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Daktari Newsletter November-December 2011

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Daktari Newsletter November-December 2011

  1. 1. By Andrea Leonard
  2. 2. Caline gave birth to another beautiful little girl named Elfie on 10th November. She is such a sweetie and loves to be cuddled!Our Bushbuck Maxi has given birth to her second baby girl who sometimes comes into camp with her mummy, but she’s very very shy!!Spring is the season of falling baby squirrels! We have raised and released over a dozen so far, they are soo cute, and a few of them are VERY friendly, and even help you drink your drink!
  3. 3. Hi, I’m Therese,a returning volunteer fromAustralia I raised Aus$2000 by making and selling muffins! I’m Laura, the volunteer coordinator. My wonderful friends and family donated a whopping US$4500 to put a new roof over our heads before rainy season!
  4. 4. The Daktari Outreach Programme was launched inNovember and is going from strength to strength. When Risette comes to our school we are very happy. We love to learn about the environment andanimals and all the jobs that we could have in the future! Risette challenged us to see which class could collect the most rubbish, we won!! The whole village was the real winner though, as it is much cleaner now!
  5. 5. Our 3 Dassies need a caring Shiloweni still needs more Beautiful Princess Mayasponsor for R150 each per sponsors of R200 per month, to needs a friend to sponsor month. fill his big appetite! R250 a month for her food and care.Caline still needs a sponsor for her & her babies Tugela & Molopo need someone to sponsor Halloween & Elfie, just R300 a month each. them for just R250 each per month.
  6. 6. At Daktari we have many different people, frommany different places, with many different beliefs.We try to make everyone feel at home, so when acelebration is to be had, we all join in! In Novemberwe celebrated Thanksgiving, with our Americanvolunteers, we had a roast dinner and apple crunchdessert, and we all stood up and said what we werethankful for. December was time for the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas, secret presents were given, games were played and hats were made. Then after the festivities, the usual Daktari Madness ensued, beginning with “Let’s see how many hats Laura can wear at once!”
  7. 7. The Dassie names, as decided by our Facebook friends are… Roley, Poley & Foley. Hopefully they’ll have some little “olys” to add to the group.It’s snake season here at Daktari, it’s a harsh reminder that we do in fact live in the wild! Rangers from the local reptile centre came to rescue us from a Black Mamba in November & a Spitting Cobra in December. Thanks guys! As well as the baby squirrels that fall from our ceilings, we also came across a tiny baby bat, we made a plan and the cute littlefellow was quickly back in the loving arms (or wings!) of it’s family!
  8. 8. Last week we invited the This is Timon, only a children of the staff to come to few days old when Daktari. We all had such a great he fell from the week, especially ceiling, we held little Malebo, Senior’s daughter, who hope of him at 7 years old skipped most of surviving. He’s now the lessons in favour of 2 weeks old and colouring and playing! thriving! FOOD THIEF CAUGHT! We all know porcupines will eat anything, Spikey here decided to stealSofi’s Apple Crunch while she wasn’t looking! It’s rainy season here at Daktari and we need The Piggies have been taking time off to ensure the kids stay from being generally annoying. dry. Check out the Samantha decided she wanted to go to fashionable rain school and better herself, and Miranda macs!! decided to try her hand at being a hairdresser! Gotta love the Piggies!!
  9. 9. Daktari now has a branch in The Netherlands. You can now donate easily from The Netherlands into the Daktari Bush School Nederland account!Netherlands Bank Details Click on the image to go to web page!Stichting Daktari Bush SchoolNederlandKvK 53826736ANBI StichtingING 5254438 te Rosmalen
  10. 10. Children Project Outreach Programme Educate over 220 South African children Teach 125 Wildlife Club kids in rural villages about nature & environment Global Giving UK Global Giving US Global Giving UK Global Giving US(Tax Deductible in UK) (Tax Deductible in US) (Tax Deductible in UK) (Tax Deductible in US)In South Africa From the USABank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, South Text GIVE 2376 to 80088 to give $10!!Africa $10.00 donation to GlobalGiving. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. AllSwift number: FIRN ZA JJ purchases must be authorized by account holder. Message andBranch Number: 270652 Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 80088 to STOP. Text HELP toAccount Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit) 80088 for HELP. Full Terms: Privacy policy:62044965129 Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa In Germany Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland-Ost Bankleitzahl: 40050150 Konto-Nummer: 1350 88 888. Name: Spendensammelverein Münster e.V. Reference: DAKTARI-Südafrika – Busch-Schule & You can donate by Tax deductible In South Africa Wildwaisen - Station Pay Pal