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Public Art Comparisons with a Common Vocabulary


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This is a survy of public art from around the world with a vocabulary to use to compare

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Public Art Comparisons with a Common Vocabulary

  1. 1. Public Art - A Mixed VocabularyThe following concepts are commonly used to describepublic art. The descriptions are contested, mostly at the margins, and quite subjective; but they will help you categorize and discuss what you find appealing about different types of public art
  2. 2. Public Art - A Mixed VocabularySite integrated: Integrated into the construction of a facility, usually through design team processSite specific: Designed for a specific location but can be detached if necessaryPortable Works: Paintings, prints, photographs, glass, ceramic, small sculptures that are displayed throughout city facilitiesTemporary Art: Short-term artwork, often tied programmatically to the work or mission of an event or organization.Installation Art: Site specific art that temporarily transforms a space.
  3. 3. Public Art - A Mixed VocabularyGateways: Creating a sense of arrival.Transit/wayfinding: Providing orientation for travelers.Murals: Part of a town-enhancement strategy.Performance Art: Interdisciplinary performance mostly unscripted and usually presented only one timePlacemaker Art: Defines a community gathering placeStreet Furniture: Benches, Streetlights, hatch covers/pavement, gates and fences, wall decoration
  4. 4. Public Art - A Mixed VocabularyThink about these concepts as you view the following examples of public art from around the world
  5. 5. Myrtle Edwards Park, Michael HeizerAdjacent, Against, Upon, 1976 Seattle Art Museum, Jonathan Borofsky, Hammering Man, 1991 Tilikum Place Park, James Wehn, Chief Seattle Fountain, 1909
  6. 6. Sidewalk Stamps • Seattle, Washington
  7. 7. Yarn-bombingSeattle, New York, Toledo
  8. 8. MuralsPhiladelphia, Chicago, Seattle
  9. 9. Fremont Neighborhood Seattle, Washington
  10. 10. Repurposed Lenin statue from former Repurposed ICBM missile USSR Fremont Neighborhood Fremont Neighborhood Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington
  11. 11. Grass Blades Painted steel sculpture • 2003 Seattle, WashingtonJohn Fleming and Susan Zoccola
  12. 12. Downtown mural • Portland, OR
  13. 13. The Spiders • Bronze • Cleveland Temporary art installation Louise Bourgeois
  14. 14. Puppy, 1992 Father and Son, 2005.Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain Olympic Sculpture Garden Jeff Koons Seattle, Washington Louise Bourgeois
  15. 15. Public Seats
  16. 16. Public TransportationFremont Neighborhood Seattle, Washington Seattle
  17. 17. Fire Station ArtSeattle, Wash
  18. 18. Ziggurat–East, Summer • Abandoned Fisher Body Plant, Detroit Sculptural installation and photography project Scott Hocking
  19. 19. Cloud Gate • Millennium Park, Chicago Anish Kapoor
  20. 20. The Gates • Central Park, New York • 2005 Christo and Jeanne-Claude
  21. 21. Aires LibresMontreal, Canada 2011 Claude Cormier Steam Pig 2010 Art Prize Grand Rapids, Michigan
  22. 22. Seattle, Prague
  23. 23. Bell Town PopsicleSeattle, Washington Catherine Mayer
  24. 24. Big Blue Bear(I see what you mean) • Colorado ConventionCenter, Denver • Elizabeth Thomsen
  25. 25. Eyeball benches • Seattle, WA Louise Bourgeois
  26. 26. Co2LED • Arlington County, VASolar-powered LEDs on rods, each topped with a reused plastic bottle Jack Sanders, Robert Gay and Butch Anthony
  27. 27. Pocket Beach Olympic Park Seattle, WashingtonArt Tool, 12 foot imprint of LosAngeles as seen from above Santa Monica, 1986
  28. 28. The Sequence Uchronia Brussels Nevada Arne Quinze Arne Quinze
  29. 29. Federal BuildingTacoma, Washington Dale Chihuly
  30. 30. Cloud CityMOMA, New York 2012Tomás Saraceno Balloon Dog New York Jeff Coons
  31. 31. New York, Seattle
  32. 32. Odette Sculpture Park, Windsor
  33. 33. Odette Sculpture Park, Windsor
  34. 34. Odette Sculpture Park, Windsor
  35. 35. Odette ParkWindsor, Ontario
  36. 36. Memorial ArtToledo, New York
  37. 37. Nisbet Road Pedestrian Bridge Phoenix, ArizonaAlavadaro Water Treatment Plant, SanDiego. Branded questions about SanDiego water history, 1998 Pima Freeway, Scottsdale, Arizona
  38. 38. Waterfront Place Falls Vancouver, British Columbia Waterfront Fountain Seattle, Washington, 1974James Fitzgerald and Margaret Tompkins