September. It is our goal to watch and listen to get a sense of the operationat all the sites in the District, as well as gather and share some information with our membership during their lunches and abrief after-school meeting. o We will start the day with morning treats in the staff room. We hope that staff will come in to welcome the YCTA visitor. o Introductions and treats to start the day will be followed by observations in the classroom. We are hoping that our YCTA leadership may observe instruction at grade levels far removed from their own level of familiarity to better represent our diverse unit. o Joining all members for lunch in the staff room will allow our YCTA leadership to listen to our members. Being present in the staff room for all lunch periods will allow our YCTA leadership to be accessible to all our members at a convenient time and place. o At the end of the day a ten minute meeting will be held to close the visit. We will share some information and listen to the concerns and interests of the members at the site.We appreciate your cooperation in this important investment by our YCTA leadership in better representing our diversebargaining unit by increasing visibility and access between leadership and membership.Dina LuetgensYCTA PresidentUnited as Professionalscell 530-218-4089office phone 530-671-3598 Bridge Streetalternate email<>A sample email to the site teachers from YCTA President prior to visit.From: Dina LuetgensSent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 9:14 AMTo: AK TeachersCc: Lisa HaleSubject: YCTA Lisa Hale visting AK
  15. 15. Please help welcome Lisa Hale to AK this Thursday. Lisa is a member of YCTA Executive Board andAlt Ed teacher. Thank you to Jill and Trisha for coordinating for rooms for Lisa to visit. These visitshave been a great opportunity for YCTA leaders to see our members at their sites in their classrooms.Members of the YCTA Executive Board and Bargaining Team are visiting every k-5 and k-8 site in theDistrict. They will spend the entire day at the site.It is our goal • to make YCTA more accessible and visible. AK • to observe the work at all of our diverse sites • to listen to our members • to build connections within our unitPlease make her feel welcome at your site. Please introduce yourself and share your experiences andconcerns.I would like to ask you to • come to the staff room before school to introduce yourself. • join your colleagues for lunch with the YCTA visitor • say good bye at the ten minute meeting at the close of the dayPlease attend the ten minute meeting at the end of the day. CTA will pay for our visit if you will attend aten minute meeting in the afternoon. We need to share some information with you after the duty daythat the District is not allowing us to share at lunch - despite CTA legals very clear and convincingarguments citing legal precedence that we absolutely have the right to do so at lunch. There will be aprize drawing for those in attendance or who turned their cards in today in the meeting with Carl.I thank the members of YCTA Leadership who have volunteered so much. They are taking the dayaway from their students to see you at your site. To watch you at work. To listen to you before school,at lunch and after school.I thank you for connecting with them during their visit.Please enjoy the visit and allow us to make these important connections with you,Dina YCTA Leaders make contact with site reps to set up the specifics of their visits and also emailed the site teachers both before and after the visit. This is a sample of the pre-visit email from YCTA Exec Bd member.From: Carl KnorrSent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 12:06 PMTo: Lincoln TeachersSubject: YCTA Visits Lincoln Teachers Tomorrow! Lincoln SchoolGood morning, colleagues: The YCTA Executive Board and Bargaining Team are working hard this year to be more visible andaccessible to our members at all sites in the district, and personal communication is the key. As
  16. 16. the YCTA Membership Chair, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during my all-day visit to Lincoln School tomorrow (Wednesday). The day will start with treats in the staff lounge before school. This is a busy time of day, I know, and many of us have morning duty, but please stop by then if you have a chance. At lunch I will be joined by our local CTA regional staff person Cathy McGuigan, a real resource for our unit. She and I will have important information for you -- and more treats, too -- regarding the upcoming statewide election (candidates and propositions) and our own school board election, among numerous other topics. We will also be there to hear any questions or concerns you may have regarding school site or district issues, and you will have the chance to enter into a drawing for a prize any teacher will appreciate. Again, please come to the staff room if you are able. Wed love to connect with you then. After school, for anyone who may not yet have beenSchedule for Board Visitation by Carl Knorr able, I will be in the staff room once again and will draw the winning staff members name for our drawing.7:55-8:20 Lunch Room In between, I will be observing your work in the8:20-8:35 Lisa’s Office classroom and on the playground. I look forward to seeing for myself the good work that so many in ourNext: district have talked about so positively for so long. (Its been about 15 years since I last worked as a substituteMary Yacavace- Kindergarten Room 8 at Lincoln, and Im sure a lot has changed over the years.) I look forward to seeing you all in the morning.(1st and 2nd grade recess is at 10:00, so Sincerely,anytime before or after that works!) Carl F. KnorrLori Logan- 1st Grade Room 15 YCTA Executive BoardRuth Dalske- 1 Grade Room 13 stNancy Teague- 2nd Grade Room 20 This is a sample of the post-visit email from YCTA Exec Bd member. Our bargaining chair shares his positive reflections on the visit.4th and 5th Grade recess is at 10:30 Other leaders also wrote individual thank you notes to people who opened their classrooms to observationsDurell Siplin- 4th Grade Room 17Jonna Del Fava- Kindergarten (PM,11:30-2:45) Room 11 From: Steve Jennings Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 8:00 PM To: Dina LuetgensRosie Vasquez- 5th Grade Room 5 Subject: Visiting Bridge Street School Since you are the "official" spokesperson for theLunches begin at 11:00 and go till 12:55 Association, please peruse this email for sending to the Bridge St. staff. I would like to cc Louise,Early Release is at 1:00. 3rd Grade has Nancy, Doreen and Tom. Let me know what youinvited you to their grade level meeting that time in room 36.
  17. 17. To the staff at Bridge Street School:I had the opportunity to visit Bridge Street School on Tuesday, September 21. I can tell youthat I came away totally impressed. I felt welcomed, invited, and observed some greatteaching. Practices at Bridge St. were so impressive that I intend to take some of myobservations back to YCHS for discussion. I know there was some confusion about whether Iwould be allowed to visit because of ongoing issues between YCTA and YCUSD, but alladapted to my visit and moved forward as the professionals we all are.The Bridge St. staff has much to celebrate. Exiting PI status is no small feat, and that exitingcan be attributed to all of the hard work going on at your school. It appeared to me that all--classified staff, certificated staff, and administration all embrace one goal--student success.While I did not have the opportunity to visit all class rooms in the limited time I was on campus,it was apparent that there are school wide practices in place that will only serve to continue theimmense progress going on at your school. Again, I thank everyone I had contact with for yourhospitality, your genuine openness, and for your dedication to the often overlooked work wedo. I hope to have the opportunity to visit Bridge St. again in the future under less "tense"conditions and learn even more from your exemplary practices.Steve JenningsSocial Science Teacher, YCHSYCTA Bargaining ChairpersonThese series of email serve as record of our communication to put our plan into action. We had multiplegoals: increase visibility of leadership, build relationships with membership, increase capacity of bothleadership and membership by improving communication, carry forth the CTA election message andcanvass cards AND bring the YCTA election message to gain the commitment of members toparticipate. Back to School BBQ and Meet the Candidates 9/30/2010 This event was intended to be a membership building event and an opportunity to meetthe candidates: a culmination to the month of site visits and the kick off to full-swing efforts forthe campaign. All the YCTA supported candidates attended at least some portion of the event tomingle and meet our members. YCTA 4’ x 8’ street signs and 24” x 36” yard signs weredebuted and distributed. After the battle for site visits and the attempts by our district to stop CTA from meetingwith our membership at their work place, we invited CTA Executive Officers to our BBQ event.Dean Vogel, CTA Vice-President and Dana Dillon, CTA Board Member joined us for the event.Our members were able to “check out” their local and state leaders. Many familiar faces werepresent but also some less often involved members turned out as well. We asked members to take fliers to distribute to friends, family and neighbors as wellas yard signs. We solicited their donations and singed them up to work the campaign. At least150 members mingle and dined along with their families.
  18. 18. A positive event to kick off October Activities we ended our September Get Out theMessage internally campaign. Our challenge in October was to get the message out to ourtargeted 13,000 voters. And we needed to communicate with our members without evermentioning the election in emails or other communication.Invitations to the BBQFrom: Krista SmithSent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 9:53 PMTo: Dina Luetgens; AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon;Bridge Teachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DOPsychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers; RB Teachers;RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: RE: YCTA BBQ THURSDAY 9/30Hello all, Just a little reminder that the Welcome Back BBQ for teachers and their familieswill be this Thursday. Bring the kids and come on down for some positivefellowship with your colleagues and friends, and maybe get to know some others aswell. Well have all kinds of goodies!See you there--Sam Brannen Park, 5-7 p.m.Krista SmithYCTA PACFrom: Dina LuetgensSent: Sunday, September 26, 2010 11:05 AMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; BridgeTeachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DOPsychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers; RB Teachers;RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: YCTA BBQ THURSDAY 9/30Hello,Dont miss the YCTA BBQ this Thursday (9/30) at Sam Brannen Park on Gray Ave.Bring your family for an evening to connect with other members of YCTA.From 5 - 7 PM we will be gathering together to make the connections that allow us to be a strongerassociation. Come visit with your colleagues. Come hear some important information. Come meetsome new people. Come build connections with teachers at other schools. Come and have a goodtime. Come eat and relax.It is our primary goal this year to build stronger relationships within our association - both between ourmembers and our leaders. YCTA Bargaining Team and Executive Board members have been visitingevery site in the District. We want to watch and listen. Please come introduce yourself to these YCTAleaders.
  19. 19. You may even consider taking on a leadership role within YCTA. We are looking for Meet and Consultreps as well as new members for the Executive Board and the Bargaining Team.Come get involved. I know how busy our work and our lives have become, but I urge you to takesome time to connect with YCTA. YCTA is our voice - best spoken when we all contribute andcommunicate.Please accept this invitation. Bring the family. Let someone else do the cooking. (Or perhaps youmay volunteer to flip a few burgers.)Lets build a stronger association to exercise our professional voice. Together we are the voice of theclassroom.Thank you,DinaINSERT bbq PICS
  20. 20. OCTOBER 2010 – “OCTOBER ACTIVITIES” • CREATIVE Uses of District email – How do you communicate without using the “prohibited”? • YCTA Website – another vehicle to give the details • New YCTA Facebook Page – another vehicle to give the details • Letters to the Editor – using free media • Phone Banking Mon – Thurs every week • Precinct Walking – every Saturday • CTA internal postcards – mailing to all local CTA members • CTA subsided postcards to our 13,000 targeted households • Connecting with other Associations - Yuba College and CSEA • The Site Rep who dares to use the words: “election, phonebanking and candidates” • Precluded from posting election fliers on staff bulletin board – we fight back with “Where in YC is Dina’s Truck?” Identifying Likely Voters and Contacting Them With the help of Susan Savage, CTA Political Action Staff, we identified our likely voters(frequent voters in 4 of last 6 elections) Our goal was to make at least two contacts with everyhousehold. And we DID IT. Every household received the mailing and either a phone call or aflier delivered to their doorstep. Some received all three contacts. This was in addition to themany street signs and yard signs as well as letters to the editor. Precinct walk lists were packagedinto folders so we could check them out to members for phoning and walking. Mailing to likely voters. We used the option of piggybacking on the CTA mailer regarding prop 24 to get the message about our local election to our target audience of 13,000 households. Perhaps in conservative Sutter County, we would be better served to pay the full cost and make our mailing exclusive to our local election. In the next campaign we will raise the funds to do so. This was one of our recommendations at the end of the campaign debrief.
  21. 21. Communicating with Membership on District Email without using the contraband words instead we cryptically referred to “October Activities” You will notice we never even use the word election nor candidates. While CTA legal couldmake a case for us that as long we are not endorsing a specific candidate, we can communicate with ourmembership about the electoral process; we instead decided to play it purposefully cryptic and yeteffectively communicating our message. We choose to be able to use the mantra that we did not wantour district to spend the dollars on attorneys. This has a two-fold message: tough financial times meanwe should direct our limited dollars to programs that serve our kids plus it was a reminder of the insanityof the dollars spent on the law firm rather than settling issues with YCTA. This includes multiple unfairpractice charges, grievances and investigations of harassment claims against admin by YCTA members.We got out our message and people still showed up and worked the election despite all the efforts fromthe District to silence our efforts – just another galvanizing issue to compel our members to take action. Samples of October emails to the YCTA UnitFrom: Krista SmithSent: Saturday, October 02, 2010 8:11 PMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; BarryTeachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; BridgeTeachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DOCounselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DOPsychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; LincolnTeachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers; RB Teachers;RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHSTeachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: October ActivitiesHello all, What a nice turn out at our BBQ last Thursday! Numerous members and their familiesarrived for play time and food and good conversations. Several representatives from CTAattended as well, including Cathy McGuigan our CTA staff person, Dana Dillon our CTA BoardDirector, and CTA Vice President Dean Vogel. They all had positive comments to share aboutour membership. Several School Board candidates made an appearance and enjoyed gettingto meet some of us! Just a little reminder that we have plenty of activities for October. Gray Avenue school iskicking things of Monday night at our office, with YCHS picking up Tuesday. For every hour ofacitivity, you can put your name in a drawing for a variety of gift cards, and the site with thegreatest percentage of participation will win breakfast goodies delivered to your site! If youdlike more informtion, please feel free to email me with your phone number and Ill be happy togive you a call.See you soon,Krista Smith
  22. 22. From: Dina LuetgensSent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 8:21 PMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; BridgeTeachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DOPsychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers; RB Teachers;RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: YCTA: events and facebookHello,This evening the YCTA Office is busy with activity as members from YCHS engage in our OctoberActivities. They have done an awesome job. Please consider participating in one or more activities thisOctober.The calendar of events appears on You can make your home page. Fromthe page you can get to district email, abi, seis, the sub system as well as many other usefullinks such as cta.invest or cvt.Have you been on Facebook? You can now "LIKE" Yuba City Teachers Association. Yousearch for Yuba City Teachers Association. Once you "like" us you can get our updates and post onour wall. We can share our stories and have another way of staying touch.Last weeks barbeque was awesome. Dean Vogel, the next CTA President, visited with many ofmembers. Jill Niederholzer went to Reno for the CTA Leadership this last weekend. She met Deanand he shared his positive impressions of our event. Thank you to Dean for joining us and Jill forgoing to the conference. Dana Dillon, our CTA Board Director also joined us for the picnic along withCathy McGuigan, our CTA staff person and Beth Curtis, our CTA GLS attorney. Plus Lisa Jenson-Martin the President of Yuba College Faculty Association, also dropped by to meet us. And best of allthere were so many of our members there for the fun, friendship and food. And a special thank you tothose at the grill: Paula Manning, Steve Jennings, and Brent Smith.Lets make this a great month. I look forward to seeing you this month. Watch for our events or our facebook page.Thank you, This sign is at the cross walkDina and pedestrian entrance to Lincoln School
  23. 23. Hello,Pleasedont From: Dina Luetgensdismi Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 3:56 PMss To: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; Bridgereadi Teachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses;ng DO Psychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers;this, RB Teachers; RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgthinking Subject: Urgent Call to Action from YCTA - Step up and update from CTA Pres.someoneelsewillstepupforyou.I amaskingYOUtogetinvolvedinOctober We used the email to share theActivi positives of the activities andties. continue to alert our members toWe our efforts to work together. Wemust told the story of unity. Weact encouraged our members to get involved; all done while playing the game within thetoget oppressive restrictions of our district AND we had fun doing with the challenge.herto From: Dina Luetgensbuild Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:03 PMa To: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; Bridgestron Teachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses;ger DO Psychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers;local RB Teachers; RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgso Subject: YCTA - October Activities Come join in the fun.thatwe Hello,cangain October Activities are in full swing here at the YCTA Office- just wrapping up another night. Tonight wethe had dinner with Butte Vista teachers. We have been able to spend time with members from manypowe different sites over the last two weeks. Our activities here at the office will continue every Mon -r to Thurs from 5 - 8PM in October, plus every Saturday beginning at 9AM. Dinner or breakfastexer treats and opportunities to get involved are provided. Please consider joining us. You are ant our important part of our Association.influence Our goal for the year is to build a stronger local by building more connections between our membersin and YCTA as a whole. Together we are a powerful voice to speak for our students and our teachers,decisi nurses, counselors, psychologists and speech and language specialists. Please help us build a strongerons local by getting involved. Come down to the office during October to be a part of our union - be part ofat making a difference.YCUSD.Please actnow
  24. 24. We have enjoyed connecting and visiting over dinner in these evening activities and with coffee and muffins forbreakfast on Saturday mornings. We have gotten to know our membership better and enjoyed hearing storiesfrom our sites. These October activities follow our September activities - visits by YCTA leadership to every K-5,K-8 and 6-8 site in the district. These visits were yet another way we reached out to make stronger connectionsto our membership, increase communication and observe the working conditions at each site.This weekend ONLY we have an extra activity planned. Come to the YCTA Open House on Sunday from2-4 PM for coffee and home baked delicious deserts. You will have the opportunity to meet with YCTAmembers and other special guests.Finally dont forgot the standard monthly activity - REP COUNCIL is Monday.You can "LIKE" Yuba City Teachers Association on FACEBOOK. Use this social networking site to connectwith other members of YCTA. And you get more details about October Activities on You can usethe members only portion to dialog with other teachers about common issues. For example - Share yourobservations, questions and concerns with the new Treasures adoption.Stay connected. Get involved.Thank you,DinaFrom: Krista SmithSent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 8:01 PMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; BridgeTeachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DOPsychologists; Gray Teachers;King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers;Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers;RB Teachers; RV Teachers; TBTeachers; West Walton Teachers;YCHS Teachers;cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: Get Involved forChangeHello all, October Activities arestill going strong, but wecould use some more help!Barry School is in full swingtonight, and River ValleyHigh School will be takingon Thursday night.Wednesday is open toanyone whod like to joinin. Dinner on me. :) I know the weather service is calling for a bit of rain on Saturday, but thats whatumbrellas are for! (Weve done it in the rain before . . .) Partner up with someone, spendsome time together, and help make a change for our membership. The feedback weve beengetting, from teachers and the public, has been very positive. It really, really, really isnt thatpainful! Again, well be meeting Wednesday and Thursday this week, Saturday, and again Mondaythrough Thursday next week and the last Saturday of the month. Weve had a few retiredfolks helping, one counselor, and some of our own children! Paula Manning has literally put
  25. 25. her blood, sweat, and tears into this (just ask her doctor), yet is still participating from home.Help us help ourselves and join in the October Activities! A big thanks to all have given of their time. This is a bigger turn out than weve ever seenbefore! Hope to see more of you and enjoy our time together--Krista Smith PACFrom: Krista SmithSent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 8:02 PMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Beckie Kersting; Bridget McMahon; BridgeTeachers; BV Teachers; Christi Miller; CG Teachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DOPsychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers; RB Teachers;RV Teachers; TB Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: October ActivitiesHello All, Just a reminder that Thursday evening from 5 pm to 8 pm at the YCTA office isBridge Streets night of activities! YCHS has taken the last two nights and hasactually had an enjoyable evening. Dont forget to check with your site rep to seewhat you can participate in. Were also meeting Saturday morning at 9 am at theoffice for breakfast goodies and even more fun. Please join us. You could win giftcards from Jan-Yo Yogurt, Costa Vida, Cinemark, and more. A BIG thank you to all who have already participated! Krista SmithP.S. Check us out on Facebook! "Like" us now! :) You can also make ycta.netyour homepage for more information and continual updates. Be informed--beinvolved. Together we can make a difference! YCTA Website. Communicating electronically outside the realm of the District. The website showed the calendar of our campaign activities, encourage and info to participate, and candidate pics and bios. We started our website the prior year to encourage our membership to use a members only forum rather than the district’s email system. This was a natural progression. We used the public page to provide another venue to share our candidates with the community as we referenced our site on community flyers. They could go here for more in depth profiles of the candidates as well as details of our selection process.
  26. 26. Using social media to communicate –A New Facebook Page “Have you liked YCTA on Facebook yet?”We used our facebook page to keep our members informed about the details of our“October Activities” We electronically invited them to our events.
  27. 27. Our members and community members placed fortysigns in their front years. This one is viewed drivingon Lincoln Road – a major cross town street.
  28. 28. Using free press to get our candidates in the paper – Letters to the Editor.A few of our letters posted at the door to the office We orchestrated at least two letters for each candidate
  29. 29. The Wall of Fame Grows!! Phoning our Likely Voters Campaign 2010Phone the voters. Mark the sheet to show their response.See codes on the bottom of each page. Phonebank ScriptHello, __________. My name is __________ and I’m a classroom teacher at__________School here in the Yuba City School District. We’re calling local voterstonight to let you know how important the upcoming school board election is.We wanted you to know that your local classroom teachers are supporting Ken Berri Lonetta Riley Teresa Ball and Mike Hudson MORE THAN 6,000 PHONE CONTACTS IN SIXTEEN DAYS OF PHONE BANKING BY MORE THAN 60 VOLUNTEERS.for our local school board. We’re supporting them because we know they will listen toteachers, parents, and members of the community, and make decisions that will providesupportive learning environments for students while maintaining high expectations forstudent success.Can we count on you to support the teachers’ recommendation ofKen Berri, Lonetta Riley, Teresa Ball, and Mike Hudson? If undecided: Is there any specific information we could get to you that would be helpful to you in making your decision?
  30. 30. Thanks again for your time and have a great evening!
  31. 31. Visiting our Likely Voters – Walking the Neighborhoods of our students. We sold this one as a Saturday activity. We met at the YCTA Office and signed fliers for delivering. We knew that if a voter received a flier signed by a person identifying themselves as a teacher, they would give it more notice. We served coffee, hot chocolate, donuts and other treats. We visited and chatted as we signed and then we left in pairs to meet our neighbors. But we also sold this one as an afternoon activity at your school site, gather a few teachers and deliver fliers in your school community. Get out there together to and see where our students live. We walked the neighborhoods of our migrant families, our section 8 housing as well as more affluent neighborhoods. It was informative to see the range of backgrounds from which our students hail There is new empathy as you walk their neighborhoods. We also marketed this one as a simple task of walk your on neighborhood. You could check out the folder for your neighborhoods and deliver to the streets around your home. MORE THAN 9,000 FLYERS DELIVERED BY MORE THAN 90 VOLUNTEERS Preparing to go out. Mission central- The bins of completed folders Bags for prize drawings Delivering flyers inour YCTA blue shirts
  32. 32. Creative Alternative Vehicles to get the word out - Dina’s truck at every site. The District began removing our fliers from lunch room tables and YCTA bulletin boards. Principal told our site reps it was at the direction of the D.O. We had clear legal counsel that tells us we may do this. But once again, we decided to turn this one into yet another opportunity. O.K. So, you won’t let us communicate with our members on YCTA bulletin boards or lunch room table inside the building, we will get our message out IN FRONT of each and every school – where everyone can see our message. We moved Dina’s pick up in the middle of night to each site to get the front and center spot where all coming and going would see. It became a game of “where is Dina’s truck today?”.Truck pics Reprimands for a site rep. Oh My. She dared to say “phonebank and candidates” but she did NOT mention any candidate by NAME. This is within the realm of legal, but NOT in YCUSD. And here it is……….simply innocuous…Hmm. From: Jill Niederholzer Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 12:15 PM To: AK Staff Subject: Phoning likely voters! DINNER WILL BE PROVIDED! :-) Please join AKS school phone bank on Monday, Oct.11., from 6-8pm at the YCTA office, as we call registered voters that have voted often in the past - "likely voters" to encourage them to support the local candidates YCTA has endorsed.
  33. 33. You will have a short script, so you wont have to worry about figuring out whatto say. Please come and be a part of the process that hopes to promote thesecandidates.did I mention that DINNER WILL BE PROVIDED?Even if you could come and commit to 30 minutes, it would be greatly appreciated!Thanks! JillJill Niederholzer4th grade teacherAndros Karperos School1700 Camino De FloresYuba City, CA 95993 Perhaps the most offensive was From: Lisa Scott []that this site rep has never done anything Sent: Friday, October 08, 2010 3:00 PMlike this before as a matter of fact she is a To:; Dina Luetgens Cc: Nancy Aaberg; Tom Walters; Paul Gantnew site rep this year. This site rep Subject: Yuba City USD - Political Activitiesattended Emerging Leaders in Reno andreturned enthusiastic and ready to act. Dear Ms. Niederholzer and Ms. Luetgens:AND only the day before we settled aPERB case after two days of testimony. Attached is correspondence from Paul Gant, counsel for theStanding in the hallway we agreed to settle Yuba City Unified School District, regarding the use of Districtas our president reiterated our position that equipment and resources for political purposes.we should be able to resolve our issues inYC and not at PERB with attorneys. And Regards,then the VERY NEXT day more legalinterventions and costs. A continuing Lisa Scottpractice designed to intimidate ourmembers in their participation. Legal Secretary Did she get any contact fromYCUSD admin? NO. Just a late Friday lscott@kbtlaw.usemail from the attorney with an ugly letterthat threatens jail or prison time – two *****************************************************************days after the email. But we used this one KINGSLEY BOGARD THOMPSON LLPto hammer home our continuing messageabout the tone, culture, and climate of our 50 Iron Point Circle, Suite 110district and the over reliance on attorneysto work with personnel. Presenting this at Folsom, CA 95630the board meeting we made a point ofnoting that these actions occurred the day Phone: (916) 932-2500after our PERB settlement on intimidationof a YCTA member after she refused to Fax: (916) 932-2510falsify attendance documents. WE knewthe reporter would pick up on that story THIS E-MAIL TRANSMISSION IS CONFIDENTIAL and is intended to be sent only to the recipient stated in the transmission. It may also be protected by the attorney/client andand we wanted to use it to further build attorney work product privileges. Any review, use, dissemination, distribution or copying ofour case for change at YCSUD. Board this communication by other than the intended recipient or that persons agent is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately by telephone atmeetings are recorded and placed on the the above number. Nothing in this communication should be interpreted as a digital ordistrict website. electronic signature that can be used to authenticate a contract or other legal document. Thank you.
  34. 34. In bold “using district funds, services, supplies or equipment to urge passage or defeat candidate or ballot measure is prohibited.” Remember, she did not actually mention any candidate. In bold “misdemeanor or felony” “imprisonment in county jail not exceeding one year ..state prison for 16 months, or two or three years.”Intimidation and FearThreats of jail or prison.
  35. 35. From: Dina LuetgensSent: Friday, October 08, 2010 8:29 PMTo: Nancy Aaberg; Tom WaltersCc:; Jill Niederholzer; Carl Knorr; Lisa Hale; Paula Manning; Krista Smith; Joshua Roberts;Jessica VandehovenSubject: RE: Yuba City USD - Political ActivitiesNancy Aaberg and Tom Walters, Within your interpretation of the law, a site rep made a mistake. Perhaps you could have simply emailed either one of us yourself. This was a simple misunderstanding. I am disappointed that once again you have sought legal counsel when simple communication to a unit member would have sufficed. When you threaten to throw me in jail, I, as President of the Association, accept it as the apparent cost of doing business with a district that relies so heavily on legal counsel in employment relations. However such scare tactics directed against a new site rep are excessive. I believe we could have handled this internally. Your tactics appear to border on seeking to intimidate Association site reps. I would like to believe that was not your intent, but it would seem to be the effect. Once again I am disappointed. This was a single act of communication that you deemed to be a misuse of email. And we may even find differing opinions on that, since at one point you indicated to me that as long as we did not name names we were within allowable communication. We discussed just that on the night of September 14. A unit member engages in a single incident that the District deems to be a misuse of the email and she gets no contact from a YCUSD administrator. Instead, she gets a threatening letter from your attorney. I am disappointed to be working under such adversarial conditions, especially after we just settled the UPC in a manner that demonstrated YCTAs willingness to avoid long legal battles at PERB. Perhaps YCTA must engage in legal battles since simple communication appears to fail at YCUSD. While we still assert that we have the right to communicate with our members about any association business during their duty free lunch time, we have refrained from doing so to avoid extended legal battles that would have only cost the district additional legal fees. YCTAs intent has been to allow the district to direct funds to programs that serve our students rather than to attorneys. Our actions in the spirit of cooperation are obviously one sided. On behalf of the Insert the newspaper for Holcomb case membership of YCTA, at the risk of redundancy, I am disappointed. Consider this to be an official request for information. YCTA would like the itemized dollar figures spent on legal representation in the 09/10 school year and thus far this year. Sincerely, Dina Luetgens
  36. 36. • Taking Advantage of more free media. CTA mailing to members in our area.