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Website monitoring with Application Insights

Visual Studio Application Insights is a cloud base service that allows you to detect, triage, and diagnose issues in your web apps and services. You can easily:
* Proactively detect issues through email and webhook alerts
* Easily diagnose exceptions and web app performance issues
* Perform root cause analysis with ad-hoc queries and full-text search
* Integrate with DevOps processes using Visual Studio Team Services
* Monitor web apps hosted on Azure, other cloud services, or on-premises servers

On this session I’ll show how to integration VS Application Insights in your DNN installations

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Website monitoring with Application Insights

  1. 1. #DNNConnect2016 Website monitoring with Application Insights David Rodriguez DNN Corp @davidjrh
  2. 2. #DNNConnect2016 Please support our valuable sponsors
  3. 3. #DNNConnect2016 On this session • Overview • Building successful apps & services • Understanding Application Insights • Ensure your apps are available, performing & succeeding • Getting started with Application Insights • Easy onboarding with Visual Studio & Status Monitor • Integrating Application Insights and DNN • Easy integration with DNN Application Insights provider • Solving problems with Application Insights • Identify, triage & diagnose service failures & performance issues; Learn continuously
  4. 4. #DNNConnect2016 Building successful apps is hard Competition is fierce User retention requires constant improvements to your apps and services Constant evolution Web services & mobile apps need to evolve rapidly to survive & grow Continuous delivery is here Most major services like Microsoft, Facebook, and others push update as often as every day Success requires data-drive decision making Making effective choices about your backlog requires deep understanding of your users behaviors and habits
  5. 5. #DNNConnect2016 Modern Application Lifecycle ProductionDevelopment Collaboration BACKLOG REQUIREMENTS Plan Develop + Test Monitor + Learn Release
  6. 6. #DNNConnect2016 Existing impediments ProductionDevelopment Collaboration BACKLOG REQUIREMENTS Plan Develop + Test Monitor + Learn Release Quickly detect and triage application issues Actionable and contextual info to resolve incidents Prioritize and validate investments based on real data MTTD MTTR Continuous learning Tools and processes Collaboration
  7. 7. #DNNConnect2016 Application Insights Telemetry is collected at each tier: server backend, middleware, web service & browser 1 Telemetry arrives in Application Insights service in the cloud where it is processed & stored 3 2 Detect, Triage & Diagnose issues with powerful out of the box Performance & Usage telemetry
  8. 8. #DNNConnect2016 Telemetry for 360° view platform infrastructure app 1 3 4 5 Outside-in monitoring Developer-emitted traces and events Observed application behavior Infrastructure performance URL pings and web tests from 8 global points of presence Whatever the developer would like to send to Application Insights No coding required – service dependencies, queries, response time, exceptions, logs, etc. System performance counters 2 Observed user behavior How is the application being used?
  9. 9. #DNNConnect2016 DEMO Getting Started with Application Insights
  10. 10. #DNNConnect2016 DNN and Application Insights • What telemetry? • DNN Usage: • Page views • Web requests • Event Log • Trace information (log4net) • Exceptions (including browser exceptions) • Dependencies: • database calls • 3rd party services (SMTP, WebServices, etc.) • Performance
  11. 11. #DNNConnect2016 DNN and Application Insights
  12. 12. #DNNConnect2016 DEMO Integrating Application Insights on DNN Platform
  13. 13. #DNNConnect2016 Why is diagnostics hard? • Diagnosing across the entire app stack is hard unless various perspectives are connected Service Performance • Transaction response time • DB response time • Exceptions • CPU and memory utilization • Data Center location • Custom events • Custom dimensions • App KPIs • Conversion rates • Funnel, Cohort analysis • Response time • Errors • Geo location • Browser type and version • Session App/Business Metrics Customer Experience
  14. 14. #DNNConnect2016 Out-of-the-box: “Proactive Insights”
  15. 15. #DNNConnect2016 Typical adhoc and iterative diagnostic process Customer complains about an app issue What is the overall error trend? Is the error trend unusual ? What are the errors broken by type? What is the most frequent error type? How many users are impacted by this error? Which set of user are having the worst experience? Look at a user session to see what this user did? Did the users actions cause any unusual activity on the DB? Slow response from DB. Dive into code….
  16. 16. #DNNConnect2016 Analytics @ Application Insights Application Insights • Pre-defined, guided experiences • Bringing together relevant data to Triage, Detect, Diagnose and Operationalize • Proactive Insights • Native Visual Studio and Azure experience • Analytics Enabled Analytics • Adhoc analysis for deep diagnostics • Rich Query language • Inline Visualization • Drill through from pre-defined experience • Operationalize findings Big data analytical solution at-scale
  17. 17. #DNNConnect2016 DEMO Application Insights Analytics
  18. 18. #DNNConnect2016 Takeaways • Start using Application Insights is easy and free • AI automatically stores all your site telemetry data on the cloud • Proactive detection introduces machine learning checking your site logs • Iterative diagnostic process through Ad-Hoc Queries and Interactive Analytics
  19. 19. #DNNConnect2016 Questions? Please remember to evaluate the session online Thank you
  20. 20. #DNNConnect2016 Website monitoring with Application Insights David Rodriguez DNN Corp @davidjrh