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Going to kenya


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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Going to kenya

  1. 1. By Madison
  2. 2. LanguagesMy family would like to go to Kenya for two years because my family would love to learn new languages like Bantu and Swahili . They also speak English.
  3. 3. Climate My family would like to go to Kenya for two years because the climate is nice and warm and my parents don’t like the rain.
  4. 4. HousingThe housing looks nice and warm for my family and the materials feel warm and it is a nice place to stay in.
  5. 5. ClothingMe and my family would like to try on new traditional clothes, and try on clothes that are from a different country
  6. 6. Recreation/Sports My sister and I would like to play some different sports for a change but it might feel and look a little hard.
  7. 7. SchoolingSchooling looks good for my family but the cost is a lot but it will be good for Jaime and me.
  8. 8. TransportTransport will be cool for my family because we will get to ride on rides that we haven’t ridden before .
  9. 9. FoodThe food sounds nice but it might be a little thick.
  10. 10. Thanks for watching and I hope one time your family would want to go to Kenya for two years.