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Gorilla power point


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Gorilla power point

  1. 1. GorillasBy Grace Coronno
  2. 2. ClassificationGorillas are the largest living ape. They are peaceful, social and gentle. Gorillas are more similar to us than any other animal. There DNA is 98% similar to ours.
  3. 3. What Does A Gorilla Look Like?A Gorilla has 32 teeth and is covered inthick dark hair ( except for the face, chest,underarms and palms). A gorilla has `opposable thumbs and can weigh up to200 to 400 pounds. A female weighs halfthe size!
  4. 4.  Habitat A Gorilla lives in forest lands. Most sleep in nests.A Gorilla will either make its nest in a tree or onthe ground. It’s more likely a gorilla will make itsnest on the ground. A gorilla will use
  5. 5. BehaviourGorillas are vegetarians. Being a vegetarian, aGorillas diet includes: leaves, stalks and shoots ofplants. Some times there diet includes wormsand insects. Gorillas usually dig for there foodusing twigs, branches and sticks. They also usetools to grind food.
  6. 6. Quick Facts A Gorillas name means Tribe Of Hairy Women. A Gorilla Is The Largest Living Ape. A Gorilla lives in Forest Lands. One part of a gorilla that is not covered in fur isIts chest.A gorilla is the largest living ape.A Gorilla can live up To 50 Years.
  7. 7. Quiz Time Now its time for you to put your knowledge to The Test! 
  8. 8. What is a gorillas Diet?A) Worms, shoots of plants, leaves.B) Shoots of plants, leaves, worms,Insects.C) None of these.
  9. 9. You Are Correct!!
  10. 10. Sorry You Are Incorrect!Want To Try Again? Yes No
  11. 11. Which parts of a gorilla are not covered in hair?A) Face, chest, underarms and palms of hand.B) Face, soles of feet, or underarmsC) none of these
  12. 12. You Are Correct!!
  13. 13. Sorry You Are Incorrect!Want To Try Again? Yes No
  14. 14. How Close Is A Gorillas DNA To Ours?A) 98%B) 70%C) None Of These
  15. 15. You Are Correct!! 
  16. 16. Sorry You Are Incorrect!Want To Try Again? Yes No
  17. 17. What Habitat Do Gorillas Live In?A) The JungleB) Forest landsC) The moonD) Under your bed
  18. 18. You Are Correct!
  19. 19. Sorry You Are Incorrect!Want to try again? YES NO
  20. 20. Which Is The Largest Living Ape? A) Chimpanzee B) Orangutan C) Gorillas
  21. 21. You Are correct!! 
  22. 22. Sorry You Are Incorrect! Want To Try Again? Yes No
  23. 23. What Does A Gorillas Name Mean?A) Tribe Of hairy Women B) Largest Ape C) None of these
  24. 24. You are Correct!!
  25. 25. You are Incorrect Want To Try Again? Yes No
  26. 26. THANKS FORWATCHING!!     