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Emerging Technology


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E learning Emerging Technology

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Emerging Technology

  1. 1. Emerging Technology Lesson 7b
  2. 2. Time-to-Adoption: 1 Year or Less • Mobile Computing-having access to the internet anytime and anywhere. Starting to be used in collage classrooms worldwide. • Open Content- e textbooks becoming available at no cost. – Example: MIT’s open courseware initiative.
  3. 3. Time-to-adoption: 2 to 3 Years
  4. 4. Time-to-adoption: 4 to 5 Years
  5. 5. Horizon Report Evaluation I agree with all that the committee has found. Already we are seeing e book readers becoming a success with over 350,000 Kindle purchases being made this year alone.
  6. 6. Horizon Report Evaluation Open source knowledge is one of the most exciting aspects in my opinion because it will be like a large Wikipedia environment where information will be shared and reinvented in its pursuit form. It will be available for all.
  7. 7. Horizon Report Evaluation What is great about VR growth is that soon I will become an Instructional Designer and will have access to unlimited simulation opportunities. Just imagine training a doctor on the VR or being able to perform a surgery by controlling a robot using the VR
  8. 8. Horizon Report Evaluation I see that a lot of these technology trends such as VR are already being available to designers like us.
  9. 9. Informal Learning Evaluation Jay Cross Informal Learning won’t effect learning, they are grow together. They influence each other and grow. Reaching out to the highest level Informal Learning Prompter Informal Learning Prompter
  10. 10. Informal Learning Evaluation Informal Learning defining media as it provides new avenues to learn informally. In so many ways, media can be effected by Informal leaning as well as it can effect it.
  11. 11. The Impact of New Technologies I was amazed how open sourced the LMSs are. It is amazing how available it was to work with Moodle system. The new technologies that have been part of this course have integrated themselves throughout my project. As I experimented with one, it made me wanting to take a step higher and try new things.
  12. 12. The Impact of New Technologies For my final project I have decided to use Moodle to deliver my content. I need to explore in depth to be able to customize my work. It sure will be a new adventure.