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Daktari Newsletter August 2010


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Published in: Education, Travel, Sports
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Daktari Newsletter August 2010

  1. 1. Daktari Newsletter August 2010
  2. 2. Gasper Alice Gasper and I arrived at Daktari to the warm arms of the volunteers early August. They settled us right into our new home, and the boys did their utmost to make it comfortable. Although scared and vicious to start, we gave into the volunteers pampering, and now run around the farm during the day, and eat mice and pronutro with gusto! Our previous mother, who owned us previously came to see how we were and was happy with the result. I’m getting fitter with all the running around, but my favourite activity is sleeping around people’s necks! Our new home Drama struck in the second week of Gasper’s stay when he mysteriously got ill and fell into a coma. It was touch and go for a few days, with not much hope of recovery; but thanks to our volunteer Victor’s relentless love and determination and the competences of Provet Wildlife Services, Gasper woke up and regained use of his arms and legs within the week! He is now back to his mischievous little self, and likes to run around digging up bugs with his black tipped tail in the air. NEWBIES OF AUGUST
  3. 3. News on Bambino Our baby nyala is growing up fast, and going from strength to strength. He is drinking less milk but making up for it by eating everything he can find! Bambino has taken his courage in hand and started playing with the dogs at Daktari, zipping through the camp at top speed, kicking up the dust. His presence lights up Daktari, but unfortunately we will have to let him go back to the wild soon…. So I have great news- I secretly had a baby at the end of last month! It is healthy; and although I don’t bring it into Daktari, Ian has seen us together on the outskirts of the farm. I come in to eat the food Daktari makes for me on a daily basis, as I need to keep up my strength for the time being. Maxi the bushbuck ANIMAL UPDATES
  4. 4. Adios amigos! On a calm Sunday evening this August, the genet Chouchou made his great escape. We smelt a rat from the start, as the mongooses were making an absolute racket, warning us of an unknown animal roaming the farm. Little did we know that merely ten feet away honey badgers were rummaging through the camp in hope for food. They had made two large dents in the genet cage and Chouchou, either courageous or stupid decided to make a break for freedom. The volunteers were lucky enough to notice his escape during the evening feed, and alerted Ian and Michele, who promptly found him. The problem remained on how to get him down the tree and back into the cage… The situation was urgent, as Chico was out and about, and bush baby is a genet delicacy! We wracked our brains as to how we might catch him- Ian made traps with rats (which volunteers swiftly set free), then with meat, string and a swing door; and finally after 3 days of anticipation and patience, we heard a yelp of pleasure as Ian trapped the genet as quickly as he escaped! We know Chouchou is biding his time, waiting for another excuse to escape – and in fact, he might be in for a pleasant surprise, as we are currently deliberating whether to let him go! Keep an eye on this space and we will let you know  CHOUCHOU’S GREAT ESCAPE
  5. 5. THIS MONTH’S VOLUNTEERS Our volunteers from France – (l. to r.) Claire, Thomas, Zina, Isabelle and Amelie Katie and the Piggot Family from the UK The Schultz Family from Luxembourg Kirsten from South Africa Eli our Norwegian volunteer
  6. 6. During out stay at Daktari, Michele was nice enough to organise a trip to Tshukudu where the volunteers took four cheetah for an early morning walk. Despite the 4.30am start, we all arrived bright eyed, bushy tailed and on time thanks to Michele’s fearless rough road rallying! The experience of that morning was unimaginable – only Africa offers the delight of early morning bush walks through an untamed reserve with four playful cheetah. The game rangers did everything in their power to give us the best experience they could offer – topped off by a fantastic breakfast on the lodge terrace. It was a great way to start a day! Tshukudu comes highly recommended by Daktari! CHEETAH WALK
  8. 8. Daktari children… … At work and play
  9. 9. We realize that there were many more people who wanted to contribute. Don’t worry we’ll start working on the next book soon. Any one who would like to add a short story or some photos please e-mail them to Nicola at [email_address] . We are also hoping that people may have suggestions for a title for the next Daktari book. “ When I was at Daktari…” This book is comprised of short stories and photo essays all about Daktari. Do you think you were the only one who found teaching students about sex awkward? Read Pat Beckham’s short story “The Sex Lesson”. Rebecca Polinelli’s photo essay “Confidence” brought tears to my eyes and James Carne’s story “Bush Walk” made me laugh out loud. Daktari makes a small amount from the sale of each book and Blurb also makes a $1 USD donation to Daktari for every book we sell. Books can be purchased online through Blurb. ANNONCING THE SOON TO BE BEST SELLER…
  10. 10. In this month’s Newsletter we would like to shout out a huge thank you to WAIT A LITTLE for their constant support over the years… Gertie and Phillip were the first to believe in the project, and offered Ian and Michele the 700 hectares of land on which Daktari has come to flourish. They have supported Daktari ever since, helping, with their guests, to over come difficult financial situations and come by to lend a hand on a regular basis. They even donate fresh game to me, Shiloweni, as I must admit, have rather expensive taste !!! Wait A Little Horse Safaris was formed in 1999 by Philip and Gerti Kusseler and is operating since as the successful Big Five Horse Safari in South Africa. The area close to the Kruger National Park with its background of the Drakensberg Mountains is one of the most beautiful wilderness regions in the world. The variety of land mammals, birds and plants is both unique and breathtaking. The safaris take place in two private reserves, the Karongwe and the Greater Makalali Game Reserve. Read more about this exclusive opportunity on their website. THANK YOU
  11. 11. Caline and Freddy – R300 a month Alice and Gasper would also love to be adopted by some kind people. They are not fussy animals and would only need R300 between them to live happily here at Daktari. Shiloweni is still looking for a few more god-parents to help keep up his feisty appetite at R200 a month, Thanks to Debbie and Richard who were the first to adopt me… still need 14 more… ADOPT ME
  12. 12. In Germany (tax deductible in Germany) Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland-Ost Bankleitzahl: 40050150 Konto-Nummer: 1350 88 888. Name: Spendensammelverein Münster e.V. Reference: DAKTARI-Südafrika – Busch-Schule & Wildwaisen - Station In South Africa Global Giving UK ( tax deductible in the UK) Children - Project Over 100 South African youth educated about nature Global Giving US (tax deductible in the US) In South Africa (tax deductible in South Africa) Bank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, South Africa Swift number: FIRN ZA JJ Branch Number: 270652 Account Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit) 62044965129 Name: Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa DAKTARI ACCOUNT Vehicle-Project Vehicle to transport underprivileged children WAYS TO DONATE
  13. 13. Thank you to all of you. Friends, donors and sponsors. ~ And thank you to all the volunteers who help us to be as good as we are. This newsletter was written by Kirsten Shaw