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What Good Means

Slides from a talk I got to give on May 19 at UX London

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What Good Means

  1. 1. WHAT GOOD MEANS UX London Dan Klyn
  3. 3. Cass Gilbert Detroit Public Library 1865
  4. 4. PIXEL-PERFECT What good means:
  5. 5. MEDIUMISM Tactic:
  6. 6. BETTER Tactic:
  7. 7. BAD
  8. 8. Denise Scott Brown Learning From Las Vegas 1972
  9. 9. ALMOST ALLRIGHT What good means:
  10. 10. DO IT DEADPAN Tactic:
  11. 11. MAKE THE COMPLEX CLEAR What good means:
  12. 12. The classic pervasive seduction to designers is finding a solution instead of the truth
  13. 13. An architect should not take the program and simply give it to the client as though he were filling a doctor's prescription
  14. 14. DEEP HUMAN AGREEMENT What good means:
  16. 16. Louis Kahn Kimbell Museum 1972
  17. 17. Louis Kahn Salk Institute 1965
  18. 18. VERY GOOD IS LESS THAN GOOD Louis Kahn
  19. 19. Ask brick what it wants
  20. 20. the ordinary way
  21. 21. 5
  22. 22. a single, solid, objective basis for the difference between good and bad
  23. 23. WHOLENESS • BEAUTY • LIFE What good means:
  24. 24. PLAY ALONG Tactic:
  25. 25. Something within space and matter can be awoken by the presence of the proper configurations
  26. 26. Christopher Alexander Eishin School 1986
  27. 27. MAKE THE “CLEAR” COMPLEX Tactic:
  28. 28. Wes Anderson Rushmore 1998
  29. 29. Architect(s) Unknown Fort Mason 1912
  30. 30. PRINCIPLES Make The Complex Clear Go Backward From The Problem VERY GOOD IS LESS THAN GOOD Wholenessbeautylife Make The “Clear” Complex for making things be good
  31. 31. 150X/DAY 40HRS/MO
  33. 33. What would it be like to live in a mental world where one’s reasons for making something functionally and one’s reasons for making something a certain shape, or in a certain ornamental way are actually coming from precisely the same place in you ? PROMISE
  34. 34. @undrstndng @danklyn
  35. 35.
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