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DAKTARI Newsletter - October, November, December 2014

Here is your last DAKTARI Newsletter of 2014!! As always, it keeps you update about the local underprivileged children, the orphaned animals and all our exciting projects! Enjoy the reading!

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DAKTARI Newsletter - October, November, December 2014

  1. 1. 1 Dear friends, donors, followers, volunteers… A new year has started and DAKTARI is excited to start 2015 with you by our side. Your support makes it possible for our organization to exist and to ensure the environment is a safer place to live. We are so grateful for your involvement and we would like to express how much your support means to all of us! Oct/Nov/Dec 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. 2 Best wishes for 2015, from the animals…
  3. 3. 3 Christmas Event Let’s unfold the DAKTARI Gazebo and sell our Christmas Gifts! On the 15th of December, the volunteers met with the Hoedspruit Community to spread joy in the town. The event manage to raise R2200 toward the education of the local children! Thank you for your support!
  4. 4. 4 News from camp… Build4DAKTARI… Update and end of the project: 1 2 3Office extension Ablution Block Tented platform THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!!!
  5. 5. Animal Release! 5 DAKTARI released its 11 Mongooses into the wild!!! It was the 21th of October and it was another successful rehabilitation story by DAKTARI and one that we are so very proud of. Saying goodbye to them was not an easy task, even the Mongooses did not want to leave us… Read the whole article HERE and learn more about Mongooses! Watch the video of the release in the following page
  6. 6. Animal news! 6 King Kong and Princess Leila do not stop! After Moogli 7 months ago, they now have 2 other infants. The little family live happily together, even though Princess Leila’s face on this picture says the total opposite! “No worries Leila, children are a lot of work, but also a lot of joy! And DAKTARI is here to help you!” 
  7. 7. Animal news! 7 Read the whole article HERE and learn more about warthog Piggy-Piggy arrived at DAKTARI when she was just 2 weeks old and weighted 600 grams. She displayed a cheeky yet sweet character when she arrived, and she brings joy to all the staff at DAKTARI. She is almost two months old now, and we are looking forward to releasing her when she will be strong enough to survive by herself.
  8. 8. Animal news! 8 Do you remember meeting Madonna (not the singer you silly!!!), our female meerkat, in the last Newsletter? Well, she made a great impression with the males because a few months after her arrival… She had the most beautiful and cutest surprises!! Thank you for these 3 little wonderful gifts!
  9. 9. Animal news! 9 New year comes with many surprises, among them, we can add a baby Donkey to the team! Her name is Surprise. Welcome to Surprise and Congratulations to the parents! They should be so proud! Happy
  10. 10. 10 Children News During the year 2014, over 300 children received their environmental DAKTARI certificates. They learnt about conservation, politeness, job opportunities and how to take care of the animals. THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers, who came to give lessons and take care of the animals. Thank you to all of you for your on-going support.
  11. 11. 11 Children News Each week, children appreciate working with the animals, interacting with them and learning more about their behavior. They have the opportunity to feed the baby warthog and they absolutely love it! With the lessons given by the volunteers and with direct contact and experience with the animals, the kids come to acknowledge the importance of protecting the wildlife around them. They learn that animals have emotions, like humans, and like us, they need a clean environment to not only survive, but to thrive.
  12. 12. 12 DAKTARI T-shirt for the kids We are looking for sponsors! DAKTARI would like to offer one DAKTARI T-shirt to each kid in 2015! Thus, the children could wear it during their stay at DAKTARI and take it back to their home to be an ambassador for the environment in their community. We need your help to acquire the amount for the T-shirts. Thank you for your support! DONATE HERE 350 DAKTARI T-shirts = R13 200 Together, We can save our Environment!
  13. 13. 13 Outreach Program The Success Story of Portia RAMAHLO Career guidance DAKTARI is constantly working in improving environmental awareness and economic development. Today, let’s talk about Portia, who achieved her goal by becoming a permanent full-time waitress at Makalali Game Lodge. Portia was attending the DAKTARI Eco-Clubs when we met her and noticed her potential. She then spent a couple of weeks at DAKTARI as a volunteer. She was able to acquire valuable skills by practicing her English, learning to interact with the other international volunteers and as a result grew in confidence. Since then, DAKTARI Outreach Program has helped Portia to find a three-month training placement as a receptionist at Makalali Game Lodge. We are very proud to learn that she has just signed a permanent contract as a waitress there. WELL DONE PORTIA!! 
  14. 14. COMMUNITY PROJECT 14 COMMUNITY PROJECT The waste management problem in the OAKS Village Start of November: New mission for the DAKTARI team! DAKTARI cleaned the oaks village with the community and got involved with Mmakadi, a daycare center for children between 0 and 4 years old.
  15. 15. 15 Community Project DAKTARI’s volunteers came armed with black bags, gloves and enthusiasm by the bucket load. They teamed up with local residents to clean up the rubbish around the main market area and the sides of the road. Michele and Ian had meetings with the Chief of The Oaks and the Municipality, which resulted in the delivery of rubbish bins to be placed around The Oaks and the agreement to have this rubbish collected. Thanks to the Chief of the Oaks and the municipality for their great collaboration in making this possible!! Mission 1: cleaning the OAKS Village and educate the community about the rubbish problem!
  16. 16. 16 Community Project Mission 2: organize activities at the daycare center in the oaks and be involved in the Graduation Day Ceremony The DAKTARI volunteers organized interactive games with the children and encouraged them to interact with the dogs. The volunteers were so happy to be involved with little children from the local village.
  17. 17. 17 Special thanks to… DAKTARI Germany This is our German foundation, which has been created by our friend, Ralf. They donated towards the food, accommodation and transport here at DAKTARI. Please contact Ralf Tursten at if you want to donate in Germany and get a tax receipt. ROTARY Guy Braas aka Speedy from the Rotary Club Echternach & Moselle visited DAKTARI last year and offered to sponsor us with regards to a cleaner energy program. It was therefore very easy to see why this would be compatible, as DAKTARI is an example in the community for using renewable energy. The Rotary Club Echternach & Moselle donated the money for the batteries (as discussed above). These batteries are for the running of 3 solar fridges and 3 solar deepfreezes. DELTEC They supported DAKTARI with a very big discount on the retail price of solar batteries and they covered the transport costs of the staff member who travelled from Johannesburg to install the batteries. Thank you to the Deltec staff for donating their time!
  18. 18. 18 Special thanks to… The neighbor Volunteer Project Thank you to Wait a Little, Askari, GVI, Sausage Tree and Claudia from Kristi’s camp, for bringing people around for a tour of DAKTARI. Each time their visitors kindly leave a donation towards the education of the local children and the care of the orphan animals. SINDOH Thank you for the super printer they gave us for the office! Sindoh is the number one Printer brand in Korea, established in 1960 and responsible for the manufacturing of many other major printer brands globally. Please visit their website: Nicola Nel Thank you for actively sponsoring our organization! William Andrew and The Geormar Foundation (Nevada) They both sponsored a group of children to attend DAKTARI for 5 days of environmental education through ourSpecial Gift – Sponsor a Child project!
  19. 19. 19 Special thanks to… The DAKTARI Board Members Debbie Compton Board Member Ian Merrifield Managing Director & Chairman Michele Merrifield Director & Treasurer/Secretary Glenda Niemand Vice Chairman Wayne Merrifield Board Member Gerti Kussler Board Member Gregg Ben Board Member
  20. 20. Story of the month 20 HAKUNA MATATA They are real!! Timon and Pumbaa here at DAKTARI! Come join them and live an unforgettable volunteer experience with us! BOOK HERE!
  21. 21. A last word from previous children 21 “Hi Daktari. I just wanna tell you that the Nam Nam tree that you gave me last year, is growing well and I will always give that tree water because is making me to remember Daktari . One last thing: feed Maxi well because I love Maxi too much. I would like to thank you Daktari for everything you did to me. I wish you all the best as we are going to year of 2015” Relius
  22. 22. Thank you for your support! NEW 22 HOW TO DONATE --- SPECIALS USA & UK --- Are you from the USA? Click HERE and get a tax deduction in USA. Are you from UK? Click HERE and get a tax deduction in UK. Through our fundraising platforms! Donate or Become a DAKTARI fundraiser, creating and managing your own fundraising page towards DAKTARI! See more. (Tax deduction in UK) Others Visit our website and donate on our PayPal account ** Contact for our bank details or to monthly sponsor an animal or a child.
  23. 23. Visit our website: Follow all our adventures on Facebook Twitter Don’t miss our videos and subscribe to our Youtube Channel NEED MORE INFOS? Contact Thank you for your on- going support and we wish you a wonderful 2015!! Help one of our projects on Global Giving Instagram! Become a fundraiser for DAKTARI on Just Giving