Azure TechEd 2014 Highlights


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Summary of TechEd 2014 announcements around Microsoft Azure Platform

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Azure TechEd 2014 Highlights

  1. 1. TechEd 2014 Azure Highlights #ForoUniversidad Microsoft Azure David Rodriguez Microsoft Azure MVP/Insider/Advisor Intelequia Software Solutions @davidjrh
  2. 2. TechEd 2014 Azure Highlights Service Updates General Availability Preview 7 7 7 Important Service Updates Services Going Generally Available New Services In Preview
  3. 3. Now in Preview…
  4. 4. Now in Preview… 1. Preview: BizTalk Hybrid Connections-Connect to any on-premises TCP or HTTP resource from Azure Web Sites. 2. Preview: Internal load balancing for virtual machines-Load- balance Azure (VMs) with private IP addresses within a virtual network. 3. Preview: Azure RemoteApp-Azure RemoteApp delivers Windows Server session-based applications from Azure. The service is now in public preview and provided at no additional cost during the preview period 4. Preview: Azure Files-Mount a shared file system and access it from various virtual machines in an Azure datacenter.
  5. 5. Now in Preview… 5. Preview: API Management-Publish APIs more reliably, more securely, and at scale. 6. Preview: Instance-level public IPs for virtual machines- Assign public IP addresses to your virtual machines, so they become directly addressable. 7. Preview: Redis Cache Service-A distributed, in-memory, managed cache based on the open-source Redis Cache.
  6. 6. Service Updates
  7. 7. Service Updates 1. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 client VM images are now available for MSDN subscribers- Virtual machine images for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now available in the Azure virtual machine gallery. 2. Priority support plans now available from the providers of top Linux distributions-If you’re running Linux in Azure Virtual Machines and have purchased Azure support, you can take advantage of priority support plans. 3. Microsoft Antimalware and security partnerships with Trend Micro and Symantec-Microsoft Antimalware offers customers the ability to install an antimalware agent for both PaaS roles and virtual machines
  8. 8. Service Updates 4. Deployment slots in Azure Websites expanded to 4+1 slots-Azure Websites deployment slots have been expanded to 4+1. 5. Azure Store available to direct EA customers and channel partners-Azure EA customers in North America and Europe can purchase a range of application and data services from 3rd party providers through the Azure Store and have these subscriptions automatically billed against their EA. 6. Scheduler GA pricing update-Scheduler GA pricing is now in effect. 7. Traffic Manager support for external endpoints-Manage traffic for endpoints that live inside or outside of Azure.
  9. 9. General Availability
  10. 10. General Availability 1. General Availability: Import/Export -Instead of transferring your data over the Internet, send your hard drives directly to an Azure datacenter. 2. General Availability: VNET-to-VNET connections for virtual networks- Directly and securely connect multiple Azure virtual networks. 3. General Availability: Multiple site-to-site connections-Securely connect multiple on-premises locations with a virtual network (VNet) in Azure. 4. General Availability: Managed Cache Service- A highly secured, dedicated cache that’s managed by Microsoft.
  11. 11. General Availability 5. General Availability: IP Reservation for VIPs-Reserve public IP addresses and use them as virtual IP (VIP) addresses for your applications. 6. General Availability: Compute-intensive A8 and A9 instances for virtual machines-Faster processors, faster interconnectivity, more virtual cores for higher computing power, and larger amounts of memory. 7. General Availability: ExpressRoute-ExpressRoute offers a 99.9% SLA on ExpressRoute connection uptime and two new bandwidth tiers for the Exchange Provider scenario: 200 Mbps and 500 Mbps.
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  14. 14. TechEd 2014 Azure Highlights #ForoUniversidad Microsoft Azure David Rodriguez Microsoft Azure MVP/Insider/Advisor Intelequia Software Solutions @davidjrh