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Tableau API


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Extend , automate and customize your Tableau Deployment

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Tableau API

  1. 1. Tableau API
  2. 2. Is it for you? • I need data that’s on the web but there’s no connector • I need to analyze proprietary data • I have to administrate Tableau Server • I need to change a workbook to point to a different server • I want to embed a viz in a page
  3. 3. Programming Tableau: Why? • Extend – Do things you can’t do with Tableau out of the box • Automate - Script tasks that are tedious or frequent • Customize – Unleash your creativity
  4. 4. Tableau Developer Platform • Document API – create and modify Tableau reports • Extract API – Create extracts on any OS • JS API – embed vizzes in your own apps and enable custom interactions • REST API/ TSC library – Automate and manage Tableau Server • Web Data Connector – Bring any web based data to Tableau
  5. 5. Available WDC
  6. 6. Extract API • Total control of the data • Runs anywhere • Do not need Tableau Software
  7. 7. Document API • Provides a support way to programmatically make updates to Tableau workbook and data source files. • No more manual update of XML
  8. 8. Java Script API • Creates a custom web page with viz and custom elements • API lets us aa bidirectional interaction